The Zumimall Security Camera Reviews: For Home & Business

The Zumimall Security Camera Reviews: For Home & Business

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Every day, we’re all working pretty hard to live a better life in the days to come. Without solid security, nonetheless, your plans for a modish lifestyle might hit a \dead end due to things like burglary and vandalism. While there’re various ways of protecting your valuable assets, the use of a surveillance camera is the best of all. In the following Zumimall security camera reviews, you’ll realize the latest technology is even more promising as you can catch an intruder before breaking into your property.

This, for sure, must have been one of the visions by our forefathers. But now that we’re living in the much-awaited timeline, you need to utilize the available opportunities to heighten the success of your desired goals.

With the Zumimall ZM-WFA3P Wi-Fi security camera, all your safety desires will be fulfilled wholly and satisfactorily. Thus, it won’t disappoint you if your interests are on a wireless security camera system.

Zumimal security camera is perfect for battery-powered wireless outdoor security camera reviews, this piece is remarkably portable, easy to install, and affordable.

Just like any man-made systems, though, Zumimall ZM-WFA3P has few downfalls. These negatives, however, are things you can overcome and enjoy your device’s performance fully.

Is Zumimall ZM-WFA3P A Good Security Camera System?

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Absolutely yes! It produces incredible images and it’s reasonably priced for any young consumer to afford. Also, the security camera is a wireless system, meaning it’s easy to set up and use.

Umh, not really. If you’re looking for a professional security camera system for your organization, the Zumimall model is not a perfect piece. The surveillance system is for the consumer market to use in homes, and or small stores like groceries.

So, from the two viewpoints, we can say the worthiness of the ZM-WFA3P camera solely depends on your purpose for it. Overall, though, the monitoring device is ultimately convenient and reliable to own. The various attributes that prove these two points include: Now, I will show you the full features with Zumimall security camera reviews.


Zumimall ZM-WFA3P security system comprises a modern IP camera, with a white sturdy casing that measures 2.2 x 2.2 x 3.9inches. At about 8.6 ounces [approximately 0.5 pounds], the surveillance camera is remarkably portable. Hence, you can even carry it during your vacation or business meeting to help monitor your hotel room.
Following its IP65 waterproof rating, the Wi-Fi camera can work both indoors and outside, including in extreme weather conditions.

High-Quality Images and Pictures

Designed to help protect your valuable assets from vandalism and theft, Zumimall ZM-WFA3P camera features a superior lens and 130° viewing angle. The superior lens capture crisp, colored 1080P HD pictures, with every important detail intact. Using its wide field of vision, the device covers a large scene [with fewer blind spots] without sacrificing the image quality.

During the nighttime, the security system produces infrared night vision images that are clear but in white and black. This ensures you get to monitor your property 24/7, hence, no moment ever happen without you noticing.

Advanced Motion Detection

In making your safety concerns more solid, Zumimall designers installed the ZM-WFA3P camera with PIR-based motion detection. Unlike the regular motion sensors, a passive infrared sensor [PIR] detects motion through the generated heat energy. This reduces the number of false alerts since the IP camera will be detecting motion from animals, humans, and cars.

For the motion sensor to work, though, the object has to pass in front of the camera lens within a range of up to 32ft. An automatic recording to the microSD card will then trigger and the device will send a push notification to your mobile device.

Two-Way Talk Function

Due to state regulations, the majority of security camera systems in the market come without the function to record audio. For this particular IP camera, however, it doesn’t just have a built-in mic but a speaker as well. This allows the system to record videos plus audio. Hence, providing more credible evidence in the event of evil activity, like a break-in.

Zumimall security camera reviews

Also, with the built-in mic and speaker, Zumimall ZM-WFA3P Wi-Fi camera lets you communicate with your kids or deliveryman as with a walkie-talkie. Thus, keeping you connected with your loved ones even when away.

Two-Way Storage

Like we said earlier, the primary benefit of a security camera is to help monitor your property and prevent vandalism or theft. For you to be able to take action against the offenders, though, you have to produce credible evidence, which definitely will be from past recordings.

With this home surveillance system, you have the option to save your recordings to an SD card or the cloud. The SD card slot is located at the back of the camera and it has a limited capacity of up to 128GB.

For the Cloud space, on the other hand, the company has 3 different packages to subscribe to. The packages range between $30 – $160 per year but before subscribing, you get to enjoy a 7-day free trial.

Remote Access

The Zumimall ZM-WFA3P is some kind of a standalone Wi-Fi camera, meaning it necessarily don’t require an NVR/ DVR to function. To view the recordings, you’ll need a smartphone/ tablet and the camera has to be connected to a 2.4 GHz WI-Fi connection [only].

The greatest advantage of this is that you’ll be able to access your camera from any location. As a matter of fact, when you register for cloud space, you will not be viewing live recordings only. Zumimall lets its “premium” users play playback recordings stored in their cloud accounts as well.

Power Option

For it to perform, Zumimall ZM-WFA3P security camera uses its built-in 6000mAh rechargeable battery. As a heavy-duty battery, the company promises its users 2 to 5 months of service before they can recharge their devices again.

Nonetheless, some users have complained that their respective cameras only lasted several weeks after charging. With man known to errors, we won’t disagree the battery or the camera can be faulty. As the user, though, don’t forget this camera is just like a smartphone that won’t stay on for long if you continuously play the Call of Duty.

It’s already offering so many features, including 1080p HD resolution, advanced motion detection, wireless data transmission, superior night vision, and remote access. When you add all these with frequent live streaming and two-way talkback, the power consumption will be high. Hence, will be hard to meet up the promised battery life period.

While you can install it anywhere, a battery-powered security camera can [somehow] disappoint if it goes offline while you were away. Using the included USB cable, however, you can connect the wireless camera to the closest power port and leave your system active all the time.

Setup and Installation

Battery-powered and transmitting footages wirelessly, Zumimall ZM-WFA3P security camera is very easy to install. No complicated wiring is needed and also it comes with a complete mounting kit, including double-sided adhesive, screws, metal mount, and iron ball wall mount.

The security camera will take at most 10 minutes to install anywhere you desire. This includes in your kids’ nursery, the sitting room, ceiling, or even on the tree trunk. The security camera system is ultimately weatherproof, remember? So, no harsh weather conditions will jeopardize its performance outdoors. I hope this is the most important in this Zumimall security camera reviews.

To Conclude:

Well, security is an essential facet to everyone and everything. In fact, it’s one of the keys to happiness and success. By the way, that’s why a well-secured company is likely to grow better than the ill-guarded one.

From our Zumimall security camera reviews, we’ve highlighted the various features that qualify it as one of the best video surveillance systems. If’ it’s modern-day technology, the creators have included it with an advanced PIR motion detection that will alert you before a possible break-in. In addition, the wireless video surveillance system captures 1080p HD videos, with clear infrared night vision. Thus, very convenient and reliable when it comes to enhancing your security.

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