Reolink VS Lorex : Which is Better to Buy in 2023?

Reolink VS Lorex: Which is Better to Buy in 2023?

Just like any other business, video surveillance brands have been in an unending battle. Every provider wants to build its customer base, and so they are all trying to prove who is the mightiest. This explains why a tag like that of Reolink vs Lorex remains visible.

Not that they are trying to settle it on “physical” war [with allegations and lawsuits] as some brands do. Theirs primarily is on equipment, innovation, and how they can satisfy their customers. Of course, the end-users get to benefit a lot from more advanced systems. But also, there is that confusion on which is better to consider.

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Anyways, in this article, we will briefly compare the Lorex vs Reolink security camera system, and see which the best brand to choose is. The post will only point out the most essential features in a CCTV camera, including aspects like image quality and storage.

Top 6 pick at a glance from Reolink and Lorex.

An Overview on Reolink and Lorex Security Camera Technologies


While they are trying to serve even your hardcore techie needs, the Reolink security camera system is more of a consumer brand. Their security cameras focus more on small scale owners who wish to enjoy tighter security, but from a low budget.

As a brand, Reolink has surely tried. The security provider debuted in 2009 through its founder Colin Liu. Despite its young age, this company has already served millions of customers around the globe.

Its mission is to make sure everyone can monitor valuable items at home or place of business. Hence, the reason every Reolink CCTV system is affordable, high-performing, and so effortless to set up by yourself.

Even when they are budget-friendly, Reolink creates the finest security products using the latest technologies. They have a wide array of selection that ranges from wireless and PoE cameras to wire-free battery and solar-powered models.

Amongst their most appreciated creations is the Reolink Argus, which CEO Liu was hoping to break a world record of the first wire-free security camera. Sadly, he was a little late to finish up his project and Netgear set a record first with the Arlo Smart Cam.

Nonetheless, Liu’s Reolink Argus became the world’s first 100% Wire-free 1080p HD security camera.


On their end, Lorex offers professional-grade security cameras that serve both commercial and retail markets. The company is known by many due to its high-quality security camera systems that feature cutting edge technologies.

If it’s the nighttime monitoring, for example, the brand has CCTV cameras that have a night vision of up to 200ft. Furthermore, the brand currently is on the extensive use of a varifocal lens that allows you to choose your favorite field of vision.

With such a camera, monitoring becomes easy since you can adjust the viewing angle to keep a closer eye on important activity zones.

While the majority of these innovative designs are from its long-established craftsmanship, Lorex also has passed through several technology companies. Thereby acquiring different ideas.

To begin with, the company laid its first foundation in the year 1993 in Ontario, Canada. After operating for about three years, Strategic Vista international bought and managed its operations for 16 years before handing over to FLIR Systems Inc.

As a techie, you must have known FLIR since they are the group that introduced thermal imaging to military and industrial markets. Unluckily, the two didn’t last very long together. The acquisition by the American brand was just to help introduce thermal imaging to DIY and SMB markets.

But after the plan failed to meet their expectations, FLIR sold Lorex to Dahua, which has been their main OEM supplier. Since then, in February 2018, Lorex has been functioning as a division of Dahua. With a keen eye, you can even realize the two brands offer security cameras that have almost an identical design.

A Comparison between Lorex vs Reolink Security Camera System

reolink vs lorex

The following is a table that summaries the similarities and differences between the two. For the crucial features, you can see the younger brand has surely tried although it still has a lot to catch up.

Facts  Reolink  Lorex
Company Founded 2009  1993
Core Mission  Deliver affordable security solutions to everyone  Create professional-grade security

cameras with cutting-edge technologies

Image Quality  Up to 4K Ultra HD  Up to 4K Ultra HD
Night Vision  Yes
[Colored and infrared]
[Colored, infrared, & thermal]
Audio  Functions Yes  Yes
Sound Detection No Yes
[after sound exceeds certain sensitivity]
Video Analytics  PIR Motion detection PIR/ thermal                                                                        Motion detection
Person detection
Continuous Video Recording  Yes Yes
Maximum HDD Capacity  Up to 12TB  Up to 24TB
Cloud  Yes
[for select cameras and regions]
Free 2-day recording for select devices]
Power Option Battery
Smart Home Compatibility  Yes
[supports Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant]
[supports Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant]
Price Reolink Store Lorex Product Store

From the table, you can see comparing Reolink vs Lorex is genuinely unnecessary. Yes, the former is working real hard to be at par with its counterpart in technology. But their main objectives are completely different.

The following are some of the bestselling cameras from the two brands that should help you better understand the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Lorex E581CD IP Dome Security Camera

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Although it is not very appealing, this surveillance camera is surely incredible to own. It has a 5MP image sensor that delivers 2560p Super HD videos while at the same time covering a broader scene. The camera has stunning nighttime functions, which include a colored and infrared vision of up to 135ft.

Installed with the latest H.265 technology, Lorex camera supports a seamless live stream and record longer footages on the connected hard drive. It’s compatible with NVRs from Lorex, but you can use it with other brands as well since it supports the ONVIF protocol.

Key Features:

  • It records sharp, crisp 2k Super HD videos that are rich in crucial details
  • Has a wide-angle lens that allows it to cover a wide scene
  • Supports both colored and long-range night vision
  • Features the advanced HDR technology to produce quality images even in varying light conditions
  • Has a sturdy, IP67 weatherproof construction to support outdoor use
  • The camera can work as a standalone [with PoE switch] or add-on camera [on an NVR]


  • No audio functions
  • Not compatible with Google or Alexa

Reolink RLC-410-5MP IP Surveillance Camera

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This is a great alternative that you can get to upgrade or else replace your faulty PoE camera. It also delivers 2k Super HD videos while also covering more grounds of your compound.

The security camera has eighteen superior IR LEDs that support a night vision of up to 100ft [no colored]. It has smart motion detection that you can set activity zones where you can be receiving alerts.

With the PoE technology, this camera can work as a standalone or an add-on to your Reolink NVR. It even does have a hidden MicroSD card slot to allow local recording when using it alone without a base station.

Key Features:

  • It captures and delivers crystal-clear images that are rich in clarity
  • Allows you to see objects located up to 100ft away in the darkness
  • Can work well as a standalone camera while using PoE injector or switch
  • Includes a microSD card slot for local recording
  • Has a built-in mic to record footage with audio
  • The IP cam supports Google Assistant to allow hands-free control


  • It is only compatible with Reolink NVRs and software.
  • Has the software-based motion detection. Hence, you might get too many false alerts from bugs

Lorex LNR6826K-R 8-Channel 4K Ultra HD Surveillance Kit

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  • 8 Channel HD 4K NVR, 2TB HDD kit

This is one of the few best selections that you can use to monitor a wider space with top-quality images and videos. It comprises a 4K Ultra HD NVR and six 8MP bullet cameras that you can either use indoors or out.

The cameras have an 88° wide-angle lens to allow using just a few to cover a large scene. If your compound is larger or you want tighter protection, the included NVR supports a maximum of eight cameras. As such, you can add another two to the open ports.

Since the system uses PoE technology, the entire setup is quick and effortless. So, you can do it all on your own and save those bucks for something else.

Key Features:

  • The kit comprises a 4K NVR and six 8MP IP cameras
  • It delivers vivid images that you can zoom without drastically lowering the quality
  • Has an excellent long-range and colored night vision
  • Comes with a preinstalled 2TB hard drive
  • Allows remote viewing with the free Lorex app
  • The surveillance cam is IP66 weatherproof to support both indoor and outdoor use.


  • The cameras don’t support audio features
  • You can use hands-free control.

Reolink RLK8-410B4-5MP Home Security Camera System

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For your large compound and a tight budget, this CCTV system surely matches your needs. It comes packed with an 8-channel 4K Ultra HD NVR and four 5MP IP cameras.

The cameras offer quality 2560p Super HD videos, which is about 2.4x clearer than the 1080p Full HD. At nighttime, their superior IR LEDs allow you to see objects in a range of even 100 feet.

The function works alongside an intelligent motion detection that you can personalize to make sure no movements ever go unnoticed.

Even so, this surveillance system uses H.264 video compression. As such, the preinstalled 2TB hard drive can only hold recordings for about 8 or 10 days before it starts overwriting.

Key Features:

  • The surveillance system offers bright and clear footage, with vivid detail and clarity
  • It has a stunning night vision, with a range of up to 100ft
  • Comes with a preinstalled 2TB hard drive to record footage locally
  • Features an inbuilt mic to record footage with audio
  • Uses PoE technology, which is very simple to set up and use
  • The cameras have a robust, IP66 metal shell to support outdoor application


  • No colored night vision
  • The cameras use software-based motion detection. So, you might get more false triggers than when using the PIR sensor.

Reolink Argus Pro Wireless Security Camera

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  • Wireless and Simple Installation - The Argus Pro+Solar Panel system can be easily mounted and...
  • Voice Control with Alexa - You will see live feed from the Reolink Argus Pro camera on your Echo...

Affordable. Efficient. And Convenient. These are the three words that define this system well. The wireless camera has a 2MP sensor that delivers quality 1080p Full HD footage while still covering a large area of your compound.

It runs on a rechargeable solar battery and transmits its video via a Wi-Fi connection. So, you won’t have to struggle with cabling as you install.

In case you want it for the barn, the camera has a microSD card slot that accepts up to 64GB. So, you can either store your footage locally and or on your cloud account. Thereby making sure you always have available evidence, even with no internet or the SD card is broken.

Key Features:

  • It records clear 1080p video footages with audio
  • Offers a wide coverage and up to 33ft night vision
  • Has an inbuilt mic and speaker to enable two-way conversation or even scare away the burglars
  • Supports remote access and smart motion alerts
  • Features a two-way storage option, i.e local SD card, and cloud space
  • Has an adorable technical support team
  • The solar CCTV system does support hands-free control.


  • Doesn’t work with Amazon Echo spot or other Alexa devices

Lorex LNB8005 Ultra HD IP Bullet Security Camera

  • 4K Ultra HD 8 Megapixel (8MP)
  • True High Dynamic Range (HDR)

If you have an LNR600/ LNR610 Series NVRs, this bullet camera can make a good upgrade. You will always get top-quality images and videos, in both daytime and at night.

The IP camera does support colored night vision and the fitted infrared LEDs allow visibility up to 130 feet in total darkness. It uses an Ethernet cable for the connection. So, It’s very simple to attach to the NVR.

Also, the CCTV camera is IP66 rated to allow its use either indoors or out in the open compounds.

Key Features:

  • The security camera provides sharp and crisp images, with vivid detail
  • It supports both colored and long-range night vision
  • Features HDR technology to allow capturing of clear images in varying light conditions
  • It uses PoE connection, which is quick and effortless to set up
  • The camera is sturdy and weatherproof to last longer


  • It doesn’t support audio functions
  • A lot of users have complained of poor technical support


Is Lorex a good brand?

Absolutely, Yes! It offers some of the finest security cameras, with cutting edge technologies such as varifocal lens, person detection, and long-range night vision. All you need to own them is an enough budget.

Are Lorex cameras compatible with other NVRs?

Yes, but not all. Only several security camera versions from the brand can support ONVIF protocols. In case you are wondering, ONVIF [Open Network Video Interface Forum] is a technique that allows Network cameras to communicate with NVR devices. Lorex partially supports the function to allow its products to work with other third party devices and software.

How can I connect my Reolink camera with Apple Homekit?

Sadly, you can’t connect your camera to the Homekit for now. Reolink does not support the function yet. It’s only compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Is Reolink cloud free?

Yes, but only for the basic plan. It’s, however, only limited to one camera and with 7 days of cloud recording.

While choosing the plan, you have to remember Reolink Cloud is only for select security cameras and regions. It’s only on Reolink Go, Argus models, and E1 versions. Plus, you have to be in

Australia, Canada, USA, Thailand, UAE, Macau, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and a few other countries.


While purchasing tends to be a big decision, we duly hope you now have the answers you were looking for. Though brief, our Reolink vs Lorex comparison has focused on all the essential features that usually defines a good CCTV system.

If it’s something like the quality of an image, we have seen both brands are now offering 4K Ultra HD. Nonetheless, Lorex has ventured more on the category than its counterpart.

And in case you are searching for a security camera that you can enjoy better audio functions, Reolink now has the best systems for that. This is can be seen clearly on the products that we have reviewed. All the Reolink cameras have audio feature but not a single one from Lorex supported it.

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