Lorex vs Amcrest: Which is The Best For Home or Business Surveillance?

Lorex vs Amcrest: Which is The Best For Your Home or Business Surveillance?

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A while back, we compared Lorex vs night owl and Lorex vs Swann saw the former have smarter and more advanced security camera systems. For today, we’ll compare Lorex vs Amcrest to see which is smarter and better to secure your property.

The two have been a debate amongst many shoppers, where some believe one is superior and others they are similar.
Since we don’t want to be biased in any way, we will briefly-but-in detail compare the duo. Then, we draw a better conclusion that should help you choose the best security camera system for your security needs.

The two brands have a wide variety of home and business-grade surveillance systems to help protect your property from intruders. So, you have to be extra careful to make sure you choose what’s best for you.

Feature/AspectAmcrest UltraHD CameraLorex Fusion 4 Camera
Resolution4K UltraHD (8MP)4K UltraHD
Night Vision98ft NightVisionColor Night Vision (ambient light). Black & White with IR up to 130ft
Lens Type2.8mm LensNot Specified
Weatherproof RatingIP67IP65
MicroSD Recording256GB MicroSD RecordingNot Specified
View AngleSuper-wide 125° viewing angle105-degree field of view
Alerts/NotificationsReceive motion alert notifications via smartphoneMotion Detection
Cloud BackupSecure Cloud Video BackupNot Specified
Warranty & Support1-year US Warranty and Lifetime Support provided directly from AmcrestNot Specified
Additional FeaturesBlack DesignMetal Design, Easy PoE Installation up to 300ft, Weather Resistant from -22°F to 140°F
Price[su_button url=”https://amzn.to/3EZgSB1″ background=”#1589d8″ size=”6″ rel=”nofollow”] View price on Amazon [/su_button][su_button url=”https://amzn.to/3FkIIbb” background=”#1589d8″ size=”6″ rel=”nofollow”] View price on Amazon [/su_button]
Price[su_button url=”https://goto.walmart.com/c/3563697/565706/9383?veh=aff&sourceid=imp_000011112222333344&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.walmart.com%2Fip%2FAmcrest-UltraHD-4K-8MP-Outdoor-Bullet-Security-IP-POE-Camera-98ft-NightVision-2-8mm-Lens-IP67-Weatherproof-256GB-MicroSD-Recording-Black-IP8M-2496EB-%2F513353543″ background=”#1589d8″ size=”6″ rel=”nofollow”] $89.99 at Walmart [/su_button][su_button url=”https://www.lorex.com/products/e896ab-4k-deterrence-bullet-ai-poe-ip-wired-camera” background=”#1589d8″ size=”6″ rel=”nofollow”] View price on Lorex [/su_button]

Introducing Lorex and Amcrest Security Technology Company

Lorex Technology, Inc.

As you know by now, Lorex is one of the leading suppliers of video surveillance systems. The security company has been in the industry since 1991, where it utilizes modern technology to fulfill its security solutions.

With the help of its team of experts, Lorex provides professional-grade security systems that are simple to set up and use. The systems are also affordable to make sure everyone has a chance to stay connected with the things they care about.

Lorex vs amcrest comparison

Before becoming a part of Dahua Technologies, the Canadian brand operated under FLIR Systems, Inc. Hence, its wide use of thermal imaging technology in the systems produced between 2012 and 2018.

Amcrest Technologies LLC

Amcrest is also one of the leading providers of security camera systems at the moment. The brand is like the closest competitor of Lorex and that’s the reason many clients tend to compare the two.

Before attaining its new name in 2016, Amcrest used to operate as Foscam US- a branch of Shenzhen Foscam Intelligent Technology Company. At the time, Foscam security cameras didn’t have a pleasing reputation.

After cutting ties and choosing its path, nonetheless, the new brand [Amcrest] has become a favorite of many. Its products are rich in quality and affordable too to make sure they’re accessible to many people.

A Comparison between Lorex vs Amcrest Technologies


As two of the leading brands in the security industry, Lorex and Amcrest offer stunning video surveillance systems that you’ll live to love. The systems come in a wide array of designs, including bullet, dome, and PTZ [Pan Tilt Zoom].

Hoping to serve your desires perfectly and satisfactorily, the companies offer not just feature-rich systems. But which are remarkably weatherproof and some even IK10 Vandal-resistant for prolonged service.

Whereas the quality of the two companies is truly remarkable, Lorex is now a holder of 11 innovations awards. Amongst these awards is the 2019 innovation award, which went to the brand’s Wire-free smart home security system.


As we highlighted earlier, Amcrest and Lorex Technologies, Inc. have an extensive line of business-grade and home security cameras. The various cameras come packed with several features to serve your security needs.

When it comes to the image quality, for example, the duo is already offering 2k [3-5MP] and 4K UltraHD [8MP] resolution. This, of course, is very essential as it means you can view the captured objects with every important detail included.

On top of the superior image sensor, the two brands have some security cameras with impressive night vision and motorized zoom lenses. With the latter, the users using the supported camera get to view the images at a distance with a better focus and more clarity.

For the nighttime feature, on the other hand, our two companies have made use of both the starlight technology and the infrared LEDs. Lorex, however, is on a wide use of the starlight technology, which helps deliver improved [color] night vision.

On its end, Amcrest has hugely invested in infrared night vision. Using some of its PTZ outdoor security camera models, you can easily see objects that are located even 328ft away in the darkness. Lorex has many features when you compare lorex vs amcrest security cameras.

Ease Of Use

Comparing Lmcrest vs Lorex through this aspect is not very rewarding as there are almost similar. This comes as the two offer both wired and wireless security camera systems.

When using Amcrest or Lorex Wireless security camera system, the installation is time and money-saving, for sure. The system is even flexible and more convenient since it won’t need running lengthy video cables.

If your interests are on a wire-free system that runs on batteries, nonetheless, Lorex has a wide selection to choose from. Hence, the best option if you’re hoping to enjoy the benefit of mounting your system at any location.

Remote Monitoring

Both Amcrest and has an in-house mobile app that you can use to remotely view the footage. The apps don’t require you to be tech-savvy and they have intuitive smart features that keep you connected to your home/ business all the time.

For optimum effectiveness, Lorex offers a basic plan that includes a free 2-day long [or 10GB] of cloud storage. In case you require more cloud space, you can upgrade for the premium plan [includes unlimited storage] starting at $3.49/ month.

Similarly, Amcrest has free cloud storage but which allows you to seamlessly review the footage recorded in the last 4 hours. To know what has happened beyond that 4-hour window, you’ll have to subscribe to a premium cloud storage plan that starts at $6 per camera.

Therefore, if you’re not hoping to get back to your pocket every month, Lorex can be more convenient for the 48hr free window. Its premium cloud package is also quite cheaper than that of its peer.


Although they seem to be almost equal on their offerings, Lorex and Amcrest do vary in the pricing. The initial cost of the latter is slightly lower. So, it can serve the purpose of someone hoping to do only local monitoring.

If you’re always away from your home or business, however, the remote monitoring function can be of benefit. And in that case, we would recommend getting Lorex IP or Wifi security cameras. The brand’s cloud service has a free 10GB storage and a premium subscription that comes at fair rates.

With Amcrest, its cloud services are not that impressive at all. If you want more than the 4-hour free recording window, you will have to subscribe to the premium package starting at $6/ month per camera.

This means, if there’re five cameras around your property, you’ll have to pay about $30 for the cheapest premium subscription. That, of course, is a little higher than the Lorex that has a plan of $3.49/ month and unlimited cloud storage.

While there are others, these are some of the aspects that outline the similarity and difference between Lorex vs Amcrest. To better understand exactly what the two have to offer, though, let’s look at some of their best-rated products on the market.

The 4 Best Lorex And Amcrest Security Cameras

1.  Amcrest ProHD Wireless Security Camera [IP2M-841B]

Amcrest ProHD 1080P WiFi 2MP (1920TVL) Indoor Pan/Tilt Security...
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE, REAL-TIME, TRUE HD – Experience magnificent full-HD 1080P video at 30fps with...
  • SMARTER SECURITY – Receive motion alert notifications, review footage and engage in two-way...

With over 10, 000 positive ratings on Amazon, this is the best-rated piece on our #best 4 cameras list. The Amcrest security camera, yeah, might look simple in its black shade. But what it offers is remarkably amazing.

Starting with the key essentials, the ProHD security camera has a 2MP image sensor that records vivid and crisp footages. The recorded videos are 1080p quality, which means you can zoom distant objects without drastically reducing the image quality.

With a 90-degree viewing angle and 360° pan rotation, Amcrest IP2M-841B Wireless Security Camera offers wide coverage, with lesser blind spots. It has a two-way storage option that comprises a secure cloud space and a local microSD card.

This is very efficient and convenient since you can still know what has happened on your property even after the internet connection fails.


  • Amcrest ProHD captures crystal 1080p videos and 2MP images
  • It has an infrared night vision range of up to 32ft
  • Supports remote PTZ, with 360° pan and 90° tilt. Hence, covering every corner of your compound
  • Has a built-in mic and speaker to establish a smooth two-way conversation
  • Features both cloud and local microSD storage
  • Supports remote viewing via a smart device
  • The wireless security camera is very simple to install and setup.


  • Not recommended for outdoor use
  • It only supports Alexa integration after subscribing to premium Amcrest cloud services.

2. Lorex LNE8964AB 4K Ultra HD Dome Security Camera

4K Nocturnal Motorized Zoom Lens IP Audio Dome Security Camera -...
  • ULTRA HD 4K - Ultra HD 4K (8MP) image sensor delivers 4x the detail of 1080p. 4K video recording...
  • NIGHT VISION - Color Night Vision delivers full color nighttime video for improved recognition of...

If you are looking for an outdoor- compatible system for your home or business, the Lorex LNE8964AB can be a perfect suit for. The system has incredible video features, which are enhanced by a superior, motorized varifocal lens that captures 4K UltraHD quality.

As 4K UltraHD resolution, it means the captured recordings are up to 4x sharper than those by 1080 Full HD. So, if it’s the objects at a distance, you can still see them perfectly and clearly.

For the nighttime, the Lorex Ultra HD Security Camera houses the starlight technology that allows color night vision in low-light environments. If the space is very dark, the device has powerful IR LEDs that support a night vision of up to 250ft.

Besides video, by the way, the security camera does record audio using the built-in microphone.


  • Lorex LNE8964AB features a superior image sensor that captures footage of up to UltraHD 4k resolution
  • It has a motorized varifocal lens that allows you to customize the viewing angle to focus on what matters most
  • Supports color night vision for improved recognition and infrared recording with a range of up to 250ft
  • Has a built-in mic for one-directional audio function
  • Can be used with an existing PoE station or as a standalone [using a PoE injector or switch]
  • Remarkably weatherproof for outdoor use
  • The IP security camera is remarkably simple and quick to install by yourself.


  • Doesn’t support the two-way audio function
  • Has no built-in MicroSD slot for local storage

3. Amcrest IP3M-943B ProHD Bullet Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

Amcrest 2K 3MP Wireless Outdoor Security Camera ProHD 1080P /...
  • 1. HIGH PERFORMANCE, ULTRA-HD – Experience magnificent 2K (3-Megapixel / 2304x1296) video with...
  • 2. SMARTER SECURITY – Receive motion alert notifications and review footage via your smartphone...

Fitted with a 3MP lens, this bullet camera captures sharp and crisp images of up to 2K resolution. It has a 100°extra-wide viewing angle that offers wider coverage, with lesser blind spots.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the Amcrest IP Bullet camera has a heavy-duty metal housing that is IP67 weatherproof. On top of that, it has high-performance IR LEDs that facilitate the recording of objects that are 98ft away.

Speaking of recording, this surveillance camera has a two-way storage option. This includes a microSD slot for local recording and 4-hour free cloud storage space.


  • Amcrest IP3M-943B ProHD Bullet Camera streams crystal-clear 2k [1296p] videos and 3MP mages
  • Features a 100-degree wide viewing angle and up to 98 infrared night vision
  • Supports multiple storage options [microSD card and cloud storage]
  • Can connect with the internet for easy remote viewing on mobile devices/ PC
  • Do send motion-activated alerts to your smartphone/ email
  • The wireless security camera is IP67 rated to allow outdoor use without a fail.


  • Doesn’t support audio functions
  • Not compatible with Google Hub or Chromecast

4. LOREX LNB4173 IP Bullet Security Camera

LOREX LNB4173 4 Megapixel 4MP HD Weatherproof IP Security Bullet...
  • High definition 4MP image sensor delivers double the detail of 1080p
  • 4MP video recording provides HD quality even when zoomed, offering clearer identification in video...

Featuring a 4MP image sensor, the Lorex IP security camera records double the 1080p resolution. Hence, the captured videos have heightened level of detail and clarity even when zoomed.

At 83° field of vision, the bullet surveillance camera offers a broader coverage but lesser than the three systems above. Using the built-in sensor, it can capture full-color nighttime video [in low-light conditions] for improved recognition.

In case your interest is for maximum nighttime surveillance, the device has a superior IR night vision of up to 130ft. Also, the Lorex security system is remarkably weatherproof and vandal resistant. Thus, you can mount in the open environment with no worries.


  • LOREX LNB4173 Security Camera features a 4MP sensor and 83° field of vision
  • It records bright and sharp videos of up to 2K resolution
  • Supports color nighttime recording in low-light conditions and long-range IR night vision in total darkness
  • Features the True High Dynamic Range [HDR] for improved image quality in dark/ brighter environments
  • Remarkably vandal resistant. Hence, you can mount in low/ within-reach positions without the worry of vandalism
  • The camera is IP66 weatherproof rated to ensure indoor and outdoor use


  • Has no built-in mic. Thus, doesn’t support audio functions
  • No MicroSD slot for local storage


To conclude our Lorex vs Amcrest comparison discussion, we can say the two are incredible brands for your security purpose. They offer high-quality security systems that you can use to monitor your property from anywhere.

For you to enjoy the remote access function optimally, however, Lorex has a better offering than its counterpart. It has a free 2-day [or 10GB] of cloud storage space and an affordable premium subscription plan.

Even if its premium cloud subscription is a bit expensive, on the other hand, Amcrest develops the majority of its security systems with local storage. If it’s the two IP cameras that we have discussed, for example, they both a

MicroSD card slot. This means, even when your internet connection is down, your wireless surveillance camera will still have current recordings stored somewhere.

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