The 6 Best 4k Security Camera System With Audio in 2023

The 6 Best 4k Security Camera System With Audio For 2024

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Imagine yourself sitting by the porch, watching your children play their stupid games while shouting and smiling. Won’t that be great? Isn’t it even satisfying to know how your employees behave while you’re not around? Well, believe it or not, these are all things you can now enjoy when using a 4k security camera system with audio.

That’s right. You don’t need to be physically present in any of these places. You can perfectly see what the persons on the other end of the camera are doing while seated your office or living room.

With the included audio function, you can even listen to what your juniors often talk about when you are not around. Of course, that would be violating one’s privacy but at least you’d be doing it for the good of your business or home.

But wait…what if your friend randomly asks you to explain about your 4k security camera is. How would you phrase your answer with a technical aspect? Do you know what to tell him or her?

What is A 4K Security Camera System?

Surveillance cameras feature different abilities to record objects. For a 4K Ultra HD model, it has an 8MP sensor that often delivers sharp and crystal images. The native image resolution of the sensor is 3840 x 2160 pixels.

By simple calculations, this is equal to 8,294,400 pixels.

If you fancy playing with numbers, it means the image quality is about four times more superior to 1080p Full HD. And about 1.6 clearer to that of 2K QHD [5MP].

Usually, the majority of people use 8MP surveillance cameras when they want to monitor large areas. This is so as on top of crisp pictures, it comes with a wider field of vision.

Despite its stunning abilities, however, a 4K CCTV cost higher than other lower-resolution devices. As such, you need to have a significant budget to enjoy the very best from your system.

NB: A 4K Ultra HD footage is entirely different from that of Disney’s movies. In video surveillance technology, the term represents a resolution that is clearer and richer in quality than Full HD and QHD. As you buy a 4k CCTV, therefore, don’t expect the displayed images to be as sharp as those from the movies.

Is A 4k Security Camera System With Audio Worth It To Have?

A simple answer to this question is a solid Yes. Why?

For one, a 4k surveillance cam records high-quality images that are very rich in detail and clarity. As such, you can even monitor a large scene without degrading the necessary image details. In fact, an 8MP image sensor can accurately identify a license plate of a car located up to 75 feet under good conditions. This is excellently spectacular as it’s more than double the range of a 1080p Full HD

Besides helping monitor a large scene, the other benefits of a 4k security camera include:

The CCTV can lead to faster processing of investigation, plus recovery of your stolen items since they deliver pictures that are richer in detail. You have the advantage to know what is happening around your properties at any time. It can help increase the value of your properties. Just like with the others, the security camera can help deter crime when the potential burglar notices its presence.

You can enjoy discounted rates from your insurance company since you have minimized the risk of vandalism and burglary. With a surveillance cam that has the 2-way audio, you can connect with your kids and other family members while even miles away. Also, the video surveillance system can help improve your workforce performance since they have the illusion that you’re watching them.

Although they may seem straightforward, these benefits are not with all the 4K surveillance cameras. Therefore, you have to be real careful while doing the selection. Otherwise, you might end up thinking GetLockers lied to you, yet the system you pick is what has failed.

Before we look at what you should consider while choosing the best 4k security camera system with audio, here is a selection to get you started.

Overall Best: Reolink RLK8-800B4 4K Surveillance Camera System

REOLINK RLK8-800B4 4K Security Camera System - H.265 4pcs 4K PoE...
  • 4K Ultra HD – Reolink 4K Ultra HD (8MP) PoE camera delivers almost 4 times the clarity of 1080p....
  • Person/Vehicle Detection – Smart PoE IP cameras can identify people and vehicles in terms of their...

That’s true. This is the overall best 4k security camera system with audio on our list. It comprises of an UltraHD NVR station and four wired 8MP IP cameras. The surveillance kit uses PoE technology for the connection. Hence, quick and effortless to set up on your own.

With an 80-degree lens, the CCTV system covers quite a large space while at the same time delivering sharp and crisp images. The cameras have a superior infrared night vision that ensures you can easily see objects at least 65ft in darkness.

In the event of a break-in, the security cam has a pre-installed 2TB hard drive. The drive can record continuously for 5-6 days before it starts overwriting the oldest files. Hence, ensuring you never lack a history of any current happenings.

In case you would like to have longer footage, you can set the system to record after detecting movements. Or else expand the storage capacity to 4TB. Reolink security camera system review

Key Features:

  • It delivers sharp and crisp images that are rich in details
  • Has a wide field of vision to cover a wider scene
  • Allows you to connect with up to eight cameras for tighter security
  • You can remotely monitor your home or business anytime, anywhere
  • Has a built-in speaker for one-way audio recording
  • Uses advanced H.265 video compression, which extends storage limit by more than 50%.
  • The surveillance cameras have a metallic IP66 body to last longer.


  • Doesn’t support hands-free control with Alexa or Google
  • Has no means to scare off the burglars

Best Value: OOSSXX 4K UHD POE Security Camera System

(HD 3K 5.0MP & 60 Days Storage) AI Detected POE Security Camera...
  • {5.0 Megapixel Super HD & Stunning Night Vision} Super HD 5.0MP cameras Capture crystal clear videos...
  • {AI HUMAN Detection} With the help of advanced recognition algorithms, OOSSXX will send...

If you want to monitor your properties in higher resolution but at a lower budget, this kit is for you. It comes with a very reasonable price and its performance is truly exemplary, which is evident from its solid 5-star rating.

For the essentials, the CCTV system consists of four 5MPs cameras, an 8-channel 4K NVR, and the installation components.

The cameras come in white bullet design, with a sturdy weatherproof shell that can even survive rain and extreme heat. With a 5MP image sensor, all the recordings you receive are super-clear, with an excellent balance of colors.

At nighttime, the camera habitually activates the 3 array IR LED system and enable visibility up to 60 feet. The function works alongside intelligent motion detection, of which you can focus on the most important areas, including the door or window.

Upon detecting movements, the surveillance system will start recording in the preinstalled 2TB HDD [if set to motion recording]. You can even receive an alert to your smartphone or email if you have connected the NVR station to the internet.

Key Features:

  • It comprises an 8-channel NVR and four 5MP cameras
  • You get to enjoy high-quality footage that is rich in details
  • Can capture videos with audio
  • Has a smart motion detection that you can customize to specific areas
  • Allows you to remotely view live recordings on mobile devices or PC
  • The surveillance e system is IP67 weatherproof to allow outdoor applications.


  • It doesn’t support two-way talk
  • Can’t connect with your smart home devices for voice control.

Best Design: Hisseu [B07ZKPMS8B] UltraHD PoE Security Camera

Hiseeu 4K PoE Security Camera System, 8CH 8MP Home Surveillance...
  • 4K 8MP ULTRA HD POE SECURITY CAMERA SYSTEM: Bring Your Clearest Video Quality with Wide Angle. 18pcs...
  • PoE PLUG-PLAY EASY SETUP: Power over Ethernet Allows You Setup Your Home Security Camera System...

Although we all have different preferences, this surveillance kit has a better aesthetic construction than the other five products. It’s CCTV cameras are bullet models, yeah, but in a distinguished styling to give a different taste.

These cams have a 120-degree viewing angle and an 8MP sensor to cover a large space and at the same time record sharp, detailed images. Also, they have a superior night vision and advanced motion detection that can trigger an automatic recording or push an intrusion alert.

For an effective recording, the surveillance station comes with a preinstalled 3TB hard drive that can auto-delete the oldest files. The system has even included the H.265 video technology, which allows better use of storage space. This is to mean the video surveillance system can stay for a longer period than H.264 models before it starts overwriting.

Still, the NVR station comes with four surveillance cameras but you can add others to extend up to eight. Thus, ensuring you have eyes at different positions of your property, and with minimal blind spots.

Key Features:

  • It records super clear images that you can even zoom distant objects and still have HD quality
  • Has a super-wide viewing angle to cover more grounds
  • Allows you to connect with up to eight bullet/ dome cameras for stronger security
  • Comes with a preinstalled 3TB HDD to record locally at no fees
  • Has a built-in mic to record footage with audio
  • You can customize its motion detection to focus on specific areas
  • The CCTV system employs advanced video compression technology to allow smooth streaming and maximize storage consumption.


  • It doesn’t support 2-way conversations

Best Wire-Free: Arlo Ultra [VMS5140] 4K Security Camera System

Arlo VMS5140-100NAS Ultra - 4K UHD Wire-Free Security 1 Camera...
  • UHD video quality - Zoom in to see sharp details with Arlo Ultra’s 4K & HDR advanced image quality...
  • 180 Degree diagonal field of view - See more with a wider angle lens that has auto image correction...

At large, a wire-free security camera is the simplest to install and mount. It doesn’t involve any complicated cabling since it runs on batteries and transmits video wirelessly.

This’s exactly how this Arlo product is. It runs on rechargeable batteries and sends the captured images and videos to your viewing screen using a Wi-Fi connection. As such, 20 minutes cannot go down before you have finished the entire setup, which is truly efficient.

When it now comes to the performance, the camera has numerous lovely features to guarantee you a securer and smoother user experience. For instance, the surveillance camera has a superior 8MP sensor that records sharp and crystal-clear images. It even has the latest HDR technology to enable capturing clearer images in scenes with varying contrast.

At nighttime, the security device has a fantastic night vision, which includes an extended infrared range and also colored recordings.

For the latter, the function allows you to view enhanced images that are clearer in detail than black and white. The feature is enhanced by the integrated spotlight that lights up when its built-in sensor senses movements within the proximity. Thus, helping scare off the potential criminal as well. Look at this comparison: Arlo Pro 2 vs Arlo Ultra

Key Features:

  • The CCTV records crystal images of up to 4K “ultra” HD
  • It has a 180° super-wide viewing angle to cover a broader area
  • Offers both infrared and colored night vision
  • Features an incredible 2-way talk
  • Includes a micro SD card slot for local storage
  • It can deter crime using the built-in spotlight or speakers
  • The wireless cam is quick and straightforward to install.

Best At Night: Lorex UltraHD surveillance System [LNK71082T85B]

Lorex LNK71082T85B 8-Channel 4K 2TB PoE NVR with 8 5-Megapixel...
  • 8-channel 4K 2TB NVR (LNK71082T), Super 5MP HD Recording
  • 8 5MP Super HD IP Weatherproof Bullet Camera with 130' color night vision

Usually, a CCTV system is often not complete for security purposes if it can’t work at night. Of course, the experts have proven most crimes happen during the day but a significant percentage also does it at night.

As such, a system like this particular piece from Lorex Company can save you big while facing your driveway or loading bay. It has outstanding nighttime features that include up to 130 feet of infrared and colored night vision. In other words, this means your camera can see even the car parked across the street in the darkness.

During the day, on the other hand, the camera has a 5MP sensor that delivers bright and sharp images to cherish. Its lens has a 101° field of view that guarantees broader coverage, with minimal spots for the shadows to hide.

As a matter of fact, the surveillance kit comes with 8 CCTV cameras that you can place at different positions to eliminate blind spots. Furthermore, they have excellent motion sensors that can alert you of potential intrusion while even thousands of miles away. You may also interest in Lorex Wireless security camera system reviews.

Key Features:

  • Its features an exceptional infrared and colored night vision
  • Delivers crisp video footage, plus audio
  • Has a wide field of vision to cover more grounds
  • Uses the advanced H.265 video compression to minimize bandwidth and storage consumption
  • It comes with a pre-installed 2TB HDD that can record continuously for up to 10 days
  • The wired camera can support remote access with your a smart device or PC


  • Some camera models had some software issues
  • Poor technical support team

Best Technology: Swann SWNVK-885804 4K Video Surveillance Kit

Swann 8 Channel 4 Camera Security System, PoE Wired Surveillance...
  • ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION VIDEO: This state-of-the-art 4 camera, 8 channel NVR-8580 wired surveillance...

Although often underrated, Swann has proved to their customers even the old-school deserves better.
In this particular NVR station, the security company has applied almost all the latest technologies that we have in the wireless CCTVs.

For instance, the used 4K ultra HD sensor doesn’t just capture and record the objects. It can also detect the human faces and push alerts if its database doesn’t have info on that particular individual.

Also, the surveillance cam has a customizable activity zone and person detection feature to assure maximum security. Its PIR motion sensor can only detect movements from people, animals, or cars using the generated heat waves. Hence, you will have minimal or no false alerts and recordings.

All the included cameras are ultimately weatherproof and they save their recordings in a preinstalled 2TB hard drive.
As a wired PoE system, the entire setup is something you can do on your own. It’s straightforward and it requires fewer tools that you possibly can’t lack from your garage.

Key Features:

  • It consists of an 8-channel 4K UHD NVR, four cameras, and complete installation kit
  • Has a wide field of vision to cover more grounds while still offering crystal-clear images
  • Includes smart video analytics to offer securer and finer user experience
  • Captures video footage that you can as well listen
  • You can remotely monitor with your PC or smart devices
  • Supports both local storage and cloud recording [to your personal Dropbox account]
  • The PoE camera can connect with Alexa and Google Assistant to allow hands-free control.


  • Doesn’t support two-way audio
  • Has a highly sensitive sensor that can cause a lot of false alerts if not adjusted

Buying Guide: Essential Tips to Help You Choose the Best 4k Security Camera System

Just like everything else, the video surveillance market has so many brands competing in a battle of superiority. Each one of them is trying to build its customer base, which is why you have to be very careful not to fall in the wrong basket.

In this brief guide, we will look at how to choose a 4k security camera system that is the best/ suitable for you. These tips are genuinely crucial as they are the ones that will ensure what you get doesn’t leave you stranded or disappointed. They include:

The Needs

Every home has its needs. And each business has its operations and security requirements. So, as you look for a 4K CCTV system to use, consider discerning your security demands first. This will ensure what you get is what you exactly need around your property.

For instance, to monitor your home, a simple surveillance system like the Arlo Ultra can work out for your small space. However, if you manage an industrial warehouse, an expandable Surveillance kit is the best. It allows you to can connect with multiple security cameras to place at different positions of your scene.

Available Budget

After determining your needs, have a check on your budget. It’s crucial and the biggest determinant of how successful your plans will work.

Following its superior image sensor and the technologies to support it, a 4K Ultra HD security camera tends to cost more. Therefore, if you have a tighter budget but still you need a higher resolution system, you ought to be very careful with the offer on the table.

Otherwise, you might end buying a cheap 4k system that is only aimed to serve you for a month at most.
As for the best budget-friendly model on our list, its creators [OOSSXX] has optimized the cameras’ features. They have included 5MP cameras to ensure you can still have vivid recordings until you can afford 8MP quality models.

Field Of View And Detection Range

Usually, the field of view is directly proportional to the image resolution. This explains why the majority of 4K systems that we have reviewed have a high viewing angle.

Even so, you still have to consider the range in regards to your needs. If you are hoping to monitor a large area, for instance, you should go for an Ultra HD CCTV system that has a wide viewing angle.

Also, important areas like the parking lot, warehouses, driveways, or front yards will need a system with a long detection range. This is to ensure you can see the person coming towards your compound while still from a distance.

Night Vision

On its end, the function helps ensure you can monitor your properties at all times of the day. Whether it’s during the day or at night when there is low visibility due to the present darkness.

If your budget allows, we would recommend you choose a system that has a long-range infrared and colored night vision. With such a system, no shadow will ever be left undetected and even there is the advantage of getting clearer images.

As you will come to notice, the colored night images are usually richer in detail than the usual black and white.


Unlike the lower quality images, the higher resolutions tend to encompass more pixels, which can take up more storage space.

As such, choose a 4K security camera system that has a larger [local] storage since it can hold more videos before it’s full. It’s even crucial you consider a higher video compression codec, such as H.265 as it can lower the image bit-rate.

Thereby maximizing the storage consumption by over 50%.

While looking for larger storage and higher compression, by the way, don’t forget you won’t always be there to be formatting your HDD. Therefore, check for a system that supports loop recording to ensure it can auto overwrite the oldest files. And then, ensure you never miss any current happenings around your property.

Setup And Installation

Of course, nothing is so thrilling like a device that you can set up and use on your own. It means you won’t need to get back into your pockets and hire a technician to install your system. Also, it means you will save on time that you might have wasted waiting for the technician to come.

Therefore, while choosing your to-be 4k security camera system, make sure it’s something you can set up as your new DIY project.

Luckily, all the six systems on our list are either wireless or wired with PoE technology. As such, everything is plug-and-play, with the only hard work been standing on the ladder as you mount the camera.

Last but not least, we’d recommend you choose a 4K video surveillance system that is weatherproof certified. This will ensure your cameras can stand on the rain, snow, and extreme sunshine without damage. In the end, the system will serve you for a long time, with lesser maintenance and lower service costs.


Is 4k security cameras worth it?

Absolutely yes! The security camera records crystal-clear images that have vivid details and clarity for easy identification. Also, the cameras usually have a large field of vision to monitor your large compound with high efficiency but using lesser cameras.

Who makes the best 4k security camera system?

Sadly, this is hard to determine due to the different numbers of brands we have in the market. Like in our list, all we have included are top providers of security solutions, with each featuring a notable customer base. So, the one who makes the best 4k CCTV system is the one who has been able to serve their customers perfectly and satisfactorily.

What is the highest resolution security camera available?

Well, while 4K Ultra HD is the highest resolution you’ll find in the majority of video surveillance markets, it’s not the maximum. There is the 4k 12mp security camera system, which is already in use by a couple of brands including HIKVISION.

Which is better 4k or 5mp?

Technically, the 4K Ultra HD has higher image quality than the 5MP Super HD. When it comes to other aspects, though, it might vary. In the budget, for instance, 5MP is the best since it’s quite affordable. It’s even better in terms of storage consumption because it has lesser image pixels.
Anyways, we can conclude both 4K and 5Mp are good resolutions. The only difference is that the former is better for larger compounds and its counterpart can serve someone with a tighter budget.


By now, we are sure you have a better answer on how to solve your security requirements. We are hoping you have finally gotten a clearer picture of the kind of video surveillance system to get.

Anyways, security is a crucial aspect that no one should ever take lightly. It can define your business success and its collapse. Also, it will outline the kind of comfort you’ll enjoy with your family back at home.

Even without getting back to the details, using a 4k security camera system with audio can save the day. Its high-resolution sensor can help monitor your properties with the help of crisp images that are rich in clarity.

If it’s the audio function, you’ll be able to hear whatever the person at the end of the camera is saying. Hence, making your monitoring experience interesting while at the same time heightening your properties’ safety.