The 6 Best Night Vision Security Camera in 2023

The 6 Best Night Vision Security Cameras in 2024

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While improving the safety measures of your family or properties, choosing the best night vision security camera can help a lot. Many burglars [excluding the daring lunatic ones] run their operations when they think they can’t be spotted. Mostly, this is at night when businesses are closed and you plus your family at home are deep asleep.

When you have surveillance cameras with superior night vision, though, whatever the intruders will do will come to light. The system will record everything and if it’s your own employee trying to steal from you, you’ll tell for sure.

How Night Vision Works in Security Cameras

Have you ever tried taking a picture with your iPhone or Samsung smartphone in darkness? What type of image did you get when not using the flash? How about when the flash was on?

Well, that’s almost the same science that security cameras use to function in backgrounds that are low lighted or pitch black. Their technology, nonetheless, takes the form of either low-light imaging, thermal imaging, or infrared illumination.

Low-Light Imaging:

With this one, the camera uses image intensifiers that enlarge the available light to produce an amplified image. The cameras that have this tech need some light [from stars, moonlight, porch light or streetlight] to produce images in darkness. A good example is Reolink Argus Eco which offers color night vision.

Thermal Imaging:

The technology relies on the infrared energy coming from the temperature of an object. If an object has a higher temperature, the more infrared energy is present. This makes the camera to produce white images.

For cold items, on the other hand, the produced images are either blue or black since the infrared energy is low.
Thermal imaging doesn’t rely on any light sources to function but it’s very helpful in detecting objects at a distance. Since it depends on longer infrared wavelengths, its images can still show in a smoky, foggy, or dusty environment.

Best Night Vision Security Cameras
Best Night Vision Security Cameras

Infrared Illumination: For this one, the respective security camera has integrated infrared LED lights to help in capturing images in dark environments. As such, the respective device doesn’t need another source of light. The captured images are black and white but clearer than those by thermal imaging.

Security cameras have IR illumination ranging from 700nm to 1000nm wavelength. The majority of brands, however, use 850nm and 940nm, with the former preferred by many. This comes as its [850nm] IR cut filter is more sensitive than its counterpart’s.

Also, the illumination range of a 940nm wavelength is shorter. Hence, not very reliable in outdoor video surveillance systems.

Which Night Vision Technology Is The Best?

For sure, the best security camera for night vision depends on what, where, and how you want to use it. Each of the three technologies that we’ve discussed has its benefits, as well as drawbacks. So, you have to try identifying them so that you can fully enjoy the system that you get.

Some Of The Best Night Vision Security Cameras Include:

1. ANNKE 8CH 1080p Full Color Night Vision Security Camera

ANNKE 8CH Security Camera System, 3K Lite Surveillance DVR with 4...
  • 【AI Human/Vehicle Detection】With advanced algorithm, the DVR security camera system analyzes...
  • 【Up to 10TB HDD&H.265+ Coding】 Although comes with 1TB HDD, this home security system supports...

Although we can’t say it’s the best, this security camera is one of the bestsellers on Amazon and other stores. It’s remarkably user-friendly and worth it when it comes to monitoring your property.

Just as its name suggests, the ANNKE home security camera has a superb lens that captures clear and crisp footage. These images are 1080p HD quality, so, it’s possible to identify important details from distant images.

When everything is pitch black at night, this security camera is still able to record. It has a fine infrared LED that ensures nothing will happen in your house and you fail to know. The color night vision range, however, is not that huge but it can get to objects up to 100ft.

While its lens has just an 82.2° viewing angle, the home surveillance camera supports remote pan/ tilt/zoom. Rotating at 350° horizontally and 100° vertically, the security system ensures you got eyes on every corner of your house.

When there are movements in front of its lens, the device will send motion-activated alerts with snapshots to your smartphone. In case the movements were made by your kids, you can use the two-way function to communicate with them from wherever you’re.

ANNKE Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera is a plug-and-play system that transmits footages wirelessly. Hence, it’s very simple to set up and use.


  • ANNKE Home Security Camera features hence, guarantees less/ no blind spots
  • It has a superlative 1080 Full Color night vision for clear 7/24 recording
  • Supports remote live viewing with a mobile device
  • Features two-way storage, i.e. cloud service and microSD
  • The surveillance device has a built-in mic and speaker for a smooth two-way conversation.


  • Can’t work with 5GHz wifi

2. OOSSXX 8CH Outdoor Wireless Security camera System

(All-in-One Monitor) 2-Antennas Enchance Outdoor Security Camera...
  • {All-in-One Monitor} System integrated with 10.1" 1280x800 HD Monitor and 1TB Hard Drive, meets all...
  • {Dual Antennas to Enhance WiFi} The wireless signal is very important for this system. If the...

The security camera system comprises an 8-channel NVR, 4pcs IP cameras, and 10” LCD screen. Each of the three has a built-in antenna that they use to wirelessly communicate with each other. Hence, you won’t need to do any cabling.

As an 8-channel station, the provided NVR allows you to add up to 4 other cameras to help strengthen your home/ business security. The cameras have a superior image sensor that presents you with colored, crystal-clear 1080p HD images during the day.

Each of the cams has 3 superior IR LEDs that facilitate the recording of exceptional videos in dark backgrounds. The infrared night vision captures black and white pictures of objects located up to 60ft away.

Featuring advanced motion detection, OOSSXX Wireless Security camera System never let any activity happen without you knowing. Immediately the sensors detect a movement, an automatic recording triggers alongside a push notification that will come to your phone/ email.

The surveillance kit comes with a pre-installed 1TB HDD, which will always overwrite the oldest files after it’s full.
Upon receiving the motions alarm, by the way, you can always remotely view what’s happening using your mobile device from anywhere. If you’re hardly at home/ business premises, this feature ensures you know what usually happens when you’re not around.


  • OOSSXX Outdoor Security camera System consists of an 8-channel NVR, 4pcs IP cameras, and a 10” monitor
  • The cameras have a 70° viewing angle and a 1080p HD resolution
  • Features 3 IR LED lights that enhance a night vision of up to 60ft
  • Supports remote viewing on mobile devices and PC from anywhere
  • Send motion alarms and snapshot to your smart device/ email
  • The wireless security cameras are IP67 waterproof to ensure they can work on rain, dusty, or snowy environments


  • Doesn’t have audio functions

3. Zmodo Smart Home 3pack Wireless Security Camera

[2023 Upgraded] Zmodo 1080p Outdoor Wireless Camera, 3 Pack...
  • Continuous Recording with Cloud Storage – Equipped with 256 bits encryption technology, the cloud...
  • True 1080p HD Live Video Day and Night: Watch your home in true 1080p Full HD day and night, and see...

While we can’t say it’s the best security camera with night vision, this piece from Zmodo is still amazing when darkness falls. As a matter of fact, its night vision is a bit advanced to allow you to adjust the sensitivity by its IR cut filter. This isn’t possible with many surveillance cameras but it’s really great as it can capture color images in low-lighted conditions.

To make it more interesting, the system has a customizable motion detection zone that can be handy as well. You can set and focus the motion detection zones on the most important areas like doors, windows, pool areas, etc. Thereby, making sure you get motion clip alerts from where it matters most.

On receiving these alerts, you can live-view your compound in 1080p Full HD using your Android or iOS device. The camera’s lens has a 90-degree viewing angle and 4x digital zoom. Hence, you can see images that are at a distance in better quality.

Similar to the 2-pack high-resolution night vision security camera, the Zmodo 3-pack kit has a free 30-day trial for the cloud service. This provides you with a proper insight into what to expect once you subscribe to their competitive packages.


  • The Smart Home Security Camera has a 90° viewing angle and 1080p HD image sensor
  • It has a stunning night vision that you can adjust to see color images in dimmed conditions
  • Features a modest cloud service, with first 1-month free
  • Has an amazing motion detection function that never leaves you in the dark
  • The security cameras are very easy to install, set up, and use.


  • Doesn’t come with a local storage
  • Supports only 2.4GHz wifi network

4. Arlo Q [VMC3040] Indoor Security Camera

Arlo (VMC3040-100NAS) Q – Wired, 1080p HD Security Camera |...
8,173 Reviews
Arlo (VMC3040-100NAS) Q – Wired, 1080p HD Security Camera |...
  • Works with Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately).
  • Stream live video 24/7 and watch past recordings in sharp 1080p HD resolution from anywhere in the...

As we know it by now, Arlo is amongst the most dedicated and innovative manufacturers of video surveillance systems. With this piece, for instance, it might look simple to the eyes but what it does will leave you astonished.

First of all, it has a 1080p HD image sensor that captures vivid and sharp images. Whether it’s on a smartphone screen or you’re using your high-definition television, the images will still show important details clearly.

With the integrated 850nm LEDs, the device is able to capture IR night images for objects in a range of up to 25ft.
Featuring several latest technologies, Arlo Q Security Camera gives you one of the best experiences. First, it transmits its footage wirelessly using the wifi. Hence, you don’t need to do any complicated wiring apart from Plugging the power cable to the power outlet.

Secondly, this device has customizable motion detection that you can set up to 3 activity zones of your choice. The built-in motion sensor can detect objects that are even 50ft away. Upon which, it’ll trigger push notifications that you’ll receive on your smartphone or email.

Also, the Arlo product is compatible with Alexa devices [for hands-free control] and has a FREE 7-day cloud recording.


  • Arlo Q Security Camera features a wide field of vision and amazingly sharp 1080p pictures
  • It has 8x digital zoom and an impressive night vision
  • Features an incredible 7-day cloud recording
  • Records non-stop as long the power lines remain alive
  • Supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz wifi signals
  • Sends instant motion alerts and allow remote viewing
  • The security camera supports 2-way audio, as well as hands-free control with Alexa.


  • Exclusively for indoor use
  • Can’t work without a wifi connection
  • It doesn’t have a local storage option.

5. Reolink Argus 2 Wifi Security Camera

Now, if you’re hoping to enjoy your nighttime security as during the day, Reolink can make a good company. On this list, their Argus 2 is surely the best night vision security camera with colored images and versatile application.

The wireless security camera has a superior starlight CMOS sensor that captures smooth and crisp videos of up to 1080p Full HD. When nighttime comes, the same image sensor enables the camera to utilize the light from star, moon, or streetlight and produce colored images.

This night-vision, however, is not very strong but it can cover a distance of up to 33ft. Reolink Argus 2 surveillance camera runs on a rechargeable battery that you can either charge with AC power or Reolink solar panel. The device has a local SD card storage [maximum 64GB] but you can as well use the beta cloud services.

With the battery/ solar power and the micro SD options, it means you can use the device on your barn/farmhouse. Linking it with the internet, though, can be helpful in a way as you can enjoy remote viewing with your smart device.

More about: Reolink security camera system review


  • Reolink Argus 2 Security Camera has a wide angle of vision and 1080p HD resolution
  • It features a starlight CMOS sensor with up to 33ft super-clear night vision
  • Supports local SD card storage and cloud service
  • Sends instant motion-activated email and phone alerts
  • Runs with a rechargeable battery/ Reolink solar panel
  • Now it can work with Google Assistant and Alexa
  • The wifi security cam is remarkably weatherproof to enable use in harsh weather conditions.


  • Doesn’t work with 5GHz wifi
  • Cannot support 7/24 continuous recording or even NVR

6. Lorex 8MP IP Security Camera

Whereas it’s the last on our list, the Lorex security camera is ultimately convenient when it comes to recording. It has an 8.51MP image sensor that produces 4k videos that are about 4x the detail of 1080p.

As such, the pictures are super clear and sharp during the day. At night, the recordings are very clear as well following its advanced night vision that has a range of up to 200ft. This night vision produces colored images that are clearer with details.

When it comes to using, the Lorex device can be added to an existing NVR system, or else use as standalone. For the standalone application, you just need to connect the camera to a PoE injector adapter or router and you’re good to go.


  • Lorex IP Security Camera supports a wide coverage and 4k UltraHD resolution
  • It features a superior night vision that produces even colored images at night
  • Utilizes H.265 video compression, hence, maximizes bandwidth and storage capacity
  • Supports remote access with your PC or smart device
  • The security camera is remarkably weatherproof to prevent damage by rain, sun, or snow.


  • It doesn’t have onboard local storage [sd card slot]
  • No audio functions.

A Buying Guide For The Best Night Vision Security Cameras

Well, above are some of the security camera systems that offers you an incredible night vision to allow 7/24 surveillance. Before you have decided on the one to choose, there are a number of essential aspects you have to consider. They help ensure what you get is exactly what you need. Hence, saving you from regret and disappointments.

Some of these things that you have to consider when buying a night vision security camera include:

Discern Why You Need It

Deciding why exactly you need a night vision security camera is very important. As we saw earlier, there are three types of night vision technologies: infrared illumination, low-light, and thermal imaging.

On knowing your reasons, you’re able to know exactly the type of device to look for and which not to.
If your goal is to get an indoor security camera, for instance, looking for colored night vision won’t do you any go. Colored night vision relies on some light to function and there’s no way you can keep your home indoor lights on throughout the night.

Also, if the camera is for outdoor use, you have to look for a model that has a long-range of vision.

Image Quality

If a camera cannot record clear images during the daytime, there’s no way it will record well in pitch dark backgrounds. As such, getting a security camera that has a superior image sensor is really great. Your night time footage won’t differ much from the daytime’s one, apart from the color contrast.

Infrared Cut Filter

An IR filter is a mechanical shutter design that usually helps block or deliver the infrared to produce a high-quality image at day/ night. The filter is located between the lens and image sensor, whereby it automatically switches to day/ night vision.

While almost every security system has it, you must confirm the technology is present and working fine. This will help ensure you are not stuck to black and white videos during the day. And also, you’re not manually triggering the feature [which definitely might be very boring].

Motion Detection

This is another feature that is common in almost every new system on the market. It helps tighten your security measures, which is an added advantage for night vision cameras. The function will ensure no event will ever happen on your compound and leave no trail of evidence.

Remote Access

If you’re looking for the best night vision security camera in 2021 for your business or home, it’s worth considering the function. Alongside the motion detection, the feature ensures no event ever happen on your property without you noticing. The built-in motion technology will send an alarm every time there’re movements. After which you can use your mobile device to remotely view what has triggered the alarm.


Of course, the feature is important as well. Knowing the price of individual security cameras helps you decide on which budget to focus on.

If you are on a tight budget, for instance, going for a security camera that has renewable subscription fees might not be wise.

Additionally, it’s worth considering a surveillance system that includes several different cameras if you’re hoping to monitor a wide space. This will help lower your initial expense than when buying each device individually.

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Final Verdict

For sure, crime never ends. There will always be that bunch who feel they need to make some withdrawals from these properties you have truly struggled to amass.

Although the market is flooding with a wide variety of products, getting the best night vision security camera is real essential. It will ensure your properties are under 24-hour surveillance, which means no activity will ever happen without leaving some evidence.

From the #6 security cameras that we’ve reviewed, all have the night vision function but which works in varying ways. With the Reolink Argus Eco, for instance, the security camera ensures you get colored images even at night. To enjoy this function, however, there has to be either natural light from the stars/ moon or the artificial one from a porch light.

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