The 12 Best Home Security Camera System in 2023 (Reviews)

The 12 Best Home Security Camera System Reviews 2024

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With increased insecurity, security has turned out to be a crucial thing in every home. While there are many ways of keeping your home safe, installing security cameras is one of the best. A security camera system will keep an eye to your home 24/7, and you will never take a chance. With a security camera, you can monitor your home anytime at any place as you can connect it with your smartphone or office computer. However, like any other item for you to get the best home security camera system reviews that will cover all your needs and do exactly what you want, you will need to do some considerations.

With the increased number of cameras in the market, it is not easy to get a camera system that suits you. Going to a premium level is not the solution as you will still find many of them here. If you have been using a camera system before then, you know there are a lot of things you need to consider when shopping.

You will have to consider where you are going to use the camera, quality of the video, price, among other things. After getting the exact camera, you can relax knowing your premises are well watched and nothing can happen without your notice. A good home security camera will have many uses, which include.

These are just a few things among which a security camera can do. You will get more features depending on the system you will go for.

1. Overall Best: Arlo Pro by NETGEAR Add-on Security Camera System

Arlo Pro - Add-on Camera | Rechargeable, Night Vision,...
  • Works with Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately)
  • Add on camera only base station required

Key Features of the Product:

The Arlo Pro is outdoor wireless security camera smartphone compatible. The Arlo Pro has 1280 × 720P configurable HD resolution flexible indoor/outdoor monitoring with a rechargeable battery comprehending a 6-month battery life. Full-color imaging with CMOS and Auto-adaptive white/black balance and exposure in the image aftermath. Adjustable sensitivity with automatic prompt updates of any suspected movement or activity within its 130ᵒ field of view. Base Station of Fast Ethernet services with a 2.4 GHz 802.1 1n Wireless system and a 900MHz ARM Cortex A7 Microprocessor with 128 MB RAM and Flash each.

Cloud-based storage

Provides Seven-Day free event-based cloud storage- more than any other what the competitors offered; 24 hours of event-based cloud storage; hence giving the users more adequate access to recorded data. The owners get to pay for the service very sooner in other cases which is expensive for them in the longer run.

Third Party Integrations

Regulates integrations and work with IFTTT and Samsung SmartThings making a more authentic third-party regulatory authority in collaboration with the video monitoring provides efficient access to data and device properties along with its current statuses. 

Battery Feast

Rechargeable battery with a six-month life having a battery life better than any other in emulation; other products in competition either have non-rechargeable batteries and if better in integrity, then have a lesser life in comparison to such options; hence making Arlo a better product in every case.

Camera Design

The camera design is superb, most colorful, and looks amazing. Arlo Pro is the current popular security camera for everyone. You can use it for your smart home. Arlo Pro has lots of featured and very latest security camera system for the indoor and outdoor.

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  • A H.264 video format for the viewer giving a perfectly coherent view of the ambit
  • Easy setup with a magnetic back to anchor onto the required position
  • The fixed focus of 2ft to infinity to give a sharper image of the view
  • Multiple threats of Audio and Microphone feature giving a distinct voice both in and out
  • Night vision with 850 nm LED light illuminating 25 feet of the area in radius; giving an additional IR cutoff filter
  • Fast Ethernet service with an operating temperature of -20 ᵒC to 45 ͦC making it more comfortable to variant temperature differences
  • Wireless range with 300+ feet line of sight for a live feed of the footages
  • Extended hub’s Wi-Fi range making it suitable to increase its installation area
  • There are an automatic sound and motion detection system with push notifications and smart siren options


  • Existing Arlo System is required
  • Requires a 1 Mbps internet connection upstream at minimum for proper functioning
  • Night vision illuminating the 25 feet radius de trop making it strenuous to observe in the background
  • It costs more than its competitor products
  • The hub accessory during installation is more of desolation for some customers

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2. Best For Motion: Arlo – Add-on with Motion Detection Security Camera System

Arlo - Wireless Home Security | Night vision, Indoor/Outdoor, HD...
  • Works with Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately); Audio not supported
  • Patented 100 percent Wire Free design for easy placement anywhere and field of view 110 degree

Key Features in Product:

Arlo – Add-on security camera is our 2nd best choice. The Arlo camera has 1280 × 720P HD resolution inducing indoor/outdoor monitoring with a wire-free setup. Weather-Resistant Product, suitable for any weather condition. Powered with CR123 batteries detecting motion at a 110ͦ field view. Powered with Night Vision functioning splendidly even in dark. Endeavors with Alexa for the voice control system. This is also a cheap home security cameras.

Cloud Storage

The camera offers free 7-day cloud storage as compared to other cameras that provide only 24-hours of cloud service, hence providing much better storage service to the user for their video monitoring. The users have to pay after only 24 hours of storage service at other products; Arlo hasn’t disappointed its users in any case.

Wire-Free Design

100% wire-free design for easy and user-friendly installation. The wired installation has been practiced for quite a lot of time and its cons are more considerate to its pros. The wireless system has been strengthening its system for quite a time and the 2.4 GHz 802.11 /n offers a better service than the wired connections ever could.

Night Vision

The camera completely night vision and work on indoor/outdoor both. In this way, you can use it in your home and office and also outdoor. Arlo security camera is most popular on Amazon. Many people are interested in this colorful and best home security camera system in 2024.

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  • Inherits indoor and outdoor weather-resistant cameras functioning at a range of temperature from 0-50ͦC
  • Has a better offer of cloud storage than any other
  • Push-notifications through application keeping any anomaly updated
  • The wireless system of 2.4GHz 802.11 /n
  • 100% wireless designed product
  • Full HD video resolution for a clearer image
  • Cloud storage of up to 1GB comes with it along with app (iOS and Android) monitoring


  • Doesn’t have local storage as in other Arlo security commodities
  • Requires a constant connection of 1Mbps internet

3. Amazon Cloud Cam Security Camera System, Works with Alexa

No products found.

Key Features in the Product:

Amazon Cloud Cam has 1080P full HD video resolution at your device along with access to motion detection video clips of a total length of 24 hours. 120ͦ degrees diagonal view with an 802.11g/n Wireless connection. Gives pop-up notifications and alerts through the Cloud Cam App as it detects any aberration. Night vision allows a proper view in the dark. It provides the feature of two-way audio, giving an additional surprise of communicating. Works with Alexa can be asked to show the live footage at any time.

Ambient Lights

The set of lights present in the product; one RGB and eight IR LEDs give a more glowed and evident view of the picture. These ambient lights make the night vision a perfect picture, decreasing the blurriness while monitoring in the dark. The green light present gives the indication of whether the camera is operational or not; the light not working means the camera isn’t working.

High Definition Video

Gives a 1080P HD view for a better view quality; most cameras haven’t had the quality they tend to offer. A 1080P view usually isn’t at length in most cameras and most of them turn out to give faulty speculations in their advertisements. Amazon Cloud Cam never disappoints. It covers the video monitoring in High Definition and outputs the same to the user watching.

Connected and Notified

24/7 connectivity through the Cloud Cam App and notifications on any detection along with clips of 24 hours can be retrieved. The camera is connected through a Wi-Fi connection and the user with its cloud linkage gets to see the live footages along with video alerts and notifications.

Two-way audio

Two-way audio is the most important for many users. A lot of users talking about two-way audio. In this way, you can communicate with your family member in front of the camera. Both audio qualities are perfect and smoothly. So easily we pick up a best home security camera system.


  • Includes the full power system and the instructions manual in the package
  • Catches up to 30 frames per second
  • Set of one RGB light and eight IR LEDs for better night vision
  • Gives along a 30 day free trial of Cloud Cam App
  • Gives 30-day cloud service of video recordings
  • Motion and Audio detector
  • There are regular updates to keep the users’ experience seamless


  • Requires an iOS of 9.3x or more, Android L or higher
  • Works at a constant internet connection of more than 2Mbps

best home security camera system consumer reports

4. Blink Indoor Best Home Security Camera System Kit

Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System with Motion Detection,...
  • MOTION DETECTOR: Built-in motion sensor alarm, when motion detector is triggered, WIFI cameras send...
  • BATTERY POWERED SECURITY SYSTEM: Wireless home camera with 2-year battery life, powered by 2 Lithium...

Key Features of the Product

Blink Indoor security camera is 720P Full HD resolution of the security feed along with a camera frame rate of 30 frames per second. Single way audio recorder and the motion detector. Two AA lithium batteries with a two-year life, making it last more than any other security feed product. 2.4 GHz 802.11g/n Wireless System keeping every wireless flaw out of the list. Receive pop-up notifications on detection. Live View Streaming with free cloud storage. Compatible with Alexa. These are also cheap wireless security cameras.


Very lightweight to handle and no wired system making its installation even easier; keeping an end to the wired systems that had been into the technology for a lot of time but has been bothering the users with its load. Hence, wireless systems and their lightweights are much more feasible and befitting.

Full Cloud Storage Service

It provides a full cloud storage service with no monthly subscriptions giving a conclusion to the storage problems that many users had. Most cameras give temporary access to cloud storage or a limited storage facility, but Blink has solved most of the complications with its own cloud service.

Battery life

Two-year battery life making it last longer than any other product. Though non-rechargeable batteries have not a lot to offer with reliability, this camera still offers loads with accessibility and coherence. It tends to last longer than any other battery in comparison.

24/7 Connectivity and Notifications

Connected through Blink App and having access to all detections through the application making it easier for the users for the monitoring and its regulation. The users can access the camera anytime they want to and can even get past video footages and event-based storage in the application. The users even get notified on every aberration detected.

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  • A lightweight (0.07kg) package with easy installation
  • Blue LED for its operation check
  • Uses Blink App; compatible with both iOS and Android
  • Gives a 110ͦ field of view
  • A full package included in its box (Mounting Kit, 2 Lithium batteries, Instructions Manual, Sync Module, USB cable and Power Adapter)
  • The battery lasts longer than any other camera in comparison; two years
  • The camera frame rate of 30 frames per second


  • No provision of LEDs for night vision
  • Two-way audio recording not supported
  • Requires a continuous good Wi-Fi connection

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5. ZOSI 4CH 1080P HD Wireless Security Cameras System

ZOSI 2K Wireless Security Camera System,2K H.265+ 8CH NVR with...
  • 【8CH 2K WiFi NVR Security Camera System】With 3MP HD resolution cameras, You can get a sharp and...
  • 【Human Detection & Smart Light Alarm】This camera is alert and ready to react to any potential...

Key Features of Product:

ZOSI 4CH 1080P HD Wireless Security Camera has 1080P HD/NVR 960P waterproof camera displaying a perfect day and night time footage, 100 ft. night vision along with IP 66 weatherproofing, making it compatible for both indoors and outdoors. Advanced motion detection and immediate notification through Email and App. 1 TB Hard Drive backup for longer and extended recording. Wireless installation without any video cables making it user-friendly and accessible

Excessive Storage

1 TB Hard Drive for maximum storage access along with overwriting oldest data; apart from the cloud storage, the magnetic storage devices are still at use; the videos of high quality usually require a lot of size for their high definition results. This camera gives excessive storage to the user to fulfill their needs.

Night Vision

100 ft. night vision capabilities with 3 Array LEDs making the footages unequivocal; while most cameras do not have to offer such a great radius of vision; this camera offers a lot more with its high-quality LEDs and also tends to show a brighter, sharper and conducive picture even in dull dark days; with an extended view.

Easy Installation

No wired installation, simple NVR setup and Camera-Application connection. Plug and Play usage. It just needs a power supply for the adapter it has to connect with the camera; except that no wires are needed with the base system, making it abler and user-friendly. It doesn’t require any professional installation; its installation is far easier for it.


The camera is not battery powered but 100% waterproof. Zosi 4ch wireless security camera supported indoor and outdoor position. So you can take this camera for your home and office security. This is our other best home security camera system for you.


  • Larger diametric view; 4mm lens giving a more pragmatic display
  • 3 Array LEDs for night vision
  • Wireless signals are penetrable through two walls
  • Camera’s automatic IR cut filter
  • 100 ft. night vision provision
  • Plug and Play
  • Best home security system with weatherproof cameras for outdoor


  • Every camera requires a separate power connection
  • No audio support as in other wireless camera systems
  • No direct connection with the Computer except through the NVR system

6. Zmodo Wireless Home Security Cameras System

Zmodo Wireless Home Security Cameras System - 1080p 8CH HDMI NVR...
  • 【Easy Installation & Setup】: No need to run cables all over your house to connect the NVR and...
  • 【Complete Camera Solution】: Watch your home day and night in crisp 720p HD with the indoor and...

Key Features of Product:

Zmodo wireless home security camera system has 720P HD Video resolution with the 81ͦ field of view cameras compatible to both indoors and outdoors for their weatherproof technologies. The video feed is saved in the NVR for continuous playback. 25fps frame rate with a 20 ft. night vision view. Easy installation and setup along with push notifications of clip alert on a connected phone.

Effortless installation

Labor requires simple mounting of cameras and adapter plugging making it user-friendly; no such wired and complicated connections are present for such products. This era of technology offers convenience and easiness for its users; hence making its installation easy for a rookie.

Push Notifications

Clip Alerts through Zmodo Mobile App along with a simultaneous display enables more users to observe the live footages at a single period of time. The push notifications from the application keep the owner updated of any inconsistency or irregularity at the house. It also provides substantial clip videos for a cross-check. 


The Zmodo 1080p 8CH HDMI NVR – 4 HD working on indoor and outdoor equally. So this is the best home and office security camera system. You can use it both of side.  I will suggest you buy this nice security camera to monitor your outdoor and in the home.


Warranty is the most important when you invest to buy a valuable security camera. Zmodo 1080p 8 Ch security camera giving you 3 years warranty and lifetime USA based tech support, 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • 24 IR LEDs for a better night vision
  • IP 65 Weatherproof technology displaying reliability
  • Complete package included with the cameras (NVR, Ethernet, etc.)
  • Multiple camera views in a single device
  • Clip alerts through the Zmodo Mobile App
  • Simultaneous display for users


  • Requires separate power supply and wired power connection
  • Lesser night vision diameter as compared to other setups
  • No audio recordings

7. ZOSI 8CH Security Camera System

ZOSI 3K Lite Security Camera System with AI Human Vehicle...
  • 【H.265/H.265+ 8CH 3K Lite HD-TVI DVR】With the advanced H. 265 technology, which could double the...
  • 【AI Human/Vehicle Detection】Experience peace of mind with our AI-powered detection system that...

Key Features of Product:

1080P 2.0MP 8 channel 4pcs cameras with weatherproof features for a crisp day and night image. Up to 65 ft. night vision with automatic IR cut off filter; compatible to operate indoors and outdoors. Built-in 1 TB Hard Drive for continuous recordings and backups. Motion detection and continuous alert through the mobile application. Outlook footages anywhere at any time through the ZOSI Smart App.

8 Channel 4 in 1 DVR

It gives a more variety of outputs in the form of HDMI, VGA, and BNC along with access to more cameras into the system making the system open to more installations. The variety of outputs keeps the camera open to any kind of situation and keeps it useful for the users under any case. The conditions hence do not affect the camera operations.

Hard Drive

Larger storage along with a 2TB additional support keeping it always opens to storing. The storage never tends to exhaust for the user as it requires high definition results; hence a greater memory space. The camera never tends to deplete the user with the storage in early cases but can withstand more footages than most of its competitors do.

ZOSI Smart App

Continuous access to footages through the app, live view, and recordings along with push notifications keeps the users updated to any oddity at their safe havens. The application keeps all the statuses of the camera at a point and never lets the camera malfunction at any cost; keeping its functionality constant.


The Zosi home security camera has 2 years warranty and  2 years quality warranty. 60 days money-back guarantee, lifetime tech support and if your camera has stopped within 1 year it will replace.

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  • H.264 8 channel 1080P camera display with HDMI, BNC and VGA output
  • 3.6mm Lens with 20m night vision
  • Instant alerts on detection
  • ZOSI Smart provides live view and recording at any time
  • Excess storage for more recordings of larger time-scale
  • Allows more cameras to be added to the setup
  • Gives additional of 2TB memory support


  • Requires wired power connections
  • No audio features available
  • Display area needed for the camera’s output

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8. Amcrest ProHD 1080P Indoor Pan/Tilt Security Wireless IP Camera

Amcrest ProHD 1080P WiFi 2MP (1920TVL) Indoor Pan/Tilt Security...
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE, REAL-TIME, TRUE HD – Experience magnificent full-HD 1080P video at 30fps with...
  • SMARTER SECURITY – Receive motion alert notifications, review footage and engage in two-way...

Key Features of Product:

Full HD 1080p video resolution at 30 frames per second. 90ͦ field of view with tilt, pan and zoom lineaments. IR LED night vision up to 32ft. Two-way audio recordings. Record footages through MicroSD, NVR and more. Amrest Cloud gives a live stream on your streaming device. Secure cloud backup in a third-party location, compatible with Alexa. The market best wireless home security camera system.

Enhanced Night Vision

The Sony Exmor IMX323 image sensor and Ambarella S2LM chipset make the night vision more enhanced and clear to view; giving a high definition 1080P view of the video monitoring. It is a newer version of better night view of the area being monitored; making it a different marker of juxtaposition in night vision cameras.

Different angled view

The tilt, pan and zoom feature allows an apparent view of the footage; giving a newer view to the video in comparison to other cameras that do not have a zoom-in or out facility. The cameras usually give away a 100 and 20 more or less degree view but never tend to tilt or pan the footage. Such a camera gives a better view in every case as compared to others.


Amcrest proHD 1080p indoor Pan/Tilt security camera giving you 1 year us warranty and lifetime tech support directly from Amcrest. 


  • Sony Exmor IMX323 image sensor and Ambarella S2LM chipset allows a 1080P night vision
  • Motion detection notification along with a video review
  • Two-way communication via your smartphone for smart security
  • Video footage can be zoomed, tilted and planned accordingly
  • IR LED night vision up to 32ft
  • Two-way audio recordings via smartphones
  • The camera pans through 360 degrees giving a full view


  • The application doesn’t open always with a camera feed
  • Only can be installed on lower grounds
  • Requires a continuous Wi-Fi connection of almost 1Mbps upload
  • Only operable in indoor facilities

9. Ring Spotlight Cam Battery HD Home Security Camera System

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery HD Security Camera with Built Two-Way...
  • Connect your Ring camera with Alexa then enable announcements to be alerted when motion is detected....
  • Lets you see, hear and speak to visitors from your phone, tablet and PC.

Key Features of Product:

A 1080P HD view with live streaming and night vision property making the camera more enhanced. Two-way communicator along with the remote-activated siren. Requires a rechargeable battery or a solar panel connection. Enhanced field of view; 140ͦ horizontal and 78ͦ vertical, 2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connection. Works with Alexa and also ring spotlight camera wireless is this season.

Lifetime theft Protection

Will be replaced if the camera is stolen for free; in such products, this offer is usually not considered but this camera gives an offer for it being stolen, which in general can be referred to as life insurance. This is more of a marketing stunt and a successful one.

Swift Installation

Takes an average time of 5-10 minutes for installation; doesn’t require a professional installer. Most of the cameras now come at a range of wireless systems; which is a change of era from the wired installations of security cameras. This has made them more user-friendly and easy to understand for an ordinary person.


It displays the live footage using Alexa; giving ready-to-watch footage at any time to the user contrary to the audio bearer that a user gives to Alexa.  


  • Compatible with iOS, Android, Mac and Windows 10 for the device viewing
  • Built-in LED strips with motion activation and a siren
  • Noise cancellation included in the communication
  • Weather Resistant; contriving under a range of temperature
  • Comes with a Siren Alarm
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Works perfectly fine with Alexa and it has an option of a smart siren.


  • Requires a continuous Wi-Fi connection (2Mbps upload speed; 1Mbps at minimum)

10. All-new Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera System

No products found.

Key Features of Product:

Displays 1080P HD video resolution and infrared HD night vision in dark, giving a crystal clear view of the footage. Allows 30 frame per second camera frame rate with a two AA lithium batteries granting a two-year life. 110ͦ field of view with the two-way audio provision by talking through the Blink App in your smartphones. Dispenses free cloud storage with easy setup, both indoors and outdoors. Works with Alexa with customizable motion detection for special activity zones. The Blink XT2 is battery powered security camera with night vision.

Cloud Storage Options

Free cloud storage of hundreds of clips that can be kept for a year at most with no subscription charges and payments. There is no restriction of keeping a limited quantity of video recordings rather than it provides ease to the user making it suitable to keep records in every way. No subscription charges and payments allow the product to prove cheaper at the longer run.

Two-way audio provision and Alexa

Can communicate clearly with the person on the other side and get it recorded. Alexa provides a wider range of options i.e. live streams, previously recorded motion clips and to the arm or disarm the camera. The arming and disarming allow us to automatically control the camera without any manual accessing.

Extended Battery Life

Operates for a longer time using the lithium batteries; making the non-rechargeable system a convenient one in this case; usually the cameras do not offer a wide range of battery accessibility but with a changing world, the use of non-rechargeable is depleting, yet this camera offers more than them.  See more: Blink xt2 outdoor/indoor smart security camera review


  • Extended battery life makes it more reliable and suitable to use in comparison to other products
  • Gives a speaker output along with the recording headliner
  • A complete wireless connection; making it free of any wired network
  • Has a blue LED for indication of its proper functioning
  • Gives a range of options using Alexa; live streams recorded motion clips and arming or disarming the camera
  • Has the ability to mark customizable motion detection for activity zones of the user’s choice
  • Weatherproof is the main advantage and it can be installed outdoor without any fear


  • Requires a continuous Wi-Fi connection with a suitable upstream speed
  • Works with iOS 10.3 and Android 5 at minimum

11. Netvue 1080P Outdoor Security Camera, (Updated Version)

NETVUE outdoor1 Outdoor Security Camera - 1080P Outdoor Camera...
  • ❤️【1080P FHD & night Vision The NETVUE outdoor Wi-Fi camera is equipped with high resolution...
  • ❤️【COMPATIABLE WITH WIFI / ETHERNET & ALEXA】NETVUE Wi-Fi outdoor security camera works...

Key Features of Product:

Netvue is the best outdoor home security camera system consumer reports is 2020 updated and 1080P Full HD video resolution with 36mm lens providing a 100ͦ horizontal view. A 60 ft. night vision with a full HD result; IP66 waterproof system making it weather-resistant. Two-way audio recording and cloud surveillance footage storage. Smart motion detect options.

Smart Motion Detection

Motion recording along with real-time alert; also uploads photos and videos and also offers motion sensitivity adjustment keeping the user updated under any case. Moreover, it also offers multiple accesses to the system applications allowing more people to see at the same time.

Weather Resistant

Withstands all harsh weathers and conditions, with proper functioning; its feature is particularly the most grossing weather resistant in the line of products. The weather-resistant properties and its strong structure keep it available at strong weathers and harsh conditions.


Allows communicating with guest and gives the features of the siren to get rid of unwanted guests. This two-way audio enhancer allows not only to be seen through but also be present practically somewhere you aren’t present at the moment. The siren comes as an addition in the product giving a more substantive approach to the product and its users.

Editor thought

This is absolutely best home security camera system for you. You will get very new and latest features in this outdoor security camera. I suggest you buy this camera for home and office outdoor monitoring.


  • Infrared LEDs enabling night vision more prominent and provisional
  • Compatible with Alexa and Wi-Fi with 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz Wireless system
  • The strong base of the camera to withstand storms and snowy weather
  • Works at a range of temperatures (-20 to 50ͦ C)
  • Compatible to both indoor and outdoor systems
  • 36 mm lens
  • Continuously updated app to keep the latest videos updated


  • Requires to be plugged with a wall socket
  • Requires a proper and favorable internet connection

12. YI 1080p Home Camera, Indoor 2.4G IP Security Surveillance System

YI Home Security Camera, 1080p 2.4G WiFi IP Indoor Surveillance...
  • Optional 24/7 professional-grade, video alarm system - The smart camera-based security system...
  • Smart AI Detections: YI cloud storage comes with the latest in Smart AI capabilities which can...

Key Features of Product:

YI 1080p indoor home security camera  24/7 full HD 1080P video recording with F/2.0 aperture and 112ͦ  wide lens allowing two-way audio communicator at any location with Wi-Fi. A total of 8 940nm IR LEDs, that self-operate at low lights, hence suitable for better night vision. Gives 7-day cloud storage along with Activity alerts, supported YI App for push notifications. The best home security camera system.

Special Activity Alerts

The new features of Baby Crying Detection and Motion Detection give a perfect addition to the product and its domestic use. The 4x zoom and 3D Noise Reduction provides an impeccable video and audio enhancement respectively. These Special Activity Alerts compliments the product as compared to others.

Cloud Storage

Gives 7-day ease of saving video clips and gives an alert of its expiry making it a better choice in cameras giving only 24 hours of event-based video clips. It hence is much of an exceptional choice in comparison to other competitors. This has hence led to money saving of the users. 

Editor Thought

The YI 1080p home security camera system working for indoor. The camera price is very low as the camera of a good feature. Many people are buying this camera in 2024. So I suggest you buy this camera for your home and office indoor monitoring.


  • The application supports up to 12 devices
  • Gives a video enhancement of 4x zoom
  • Gives a 3D Noise Reduction enhancement
  • IR LEDs gives a clear view in dark
  • Better cloud storage facility as compared to old school cameras
  • Has additional Special Activity Alerts
  • There is a selective motion detection technology which makes it easier to prevent unnecessary actions


  • Not suitable for outdoor uses
  • Requires a good internet connection, 1Mbps at least

13. YI Dome Camera Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wireless IP Indoor Security Surveillance System

YI Dome Camera Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wireless IP Indoor Security...
  • 720p High-definition, 112° wide-angle advanced glass lens combined with 345° horizontal & 115°...
  • Responsive and advanced microphone with a built-in anti-noise filter for a clear 2-way Audio...

Key Features of Product:

A 720P high definition view of the video along with a 112ͦ wide lens with a combination of 345ͦ horizontal and 115ͦ vertical rotation creating a complete rotation for the camera. 8 built-in 940 nm infrared LEDs for a 3-meter view in the dark. Anti-noise two-way microphone giving audio connectivity. Yi Home application is available in Android and iOS for a better interface experience. Built-in support for 802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi bands. Real-time activity alerts. The wireless home security camera systems.

Activity Alerts

The YI Dome provides a 10-second motion tracking record and centers the moving object. Moreover it bookmarks favorite positions and keeps a continuous mark on them. Auto-Cruise allows a 360 survey of the area i.e. shorts scans. The IR LEDs are suitable enough for the camera to detect anomalies.

Night Vision

The YI dome security camera 100% night vision with 720p HD view and 12-degree wide angle advance glass lens combination. Viewing distance to 3 meters in the pitch dark.


The YI dome home security camera is very easy to install. You can easily set up on your table in front of the door. This camera has no any difficult feature to install because of wireless. Dome security camera has a mobile viewing option.


  • A 360ͦ view throughout the indoor area
  • The audio experience offers two options; one way and two way for maximum flexibility
  • The IR LEDs does not disturb babies and pets; hence user-friendly
  • Yi Cloud supports and keeps the video footages safe for the user
  • Built-in support for 802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi bands
  • Real-time activity alerts
  • At the tap of a button, there is a mechanical tilt and pan to view the surrounding areas


  • Doesn’t offer an outdoor protection
  • Requires proper Wi-Fi protection and needs firmware versions to match with the camera version

14. Reolink Argus 2 – Outdoor Wireless Home Security Camera

Key Features of Product:

It is equipped with 1920×1080 HD video resolution enhancing smooth, crystal-clear videos. Starlight image sensors installed provides you with clearer night-vision footage for up to 33ft. Rechargeable batteries allowing its charging through the attached SD USB port. The camera has 2.4 G Wireless router connection offered with a 130ͦ wide-angle and IP65 Weather resistant. Push-Notifications through the Mobile Application and Two-Way audio.

Starlight Sensor

Argus 2 has a new Starlight Sensor property which allows the users to have a proper view in the dark and a better integrated video quality. Most night visions do not give a result up to the mark while this camera has given a more pragmatic approach to the vision. The Sensor properties have enhanced the night visions.

Smart Siren

It is a new feature offering a variety of sounds giving a domestic touch to the product and a user-friendly interface for the users. The Smart Siren offers a variety of sounds making it suitable under any case.

Two-way Audio

The Reolink Argus 2 outdoor wireless home security camera system has two-way Audio support. Many people are like this two-way system. So if you like it then this is for you. Here is the comparison between Reolink argus 2 vs argus pro security camera.


  • Listen and Talk option
  • The battery can be recharged using a small power connection of 5V
  • Smart Siren offered with custom sounds
  • ReoLink cloud service offers cloud storage of live footages
  • Allows 10 users to view the camera simultaneously
  • Two-Way Audio
  • It is without the base station and can be placed anywhere


  • Requires a Wi-Fi connection of good upstream
  • Requires a wall bracket for its outdoor setup

Keeping your family or loved ones safe when at home. In case of any emergencies at home, the one monitoring can take an action that is of help to them. This can also be used where parents are elderly.

  • Ensuring that intruders don’t get inside your house or home without your knowledge, thus promoting privacy.
  • Helps in keeping valuables at your home safe and away from thieves as one can monitor their property away from home.
  • Secures your home when you are away. The home security camera comes with a mobile app where you can get the notifications even when far from home.
  • You can also look at who is outside the gate without necessarily having to ask them who they are.

Home security system camera buying guide

While buying a home security camera system is a difficult activity, when equipped with some guidance, it shouldn’t be much complicated. We are going to look at things you should consider when you go shopping for one. When you follow these tips, you will end up with the best home security camera system.

Coverage capacity

A Coverage capacity is the target distance or the area a camera can cover. Coverage capacity is, therefore, an important factor to consider as different cameras come with different coverage capacities. The camera’s resolution (720p, VGA, 1080p, 4k), size of the area to be covered for example the outside of a building, a big parking lot, or small room are a major determinant of how far or wide camera can cover. Some of the other parameters determining the area that these cameras can cover are if it is fixed or PTZ(Pan-Tilt-Zoom).

The PTZ camera can be turned to allow the user to zoom to a particular area of interest. Fixed cameras as the name suggests are placed at fixed areas such as entrances and exits provide continuous monitoring. The type of lens also determines the distance and angle width a camera can cover. When you want to cover a small distance, then a fixed camera coverage area is used as compared to a large area where you will need a camera with PTZ.

Mobile App

The home security cameras available today have made the users work easier as they come with apps that can get connected to your phones or computers. A significant number of people have had access to mobile phones as they are cheaper and portable too. If you are away from home, you can then monitor what is happening from the application in your mobile at any time and place.

This has made it a reliable system signifying a large number of people using it. With this system, you don’t have to waste a lot of time at home or money hiring someone to monitor as you can multitask. The cameras sync the videos together and send the notification to the mobile or computer apps. When looking for a home camera security system, you should get one that can use the application without any issues.

Wireless connectivity

This is a feature that allows you to connect to wireless sensors around your home where they can communicate wirelessly using the control panel. Radio frequencies systems enhance connectivity. Before purchasing the home, security cameras ensure that your internet connection is secure as it could get hacked and a lot of damage could be caused.

The wireless security system allows the user to place the Cameras where it is difficult for them to use wired systems. However, wireless connectivity has some disadvantages like it’s at times not reliable in cases where cellphones or Wi-Fi routers are having downtime, and the whole system may be interrupted triggering false alarms. Electromagnetic interferences may also occur. These interferences are, however, minimal.

Night vision

The modern security cameras come with a night vision feature. It has been discovered that most of the break-in occurred at night and so this feature was added to curb this problem. For the people who would like to monitor their home s 24/7 then this is a solution for you. Many people want to see what’s happening outside at night but are scared. With this feature, you can monitor what the noises or sounds are about from your house.

It is an essential feature in any camera as it gives you a clear view of what is happening at night despite the darkness at your home. When having one, consider a security camera that is of a high-resolution, the cameras range in several feet as mostly, a camera can give clear picture at a close range and how wide the camera can cover. Ensuring consideration of the above factors will provide you with an excellent night vision.

 Video quality

The best home security cameras are the ones with a high-resolution power as it produces sharp and clear videos. Most of home security cameras offer 1080p as their highest quality. This video quality is smooth stream using your Wi-Fi. The other quality that is still in the market is 720p, which is, however, relatively cheaper than the 1080p. Its videos are not too clear though. To ensure high quality of your video images you should keep your camera lens clean; the extension cables should not be very long, check whether you monitor in a low image resolution and also ensure that your internet connection is stable. These tips can improve your Camera’s video quality.

Source of power

Just like other equipment, this one needs power too. There are various sources of power for home security cameras. They include batteries, outlets or hard-wired sources. Battery powered security cameras are easy to place and setup, although you will require frequent changing of batteries. The hard-wired one will enhance camera placement without having to worry about power cords.

Home security cameras will require to be kept near the outlet limiting the places to place it. This means that the camera cannot get placed at a certain point that is preferable to the owner, but they will have to adjust to where the outlet is. The user should choose a high-quality power supply, as the ones that are of poor quality can cause flickering, distortion or damage of the entire camera system.

Storage plans

When you are buying a home security camera, you will be required to know where to store the videos after recording. There are, therefore, two ways in which you can store your videos and ensure that they are safe;

Cloud storage: This is where your security videos get stored in a local device. This method is cheaper as one only needs to buy the SD card where they can store their data as there are no fees for cloud storage. It is also a commonly used form of storage. On the other hand, cloud storage is where your videos are stored remotely in the cloud. With cloud storage, you can access your videos at any time, and any place as the videos are uploaded and safely stored.

The only disadvantage of his type of storage is that you are required to pay some charges for the space given to store the videos, thus the larger space, the bigger the cost. But the cloud storage is worth it as its more secure than local storage, if possible you should get a camera with this feature.

Two – way audio

This is a unique feature found in few home security cameras. It means that two people in different locations can talk to each other on the camera as it as an inbuilt microphone and speaker where one can speak and listen to the other. The person is not visible, but you can hear their voice. There are three types of Two-Way audio transmission mode. They include;

  • Simplex-communication is unidirectional
  • Full duplex-one at a time but it’s two-directional
  • Half-duplex-simultaneous and two-directional

This feature can be used, for example, when the delivery man is at the gate, and you are too busy at the time. You can ask them to leave it on the porch. This is an important factor to consider for as it saves time, can also be used during an emergency and also enables you to have fun with your pet, although you are not around. Two Way audio cameras can also be used to scare away intruders or thieves by verbal warnings. The camera does this by producing a loud sound that makes them that the owner is around.


The cost here involves the price of the equipment and its whole life cost too. Consider buying a home security camera considering the value for money. Value for money is ensuring that the camera is of high quality and relatively moderate price. With a high-quality camera, one will avoid other maintenance and repair costs. This is so because items of high quality can last longer. The whole life cost involves the cost incurred when the item is purchased until its end life. Keep in mind some other costs that may be required, such as installation costs and cloud storage charges if you choose it as a storage method.

Note that the cost of the cameras can also depend on its features, packages and equipment option too. The exact cost associated with your security camera will depend on which route you decide to take, including the activation fees, monitoring fees, equipment, front charges from the security companies and some other expenses. It is advisable to budget on the cost according to the route that you will personally take, and this will lead you to the best home security camera.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of camera is best for home security?

Basically, the right CCTV to have usually varies with individual needs and preferences. But the best type of camera for small home security is a wireless model like the Ring Spotlight Cam or Arlo Pro. Then, an expandable system like the ZOSI DVR will be the better option for the security of a large property.

Is it better to have wired or wireless security cameras?

Again, the answer here will vary from one individual to another. But a wired security camera is better than its wireless counterparts if the transmitter and receiver are farther from each other. Also, wired security cameras currently have the best image quality for high traffic areas and plenty of built-in storage for free 24/7 local recording.

How Much Should You Spend on a Security Camera?

Different brands usually innovate their systems with varying features and capabilities. And for that, the amount of money you invest in a security camera varies with the brand you opt to use. But for the best results, you can expect to spend $100 to $300 for a DIY WiFi camera or $500 to $1,500 for a security NVR unit.

How Do Security Cameras Connect?

A WiFi wireless security camera necessarily doesn’t require an NVR to operate. It can connect directly or indirectly to your home router to communicate with the company’s servers through the mobile app or web interface. Thus, making it possible to view your property on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop while even away with ease.

What is the easiest home security camera system to install?

Many security cameras today have assumed a DIY design that’s easy to set up and operate. But WiFi home security cameras are still the easiest to install and configure for even non-techies. Some of the best the options you can check out include:
Arlo Pro by NETGEAR security camera
Ring Spotlight Cam Battery security camera
Blink Indoor home security camera kit

How do I choose the right security camera?

The quickest way to choose the right security camera will be to first assess your needs or rather what you’d like to achieve. After that, you can now shop around while comparing the features and capabilities of the products available. The six features that are crucial to any security camera are:
Image quality
Field of view
Video frame rate
Audio Functions
Free storage option
Smart AI detection


It is clear that when getting the best home security camera system in 2024; one should consider the guide tips above. There is nothing so peaceful, like knowing that your loved ones or family is always safe even when you are far away. Security is an important part of our lives and therefore living without fear is something cherished by many people. The increasing number of intruders and thieves has led to high demand for these cameras. The above tips will help you understand what you want more easily so that when going to buy it won’t have to be a problem.

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