The 8 Best Solar Powered Security Camera Reviews in 2023

The 8 Best Solar Powered Security Camera Reviews in 2024

best solar powered security camera

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Despite the deep desire of safeguarding your property, sometimes it can be hard to protect all. Installing the “normal” security cameras in areas, like barns or farms, where there are no power lines can be difficult. The security systems need to have a stable power source to guarantee you optimal 24/7 surveillance. For our security guide of today, we’re going to share with you on best solar powered security camera systems for 2024.

We’re going to look at 8 best models of these systems and some of the essential tips that you ought to consider when in the market. Before we get to these two topics, though, what are Solar Powered Security Cameras and how exactly do they work.

Top 3 Solar Powered Security Camera at a Glance

What Are Solar Powered Security Cameras

By simple definition, solar security cameras can be defined as video surveillance systems that use the sun’s energy to function. The system has a solar panel-like mechanism to harness the sun’s energy, hence, the name solar panel security cameras. All these types of cameras, thus, are ultimately cost-effective since they require no electric sources or wirings. You get to harness an inexhaustible power source that requires no subscription charges or monthly fees.

When it comes to solar-powered security cameras, you ought to know they usually come in two forms:

  • A “normal” security camera connected with a solar power system
  • A readymade solar-powered security camera system

Although the two alternatives are important to look at, our focus here will be on the readymade models. Most of these camera systems usually come in bundles that include an attached solar panel and solar security camera with rechargeable batteries. As such, your camera can function all the time, including the day, night, and even rainy days.

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How Do Solar Powered Security Camera Work

For the performance, a solar panel security camera works just like the normal camera only that it’s using green energy to work. The camera system uses the fitted high-grade solar panels to capture the rays of the sun and convert them into direct current (DC). The created direct current is, then, converted by the camera’s built-in inverter into alternating current (AC).

With the alternating current, the solar security camera is able to run and also charge the installed batteries to guarantee continued use. As of now, the majority of these cameras now are designed wireless. Thus, more convenient and efficient in its functions since a solar-powered wireless security camera won’t need any cable for video transmission or power.

Going back to our recent statement, a solar panel security camera allows you to monitor your property all the time. Be it a day, night, sunny, or rainy. As we all know it, though, a solar-powered device will always need sunlight to operate and if there’s none, the performance gets limited.

With the best solar powered security camera, nonetheless, you can still be able to monitor your property regardless of the weather. First of all, the solar panels are usually able to generate some electricity even on rainy or cloudy days using the minimal visible light present. The energy captured, yeah, is little but it still helps somehow.

Secondly, solar-powered cameras do have several rechargeable batteries which store the excess power provided by the solar panels. If possible, you can even consult your provider if it’s possible to get an extra pair of batteries. Thus, making sure you’re on a safer end during the winter season.

Benefits of the Solar Powered Security Camera in 2024

Quick and simple to install/ Move: the installation of solar panel security cameras is similar to that of a wireless camera. You don’t need to run any messy cables or even special skills in the field of video surveillance. You can do all the work as a personal DIY project, including both the installing and moving process.

Time-efficient & Cost-efficient: with solar cameras, you can save a lot of time and money to install since you won’t require any cabling or professional assistance. Also, the security system won’t include any additional expense in your bills since it’ll be using a natural, inexhaustible source of power.

Flexibility: this camera can be used in any space as long there’s access to the sunlight. Whether it’s a construction site, large national park, warehouses, RVs, barns, or a farm located in a remote area. The device doesn’t require cables or power grid to function, hence, applicable in any geographically challenging environment.


The majority of creators design their solar panel cameras with a scalable solution which allows you to add 2 or 3 more cameras later. With some systems, you can even another solar panel and some models even support remote access using your mobile device.

Environmental-friendly: since it’s using renewable sunlight, a solar powered security camera can’t cause any pollution or destroy the environment in any way. It has no disposable cables and the installed batteries are rechargeable.

Guaranteed Day & Night Monitoring: as we had explained, solar cameras can function under any weather, both day and night. With one of the best solar powered security camera systems such as Reolink Argus 2 Wireless, you get to enjoy a brilliant color night vision picture.

Minimize Environmental Impact: solar panel video systems require no infrastructure, hence, no disrupting sensitive locations like wetlands and high-traffic locales. Instead, the security system helps you in securing and preserving these areas with ease.

Durability: Also, with a fine solar camera system, you have a guarantee of up to 25 years of service. Even after the time, the system can still produce 80% power and it’ll require little maintenance throughout its lifetime.

8 Best Solar Powered Security Cameras to Choose From

Now that you know of what a solar panel security camera is and how it works. Let’s now look at some of the top-best models that you can get from the market today and secure that space you’ve always thought inaccessible.

1. Editor Choice: Reolink Argus 2E Wireless Battery Solar Security Camera

REOLINK Argus 2E Solar Wireless Security Camera - 2K Cameras for...
  • 3MP Day & Night Vision: This upgraded surveillance camera with 120° wide viewing angle and 10X...
  • Non-Stop Solar Security System: The rechargeable battery and 2.4GHz WiFi connectivity make this...

Designed with unmatched, contemporary technology, Reolink Argus 2E Wireless Solar Camera is a piece you’ll really cherish having. To begin with, the device can work with Alexa & Google Assistant impeccably. Hence, you can live view video recordings with a simple voice command.

Designed with simplicity but remarkably functional, this Reolink solar camera has no wires of transmission or power. Hence, very quick to install even if your skills have been holding a pen and stapler for the last two decades.
Reolink Argus 2E Wireless functions with non-stop solar power supply and it does have solar-charged batteries to run the system during the night. Speaking of the night, this system has starlight CMOS sensor which works alongside the 6pcs infrared LEDs to produce 33ft crystal-clear night vision pictures.

With Reolink Argus 2E Wireless Solar Camera, you can access the recordings in a variety of ways, including remote live view and playback. The security camera system also does support up to 128GB microSD card and can backup videos on Reolink Cloud for 7 days free.

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Product Features:

  • Produces vivid 1080P HD pictures and remarkable crystal-clear color night vision
  • Requires no wires, hence, very simple to install
  • Features a 130° wide field of vision to effectively cover your large space
  • Supports microSD card andloud recording
  • Allows you to remotely access the recordings via your iOS/ Android phones
  • Can work with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control.

2. Overall Best: Ring Spotlight Solar Panel Cam

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery (Black) + Ring Solar Panel (White)
  • This bundle contains the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery (Black) and the Ring Solar Panel.
  • Connect your Ring camera with Alexa then enable announcements to be alerted when motion is detected....

Created to serve your unique taste of ultra-modern technology alongside security concerns, Ring Spotlight Solar Panel Cam is a piece you’ll truly adore. The security camera comes with a ring solar panel and has two built-in rechargeable batteries that can last up to 6 months. In other words, this means your camera will never fail you yet you’ll live to pay no electricity bill.

Still, on the use of high-tech technology, Ring Solar Panel security camera can connect with Alexa to allow control with a simple voice command. The video surveillance unit produces 1080HD video and fine night vision images. Also, the security camera has a built-in siren that you can trigger remotely to scare away any suspicious people.

Summary features:

  • Very quick and simple to install as it doesn’t need any messy cabling
  • Allows you to monitor your property in 1080HD
  • Supports remote access with your mobile device, including phone, tablet, and PC
  • Features excellent two-way audio and motion-activated alerts
  • Works with Alexa to enable hand-free home monitoring.

3. Budget Friendly: Dzees Solar Security Camera for Home

Dzees Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor,2K Solar Powered Outdoor...
  • 📷【Crystal-clear 2K FHD & Enhanced Night Vision】Enjoy crisp and clear images with 2048x1536...
  • 🔋【100% Wire-Free & Solar Powered】Eliminate the hassle of wires with our wire-free security...

Well, if your problem was on how to monitor your farm during the winter, this Dzees solar security camera has a solution for you. The solar-powered wireless security camera has some powerful solar panels and a 10400mAh rechargeable battery. When fully charged, this battery can run up to 365 days when in the PIR motion mode (records and alerts when there is movement).

Just as with the other security cameras, Dzees Outdoor Solar Battery Powered Security Camera is very simple to install. It has a 130-degree wide Field of view, which produces 1080P HD pictures. The device is 2.4GHz wifi-enabled to allow remote access from your workplace or vacation abroad.

Summary Features:

  • Features fine solar panel and high capacity, rechargeable batteries
  • Has a remarkable Two-way audio feature
  • Ultimately waterproof to ensure durability
  • Supports wifi (2.4GHz only) to ensure remote access
  • Records 1080P HD images and supports up to 128GB microSD card

4. Hiseeu 1080P Solar Battery Wireless Security Camera System

Hiseeu 1080P Solar Wireless Camera, Outdoor Security Camera...
17 Reviews
Hiseeu 1080P Solar Wireless Camera, Outdoor Security Camera...
  • 【Solar Powered&Lasting Batteries Power】Hiseeu C10-TZ built-in 5200 mAh Panasonic Rechargeable...
  • 【Intelligent PIR Detection & Encrypted Records】PIR sensor detects mammals of about 67°F. When...

Hiseeu 1080P Solar Wireless Security Camera is an ultra-modern system which helps keep your property safe, whilst promoting your eco-friendly lifestyle. The device is very easy to install and set up on your own using a single pair of a screwdriver. In the package which comes with this unit, you’ll find a magnet fixed amount that you can just attach your camera.

For it to serve you for longer periods during the winter, the Hiseeu’s security camera includes built-in 6000 mAh Panasonic rechargeable batteries. The cable of the solar panel itself is about 12.8ft, hence, you can even place it on the rooftop for optimal efficiency.

Hiseeu 1080P Solar Wireless Security Camera is ultimately weatherproof as it’s IP65 waterproof and can smoothly work at temperatures -7.6 °F to 140°F.

Summary features:

  • Very easy and quick to set up by self
  • Features advanced, intelligent PIR detection and secured records
  • Ultimately weatherproof to ensure durability
  • Features a superior solar panel and high-quality 6000mAh rechargeable batteries
  • Supports 32GB SDcard and cloud storage, which you can access from anywhere
  • Has two-way audio and you can remotely access HD live stream on mobile phones (doesn’t support PC)

5. Codnida 2K and PTZ Solar Security Camera

Codnida Security Camera Wireless Outdoor,2K Solar Security...
  • Crystal Clear Images and 360° Panoramic View - This solar security camera captures incredibly clear...
  • Smart Motion Detection and Siren Alert - Equipped with PIR Human-AI motion detection technology,...

As one of the best solar powered security camera systems, this Codnida device can work with or without the internet. To function without using a wifi connection, the security camera uses an AP hot spot connection with your phone. The feature, though, is limited up to 10 meters, after which you can now connect the camera with stable 2.4GHz to remotely access while miles away.

The Codnida Solar Powered Wireless home security camera has two rechargeable batteries to help guarantee 24/7 video surveillance, including at night and in winter. The outdoor security unit produces clear day images and an excellent night vision that ensures no lurking shadows will go unnoticed. To ensure even tighter security, the solar camera has a smart motion detection feature with an alarm.

Product Features:

  • Includes solar rechargeable batteries to make sure your device remains functional throughout
  • Produces clear HD image and night vision
  • Can live stream the AP Hot spot connection with your phone
  • Has smart motion detection and alarm
  • Can support up to 128GB MicroSD
  • The system is IP66 weatherproof and it requires no wires in the installation

6. Yeskamo Solar-powered Battery Video Surveillance System

Battery Security Camera Wireless - Solar Powered IP Camera...
  • Battery Security Camera & Non-stop Power Supply: the outdoor battery powered security camera...
  • Smart PIR& Motion Detection Alarm: the solar outdoor camera provides 130°wider viewing angle...

Durable. High-tech. And Convenient. These are the three simple yet powerful words we can use to define Yeskamo Solar-powered Battery Video Surveillance System. The device comprises of a sturdy, IP65 waterproof metal shell and built-in 6000mAh rechargeable batteries to power the system when there’s no sunlight.

As a product of the latest, high-tech technology, Yeskamo Solar-powered security camera has Smart PIR and Motion detection alarm. This helps enhance the security of your property by sending you alert notifications and starting to record after only detecting a movement. The motion sensor used is super-advanced in a way that it can only detect movement of objects with heat signatures, including humans, animals, and cars.

To view the recordings of the Yeskamo Solar-powered Battery Video Surveillance System, you can either live stream or play the play-back recording. The security camera system supports cloud storage, as well as a microSD of up to 128GB.

Summary Features:

  • Produces excellent 1080P Full HD video and clear two-way audio
  • Very easy to set up since there’s no hassle of running the wires
  • Has a smart PIR and a Motion Detection alarm for added security
  • Supports cloud storage and MicroSD (of up to 128GB)
  • Guaranteed solar power and rechargeable battery
  • Features excellent night vision of up to 33 feet.

7. BG Angel’s 1080P HD Solar Pane Wireless Camera

The BG Angel’s 1080P HD Solar Pane Wireless Camera is another remarkable piece you can use to secure your area inaccessible to power lines. It has excellent solar panels and a built-in rechargeable battery that makes sure the camera unit runs all the time, including when there’s no sunlight.

BG Angel’s 1080P HD Solar Pane Wireless Camera is 100% wire-free as it doesn’t even need cable for transmission. The camera transmits video recordings via 2.4GHz wifi but it also has a MicroSD slot that supports up to 128GB card. With the wifi feature, the wireless security camera allows remote live viewing using your smartphone or tablet.

The security system even has a two-way audio capability that allows you to hear and talkback with your pet or anywhere.

Product Features:

  • Produces clear 1080P HD video and audio
  • The system utilizes green energy and rechargeable battery, hence, ultimately eco-friendly
  • Supports 2.4GHz wifi for remote viewing
  • Includes smart PIR & Motion detection sensor that detects objects by heat signatures
  • Comprises of an IP65 weatherproof metal shell to ensure durability.

8. Soliom S90 Outdoor Solar Battery Powered Security Camera

SOLIOM Outdoor Home Security Solar Battery Camera, S90 Pro 1080P...
  • 🔋【Ultimate Wireless Solar Outdoor Security Camera for home and business】: Soliom S90 pro with...
  • ⚠【IP66 Weather Resistant & Easy hardware installation】: The Outdoor wireless IP cam made from...

This solar security camera makes sure you get to relish 24/7 surveillance at your liking. It features a superb solar power panel that supports smooth video recordings throughout the day. When it comes to the nighttime, the security camera is still fully functional with the built-in 12000mah batteries.

Using its 160° field of view, Soliom Outdoor Solar Battery Powered Security Camera can monitor a wide space of your yard at ease. The security system produces sharp 1080P images during the day and at night it can see up to a distance of 49ft. For added security, this solar camera has a two-way motion detection feature that will alert you via your smartphone every time it detects movement.

Soliom Outdoor Solar Battery Powered Security Camera is fully weatherproof as it can work at temperatures ranging from -4°F to 140°F. Meaning it will never fail you during the fiercest summer sun or harshest winter. The solar panel camera is IP66 waterproof, hence, won’t mind the downpour as well.

Summary Features:

  • Very easy to install as it requires no cabling
  • Solar-powered with a 12000mah rechargeable battery
  • Can monitor a large space while producing clear 1080P images
  • Features remarkable, advanced motion detection and alarm features, plus excellent 32 feet night vision
  • Supports remote access using a free Soliom app

What to Consider When Buying Solar Security Cameras

Well, above are some of the best solar powered security camera systems that you can get for your geographically challenging environment. Whether it’s a construction site or farm, or your recreation vehicle.

While picking your piece, though, there are a few factors you ought to consider to make sure you get the best of the system. Some of these key factors include:

Amount Of Electricity Produced By The Camera’s Solar Panel

Yeah. It’s really important for you to consider this aspect to help you maximize the efficiency of your solar security camera. The amount of electricity the solar panel of your camera produces largely depend on aspects like sun exposure, a tilt angle of the panel, etc.

For you to get the best of your video surveillance unit, you need to place the solar panel towards the true north (if in the southern hemisphere). If in the northern hemisphere, your camera’s solar panel should face true south.

Since we want to maximally capture the sun rays, the panel of your solar powered security camera should be away from obstacles like tree shades. You’ll also need to wipe off the dust from the solar panel often to improve the performance.

Power Capacity Of The Installed Rechargeable Batteries

As you focus on harnessing solar energy, don’t forget the capacity of the installed rechargeable battery is also important. The battery is what will power your security camera system when there will be no sunlight, including during the night, winter, and rainy season.

For optimal efficacy, the batteries of your preferred solar-powered camera should have at least 10times the capacity of the maximum output of the panel. This will help ensure the batteries can retain power for longer periods and also they don’t get damaged from overcharging.

Availability Of Internet

Well, the availability of the internet in the areas you want to use your solar panel security camera can come in hand but it’s not a must. With a wifi-enabled system, you’ll get to receive instant alerts every time the motion sensors detect movement. You can even be able to watch live stream recordings on your mobile devices, such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

If the area you want to monitor is not accessible to the wifi network, you still have two other alternatives to go for. So, don’t worry. One of the options is by choosing any of the solar cameras above and insert a microSD card to store your recordings. If you feel this one is less convenient, you can go for the second option and get a solar powered cellular security camera. Although we didn’t include any of this model in our discussion list, Reolink Go 3G/4G Cellular Solar Powered Camera is a good example.

Preferred Storage Mechanism Of Your Solar Security Camera

Well, in case of any unexpected security concerns, it’s always good to have a security camera that keeps recordings. Among the 8 pieces we have reviewed above, they all support a microSD card to store (locally) the motion-activated videos. If your solar panel security camera supports remote access, you can even playback past recordings using your mobile device.

In case you would like to have long-term guaranteed recordings, you can go for the second storage option which is cloud service. Although the majority of providers offer it at renewable subscription plans, with cloud storage you can access your data from anywhere on any internet-enabled mobile device.

Set a Budget For Your Solar Powered Security Camera

Well, the reason this is the last on our list is that it’s what controls all the other features. A high-quality solar panel security camera kit that supports several of the above features will, of course, require you to pay for more. The benefits you get, nonetheless, outweigh the cost incurred as it’ll serve you for longer periods efficiently and with lesser maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do A Good Solar Powered Security Camera Cost?

Well, that depends on a number of aspects, including the kind of features it supports. For a camera with just the basic security camera and solar power features, you can get it around $100. With an ultra-modern model with features like Alexa and Google Assistant support, nonetheless, you will have to pay for more.

Can I Connect My Solar Panel Camera With Two Mobile Devices Simultaneously?

Umh, that also depends on the kind of solar powered security camera that you have got. A model like Reolink Argus 2 can support up to 10 video streams at the same time while the Hiseeu’s model allows 6 live viewings.

What Will Happen To My Security Cameras During Rainy Season- Will They Still Function?

The best solar powered security cameras are often weatherproof, which allows them to withstand snow, rain, dust, and direct sunlight. In the case of the winters and rainy season, a good system should have high capacity batteries as the backup power source.

How Often Do I Need To Service My Solar Security Camera?

Actually, not very often. A solar powered security camera and its panel require minimal maintenance in a lifetime. Nonetheless, we highly recommend you inspect and clean the solar panel at least twice per year (once every six months). To clean, you can either hire a professional solar panel cleaner or do it on your own using purified water and a soft brush.

How Can I Protect My Solar Panel From Thefts?

Well, that’s simple! You only need to get a solar powered security camera system that has motion sensors. You can also place the panel in unreachable places (like rooftops) or else add steel bolts if your system is truly worth it.

How Can I Get A Good Solar Powered Security Camera?

Hmm, that’s pretty simple also! You just need to bookmark the Getlockers page on your browser. Security is one of the first steps to happiness and success. Hence, the reason it’s our key priority.

In this guide, though, we have reviewed the 8 best solar-powered security camera systems that you can choose your favorite from. We have already shared with you some of the important aspects to consider while in the market of security cameras. So, all you got to do is plan your budget and consider the kind of features you need to enjoy.

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