8 Channel Wireless Security Camera System For Home/ Business

8 Channel Wireless Security Camera System For 2024

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Although you might feel it too old-school, an 8 channel wireless security camera system can save you big. For a model, you may need to keep an eye on your home but your budget is not enough for three Arlo cameras. Maybe you had thought a single surveillance PTZ camera can help you monitor your warehouse, but you realize it wasn’t very effective.

While you may have truly liked to continue to use any of these CCTV cameras, you will realize they are not 100% convenient. Not that they are inferior, but because they are not in match with your security needs.

In a scenario where you want to monitor a large space, an expandable video surveillance system can save you big time. You can connect the station control with multiple cameras to place at different positions around your property. Thereby assuring tighter security since you can see what’s happening at every corner of your house or compound.

Why an 8 Channel Wireless Security Camera System is Worth to Own

With this kind of an expandable video surveillance system, you have a chance to connect with up to eight cameras. Since the cameras are wireless, you’ll only need to find a way they will connect to a power source. You won’t need any crimping or waste time worrying about how you will run the video cables.

Every wireless security camera system is quick and straightforward to setup. So, you will save on time and even money that you would have spent on hiring an installer.

Apart from the quick installation, other benefits you’ll get to enjoy when using an 8 channel wireless security camera system include:

Maximum Security

As we’ve just highlighted, an expandable video surveillance system allows you to connect with multiple cameras to place at different positions. This means your compound will have minimal or no blind spots for a potential burglar to hide.

Free Recording Space

That’s right. An expandable CCTV system usually features a DVR or NVR station that will sync with the mounted cameras to start displaying footage. Unless the future designers think otherwise, the majority of these stations come with a preinstalled HDD for local recording. As such, you can view live footage and also playback video history anytime, and without any renewable subscription.

Deter Crime

During the day, a sight of the installed CCTV cameras can frighten and disrupt the evil intentions of a potential burglar. Some systems even have deterrence features like an inbuilt siren or smart spotlight to scare away the intruders at night. Thus, helping prevent a burglary or vandalism activities before it even happens.

Remote Monitoring

By just connecting a router to your DVR or NVR station, you can remotely stream live footages from any location, anytime. If the camera has intelligent functions like motion detection, you can even get real-time intrusion alerts to your smartphone or tablet. Thus, having a chance to act accordingly before an incident.

Ease Management:

With an 8 channel surveillance system, you can control up to eight cameras from one controller. If it’s live streaming, playback, or even rotating a PTZ camera, you can do it from your NVR station. Thus, providing an easy and quick means to set various functions.

Easy Maintenance

Unlike the wired models, a wireless DVR or NVR system is easy to maintain. This is so as it doesn’t need cables to transmit the footage. Hence, you won’t need a technician to crimp or replace the broken cables. Thereby saving you from unnecessary expenses.

Another thing, the majority of expandable surveillance systems feature the latest technologies that offer a smooth, securer experience. Some even have the advanced [H.26+ or H.265] video compression to enable seamless image transmission and longer recordings.

Here is a list of some of the best 8 channel wireless and wired security camera systems that you can buy online.

Best Overall: Hisseu WNKIT-4HB612 Wireless Security Camera System

[Wireless Pro, 100ft Range] Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera...
  • 【2.4G/5G Wireless Pro & 100ft Range】 Unleash your control with dual Wi-Fi connectivity, the home...
  • 【PIR & AI Human Motion Detection】 The Hiseeu wireless security camera system providing full...

From our list, this piece is the number one of all. It is affordable and very convenient when installed at your home or business premise.

The video surveillance system comprises a 1080p HD NVR and four white bullet cameras that you can use either indoors or out. With a 2MP image sensor and a 78° viewing angle, they can capture a wide area while at the same time delivering bright and crystal images.

During the nighttime, the cameras have a 3 array IR LED system that allows clear visibility up to 65ft. The function works alongside a highly sensitive sensor that pushes real-time intrusion alerts to your email/ smartphone.

As a wireless surveillance unit, this piece is so easy and quick to set up on your own. It comes with a 1TB hard drive that uses the integrated H.265 video compression to deliver longer recording times. In case you want even lengthier recordings, you can replace the installed drive with up to a 6TB capacity.

Key Features:

  • It delivers sharp, clear 1080p HD footage
  • Features a built-in mic to deliver footage that has audio
  • Has an excellent infrared night vision of up to 65 feet
  • Comes with a preinstalled hard drive to allow free local recording
  • The surveillance system uses H.265 video compression to allow smoother streaming and longer recordings.
  • Its cameras are IP66 weatherproof to allow their use in open compounds
  • With the kit, you can remotely view your properties from anywhere in the world, anytime

What we don’t like about it

The wireless cameras have only one-way audio. As such, you can’t use for two-way talk.

Best Value: OOSSXX 8CH Wireless HD Surveillance Camera System

(Dual Antennas for Wi-Fi Enhanced) AI Human Detected 2K 3.0MP...
  • {Dual Antennas to Enhance WiFi} The wireless signal is very important for this system. If the...
  • {AI Human Detection} With the help of advanced recognition algorithms, OOSSXX will send...

When it comes to affordability, OOSSXX offers the very best. Even with this particular model, the brand offers it with a price tag that you can’t complain about. Not that its components are inferior, but because they know your struggles in getting a system that is high quality and budget-friendly.

The included NVR has a 1080p HD support and can connect with up to eight high dimension cameras. Even so, the included cams are only four. Hence, you might need to buy others later on.

Each of the include cameras has a 2MP image sensor and a 70-degree field of vision. For the record, this means the images you get on your viewing screen are remarkably clear and from quite a large space.

Since you [might] need 24/7 monitoring, the surveillance camera system has an IR-LED system that supports up to 60ft night vision.

Also, the cameras are IP67 waterproof, which means you can even mount in an open compound without worrying about harsh weather conditions.

Key Features:

  • The surveillance kit consists of a 1080p HD NVR and four cameras
  • It delivers sharp, vivid video footage that you can listen
  • Has an outstanding 3-array infrared-LED system for an excellent night vision
  • You can add up to eight wireless cameras for tighter security
  • It has advanced motion detection with minimal false alerts
  • You can connect with the internet to enjoy remote viewing via the free Eseecloud app
  • The CCTV system is an excellent option for your tight budget

What we don’t like about it

Similarly, the included cameras only have a built-in microphone. Therefore, you can’t speak with the unknown stranger directly from the cam or scare away the mischievous kids. Also, the system doesn’t have an option for hands-free control.

Best Images: Reolink RLK8-410B4 Outdoor Security Camera System

REOLINK 4MP 8CH PoE Security Camera System, 4pcs Wired 1440P...
  • Plug and Play PoE Camera System – With a simple PoE connection, users only need to plug the...
  • Built-in 2TB Hard Drive – Supports 8 channels recording simultaneously. Secure your home and...

Although it’s not the highest image quality on the market, this expandable video surveillance kit has the best from our list. It features a 4MP PoE NVR and four 1440p HD IP cameras.

With their superior image sensor, the cameras deliver crisp images, with vivid details and clarity. You can even zoom a car located at about 40 feet and still manage to read its license plates.

As for the nighttime, the camera system has a spectacular night vision that allows visibility of up to 100ft in darkness. It even has intelligent motion detection that will send an alarm if the potential intruder tries hiding in the shadows.

Due to its PoE technology, this CCTV system is very simple to set up and use. You can even connect with a high-resolution PTZ IP camera [like RLC-423] to get even tighter security. All you’ll need to ensure is that there is a free port on your NVR station.

Key Features:

  • It delivers quality 4MP images and 1440p super HD videos
  • Has a wide field of vision to cover more grounds with fewer cameras
  • Features a stunning night vision, with a range of up to 100 feet
  • Delivers video footage with audio
  • Comes with a preinstalled 2TB hard drive to allow local recording
  • It uses PoE technology, which is incredibly simple to set up
  • The video surveillance system features smart motion detection, with reduced false alerts.

What we don’t like about it:

Despite its amazing features, the CCTV system relies on the “old-school” software-based motion detection. Thus, there are many false alerts if you have not set the camera to detect specific [activity] zones.

Best Night Vision: Swann SWDVK-845804WL Wired Security Camera Kit

Swann Home DVR Security Camera System with 1TB HDD, 8 Channel 4...
  • 1080P DVR CCTV SECURITY CAMERA SYSTEM WITH ACTIVE DETERRENCE: Provide surveillance to your home or...
  • SECURITY MADE SMARTER: Receive alerts when activity is detected! See, store & playback footage from...

In general, this is the best 8 camera security system with DVR station. Not just for the modest-but-sleek design, but also for its amazing performance.

The security camera system offers crystal 1080p HD footage that you can even zoom without drastically lowering the image quality. Its lens has a 90-degree wide viewing angle to allow coverage of a large space, with minimal blind spots.

In the darkness, the camera is still able to deliver clear recordings that have vivid detail and clarity. This is so as it supports colored night vision that has a maximum range of up to 33ft. In case you prefer longer range visibility, the infrared [black and white] mode can see up to 100ft in the darkness.

Still, this surveillance kit has an enhanced PIR sensor that can only detect movements from people, animals, or cars. In other words, your camera will never trigger alerts or recordings from movements of objects like twigs, papers, shadows, or wind.

Key Features:

  • It captures and delivers crystal-clear footage, with rich details and clarity
  • Has a wide field of vision to allow broader coverage
  • The cameras detect movement via heatwaves. Hence, involves fewer false triggers
  • Supports both infrared and colored night vision
  • Includes a smart spotlight to scare away the burglars
  • Supports two-way storage: in the preinstalled hard drive and to your Dropbox cloud account
  • The included cameras have a sturdy, weatherproof casing to last longer.

What we don’t like about it:
Although it’s real amazing, this CCTV unit has strict requirements when it comes to registering for remote access. It’s not 100% privacy concise if that is a major concern to you.

Best Alternative: Annke 5-in-1 HD Lite Surveillance Camera System

ANNKE Security Camera System, 3K Lite 5-in-1 H.265+ 8CH eDVR with...
  • 【Sustainable eDVR Contribute to the Earth】First-seen eDVR consumes 45% less energy than a...
  • 【Next-Gen eSSD Tech Surpasses Traditional HDDs】The eSSD's longer-than-ever service life of over...

If you’re planning to upgrade your old surveillance cameras, this is one of the most rewarding options in the market. It consists of a 1080p HD lite DVR that you can connect with up to eight CCTV cameras.

The recording station has a preinstalled 1TB surveillance HDD and it uses the advanced H.264+ video compression. As such, you can enjoy longer recording periods before the system starts overwriting the oldest footage.

Speaking of that, this surveillance kit comes along with four bullets cameras, with each featuring a 2MP sensor. So, the images you receive on your viewing screen are sharp and rich in detail.

Also, the cameras can work in either closed or open areas. They have a sturdy, IP66 weatherproof shell that enables them to survive even in the harshest weather condition, including rain and extreme heat.

Key Features:

  • It provides quality footage that is rich in details and clarity
  • Features a night vision range of 66 – 100ft
  • You can connect with up to eight cameras [Analog, HD-TVI, AHD, CVI, or IP] for a more securer environment
  • The DVR comes with a preinstalled 1TB hard drive for free local recording
  • Has an intelligent motion detection to minimize false triggers
  • The surveillance camera supports remote access for real-time alerts and streaming live footage from any location

What we don’t like about it:

The only two things we don’t appreciate about this system are the software for smart devices and technical support. Other than that, the system is cool and entirely worth having.

Best Alternative: 8 Channel SAFEVANT 5MP  Security Camera System

[5MP, 2TB HDD] Security Camera System,SAFEVANT 8 Channel 5MP CCTV...
  • [5MP SUPER HD] 5MP Super High Definition Video, 2. 5 x better than 1080P Full HD, super high...
  • [Stable & Lossless Video Quality] H. 264+ 8CH 5MP(8) Weatherproof Cameras with 2TB HDD. Just Connect...

This is another alternative that you can go with while upgrading your old wired video surveillance system. It comprises of an 8-channel 5MP DVR that you can connect with either CVBS, CVI, HD-TVI, or AHD cameras.

So, if you already had the BNC cabling around your property, you can still use it with the new SAFEVANT surveillance kit.

The system comes with eight 2MP cameras that you can position at various positions around your home or business building. Thereby allowing you to have eyes in all corners of your property.

In the event of a burglary attempt, the CCTV system has a preinstalled 2TB hard drive that records 24/7. Thus, you can playback video history anytime and without having to pay any subscription fees.

Furthermore, you can remotely view live footage from any location using your tablet or smartphone. You only need to connect the AHD DVR station to your home router that has working internet.

Key Features:

  • The CCTV system comes with eight 1080p HD cameras to guarantee maximum security
  • It delivers an excellent night vision of up to 50 feet
  • Supports multiple recording options, including manual/ Continuous, Motion-activated, and Scheduled recording.
  • It comes with a preinstalled 2TB hard drive
  • Includes an intelligent motion detection that you can set activity zones
  • The HD surveillance camera system can sync with your smart devices via the free “Danale” app to allow remote access.

What we don’t like about it:

Although it’s a nice 8 camera security system with DVR box, its provided cameras don’t have an audio function. Also, it relies on the BNC video connection, which might take a longer time to install than when using a wireless CCTV system.

Buying Guide: Essential Tips While Choosing an 8 Channel Security Camera System

While there are others, these are the top-best expandable CCTV systems that you can get for your home or business. Our list has included wireless, as well as the wired makes that are convenient to have.

Although you can choose any of the security cameras above, there are a few aspects you to should consider for optimal performance. They include:

The mounting position:

Even before you think of the type of CCTV system to use, this should be your very first thing to consider. It explains where exactly you want to set up your cameras, or in other words your security needs. Be it at the gate, doorway, office, loading area, or in your house.

Once you know where you want to monitor, identifying the right camera for you is easy. You will know the kind of image sensor to consider. Plus, you’ll be able to determine if a wireless or a wired camera will fit best in that particular scenario.

Wired or Wireless:

Well, which do you want to have? “A wireless type, for sure. It’s the latest technology and I don’t need a technician to install it for me.”

While this might be your idea, you have to understand it’s not applicable in all areas. That’s true. A wireless security camera does have its best points of use, and so is a wired model.

For instance, using a wireless CCTV in a place like a shopping mall is undeniably inconvenient. Some of these public areas have a very big compound that even includes offloading zones and parking areas. Moreover, there may be a lot of interference from satellite, cellular, Bluetooth, LANs, and other wireless devices.

Even the many thick walls present will lead to a weaker wireless signal and lead to poor quality or even no video transmission.

So, after determining your security needs, weigh your prevalent conditions, and see if it’s a wireless or wired camera that you need.

Image quality:

This is one of the top 3 things you should always look for while choosing your security camera. It will determine how clear your footage will be and how easy you can capture important details of an object.

Usually, the image quality of a security camera depends on the type of sensor, nature of the lens, and the include IR LEDs. If you desire to enjoy quality monitoring, consider choosing a CCTV system that has a high image sensor and a wide-angle lens. This way, you will enjoy crisp images that have vivid clarity, and at the same cover more grounds of your compound. Hence, needing fewer cameras.

As for the night vision, a system that has a long-range can be effective in detecting far objects in the darkness. You can even get one that has colored night vision, and enjoy footage with rich details even at nighttime.

Type of storage:

For this one, you only have to make sure your DVR or NVR comes with a ready-to-use hard drive. This will ensure your system has a place to keep the captured videos and images snapshots. Thereby, leaving credible evidence that can lead to faster processing of investigations in the event of a break-in.

The drive should have enough capacity [at least 1TB] and also it should be able to overwrite the old data. This will make sure you have current recordings all the time.

Although nonessential, you can also consider a CCTV that has an affordable cloud plan. With such a system, you can always have video history even when your DVR is stolen. Plus you can remotely playback the events you might have missed from any location.

Smart Functions:

For this one, the aim is to give you a smoother user experience while at the same time heightening your security. Some of the best intelligent functions you can look for include motion detection, facial recognition, audio features, siren, and warning spotlight.

For motion detection, the PIR based is usually the best as it relies on the heatwave generated from the object. As such, you will only get minimal false triggers since the camera won’t detect movement from things like twigs or wind.
If a camera doesn’t have the PIR sensor, then it should have customizable motion detection. Similarly, you will get fewer false triggers because the sensor is only focused on a specific zone.

Remote Access:

The function can come in handy since you can remotely see what’s happening around your properties from anywhere, at any time. You can even get real-time alerts of the person trying to break into your house. Hence, giving you a chance to stop crime before it happens.

Your Budget:

Although our last aspect, this is a very crucial one and should consider it while discerning your security needs. Your budget at hand determines the kind of security camera in terms of design, image quality, and storage capacity. It even determine how many cameras you should buy.

With an 8 channel CCTV system, the biggest advantage is that you can choose a high-resolution model but with few cameras. For instance, you can choose a 5MP DVR that has four cameras. Then, be adding the remaining cameras one by one, until you have enough to cover your entire compound.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 8 channel security camera?

In simple words, this is an expandable video surveillance system that you can connect with a maximum of eight cameras. It usually uses an NVR or DVR that acts as the base station to connect the respective cameras.

Which is better NVR or DVR?

Although the majority consider an NVR as the best, the right answer to such a question is neither. Each of the two base stations has its features and the finest area of use. If it’s in terms of budget, for example, a DVR [digital video recorder] costs lesser than its counterpart.
When we come to the performance, on the other hand, an NVR is quite better. For one, it uses PoE technology, which often is quick and effortless to setup. Also, its digital signal leads to the capturing of sharper images compared to a DVR at the same resolution.

What is the difference between 4 channel and 8 channel security system?

This is an open one. A 4 channel security camera system can only hold a maximum of cameras, whereas an 8 channel makes can connect with up to eight. Each of the two is good in its way since it depends on your budget and the space to monitor. If you have a small space and budget, a 4-channel system is enough for you. And if you have a large area to monitor, then, you should get an 8-channel type.


Each day, the dawn is breaking with a new level in technology. Of course, the security field is a little behind, but with what we already have in the markets, you should enjoy it a lot. Motion detection, real-time alerts, remote access, and familiar face recognition are just some of the features you can adore from the latest video surveillance devices.

Also, with a nice 8 channel wireless security camera system, you not only enjoy maximum protection but also easy maintenance. Its installation and setup is an easy DIY project, plus there are no video cables that will ever need replacing.

In case you opt for a wired model like the Swann SWDVK-845804WL, you even have an advantage of colored nighttime images. Thereby allowing you to easily identify the individuals trying to pick your store lock or the nature of their getaway car.