Lorex vs Night Owl: Which is The Best Security Camera in 2022?

Lorex vs Night Owl: Which is The Best Security Camera?

If you have visited the market of security camera systems recently, you probably must have been surprised by the myriad brands offering the kits. Of course, the available products are different in terms of quality but they all aim at improving your security. In this post, we’re going to compare Lorex vs Night owl security camera systems. The two were amongst some of the most featured products during 2022’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal. Considering their almost similar pricing, though, you definitely must be wondering about which to go with between the two.

From out two past posts on Lorex security camera reviews and Night Owl Security Cameras, by the way, we’re sure you noticed there’s some sharing between the two brands. Their performances, for sure, differ, but some of their attributes are similar.

Introduction to Lorex and Night Owl Company

Overview:1 Lorex Technology Company

When it comes to serving its customers, Lorex Company and Night Owl Company both focus on the consumer market (including homes and small business office). Lorex, yeah has a significant reputation in the professional market but its primary focus is strengthening the security of your family, grocery store and pop shop. The brand has been in the security technology since 1991 (almost 3 decades), so it perfectly knows and understands what their small-scale consumers expect.

Lorex Technology (as it’s officially called) is usually defined by its distinguished innovativeness and the use of modern technology. Considering the brand’s favorable customer reviews on their website, it is evident the security systems that they offer are reliable and user-friendly.

Overview 2: Night Owl Company

Now, one of our reasons for saying Lorex is way ahead of Night Owl Company is the work experience. Night Owl Company started providing security camera systems in 2009 (which is like 18 years before its counterpart). Hence its security technology solutions are driven by the challenges they have learned from the other brands.

Despite its young age, though, Night Owl has proven to be one of the fastest-growing manufacturers of security camera kits. The aspect is predominantly facilitated by the brand’s focus on the creation of high-quality products that are affordable and user-friendly.

Comparing Lorex Vs Night Owl Security Camera Systems

When we compare Lorex vs night owl, the focus is primarily on the functionality since both are consumer products. Their price tags are almost on the same level, which comprises 50% to 80% lesser than the professional security cameras. This is the major benefit of the products from the two brands since you get to save some money that you can use on other projects.

Anyways, as for the performance, Lorex Company has security systems that are smarter and more advanced than Night Owls. Of course, there are several night owl cameras featuring excellent, contemporary technologies but its counterpart has been in service longer. Hence, it (Lorex) has been bettering its product based on its long-established experience.

If it’s the outdoor security cameras, for example, Lorex designers are crafting them with an IP67 rating. This guarantees the security cameras can function in extreme temperatures of 140°F and -22°F without malfunctioning. This is like saying the systems will still function when showered with hot coffee or locked in a deep freezer.

With the best Night Owl outdoor camera that we reviewed on our previous post, it is Ip65 weatherproof and can operate from temperatures of -14°F to 140°F. This means the security camera kit has lesser resistance to environmental conditions than the Lorex models.

The following is a comparison table comprising of the main features between Lorex and night owl. The table will help you discern which is better in performance between the two. Then, you can now choose one that serves your security desires best.

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They Are Good But Not 100% Perfect

As we all know well, no human is ever 100% perfect. Similarly, Lorex and Night Owl have their downside, which we have identified through their customers’ reviews. They include:

Lorex Technology Company

  • Poor customer service
  • Their systems are absolutely perfect for the consumer market but might not meet your professional expectations (for instance in factory plants).

    Night Owl Company

  • Yes, their customer service is responsive but you can be on hold for hours
  • Likewise, night owl security cameras are not the best for professional use

So, Which Is Better?

Hmm, respective to our brief comparison, which would you personally rank as the best? Lorex or Night Owl?

For us, we don’t want to be biased as the two brands are excellent in enhancing your security needs while caring for your pockets. So, if you had been using Lorex systems for a while, you can try Night Owl and have experience of their offerings.

If it’s your first time using security camera systems, nonetheless, Lorex will be our first recommendation. This is not because the brand sounds like the renowned luxury brand, Rolex, but since its systems are more advanced than its counterpart. If it’s at night, for example, a system like 4K Ultra HD Nocturnal IP System can capture color footage at night. Thereby, showing sensitive details like the color of a car or person’s clothes.