The Lorex Wireless Security Camera System in 2023 Reviews

Lorex Wireless Security Camera System Reviews in 2024

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Recently, we shared with you some basic skills that you can use to install a wireless security camera system at your home. After some time, it occurred to us that we have never given you a detailed review of some of the best security camera brands that you go for in time of needs. In reference to our recent post, we’re going to review the Lorex Wireless security camera system that you can get today for your home or even workplace.

Who Exactly are Lorex?

First of all, even if you have a heavy tongue when pronouncing English terms, don’t confuse Lorex with Rolex. Yes, they’re both notable and trusted but the two are different companies that don’t even play the game on the same pitch. Rolex aims at giving you a timely, posh lifestyle and our Lorex’s goal is to guarantee you a “smart”, secure living.

Long story short, Lorex Technology (official name) is a video surveillance company that is based in Markham, Ontario, Canada. The brand ventured into the security technology in 1991, giving it almost 3 decades in the industry. Although we can’t say it’s the best, this company is one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to innovativeness and application of modern technology.

Lorex Outdoor Security Cameras

When in the process of serving their consumers’ security desires, Lorex first takes the initiative to “protect what matters most: You. They establish a strong connection in a friendly, family-like manner to give you a secure mentality. Once your “state of mind” (as they call it) is safe, they now take you through their wide range of security systems which ensure you:

Stay connected all the time using remote viewing features and built-in storage space like cloud.

Have crystal clear video 24/7 with the help of the 4K Ultra HD cameras and color Night Vision cameras.

Monitor smarter and efficiently using security systems with smart home compatibility and motion detection. With a smart home, we refer to that Google Home™ or Amazon Alexa™ device, which you can pair with your security system. Then, you can be accessing footages using your voice. For the smart detection, on the other hand, Lorex has added in their systems advanced person and vehicle recognition. Hence, allowing you to get a push alert and recording only when a person or vehicle is detected.

Always capture the right moments. This is facilitated by the used of cutting-edge technology and the company’s team of visionary engineers, technicians, and designers. If it’s the advanced motion detection feature, for instance, your cameras will only capture the movement of people and vehicles. Thus, reducing the number of unnecessary false alerts caused by moving branches or your cat or dog.

Having looked at the basic history of Lorex Technology Company, let’s now jump to our topic of the day:

lorex security camera reviews

Lorex Wireless Security Camera Reviews in 2024

Without “bragging” or marketing the brand, Lorex is, definitely, number one or two when it comes to creating innovative wireless security systems. Their cameras feature current technology that allows you to mount them at high positions without running cables to your DVR or NVR unit. The contemporary technology here is the installed rechargeable battery and the remarkable motion detection sensors that only starts recording when there is movement. These sensors use a passive infrared mechanism that detects motion through the moving heat patterns.

In case you want to remove the battery power-pack in the Lorex wireless security camera system, there’s a convenient quick-release feature. So, you don’t have to remove the camera from its mount.

Benefits of Using the Lorex Wire-Free Security Camera Systems

Easy to Install and User-Friendly: You don’t need to set unnecessary costs for the installation as these wireless cameras are just like that- wire-less. They don’t need cable/s for transmitting video data or that for power.

Cost-effective and Time-saving: since they need no video cables to transmit recordings, Lorex Wireless cameras cost less and require less time to install. This feature also enhances their flexibility and convenience to use.

Advanced Motion Detection: These security cameras use ultra-modern thermo-sense PIR (passive infrared) sensors, which detect movements through heat signatures.

Stable and Secure Wireless Signals: Lorex Wireless security cameras connect with the receiver via a convenient and protected connection. So, you don’t have to worry about hackers.

Long Distance Wireless range: Lorex engineers have fitted the wireless cameras with powerful signal sensors, which can transmit data up to 500ft (137m) when in a clear line-of-site. In case you want to have the camera in your house to monitor your baby or nanny, the transmission range drops to 150ft (46m). This is due to barriers like walls or furniture (like closet or wall unit) which will block and weaken the signal range.

Lorex wireless security cameras are Trusted by Many: This is because the brand has been able to offer a wide range of systems that give the consumers a chance to choose their favorite. Following are some of these systems with 5-star rating:

Lorex 4-Pack Wire-Free Security Camera System

If you’re truly serious about the safety of your store or home, Lorex LWF1080B-64 is the security camera system that you need. It comes with a superior DVR box which has 1 terabyte local storage. The box can support up to 6 channels, hence, it can function with up to 6 Wire-free cameras.

Lorex usually offers this security system kit with 4 wire-free security cameras. This ensures you have been able to cover more space and with lesser blind spots. The cameras included in the kit have 1080p HD resolution to make sure you get a clear, well-defined video. The lens of each of the cameras is 140° ultra-wide. Thus, you can be able to cover the wide space of your backyard with only one.

Lorex LWF1080B-64 cameras functions with a heavy-duty lithium-ion battery pack, which can last up to 4 months before charging again. This, nonetheless, will depend on how busy your camera has been each day since it records after sensing some movement.


  • Ultra-modern and easy to install
  • Supports 6 channels (up to 6 cameras)
  • Has 1TB hard drive
  • It comes with 4 cameras.
  • Supports 95ft night vision range
  • Features a rechargeable battery but can connect with AC power for
  • 24/7 surveillance
  • Supports remote viewing with mobile phone or tablet

Lorex Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Wire-Free Security System

Lorex Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Wire-Free Home Surveillance...
  • ULTRA-WIDE COVERAGE - Each 1080p security camera provides a wide 140-degree field of view and have a...
  • 65 FEET NIGHT VISION - Equipped with infrared LEDs, these cameras provide clear video quality for up...

Although you might confuse it with the Lorex Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Wire-Free Home Surveillance Security System, Lorex Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Wire-Free Home Surveillance Security System is more powerfully and sweeter to have. Its DVR box can support up to 6 channels as well and it has a 1TB hard drive, which you can even expand later up to 6TB. In case you feel this as a burden, you subscribe to the company’s cloud storage but be ready to pay some monthly fees.

Similar to its counterpart, the Lorex Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Wire-Free Home Surveillance Security System comes with four cameras, each with a 1080p HD resolution. To guarantee you tighter security, these cameras have 150ft Infrared

Night Vision and advanced motion detection. The entire camera system is very easy to install and its wireless signal range can function work at up to 600ft.


  • Ultra-modern security camera system with easy installation
  • Supports a wide wireless range of up to 600ft
  • Features an upgradable hard drive
  • It’s IP66 weatherproof
  • Includes motions alerts and Low Battery warnings
  • Has infrared night vision of up to 150ft
  • Supports live/ Recorded playback and Two-way Audio

Well, the two are the main variation systems from Lorex Technology that you can get now and install in your home/ workplace. In case you require a single or double bundle of any of the two (systems) you can visit the brand’s Web Store or other online stores like Amazon.

Improve Your Wireless Security Camera System for the Better

Through their long-established craftsmanship, Lorex has been able to connect with its consumers, understand their struggles, and devised alternative solutions where possible. Some of the issues they have provided solutions include:

Rechargeable Battery

This is a very cool feature that you’ll hardly find from many in the video surveillance industry. It’s economical in a way, although it also has one or two setbacks. If you’d like 24/7 surveillance, for instance, the installed battery will, definitely, not last the promised 4 months. In solving it, though, Lorex advises that you can plug your cameras to an AC power supply, which now will make your systems 90% wireless. A battery-powered wireless outdoor security camera is the most popular nowadays.

Local Storage

As for the storage of your video footage, Lorex provides you with a DVR machine with 1TB storage capacity. This is plenty of space which can serve you up to a year or so. In case the local disc is filled up, though, Lorex Technology has given you an option to upgrade with a disk of up to 6TB. You can as well inquire for the cloud storage, which, of course, you’ll use at an additional fee.

Wireless Range

The wireless range is another great feature that Lorex has worked very hard to ensure you can access your footages without hassle. In an open space, the brand’s security camera systems can connect a range of up to 600feet. Due to barriers like trees, walls, or even machinery, this distance can drop or cause some inconvenience. In such scenarios, nonetheless, Lorex has come up with 3 items that can help solve your problem.

  • Omni-directional wireless range extender antenna– using a 2.4GHz band, this antenna will boost your wireless signal in all directions. You can set one on the camera/s and another on the receiver.
  • Directional wireless range extender antenna– using 2.4GHz too, this extender antenna boosts your wireless signal, although in a specific direction. You can use up to three range extenders for optimal functionality.
  • 25ft Weatherproof USB Extension– using this USB extension cable, you can link your receiver to the DVR from the outside to face the cameras. It (receiver) is fully waterproof, so, don’t worry about rain or humidity or winter. Lorex security cameras wireless is the best.


Although there is a lot more to learn about the Lorex wireless security camera system, that’s all for today. You can visit the company’s website to learn more, including how to connect your video feeds directly to your TV. Their wire-free cameras don’t need the internet to operate, so, it’s not a must you have one. However, if you would like to monitor your home or business while away, you’ll need to have an internet connection to facilitate remote viewing.

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