The 10 Best Cellular Trail Camera in 2021 (Reviews)

10 Best Cellular Trail Camera in 2021 (Reviews)

While video surveillance systems are the best option to secure your properties, their use in some cases can be inconvenient. If it’s the farmhouse or cabin in the Black Hills, for instance, installing the standard security camera there won’t help you much. What you need is the best cellular trail camera 2021 that you’ll never have to worry about power or wifi connection.

The reason we’re saying this is since most (remote) locations are often inaccessible to infrastructure services, including power supplies and internet connectivity. A stable source of power and internet connection are two major drivers of a modern surveillance system. So, the unavailability of any of them means you might not enjoy the features of your respective surveillance camera as you had hoped.

Introducing Trail Cameras

Well, one sure thing about trail cameras is that they make surveillance in remote locations possible. This comes as the video cameras function with a pack of batteries, thus, they don’t really require to be connected to AC power adapters.

When it comes to storage, however, trail cameras mainly keep their taken pictures in SD cards. This can be a challenge when it comes to accessing them (photos), particularly if you are using the surveillance cameras for gaming purposes. If you feel it inconvenient for you, though, you can get a cellular trail camera instead. Also called wireless trail camera, the surveillance system will let you view your photos from any location using a mobile device.

Can Cellular Trail Cameras Function With Different Carriers?

Mm, probably. It will, however, depend on the security system that you are using. This is so as a cellular trail camera relies on cellular networks to send the captured footage to your viewing device. As such, you’ll find there are brands that can send pictures to any carriers and there are others that opt to work on select ones.

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On another note, the cellular network used by cellular trail cameras is just like that of your cellphone use. As such, you have to first identify the carrier/s that operates in your location. If there are multiple, you’ll need to choose the strongest signal as some devices may need at least 3 bars to send photos wirelessly.

How Cellular Trail Cameras work.

As we’ve just stated, cellular trail cameras use cellular carriers to send you the recordings remotely. The majority of the surveillance systems are usually 3G and 4G, thus, the photo transmission is smooth and fast.

For it to send the pictures to your smartphone or laptop, a cellular trail camera can use your phone number, email, or mobile app. For the best cellular trail camera systems, there are sensitive motion detection sensors to only record Images when movements are detected. This helps save on the space of the SD card and also prevents the recording of blank pictures.

Choose the Best Cellular Trail Camera in 2021 to Enjoy the Best

That’s totally true even though the word “best” has become obsolete these days. As for us, the “best cellular trail camera in 2021” we mean that particular model which will serve your desires optimally and successful. If your focus is affordability, the respective device ought to be reasonably priced and still serve the purpose [functionally].

Anyhow, the following are some of the best cellular trail cameras in 2021 on the market. The list comprises of both the standard and wireless model, so, the right one will truly depend on you.

1. CreativeXP 3G Cellular trail camera

CREATIVE XP 2021 LTE 4G Cellular Trail Cameras – Outdoor WiFi...
725 Reviews
CREATIVE XP 2021 LTE 4G Cellular Trail Cameras – Outdoor WiFi...
  • While Other Game Cameras don’t feature IR night vision, are difficult to set up or you need to...
  • We Value Your Priorities - Our wireless outdoor game cameras are water and snow proof. The animals...

If not the best, this CreativeXP system is then, amongst the 5 best cellular trail camera systems on the market. Its exterior has a camouflaged design which allows it to creatively blend in nature to avoid detection by humans and wildlife. For easy and quick installation, the cellular trail camera comes together with a tree mount.

CreativeXP 3G Cellular trail camera features a 110° wide lens that produces crystal clear images of up to 12MP and 1080P full HD resolution. The pictures produced are all clear, with no blurs even during the night time. This is made possible by the 56 pcs invisible IR LEDs, which guarantees up to 65ft range night vision.

As for the recording, CreativeXP 3G Cellular trail camera has a 0.4s trigger speed and programmable burst mode. Depending on your preference, the burst mode can capture 1 to 5 photos in each trigger. The captured photos are usually stored on the fitted SD card but you can as well access them remotely to your smartphone or laptop. For the feature to function, nonetheless, the equipped SIMHERO CARD has to have an active data plan.

CreativeXP offers the Data Plan for the 3G Cellular trail camera at very affordable fees, so, there’s no definite reason for not choosing them. The cellular trail camera uses AT & T as the carrier. So, you have to ensure the network is in your location before you embark on purchasing it.

Summary Features:

  • Features a 1080p HD video resolution and programmable 5/8/12 MP image resolution
  • Has 110-degree wide view for large and clearer coverage
  • Comes with a Free SIMHERO Card which works on AT & T network
  • Provided with affordable Data plan (including 1500 photos for only $8)
  • The camera can send photos to up to two mobile phones and 2 emails

2. CreativeXP 4G Cellular Trail Camera

LTE 4G Cellular Trail Cameras – Outdoor WiFi Full HD Wild Game...
1,035 Reviews
LTE 4G Cellular Trail Cameras – Outdoor WiFi Full HD Wild Game...
  • While Other Game Cameras don’t feature IR night vision, are difficult to set up or you need to...
  • We Value Your Priorities - Our wireless outdoor game cameras are water and snow proof. The animals...

This is another remarkable cellular trail camera that you can use if you want to be receiving the captured pictures remotely. It operates using a SIMHERO data card, which operates via the AT&T network.

CreativeXP 4G Cellular Trail Camera is a piece you’ll live to cherish to own once you install on your farm or hunting locations. It produces crystal 12MP images and excellent 1080p Full HD videos, be it the day or night. The pictures only record when the browsing deer or trespasser triggers the installed motion-activated PIR sensor. As for the nighttime, the clearness of the pictures is enhanced by the high-performance IR LEDs which has a range of up to 65ft.

CreativeXP 4G Cellular Trail Camera has a 110° wide view, hence, it promises you a wide coverage with less/ no blind spots if you’re using for security purposes. If the trail camera is for scouting the game, the wide field of view can still come in hand. It will help ensure you get pictures of a full animal. Along with quick 0.35 trigger speed, this wide view also ensure the 4G trail camera can capture even the image of a hopping buck.

To get the pictures by CreativeXP 4G Cellular Trail Camera on your phone or email, your SIMHERO card must have an active data plan. The company offers these plans at very affordable prices, with 1500 photos costing only $8.

Summary Features:

  • Guarantees you crystal clear 12MP HD pictures both day and night
  • Features a stunning “wifi” cellular feature to promote remote access
  • The system has a quick 0.35s trigger speed and a burst mode of 1 to 5 photos per trigger
  • It functions with 12 AA batteries but you can also use CreativeXP solar panel for continuous recording
  • The 4G cellular trail camera guarantees you a life-long service following its tough, weatherproof structure

3. Bigfoot 3G Cellular Trail Camera

3G Bigfoot Trail Camera - Affordable Data Plan and Easy Setup -...
207 Reviews
3G Bigfoot Trail Camera - Affordable Data Plan and Easy Setup -...
  • -Easy Setup and affordable data plans: With our cameras you can easily have your camera setup and...
  • -Note- AT&T recently blocked MMS text messages containing pictures from 3g devices. If your cellular...

While it might be less famous in the market of security cameras, BigFoot is a company well known to the world of hunters. The company creates remarkable surveillance systems, with one being this 3G Cellular Camera.

Bigfoot 3G Cellular Trail Camera has a 100-degree wide view, hence, it covers a large space of the jungle or farm compound. The cellular trail camera produces crisp 12MP images and fine High Dimension videos. The camera unit has a trigger speed of 0.4s with a burst mode of multiple photos. These photos only record when there is a movement of the wild game or human in front of the lens.

Bigfoot 3G Cellular Trail Camera functions with SIMHERO Data card that uses AT & T network to support remote access. So, it is best you check if the AT&T network is available in your farm home or in the new hunting locations before you finalize buying.

Once you learn the cellular trail camera is operational in your area, you can now get it and set it up in your preferred location. As a gesture of appreciation for joining, Bigfoot often offers the preloaded data card with a 30-day free trial period. During the time, you can receive up to 350 pictures to your phone or email with no charges.

Once the 30-day trial is over, you can now subscribe to a favorable plan of your choice. The Data card plans range from 1,500 to 16,000 pictures. Thus, the best one all depends on how thick your wallet is and the number of pictures you expect to be received remotely.

Summary Features

  • Produces clear, vivid 12MP images and fine HD videos.
  • Has a 100° wide view and quick 0.4s trigger speed
  • Features 56 high-performance infrared LEDs for clear pictures at night
  • The cellular trail camera is IP66 weatherproof, hence, can survive well in snowy locations and rainy seasons

4. Campark 14MP Game Hunting Scouting Cam

No products found.

The Campark trail camera is by far one of the bestsellers on Amazon following its 5-Star rating from over 4,000 customers. The surveillance system is very cheap (if we may use the word) and on top of that, it features some remarkable features. Amongst these features is the 14MP camera lens that provides you with clear, sharp images with a 1080P resolution.

Along with the high dimension resolution, Campark 14MP Game Hunting Scouting Cam has a 120° wide-angle lens, which offers you an excellent broader view. This is a really great advantage as you’ll be able to get pictures with clearer full animals. The trail camera has 3 high-sensitive passive infrared sensors that allow it to only record when there are animals’ movements.

During the night, Campark 14MP Game Hunting Scouting Cam is still able to capture clearer images. The feature is enhanced by the installed 42 pcs of upgraded infrared LEDs alongside the 3 motion detection sensors. In case you’re using the Campark camera for hunting, the IR LEDs are remarkably invisible, hence, they won’t scare away your hunt.

Still on the performance, Campark 14MP Game Hunting Scouting Cam has a 0.3s trigger speed, which allows you to never miss any important moment. The trigger speed, however, is functional up to 20m (65ft). Of course, that is not the best but still it’s excellent considering most of the trail cameras with such a feature come with higher costs.

Summary Features:

  • The Campark trail camera captures 14MP crystal images and 1080p HD videos
  • Features 3 high-sensitive motion detection sensors that allow it to only record when there are movements
  • Has 42 remarkable IR LEDs which help record the animals without scaring them
  • Ultimately waterproof to allow use even in harsh weather
  • To top it all, the trail camera is very affordable (costs less than $100)

5. Victure Trail Game Camera

No products found.

In case you miss the Campark trail cam from the store, this Victure model can be a great alternative option. It has a 1080p full HD video resolution as well but 12 megapixels for the images. The surveillance camera system has a superb CMOS sensor to ensure you’re getting vivid pictures with every realistic detail included. Thus, you’ll never miss any wonderful moment of the wild or else every sensitive detail concerning your home security.

With a 5-start rating on Amazon, Victure Trail Game Camera has proven to be a favorite of many consumers as well. it’s a convenient and reliable trail camera as you can be able to scout or monitor your property with it both day and night. This is enhanced by its advanced low-glow infrared LED technology, which allows smooth recording in total darkness without disturbing the game.

As for the daytime, the humans/ animals will not notice the trail game camera as well following its camouflage appearance that smartly blends with nature.

The Victure Game Camera has an excellent trigger speed of 0.5 seconds with a burst mode of 3 photos. Thus, you’ll never miss any important moments, including an image of an animal that is moving across the field of view. Speaking of the field of view, the trail camera’s innovative design offers a 360 degree coverage and it’s motion activated.

Victure Trail Game Camera has a user-friendly 2.4” LCD screen that you can use to ensure you’ve set it up perfectly. The exterior structure is IP66 weatherproof, so, the screen and the rest of the included mechanisms are safe from water, ice, or hail damage.

Summary Features:

  • The trail camera has 13MP and 1080p Full HD resolution for vivid and crystal pictures
  • Functions with a rechargeable battery pack, though it can also use an external power supply
  • Features advanced [940nm] no-glow Infrared technology
  • Has an attached 2.4-inch LCD to view images on the camera directly
  • It comes at a lower price in spite of its stunning performance.

6. Victure 20MP Trail Game Camera

No products found.

If you feel you want to enjoy more with Victure manufacturers, this particular model can work well with you. It has a video resolution of 1080P HD just like other versions we’ve just discussed, so, the videos are remarkably clear and smooth. The images the camera captures, however, are more stunning and vibrant as it has a higher performance (20MP) lens.

On top of vividness, the pictures from Victure 20MP Trail Game Camera are very sharp due to the installed CMO sensor. Also, the surveillance camera has an incredible trigger sensitivity, with 0.3s trigger speed and 3 shooting modes. Once the movements are detected, the two features are able to facilitate a fast capture of even a running cheetah.

Victure 20MP Trail Camera has a clamshell design and a special bottom-opening battery case to prevent water damage during winter/ rainy seasons.

The 20MP trail camera comes with 38 pcs high-performance IR LEDs to promote surveillance even in total darkness. As they work, the infrared LEDs produce no glow, so, the game or opportunistic trespasser won’t notice the camera recording.

To make the experience even more interesting, Victure fitted the 20MP Trail Game Camera with a glowing keypad and a small LCD viewing screen. The pair is truly user-friendly, thereby making the security camera very interesting to have.

Summary Features:

  • Produces vivid 20MP images and smooth, sharp 1080P HD videos
  • Features 38pcs high performance no-glow infrared LEDs for clearer recording in darkness
  • Has an excellent combination of 0.3s trigger speed and 3-picture burst mode to ensure fast capture
  • Contains an easy-to-use viewing screen and glowing key
  • The Trail camera is IP66 waterproof, hence, promises long service.

7. Apeman 16MP Trail Camera

No products found.

Although the Englishman says cheap is expensive, I totally disagree when it comes to this Apeman 16MP Trail Camera. The surveillance system will probably cost you around $50 but its performance is definitely worth more. To begin with, it has an ultra-high resolution of 16MP for the images and 1080p Full HD for the videos.

Both picture files are clear and realistic, so, you get to track every sensitive detail if you’re using the system for security purposes. If it’s for game hunting, the prestigious trail camera will help you to better understand the animals’ daily activities and behavioral traits.

Apeman 16MP Trail Camera features an incredible trigger speed of less than 0.5 seconds with a burst mode of up to 3 photos. With the combination of the two, the gaming camera hardly misses a movement that happens in front of it. Thus, very effective, convenient, and reliable.

For the night, the prestigious Apeman Camera has a Superb PIR sensor and 26pcs infrared low-glow LEDs. Thereby, allowing it to capture clearer images and videos without scaring the wildlife.
As for the extras, the trail camera has a 2.4” LED screen that’s very easy to operate when viewing the pictures on the camera directly. Other extra features included in the system include a timestamp for moon phase, pressure, temperature, etc.

Summary Features:

  • Produces stunning 18MP images and smooth 1080p HD videos
  • Has an excellent night vision to ensure you get clear recordings 24/7
  • Has a splendid trigger speed with a burst shot mode of up to 3 photos
  • Includes a user-friendly interface which includes a small LCD screen
  • The trail camera is impressively waterproof [IP66] to ensure it can work on the rain without damage.

8. Spartan 4G LTE GoCam Wireless Trail Camera

Spartan 4G LTE GoCam Wireless Trail Camera with Mount, Verizon...
125 Reviews
Spartan 4G LTE GoCam Wireless Trail Camera with Mount, Verizon...
  • Ready to Use Out of the Box: Sim card included. Simply purchase service from Spartan, set your...
  • Easy Installation: The camera is powered by 12 AA batteries.

Spartan 4G LTE GoCam is another remarkable cellular Trail Camera that will help cut down the frequent visits on your ranch or hunting zones. The cellular trail camera produces crystal images of up to 8MP and fine HD 30-second log video clips. The pictures only record when the equipped PIR sensors detect movement of the wildlife or humans trespassing on your farm.

Compared with the rest of trail cameras we’ve discussed, Spartan 4G LTE GoCam has a slower trigger speed of 0.6 seconds. This trigger speed, yes, can allow capturing of moving animals but only for those moving at slower paces. For the fast-moving animals/ objects, the captured images and video clips will likely be blurry and without a very clear definition.

As for the nighttime, Spartan 4G LTE GoCam Wireless Trail Camera is able to produce excellent pictures following its powerful no-glow IR LEDs. The night vision is able to function up to a range of 80ft, thus, very reliable in the jungle where a lot of animals roam around at the time.

As a cellular trail camera, Spartan 4G LTE GoCam relies on the Verizon LTE network to be able to send the pictures to your phone or email. For the feature to be effective, the cellular camera uses 12 AA batteries though it also has USB and ports for external 6V DC power supply.

Summary Features:

  • Produces high-quality 8MP images and 30-second long HD video clips
  • Features high-performance PIR motion sensor and IR LEDs to ensure efficiency in both day and night
  • Has fine 0.6s trigger speed
  • Designed for outdoor use, the trail camera is IP-65 waterproof and it’s also dustproof.
  • The cellular trail camera uses Verizon LTE as its carrier for enhancing remote viewing

9. Moultrie Mobile XV7000i Cellular Trail camera

Moultrie Mobile XV7000i Cellular Trail Camera | Verizon Network
934 Reviews
Moultrie Mobile XV7000i Cellular Trail Camera | Verizon Network
  • Instantly receive game-camera images to your smartphone, tablet and computer. No more wasting time...
  • The XV-7000i camera operates on the Verizon 4G Network. Verizon offers fast speeds even in many...

The Mobile XV7000i is another incredible Trail camera that you can set up on your farm or hunting zones and instantly receive images on your smartphone. The cellular camera has a high performance lens that produces vivid 20MP images and fine 1080p HD video both day and night.

As for the night, Moultrie Mobile XV7000i Cellular Trail camera has remarkable IR LEDs that can capture images at up to 80ft away. The images recorded are ultimately bright and clear, courtesy of the advanced ILLUMI-NIGHT 2 sensor installed in the system.

Moultrie Mobile XV7000i Cellular Trail camera uses the Verizon 4G network as its carrier for the remote access feature. There are no contracts or activation fees for using the service. You only need to have an active data plan (as low as $9.99), then, you get to enjoy remote viewing on your smartphone or laptop.

As for the external performance, the Moultrie cellular rail camera has a sturdy, camouflage casing that is notably waterproof for outdoor use. the camouflage design has the appearance of woody tree barks, hence, it gets to record without detection by the animals or trespassers.

Summary Features:

  • Produces quality 20MP images and 1080p HD videos
  • Has a quick trigger speed of 0.3 seconds
  • Has a stunning night vision of up to 80ft
  • The built-in modem functions with Verizon 4G network, hence, guarantees smooth and fast transmission
  • It runs with 12 AA batteries, which guarantee you a service of over 12 weeks

10. Spypoint Link Micro 4G Cellular Trail Camera

Amongst the cellular trail cameras we have discussed today, Spypoint Link Micro 4G is the smallest of all. In spite of the tiny size, though, the surveillance camera system has some amazing features that you’ll live to cherish in your lifetime. Of course, the cellular trail camera is set to serve you that long as it has a tough structure that is also weatherproof.

Spypoint Link Micro 4G Cellular Trail Camera has a 10MP lens that captures images at a speed of 0.5s per trigger. The system can take multiple photos in every trigger, thus, making sure you can even get images of a walking deer or ostrich.

As a product of ultra-modern technology, the Spypoint 4G trail camera has a unique Buck Tracker technology to help you access the captured images faster. The cutting edge A.I. technology helps sort and group the trail camera pictures by species and gender. Thereby helping save on the time you would have used in searching particular images.

Summary Features:

  • The cellular trail camera produces quality 10MP pictures and smooth high dimension videos
  • Has a built-in 4G modem, hence, transmits images and video clips faster and smoothly to your smartphone or computer
  • Has a 0.5s trigger speed with multi-shot
  • Features a remarkable night vision with a detection range of up to 80ft
  • The cellular trail camera has contemporary Buck Tracker technology for easy access to the captured images.


While Trail cameras are only widely known to the hunters, their effectiveness is almost like that of the standard system CCTV systems. Of course, the latter is more advanced but their convenience can’t be relied on in remote locations with no power grids, and or internet connectivity.

Trail cameras, on their end, can be used in any location. If it’s a wireless model like CreativeXP 3G Cellular trail camera, chances are you might even forget where exactly in the jungle you placed it. The cellular trail camera can send the captured images to your phone and email, hence, you’ll not need to visit its location frequently. This is a really great advantage as making those frequent visits to the jungle or ranch can get boring and time-consuming.

Anyways, our post has covered various wireless and standard trail cameras that you can choose. So, all you have to do is decide which will be the best for your needs, as well as that perfectly fits your budget.

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