Top 8 Best outdoor wireless security camera system with dvr

Top 8 best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR 2019

The camera system market is ripe with security solutions for monitoring and recording; on the other hand, this abundance could make you puzzled the moment you decide to opt for something worthwhile. Choosing the best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR is as tricky as they come, and continuous technological innovations don’t make it any easier.

Luckily, we’ve got for you here a pro selection of digital video recorder packages. Most of the products below have been selected based on other users’ experience and reviews – only those tried and tested through time have made it to our list. Don’t forget to look at the comparison table for a quick overview of the camera systems.

Comparison table: 8 Best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR

Product NameBrandRegulationWarranty Price
ZOSI 8-Channel HD-TVIZOSI720p to 1080p2 Years Check Price
ANNKE Security CameraANNKE720p to 1080p2 Years Check Price
ZOSI 8Channel HD-TVI 1080NZOSI720p to 1080p2 Years Check Price
ZOSI 1080p Surveillance CameraZOSI1080p2 Years Check Price
Tonton 8CH Full HD 1080P ExpTonton1080P1 Year Check Price
SMONET Full HD 8CH 1080PSMONET1080P1 Year Check Price
ZOSI 8-Channel HD-TVI 1080NZOSI1080N/720P2 Years Check Price
SMONET 8CH HD Home (New)SMONET720P 2 Years Check Price



Reviews of Top 8 Best Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System with DVR:

I show you the 8 best outdoor wireless security camera system with dvr complete reviews. I hope that you will get complete idea about those 8 security cameras.


1. ZOSI 8-Channel HD-TVI 720P Video Security Camera Systembest outdoor wireless security camera system with dvr

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What catches the eye:

  • Self-adaptive extendable DVR recorder supporting 4 camera types
  • Motion detection with an adjustable sensitive area and scheduled recording for optimum use
  • Multiple ways of reporting, including sound alarms, push notifications, E-mail, and buzzer
  • High degree of customization to set up the system according to your personal needs



  • ZOSI is known for producing security systems with the greatest value for the money.
  • Aside from the all-inclusiveness of this package, it’s simply very well
    prepared for a quick installation.
  • 8-channel DVR with four connection cables and four cameras, a mouse, two power supply units, the necessary camera-installation hardware, and also the documentation, both a physical copy and a digital one.



  • Users who lack tech skills may find it difficult to set up the system. Be aware that your DVR unit could require a firmware update and performance optimization.
  • ZOSI customer service will give you a hand with this, of course; still, having a basic computer knowledge is recommended.


Key features of the product:

Durable and Weather-Resistant Materials

The shells of these cameras come produced of tough materials and certified with a good weatherproof rating. Therefore, you can expect them to endure even rainy and windy weathers – your camera pieces will be as secure outdoors as they are in the house.

Quality Picture even at Night

The 1.0 Megapixel (1280 x 720) HD cameras guarantee you a clear and colorful picture in the daytime. When things go darker, though, the Night Vision mode with 24LEDs will turn on, showing you a black-and-white picture in the sharpest details within a distance of up to 65 ft.

Advanced Motion Detection

Each of the cameras allows you to set it up specifically for a certain region. Only movements within the specified area will receive attention, which is meant to reduce the number of excessive alarms. The system will e-mail you or push mobile notifications to let you know of all the unexpected activities.

Free and Well-Supported Software

Both the software and Mobile App are completely free. ZOSI offers a typical one-time purchase to free you of any extra expenses or payment plans. The software is user-friendly and supports multiple online accounts to grant access to several members of your family at the same time. You will also be able to see who is watching the cameras simultaneously with you.

Get Notifications across Multiple Platforms

As soon as you get alerted about the detected motion, you can turn on a live view and monitor the events from your iPhone, Android phone, tablet, or PC. The camera application works fine on every platform; it will give you access to direct view, recording or snapshot options according to your preferences. This is the number 1st best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR.

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2. ANNKE Security Camera System

best outdoor wireless security camera system with dvr

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What catches the eye:

  • Excellent quality recording, viewing, and playback with 1080P Lite and H.264+ video compression
  • Automated operation with password-protected screen saver and scheduled recording
  • Remote playback and Live View to grant you access to the video-files and video stream from anywhere
  • Straightforward instructions and a simple procedure for camera positioning and installation
  • The best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR



  • It seems that ANNKE placed a serious emphasis on a no-trouble setup and mounting.
  • You’ll simply need to follow the steps in the setup wizard, and your system will fire up the moment you exit the software window.
  • As long as you can plug everything in power sockets, getting the system to work will take less than an hour.


  • Reportedly, the ANNKE app may go buggy on some devices, so be ready to emailing and asking the tech support how do you fix that.
  • They respond moderately well and, as a rule, will have you up and running in a matter of 1-2 hours.


Key features of the product:

Smart Compression and Storage

H.264+ recording aims to lower bitrate and increase your storage greatly. As opposed to H.264, which requires a 4Tb HDD for keeping 1200 hours of video materials, H.264+ manages to squeeze everything in just 1Tb HDD.

Automatic Maintenance Features

The system detects the inserted hard disk and checks it for errors/bad sectors automatically. Your camera will easily transmit 720P HD video via up to 1600 ft of coaxial cable, processing the files without latency or loss in quality.

A Variety of Options to Go with

A bunch of the available smart alarm functions includes motion tracking, video signal loss detection, crossing line alert, area invasion alert etc. The multiple playback modes are as follows: normal playback, event playback, synchronous playback, time-sharing playback, tag playback, log playback, and external file playback.

Intelligent Motion Tracking

Aside from the opportunity to customize your motion detection area, you will also be able to turn on the snapshot e-mail/push notification option. This saves your time on checking the event stream in cases where ? the intruder’ is just an animal or somebody you know.

Easy Setup with an Internet Browser

You can easily view the stream in a web browser. Once you connect your DVR to the Internet, you can set a local IP address for it and then use this address to access the system. This ANNKE will function only with Internet Explorer and will not connect with other browsers, such as Mozilla, or Chrome. This is the 2nd best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR

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3. ZOSI 8Channel HD-TVI 1080N Video Camera System

best outdoor wireless security camera system with dvr


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What catches the eye:

  • Four 1280TVL security cameras in a package with the maximum capacity of eight 720P or 1080P pieces
  • Equally applicable for indoor and outdoor use with night vision up to 65 feet
  • Quality IR filtering to provide true color in both daylight and nighttime conditions
  • Instant access to Live View and playback via your smartphone with 3G/4G support



  • The cameras provide an excellent picture. With these ZOSIs you get a reliably good video day and night, as darkness is not a problem here.
  • Your cameras will switch to a b&w infrared image in dark hours and then switch back automatically to show impressive colors in bright daylight.


  • Despite the brilliant quality of the picture on external monitors, this system seems to have some issues when it comes to viewing the stream from a mobile device.
  • You may encounter lags and even app crashes so make sure you’re ready to deal with that kind of problems – or simply use with a DVR-attached monitor only


Key features of the product: best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR

Fine-Tuned Detection Zones with Instant Alerts

Remove the excessive alerts by limiting the detection area to relevant zones, such as doors and windows, and get alerted only when something really happens there. ZOSI View APP also features a quiet mode, where you won’t be disturbed by alerts.

Local/Remote View across Various Devices

You can benefit from your system, choosing either the local view or remote view mode; or you can both connect the DVR to a monitor via HDMI/VGA port and tether your smartphone to view all your cameras simultaneously.

Camera System that Actually Expands

This DVR package includes 4 pieces and can handle four more. You can choose from bullet cameras, dome cameras, as well as black and white options officially available at ZOSI to complete your home and/or business security system with.

Restrict Recording to Certain Areas

Modify the access to allow footage from certain cameras only for privacy reasons. It’s possible to specify precisely where your cameras should record and detect motion and where these options won’t be intruding in your private matters.

Four-in-one Modes for Recording

With continuous, scheduled, motion detection and recycle modes, you’ll be able to set up your DVR for the preferred way of recording. Make your security routine more concise and energy efficient with a color-coded week grid for intuitive task scheduling. This is the 3rd best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR.


                     4. ZOSI 1080p Surveillance Camera System

best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR

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What catches the eye:

  • Excellent quality recording, viewing and playback with 1080P Lite and H.264+ video compression
  • Automated operation with password-protected screen saver and scheduled recording
  • Remote playback and Live View to grant you access to the video-files and video stream from anywhere
  • Straightforward instructions and a simple procedure for camera positioning and installation



Although ZOSI products tend to have flaws occasionally, the company greatly compensates for that with their highly responsive customer service. Even if you get a defective camera or cable, they will mail you a replacement as soon as you make them aware of the issue.


These cameras cannot turn to the sides; mind the inflexible construction, when installing. Otherwise, you might wind up with a skew view, the only way of fixing which would be reinstallation.

Key features of the product:

Highly Responsive Motion Tracking

Now it’s easy to delineate areas that require motion detection from those that do not. There is also the option to exclude some regions from monitoring completely, where your or other people’s business should remain unseen.

Superb Capability for Customization

Take your time to choose the most suitable preferences for your ZOSI DVR. The recorder can work in a continuous footage mode or function only on days selected. Another way of saving the storage space is to record active events only – that is, to track unexpected motion.

Combine Local and Remote Access on Various Platforms

ZOSI is intended to provide you with a high-res picture anytime and anywhere. The user can view the footage on locally connected monitors or TVs with the help of HDMI/VGA cables. Another viewing option is via ZOSI Client software installed on Mac or Windows devices.

Designed to be Unfailing

These cameras offer sturdiness in both hardware and firmware. They operate reliably enough to serve as a long-term security/monitoring solution, while thick metal mounts will ensure that no rusting or metal fatigue bring your cameras down.

Stay in the Know with all the Events

The motion detection mode permits you to get mobile notifications and email alerts the instant something appears in the view. Stay alerted promptly and gain the upper hand over the perpetrators showing up on your doorstep. This is our number 4 best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR.


5. Tonton 8CH Full HD 1080P Expandable Security Camera System

best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR  Buy on Amazon


What catches the eye:

  • Full HD video system for outdoor security, which brings you to live video and playback options with remote access anytime and anywhere
  • Exceptionally clear HD 1080P (2MP) video resolution with IR-LED for great night vision
  • Up to 6 Tb of hard drive capacity supported with SATA x1 interface (1 Tb HDD included)
  • Quality recording algorithm with high details for better facial recognition

It feels like it has a premium touch to it. The system provides a lot of great options like linking to the cloud service, motion detection and face recognition, as well as push messages with instant snapshots. The resulting video is clear and setup is uncomplicated.

Tonton’s idea to combine instructions for many products in one manual has wound up being annoyingly unhelpful. Many buyers find this confusing and complain about having to spend more time to get everything right.


Key features of the product:

Wired System for Higher Reliability

Tonton offers a wired system to reduce the risk of battery and/or Wi-Fi malfunction. This is especially useful when you have old camera wiring in the premises and use this system as a security update. The DVR can be connected to the Internet for remote monitoring.

Intelligent Storage Management

There are options to back up and transfer your video material to a USB flash drive. The product features a pre-installed 1Tb HDD with the data recycling function to overwrite the prior recordings when full.

Powerful Night Vision

The IR filter with six LED lights grants your night vision reaching up to 65 ft. With a clear picture and sharp details, your office’s or house’s security won’t be compromised, even in complete darkness.

Remarkable Toughness and Energy-Efficiency

The aluminum casing of each camera unit is corrosion-resistant and long-living. Its internal parts are sealed to stay dry even in a storm. With a working temperature range of -50? F to 122?F, these pieces will be able to stay outside all year round.

Compatibility with Audio Recording Equipment

If you want to get recordings with sound, you’ll need to buy an audio pickup device (e.g. microphone). Contact the customer support to learn about the compatible models and obtain the necessary installation guidelines. This is the number 5 best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR.


6. SMONET Full HD Security Camera Wireless System

best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR Buy on Amazon


What catches the eye:

  • Full support for remote viewing on Android & IOS systems with the branded App
  • Wide visual field with outstanding picture clarity that stays clear even when zooming in
  • Easy-to-use NVR with automatic setting up and intuitive user interface
  • Perfect for wireless surveillance in both households and business premises

SMONET is likely to have the best wireless connectivity of all. The 960p cameras have powerful antennas and easily cover a distance of around 60 feet with two walls in-between.

Sometimes, the cameras’ operation is quite unstable. This means that when it comes to motion tracking they can go from overly sensitive to insensitive simply on their own. Check your purchase and ask for a replacement, if needed.


Key features of the product: best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR

Simply Programmed NVR

Adjusting the NVR is very easy, with the available modes being? motion recording’, ?scheduled recording’, or ? 24/7 recording’. This SMONET unit allows you to monitor your property via the smart surveillance means.

Comfortable Mobile Management

The iPhone/Android app provides with a view of all 6 cameras simultaneously in a grid. Tap on the one you want to see fullscreen. In addition, the app will remind you when you switch from Wi-Fi to 3G/4G to not drain excess mobile data.

Install it the Way You Need it

Thanks to the comfortable camera mounts, you have the full range of flexibility when installing the product. The hex screws will give you a chance to mount cameras in all configurations imaginable.

Full Range of Functionality with Night Vision

In addition to a live night view, you can play the video files back, choosing the suitable playback speed. A useful lifehack: place two or more cameras so that they face one another from some distance (up to 80 ft). In this way, they will emit light for each other and show a better night image.

Advanced Connectivity

This SMONET NVR gives you a good wireless range, especially if you create a network for devices to enhance the coverage and signal strength. With the enhanced signal and long antennas, you might get a working distance of up to 100 feet for the cameras. This is the number 6 best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR.

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7. ZOSI 8-Channel HD-TVI 1080N/720P Video Security System

best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR Buy on Amazon


What catches the eye:

  • Aluminium covers and waterproof design for optimal indoor/outdoor protection
  • The 4-in-1 DVR supports up to 8 720P or 1080P cameras recording in Analog, HD-TVI, CVI, and AHD formats
  • Opportunity to connect a hard drive with up to 2Tb and set the DVR to routinely overwrite the old footage
  • Two-year warranty with a lifetime Tech Support from the dedicated team of experts



The official app is super easy to set up. You simply need to scan the QR code on the DVR unit or screen – as long as you are signed up, you can monitor through your cameras from anywhere.


The motion detection gets funny at times. You may receive false alerts – and then you decrease the sensitivity a bit and receive no alerts at all. Tweaking the sensitivity may consume some time.


Key features of the product: best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR

Nice Looking Product with a Quality Construction

The rust-resistant aluminium design will stay spotless in the harshest outdoor conditions. The mounting bracket with three axes will keep your camera reliably in place, while the vandal-proof wire will protect the camera itself.

Uncomplicated Extendable Installation

This DVR allows you to hook up a maximum of eight cameras. You can opt for native cameras by ZOSI (bullet models, dome models, black, or white models) or go for any other ones compatible with this system.

Crispy Clear and Well-Focused Video

Primarily, ZOSI offers you high definition with encoding capacity of 8x1080N@30FPS. The system supports Full HD 1080P with HDMI, VGA, and BNC outputs.

Superb Night Vision with Calibrated IR filter

Night footages from your cameras come clear and bright due to the fixed 3.6mm lens and 75? viewing angle. 24x intensive IR-LEDs boost each camera’s vision up to 65ft even in total darkness.

One-Step Web Connection

All kinds of a network will do with this product. The cameras connect via a cloud service and receive support on all kinds of mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, and Android systems). This is the number 7 best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR.

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8. SMONET 8CH HD Home Camera System

best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR Buy on Amazon


What catches the eye:

  • Quality Remote View fully supported on Android, IOS, and even Windows PC platforms
  • Non-stop recording with quick video preview, local/remote playback and USB backup
  • The 8-Channel 1080N DVR comes with a Pre-installed 1Tb HDD to be able to operate out of the box
  • All around for cottages, households, offices, shops, restaurants, warehouses, and many other indoor/ outdoor applications


Here, SMONET has this official app Dandale, and it really manages things very fast. You can just thumb through all the camera images and zoom them in with no freezes or lags. The QR scanner, too, works like magic.

One of the few complaints about this package is the low reach of wireless cameras. Some users claim that the DVR cannot make it further than 50 feet from the router access point. Create your wiring scheme accordingly.


Key features of the product: best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR

Sturdy and Lasting

With the mounting bracket of quality metal, each camera will remain on the wall as long as you want it to. The housings are robust and appear to be nicely sealed against water and snow leaks.

Smart Night Vision to Keep Thieves Away

It’s no secret that most burglars prefer to steer clear of the houses with surveillance cameras. Red LEDs in these units are visible from afar at night to keep your valuables safe 24/7.

Intuitive Installation

Each camera is supplied with drywall grommets, matching screws, and an Allen wrench necessary for aiming the camera. Provided you have ample access to the camera spot, the units can be installed in a matter of minutes.

User-Friendly DVR Interface

You navigate through the DVR interface with a usual USB mouse (the DVR box comes with 2x USB ports). Once you have launched the system, it’s actually very easy to learn – especially for users familiar with Windows-like interfaces.

Functional CCTV Entry-Level Camera System

While IP camera systems may have more megapixels, they also cost significantly more. SMONET offer you more than a viable alternative for less money – and you won’t need to fight with a ton of setups, which makes CCTVs an awesome choice for beginners. This is the 8 best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR for you.

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What is the best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR model?

Let’s keep this as brief as possible so you won’t have to go through loads of outdoor wireless security camera system reviews. Your CCTV system should feature, at the very least:

  • Secured video and audio (optional) streaming;
  • Night vision reaching up to 65 feet;
  • Durable housing to resist the weather;
  • Motion detection with customizable areas;
  • Reliable hard drive with enough space to handle your footage (500 Gb and more).

However, should you take favor in a closed-circuit CCTV for indoor use, motion detection won’t trouble you as much as the storage space will? Remember that constant recording may consume the space very fast, so you’d better get interested in larger HDD options, say 4 or 6Tb for a start.


How do I choose the right best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR?

If it’s your first time buying one of those types of CCTV cameras for home, we advise you to question the following aspects: 

  • Whether your camera allows you to monitor what’s going on in real time and has a playback feature;
  • For outdoor options, check that it’s actually waterproof and weather-resistant;
  • Remember that you’d need infrared illumination to have a clear view at night;
  • Make sure it supports simple self-installation or that you’re able to request professional installation otherwise;
  • Make sure all of your cameras operate via mobile support incompatibility with your Android or iOS devices.


Final Verdict

Honestly, the list of tips and recommendations can go on forever, but to make it quick to the gist of things, simply prioritize your parameters. Choose from the price, range, night vision option, ease of installation, and remote access. The above reviews of the best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR will help you make up your mind without wasting extra time and effort.

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