Lorex vs Swann: Which is The Best to Secure Your Properties?

Lorex vs Swann: Which is The Best to Secure Your Properties?

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The market for security camera systems currently is a bit crowded with different brands and product lines. This, of course, can be an advantage when it comes to quality and price points. But with Lorex vs Swann, the duo produces high-quality products that play around the same price range.

Choosing between the two can, therefore, be tricky- particularly if you’re new to the industry and you don’t know what to look. If you can know the positives and negatives of a brand or product, though, the selection can be easier and more fruitful.

In this article, we’ll do a comparison between Swann vs Lorex to discern which is the best and worth attention. Amongst the aspects, we’ll compare is quality, features, ease of use, and customer support service.

Introducing Lorex and Swann Security Company

Lorex [Now owned by Dahua Technology Co., Ltd]

For about 3 decades, Lorex has provided homes and business owners with what they’ve always wished for: Convenience, Reliability, and Trust.

As we noted while comparing Lorex vs Night Owl, Lorex Technology Company stands out from the rest following its distinguished innovativeness. The Canadian based video surveillance company uses cutting-edge technologies to ensure its clients enjoy first-rate video monitoring and at affordable rates.

Some of these technologies include superior lenses and WDR [Wide Dynamic Range] imaging to guarantee sharp and crystal-clear footage all the time.

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Swann [Currently owned by Infinova Group]

Similarly, Swann has been at the forefront of innovative surveillance and monitoring technology since the initial debut in 1987. Despite its humble beginning, the company has been able to serve clients from over 40 countries, including Australia, U.S, and Canada.

Through a desire to serve everyone, Swann fathered the category of DIY Security, which was matched with affordability and technically advanced hardware. The move aimed at enabling locals to also have some means to effectively secure their properties using modern systems.

A Comparison between Lorex vs Swann Security Technology

As you can tell from the brief history of the two, Lorex and Swann Company has an almost similar technical vision. For a better understanding of which is the best, let’s look at the nature of their systems and see which wins where.


For this one, both Lorex and Swann Produces quality products, with satisfying industry standards. The two brands have been around for about 3 decades. Hence, they exactly know what you need to monitor your property.

When it comes to the area of expertise, though, Lorex security camera systems are more professionally centered than its counterpart. The brand is more focused on efficiency and that’s why they have even included a variety of specialty security cameras on their menu. A good example is the uniquely designed Pan-Tilt-Zoom and IK10 vandal-proof rated security cameras.

Of course, the overall quality of Swann systems is also good and there are PTZ cameras to adore as well. Nonetheless, they don’t have the kind of professional essence like that of Lorex. The brand focuses more on making security camera systems accessible to everyone who hopes to secure their valuables. Hence, the reason their products are slightly cheaper than similar models from Lorex.


Comparing Lorex vs Swann through features is surely a tentative step as each security camera model has its own. If we can do a quick overview, the two brands offer systems that aim at enhancing your security desires in all aspects.

For the image quality, for instance, both now offer devices that capture bright and sharp images while identifying vital details. Lorex, however, seems to be more technically inclined to the superior image sensor to serve their “professional” desires.

They have started to rely on 2k and 4K resolutions for their latest security camera models. But they also do have a few old models that support 720p and 1080p HD.

When you look at Swann security cameras, you’ll notice they too are featuring 2K and 4K, as well as 1080p and 720p image sensors. This means, despite their desire to making surveillance cameras accessible to the locals, they’re still moving along with the latest technologies.

Ease to Use

Lorex makes both wire-free security camera systems, as well as the wired models. Lorex Wireless security camera system is pretty simple to install and set up by yourself since it doesn’t need the complicated wiring.

For the brand’s hardwired camera models, you might need to hire a professional installer to enjoy using your system satisfactorily. This, however, will depend on how complex your system is and if you’re a tech fan.

For the Swann creators, on the other hand, their focus is on DIY security systems. As such, the majority of their systems require no professional assistance when it comes to installation and setup.

They, however, have various hardwired models that might be complicated to install if you’re a first-timer. If you are a DIY enthusiast, however, it will take like 30 minutes of your time to install. But if you’re not, you can hire a security systems expert to do the hardwiring for you.

Professional Monitoring

For this one, we’re not talking about the aspect of quality pictures or the ease of use. We are referring to that instance where a security technologies company hires a team of people to monitor your surveillance system.

While some people feel it like a breach of their privacy, Professional Monitoring can be very helpful in some ways. When on a vacation, for instance, and someone breaks into your property, the security company can respond to the alarm and notify the authorities on your behalf. Just like it’s on the action movies.

Sadly, Lorex and Swann don’t offer professional monitoring options. They only provide the equipment, which means you’ll have to deal with an intrusion on your own.

Therefore, if 24/7 professional monitoring is an important feature to you, neither Lorex nor Swann can help you with that. Since the service usually comes with additional monthly fees, its unavailability [nonetheless] does save you from unnecessary expenses.

Remote Access

As some of the brands that have invested hugely in the latest technologies, both Lorex and Swann have an in-house mobile app to enable remote access. This means you can easily stream your camera’s recordings from anywhere using your smart device.

Since the [majority] systems have advanced motion detection, you can get real-time alerts of intrusion. Thereby, staying with up-to-date details of what’s going on in your office or home.

Customer Support

The customer support service is very crucial when it comes to the use of security camera systems. With no one knowing what fate and the future have in place, a helpful customer support team can save you big when stranded.

With Lorex and Swann, their customer support does differ in away. The latter has the option of an online support center, live chat, email, and phone toll-free 24/7. This means, you can reach out to the brand any time of the day, which isn’t the case for many security companies.

For Lorex, you also have the option to choose an online support center, live chat, email, or phone call if something goes wrong. For the phone support, nonetheless, the line is only active from Monday to Friday, between 9am – 5pm EST.

This timed session has negatively affected the prestigious brand, with a significant number of consumers complaining of long wait times, amongst other narratives.

So, if customer support isn’t Lorex’s strong suit, then you surely know which holds the title.

Best Creations By Lorex And Swann

1. Lorex 8-Channel Active Deterrence Security Camera System

Lorex 8-Channel 5MP DVR Security System with 2TB HDD and 4 5MP...
  • 4 HD 5MP Bullet Active Deterrence Cameras with Color Night Vision
  • 8-channel 5MP DVR w/ 2TB HDD

Although you might doubt it from the minimalistic design, the Lorex security camera system has several latest features that you’ll love. It comprises a 4K Ultra HD DVR and 4x 5MP cameras.

The Lorex DVR has a 2TB HDD that can hold ultra-clear recordings for several days before they overwrite. Hence, helping keep your video footage secure and within your reach without having to go back into your wallet every month.

For the added cameras, they all feature a superior 5MP image sensor and a 98-degree field of view. Hence, allowing capturing of bright and sharp images whilst covering a broader scene.


  • The Lorex security camera system produces super clear 1920p HD images and videos
  • It has a wide-angle of vision and smart motion detection
  • Offers colored night vision [in ambient lighting] and long-range infrared of up to 131ft in total darkness
  • Comes with a preinstalled 2TB HDD
  • Features motion-activated warning light to deter crime
  • Allows remote viewing from any location
  • Supports hands-free control with Google Assistant and Alexa


  • Has no two-way audio
  • Need to be hardwired. Hence, may not be possible to install at certain locations.

2. Swann Swpro-1080msfb-Us Home Security Camera

Swann Add-On DVR Bullet Security Camera System with Sensor...
  • DVR CCTV BULLET SECURITY CAMERA WITH ACTIVE DETERRENCE: Provide extra surveillance to your home or...
  • WIDE VIEWING ANGLE: This camera has a wide 90-degree field of view to cover broad areas around your...

This is Swann’s camera version that you can use to deter burglars before they vandalize your property. It’s an add-on surveillance camera that records sharp and crisp images of up to 1080p resolution.

With distinguished artificial intelligence, the Swann security camera detects motion using thermal sensors. Where it, then, turns on an integrated sensor light and trigger recording to your HD station.

When the sensor warning light is on, the camera offers a colored night vision that has a range of up to 32ft. To view objects at a distance, you’ll have to switch to the infrared night vision, which has a range of up to 100ft.


  • The Swann security camera can be added to various stations series, including DVR-4580V, DVR-4480V, DVR-4980 and DVR-5580
  • It records vivid 1080p HD images and videos
  • Has an excellent sensor warning light to deter trespassers
  • Offers both colored and infrared night vision
  • Features incredible thermal motion detection
  • The security camera has a wide 90-degree field of view.


  • Doesn’t support sound
  • No integrated local microSD card storage

3. Lorex [Lnb8973bw] 8mp Varifocal Bullet Security Camera

Lorex 8MP 4K IP Motorized Varifocal Zoom Bullet Security Camera...
  • 4K ULTRA HD Resolution: At the center of this security camera is a cutting edge 8.51 MP image...
  • 4X Optical Zoom: This Nocturnal IP security camera includes a unique zoom lens, otherwise known as a...

Similarly, Lorex LNB8973BW is an add-on security camera that you can use with a Lorex LNR600 and other 4K HD NVR series. If you have with you a non-Lorex system that’s ONVIF compatible, you can as well add the security camera. In case you have neither of the stations, you can use the security camera as a standalone using a PoE switch and internet connection.

Using its 8MP image sensor, Lorex LNB8973BW produces top-quality images that are rich in color and clarity. The camera has a motorized varifocal lens that you can customize the viewing angle to focus on a small area and wider for maximum coverage.

For now, the Lorex camera doesn’t support local SD card but it’s IP67 weatherproof for outdoor use.


  • It features a superior image sensor and customizable lens with an angle range of 39°to 102°
  • Produces crystal 4k images and videos that can produce license plate numbers at a distance clearly
  • Supports both color and infrared night vision
  • Has a sturdy aluminum body [IP67 rated] to ensure outdoor use
  • Can be used as an add-on or stand-alone camera
  • Supports remote viewing [when connected to the internet]


  • Doesn’t have a local SD card slot
  • Has no audio functions
  • It doesn’t support BNC connections.

4. Swann 8CH 1080p Wired Surveillance System

Swann Home DVR Security Camera System with 1TB HDD, 8 Channel 4...
  • 1080P DVR CCTV SECURITY CAMERA SYSTEM: Provide surveillance to your home or business with this 1080p...
  • SECURITY MADE SMARTER: Receive alerts when activity is detected! See, store & playback footage from...

If features like a wireless connection is not a major concern, this piece by Swann can make a real great company. It consists of an 8-channel DVR system with 1TB HDD and 4 security cameras that captures sharp 1080p images and videos.

Each of the cameras that come with the Swann 8CH Surveillance system has a 90-degree viewing angle and 100ft night vision. It relies on thermal imaging for motion detection. Hence, has lesser false triggers/ unwanted recordings.

Summary Features

  • The box comes with an 8-channel DVR, 4x 1080p HD cameras, and set up cables
  • It captures bright and sharp footage with a broader coverage
  • Features advanced thermal motion detection to reduce the number of false triggers and alerts
  • Comes with a preinstalled ITB HDD
  • Supports hands-free control with Google Assistant and Alexa devices
  • Allows you to remotely access your security cameras on your smart mobile device
  • The security camera is remarkably weatherproof for outdoor use.


Well, did you find any distinction between Lorex vs Swann? Which do you feel is worth the glory of today?
Hmm, for us it’s both. The two security camera makers are truly working hard to make sure they have fulfilled their desires, as well as those of their consumers.

In some areas, though, we have seen Lorex is a bit better than its counterpart and vice versa.

For the quality, for example, a piece the Lorex LNB8973BW is not with many brands, meaning the brand has a strong point there. The majority of the brand’s products, nonetheless, are a bit expensive and that’s why we’re giving the glory of accessibility to Swann. Hence, your best if on a tight budget and you need a security camera system for your home.

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