Reolink Security Camera System Review & Guide in 2023

Reolink Security Camera System Review For 2024

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To monitor a large compound like a company building or school, a professional security camera system is usually the best for the job. This can either be an NVR or DVR that you can connect with multiple surveillance cameras to place in various locations of your property. The following is a Reolink security camera system review that features three different products that can help enhance your properties’ safety.

Established in the year 2009, Reolink Digital Technology Company has helped millions of people secure their properties. The security technologies company offers simple but high-performing camera systems that produce vivid and super-clear images.

As for the affordability, Reolink devices come at reasonable prices but not as the ANNKE 8 channel security camera system that we discussed recently. They have a higher price tag but which is totally worth it since the entire systems have superior specs. This includes a larger built-in hard drive disk, with a loop recording feature to automatically overwrite the oldest footage with new files.

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Long story short, let’s look at the three Reolink security camera systems that you can use to monitor your properties 24/7. Then, we briefly look at some of the key aspects to consider when choosing one.

#3 Best Reolink Security Camera System for 24/7 Monitoring

1. Reolink RLK8-410B4 8 Channel Video Surveillance System

REOLINK 4MP 8CH PoE Security Camera System, 4pcs Wired 1440P...
  • Plug and Play PoE Camera System – With a simple PoE connection, users only need to plug the...
  • Built-in 2TB Hard Drive – Supports 8 channels recording simultaneously. Secure your home and...

The video surveillance system comprises an 8-channel NVR and 4pcs IP cameras that work via a simple PoE connection. As an 8-channel system, the surveillance unit lets you connect with up to eight PoE cameras. Hence, guaranteeing you a broader coverage since you can place the various cameras in different positions of your property.
Speaking of coverage, each of the IP cameras that come with the system has an 80° viewing angle and 4MP lens.

With such a lens, the camera lets you enjoy an image resolution of 1440p, which is about 1.4X that of 1080p Full HD.
For the nighttime, Reolink RLK8-410B4 camera has 18 IR LEDs plus an advanced automatic IR-cut filter. As such, it provides super-clear images in total darkness, allowing you to see what’s happening around your business any time of the day.

Now when we come to recording, this security camera system usually features 3 different types of recording: continuous, motion-activated, and scheduled. It comes with a pre-installed 2TB HDD that can continuously record for up to 7days when using 4 cameras.

As a product of the latest technology, Reolink RLK8-410B4 supports remote access, whereby you can view recordings from anywhere. To use the feature, though, you have to connect your NVR to the router using an Ethernet cable.

Since the device features customizable motion detection, the remote access feature lets you receive motion-trigged alerts to your smart device. Using your email, the security camera system can send photos or short video clips of what has triggered the alert. Thereby, allowing for quick action in case you notice trouble.


  • Reolink RLK8-410B4 8 Produces sharp, vivid pictures and infrared night vision
  • It supports 4MP and 5MP PoE IP camera, as well as Wi-Fi cameras
  • Comes with a preinstalled 2TB hard drive
  • Has an advanced motion detection that you can customize to specific zones
  • Supports remote viewing and playback function with an internet-enabled mobile device
  • Features a built-in mic to record audio
  • The security camera system can be used both indoors and outdoors at whatever time of the year it is.


  • As a wired system, it can take more minutes to set up than a wireless model
  • Doesn’t support 2-way audio

2. Reolink RLK8-410B4-5MP 8CH Home Security Camera System

REOLINK 8CH 5MP Security Camera System, 4pcs Wired 5MP PoE...
  • 5MP SUPER HD & STUNNING NIGHT VISION – Capture crystal clear videos day & night with 5MP super HD...
  • SMART PERSON/VEHICLE DETECTION – The new smart motion detection is supported by this system now....

This is another incredible security camera system from Reolink that you can use to keep an eye on your large environment. It also comprises of an NVR and 4pcs PoE IP cameras but which are a bit superior for a better experience.

First of all, Reolink RLK8-410B4-5MP is not complicated to set up as you only need to plug the Recorder to the power supply. Then, connect the security cameras to the NVR ports and the viewing screen [TV/ monitor] to the HDMI port. This is something you can do all on your own in just a couple of minutes, hence, saving you from extra installation costs.

Reliable and ultra-convenient, the included surveillance cameras have an 80-degree lens, with a 5MP CMOS image sensor. The wide viewing angle makes possible to capture a wider scene and lesser blind spots.

For the 5MP image sensor, on the other hand, it helps facilitate the production of bright, crystal-clear [1920p] images and videos. A 1920p HD resolution is about 1.4X higher than the 1440p and 2.4X that of 1080p FHD. Hence, in every footage, you get to see every image detail as you desire.

With most criminal activities known to take place in darkness, Reolink equipped these cameras with 18pcs high-performance IR illuminators. This enables the device to capture videos even in total darkness for up to 100ft.
With the Security Camera System, you can also remotely access footage via your iOS/Android smart device or PC.

Thus, keeping you updated on the happening around your property while you’re away.

Summary Features

  • Reolink RLK8-410B4-5MP features a 1920p HD resolution, hence, providing crystal-clear footage
  • It has a superlative infrared night vision with a range of up to 100ft
  • Comes with a 2TB HDD storage and has an external SATA port
  • Has a built-in microphone to capture audio
  • Can work with all Reolink PoE [5MP & 4MP] and Wi-Fi cameras
  • The security camera system supports remote access and sends motion-triggered alerts

3. Reolink RLK8-410B2D2 8-Channel Security Camera System

REOLINK 4MP 8CH PoE Security Camera System for Home and Business,...
  • Plug and Play PoE Camera System – With a simple PoE connection, users only need to plug the...
  • Built-in 2TB Hard Drive – Supports 8 channels recording simultaneously. Secure your home and...

Though last on our Reolink security camera system review, RLK8-410B2D2 is a piece you’ll cherish having on your property. First, the surveillance unit is pretty simple to set up as alongside the PoE NVR and cameras, there is a complete mounting kit. The mounting kit includes screws, mounting-hole-template, waterproof lid, HDMI, Quick-Start-Guide Brochure, and 2pcs Network cables.

Focused on providing you with the best security service, the designers installed each of the included cameras with a 4MP CMOS image sensor. Thereby, allowing them to capture ultra-clear 1440p HD pictures. Still on the cameras, each has an 80° viewing angle, which ensures they provide broader coverage.

Reolink RLK8-410B2D2 security camera also has a built-in microphone to help make sure you don’t just get visual recordings but with audio too. Since the device has no speaker features, it only supports one-directional but not two-way audio feature.

If you would like to be knowing of the goings in your organization even when away, this system does support remote access. Just like the first product we discussed, it has an advanced motion sensor that you can customize to the most important zones. Whenever there’s a movement in front of the camera lens, the feature automatically sends a push notification and a snapshot to your device.

This means, no activity will ever happen within your property without you knowing- though as long the camera remains active.

In case you’d like to add other cameras to your Reolink RLK8-410B2D2 system, it’s not a must you use 4MP models. The security kit is compatible with PoE 5MP IP cameras, as well as with wifi-enabled models. So, you can go with either of them.

Simple Tips to Consider While Buying a Reolink 8CH Security Camera System

Above are the three best-ranked Reolink security camera systems that you can use to monitor your home or business. If you’re not new to the field of security technologies, choosing the right one for you will not be that hard. For a newbie, nonetheless, it can be [somehow] tricky to choose and that’s why we’ve opted to include a brief buying guide.

Some of the details to consider if you’re planning to buy an 8-Channel security system include:

Do you really need an 8-Channel NVR?

Whether you’re new or you’ve been using security cameras for a while, this should be the very first question to ask yourself. It can help you in making the right buying choices and, perhaps, save you from unnecessarily high costs. If you are living in an apartment, for instance, a wireless security camera is your best option since you only need to monitor the inside.

With a large compound, however, an 8-channel NVR can be a better option for you. It’ll allow you to connect multiple cameras that you can place in different positions of your property, hence, covering more space.

Where do you want to use the system?

Well, this is not about home or business but the definite location where you want to install the system. All the above NVRs can only work with Wi-Fi or PoE IP cameras. So, they can’t serve you well if you’re in a remote location where there’s no stable power or internet connection.

Is your interest in the clarity of the images or?

If the answer is yes, then, the three video surveillance systems can work out for you since they support an image sensor of at least 4MP. Reolink RLK8-410B4-5MP, though, is more effectual as it comes equipped with 5MP cameras that produce 1920p HD videos.

Are you Away from your home/ business a lot?

Also, if your answer is yes, these three systems are good at monitoring your property. You can connect either of them with a router and enjoy remote viewing with your internet-enabled device from any location. Since they also send motion-activated alerts, it means no activity will ever happen without you knowing.

Do you want the system for indoor or outdoor use?

While you can still use them indoors, Reolink designed the video surveillance systems for outdoor use. They have an IP66 weatherproof rating and also can work in temperatures ranging 14°F – 131° F.


Driven by innovation and the need to keep your family and valuable items safe, Reolink manufactures quality, high-performance security cameras to cherish. With the models we have looked at today, for instance, they all capture bright and crystal-clear videos that have every important detail intact. The recordings even come with audio, so, prosecuting is even easy since there’s convincing evidence.

As we have highlighted above, the Reolink 8-Cannel systems also guarantee you solid security since you can connect with multiple cameras. Hence, allowing you to monitor your property from various angles and in HD.

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