The 8 Best 16 Channel Security Camera System in 2023

The 8 Best 16 Channel Security Camera System For 2024 Reviews

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Video surveillance technology is now more advanced and accessible than before. It keeps on becoming better each day, making it easier and efficient to monitor one’s property. Of the best improvements so far is the best rated 16 channel security camera system reviews, which is definitely worthwhile if you a large property. You may also like our previous post about 8 channel wireless security camera system.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a business premise or your home. The system allows you to connect with up to 16 different CCTV that you can mount at different positions around the property.

DIY vs Old-School Security Cameras

Similar to the way folks are ditching cable TV boxes for contract-free subscriptions like Netflix, security providers are switching to do-it-yourself devices that need no contracts. Some of the systems are plug-play, in which case you don’t even have to outsource labor. Hence, lowering the initial cost and giving you a chance to invest in higher-grade tech that has better video quality and smarter features.

Even so, old-school security cameras are still in place and wide use. Not everyone is into these modern-day smart-home-style surveillance cams. And besides, you may need to install your compound with more advanced tech. Hence, you can upgrade your analog systems without the need to do the rewiring.

Wired or Wireless?

So true, the security market has thousands of CCTV systems to choose from. Before you get bogged down by the specifics, however, it’s of best you first discern what you hope to achieve. After that, the question of the perfect connectivity and other features to consider certainly becomes easier to answer.

The connectivity of a CCTV system usually explains if you want to deal with cables or go wireless. Each of the two has strengths to support your security needs, as well as drawbacks that can be somehow inconveniencing.

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For a model, a 16 channel wireless security camera system can be very helpful if you want a quick and hassle-free installation. The camera types tend to use radiofrequency technology to transmit the captured data, thereby canceling out the need for cables.

Meanwhile, most multi-channel security camera systems are usually wired to allow use in longer distances. They are not limited to signal range as with their counterparts, which means you can efficiently use around large properties without broken transmissions.

Is It Worth Investing In a 16 Channel Wireless Security Camera System?

Well, the answer to that question depends on various variables. If your property covers a small area like 20,000 square feet and you have no plans to expand later, an 8-channel unit may be enough for your needs. But if you have a larger area that you want to keep a watchful eye on, then a best rated 16 channel security camera system suits you. The various advantages that you have over the smaller model like 4-channel include:

  • Wider Coverage

Starting with the obvious, a 16-channel surveillance system enables you to connect a maximum of 16 cameras that you can mount at different positions. Hence, allowing you to cover a larger scene of your compound and with lesser/ no blind spots.

  • High-Level Security

When you can watch your property from different angles, nothing will ever take place without you knowing. The various cameras will make sure there are no weak entry points for the potential intruders to sneak through. So, your valuable items, plus your family will be safe and you will have peace of mind.

  • Reduced Costs

A large multi-channel certainly is cost-effective. You won’t be needing many security officers as two or even one is enough to operate behind the surveillance screen. Furthermore, a 16-channel can make future scaling easier as you’ll just need to get an add-on camera/s that you need and connect to the free ports.

  • Better Monitoring

Just as with tighter security, the wider coverage will allow you to monitor your workers with higher efficiency. Thus, you can have a better chance to enhance productivity.

  • Improved Storage and Accessibility

In most cases, larger multi-channel come with the support of higher storage capacity. Some can take in up to 12 terabytes hard drive disk and others even 24 terabytes. So, you can store more high-quality footage and for a longer period before the system starts to overwrite the old data.

**Last but not least, [almost] all DVR and NVR stations have a network port to connect to your router and enable remote access via a smartphone or PC. As such, you can continue watching the activity around your home or business from anywhere, anytime.

The 8 Best Rated 16 Channel Security Camera Systems

Simply, various security systems have distinct unique designs and features. Here is a selection of 16-channel DVR and NVR kits that you might find suitable for your needs.

Editor’s Choice: Reolink [RLK16-410B8-5MP] PoE Security Camera Kit

REOLINK 16CH 5MP Home Security Camera System, 8pcs Wired 5MP...
  • 5MP SUPER HD & STUNNING NIGHT VISION: Capture crystal clear videos day & night with 5MP super HD...
  • CUSTOMIZED SMART MOTION DETECTION: Featuring new smart human/vehicle detection and detailed...

This is the overall best 16 channel poe security camera system that you can consider if you need to monitor a large area. It comprises a 5MP NVR and eight IP bullet cameras that you can use either indoor or outdoor.

Each of the cameras has a 5mp image sensor that delivers 2560x1920super HD resolution. So, you receive images with fine details and clarity, plus you can zoom distant objects without drastically reducing the quality.

The cameras have a wide field of view that offers broader coverage and allow the use of lesser cameras. They have superior IR LEDs and IP66 metal housing to ensure you can monitor your property all time of the day, in all seasons. And that’s not all.

The CCTV system uses PoE technology, which means a single network cable is enough to power the cameras and transmit data. Therefore, it’s even faster to set up and you use it at long distances without issues.

Thanks to the preinstalled 3TB HHD, all your cameras can continuously record up to 7 days before overwriting. If that’s not enough, there’s also an additional e-SATA port that allows you to add an external 4TB HDD without requiring to open the NVR casing. See more at the Reolink security camera system review.


  • It’s a plug and play system, with easy setup
  • Delivers super-clear footage
  • Can auto-switch today or nigh
  • Cameras are weatherproof to support outdoor use
  • Features multiple ports for the display monitor
  • Supports remote access and real-time motion alerts
  • It’s sturdy and durable


  • The motion sensor has pretty much false alerts, including from bugs
  • Its mobile app loses connection sometimes

Best Budget: [16CH Expandable] Hiseeu 5MP PoE Security Camera System

[Human Vehicle Detection] Hiseeu PoE Security Camera System,8PCS...
857 Reviews
[Human Vehicle Detection] Hiseeu PoE Security Camera System,8PCS...
  • 【Real-Time 2 Way Audio & Audio Recording】User can talk directly on phone app(No fees)for...
  • 【AI Algorithm Human/Vehicle Detection】By customizing the surveillance area or setting a line for...

Affordable and super convenient, this can be a really great option if you have a tight budget. It consists of a 5MP DVR recorder and eight cameras that you can mount at different positions around your property.

The included cameras have a 2mp image sensor that can deliver up to 4K resolutions, rich in color and details. They have an excellent field of view to allow high-level monitoring, with no blind spots.

Whether it’s inside the warehouse or outside in the driveway, you don’t have to worry an inch. Each of these cameras has an IP67 weatherproof shell that can withstand the harshest climate without a compromise. Furthermore, they have a superior night vision to ensure you can see what’s happening around your property during the day and night.

With a smart detection feature, this security camera allows you to highlight the areas to be receiving the alerts. So, you can have lesser false alarms and a better chance to keep an eye on what matters most.

Meanwhile, the DVR comes with a preinstalled hard drive disk that makes sure you can keep recordings without any subscription fee. The device does support loop recording, which means you’ll never miss recent activity.


  • It consists of a complete kit, including DVR, cameras, and accessories
  • Captures bright and sharp footage
  • Has an excellent night vision
  • Supports remote access via an internet-enabled smartphone or PC
  • Sends real-time motion alerts
  • It’s affordable and durable.
  • 60-Days Money Back


  • It might take more time to install
  • The DVR keeps on losing the time and region setting.

3. Best Design: Lorex [DK162-88DAE] Ultra HD Security Camera System

Lorex DK162-88DAE 4K Ultra HD 16-Channel Security System with 2...
  • System includes
  • 4K Ultra HD D841A62B digital video recorder preloaded with 2 TB hard drive

If you wish to keep a real good eye on your valuables and family, this 16 channel 4k security camera system can make it happen. It delivers sharp and crystal-clear images, regardless of the time and season.

The surveillance kit features a 4K DVR recorder that has a preloaded security-grade hard drive disk to locally store the captured footage. So, you won’t need subscribing to the cloud storage unless you wish to enjoy a premium remote access.

The recorder comes with eight cameras that capture objects in ultra HD, ensuring easier recognition of the culprits in case of a break-in. Each of the cameras has a built-in spotlight that lights up when an object crosses the camera lenses. Thereby scaring away the potential burglar while at the same time enabling you to clearly see in the darkness.

Furthermore, the cameras have a wide field of vision for better coverage while leaving minimal weak links for the burglars to sneak through. And, also, they support an advanced motion detection that pushes in-time persons and vehicle notifications, with reduced unnecessary alarms.

The surveillance camera has a hardwired setup. Thus, you won’t need to worry about lagged transmission, even with the cameras located at a distance. Know more about the Lorex Wireless security camera system.


  • It features a sturdy and durable construction
  • Produces bright and crisp images, with vivid details
  • Offers a long-range infrared and color night vision
  • Has active deterrence to help scare away intruders
  • Requires no monthly subscription fees
  • Operates with minimal false motion alerts.
  • It supports hands-free control with Alexa and Google Assistant devices


  • It might take more hours to set up.

4. Premium Pick: GW [VD16CH16C8537IP] Ultra-HD Surveillance Kit

Basically, you need high-grade equipment if you want to have a good watch on your business assets. Therefore, this GW model can be worthwhile and very helpful if you have a significant budget.

Starting with the obvious, the security camera system features a 4k 16-channel NVR that you can connect with up to 8MP cameras. Luckily, the company delivers it as a complete kit, with all the cameras that you need to enjoy smoother monitoring and tighter security.

Each camera packs an 8MP Sony image sensor, which captures super-clear videos that are rich in both color and clarity. The high resolution also ensures that you can zoom the objects at a distance without lowering the important details greatly.

Moreover, the security cams have a megapixel wide-angle lens and superior SMD infrared LEDs. Hence, ensures your compound has no blind spots and that you can see in the darkness without issues.

Since it’s a PoE device, the overall setup is straightforward and quick. The recorder comes harboring a large security-grade hard drive, and still you can expand in case you need more space in the future.


  • It has a solid construction for high performance and prolonged lifetime
  • Produces bright and sharp images, with rich details
  • Supports up to 16X digital zoom
  • Has the latest HEVC H.265 video compression
  • Can works efficiently both indoors and outdoor
  • Supports multiple outputs for display
  • You can connect with up to 56TB external hard drive


  • It’s pretty expensive

5. Best Value: ONWOTE 16-Channel 4K IP POE Security Camera Kit

ONWOTE Wired 4K Security Camera System PoE 16 Channel 4TB,...
  • Smart AI Human Vehicle Detection-- reduce false alarms and save storage space.
  • 4K Superior Definition-- 8 million pixels, 128° diagonal field of view.

This is another 16 channel PoE security camera system and which can make real great guard on your property. It features a 4K NVR and eight domed cameras that you can use on your property without disrupting the general aesthetic.

Fitted with an 8MP sensor, these cameras provide up to 4 times the clarity of the famous 1080p Full HD. Similarly, they have a wide field of vision that makes it possible to monitor a large area when using fewer devices.

Thanks to the built-in microphone, the cameras allow not only see but also hear what the intruders are saying. They include a sensitive motion sensor that guarantees not a single movement goes unnoticed even in the pitch darkness.

As a PoE system, the entire set is effortless and pretty quick to conduct. The NVR houses a 4TB preinstalled hard drive, as well as 2 SATA ports that can connect with up to 10TB external hard drive each. So, you can have more storage than you even need and curtail the need for subscribing to the cloud space. One of the best option for 16 channel security camera system with audio.


  • It has a plug-and-play design, which is easy to DIY
  • Has an advanced H.265 video compression technology
  • Features an excellent night vision
  • Produces video footage with audio
  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor
  • Provides continuous recording with no lags or blue screen
  • It supports ONVIF protocol to allow use with third-party software like Blue Iris.


  • The device software is quite unintuitive.

6. Best Upgrade: ZOSI 16-Channel Full HD Security Camera System

ZOSI H.265+ 1080p 16 Channel Security Camera System, 16 Channel...
  • (1). [ Advanced H.265+ High Efficiency Video Compression ] __ ZOSI self-developed H.265+ video...
  • (2). [ 2MP 16CH CCTV System Overview ] __ Exclusive H.265+ 16CH 1080p DVR Recorder paired with 16...

Are you still using the old, blurry analog kit? Well, it’s time to do an upgrade with this high-definition system. It’s a cheap and cheerful budget, considering it comes with a 2MP Lite HD DVR recorder with zosi 16 channel security camera system.

The DVR features a preinstalled hard drive that lets you store the footage locally without subscribing to the cloud packages. It has the advanced H.265+ compression tech at the core, in which case it reduces the bandwidth consumption by more than 50%. Hence, allowing seamless recording and saving more than 80% of the storage space.

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With the included cameras, you have an advantage of higher quality images than the 720p models you had previously installed. Each camera has a 90-degree view angle that offers broader coverage so that it can watch a wide scene with lesser devices.

Still, the CCTV has a smart motion detection function that allows you to customize the important areas where you need to receive alerts. Hence, giving you better user experience, with minimal false alerts. Then, in case of an incident, the system pushes instant notifications, plus a screenshot of the cause to your smart device. Thus, giving you time to act accordingly.


  • It comes complete with necessary accessories
  • Has a rugged, long-lasting build
  • Captures sharp and crystal images
  • Can see in the dark for 24/7 surveillance
  • Supports four different recording modes
  • You can access the footage locally and remotely
  • It’s available at a friendly budget


  • Not recommended for professional use
  • It has a junky app
  • The DVR station seems to have issues with unstable power. Hence, might require UPS.

7. Alternative 1: Swann [SWDVK-1645812WL] Wired Surveillance Kit

Swann Home DVR Security Camera System with 1TB HDD, 16 Channel 12...
  • 1080P DVR CCTV SECURITY CAMERA SYSTEM WITH ACTIVE DETERRENCE: Provide surveillance to your home or...
  • SECURITY MADE SMARTER: Receive alerts when activity is detected! See, store & playback footage from...

When it’s about innovation, Swann has never come to disappoint; so is this kit. It can make a favourable piece if you cherish the latest making and smart home compatibility.

The system consists of a compact 2MP DVR that you can connect with a maximum of 16 cameras for high surveillance efficiency. It does come with cameras, in which case you can conduct an immediate setup without having to go back to the store.

Each of the cameras delivers 1080p full HD videos, which of course, is enough for the general use. They have a wide viewing angle that makes it possible to cover a larger scene with no blind spots and while using lesser devices.

More on that, the cameras have a bright spotlight that you’ll truly fall in love with, specifically during the night. It powers on when the built-in motion sensor detects movements, thereby illuminating the area and enhancing visibility.

Thankfully, the device features a True Detect PIR sensor. So, it can only trigger alerts when warm objects, including people and cars, cross the lens. A comparison between night owl vs Swann


  • It features a complete set, including cables, mouse, and other accessories
  • Delivers bright and sharp footage
  • Great for deterring crime
  • Can work well indoor, as well as outdoor
  • Supports remote access via Swann security app
  • Has reliable push alerts, with fewer false triggers
  • It’s compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa devices


  • They can be difficult and time-consuming to install
  • Pretty hard to get it to work on a mobile device
  • Not ideal for use with other brands’ equipment or third party software.

8. Alternative 2: DEFEWAY 16CH 1080P-Lite Security Camera System

Although the last on the list, this pack can be very helpful when you’re on a tight budget and need an option for general surveillance. Just as the name, it features a 16-channel Full HD DVR that you can connect with cameras of up to 1080p resolution.

The system includes 16 bullets that have a solid housing to allow use on both roofed and open environments. Each of them has a 720p HD sensor and a 70-degree viewing angle. So, you might need to get a separate piece that has a higher resolution for use at the main entrances.

Nonetheless, this CCTV system supports 4 different recording modes, including continuous, scheduled, motion-triggered, and loop [or recycle] record.

With motion recording, the security system can send push notifications when the built-in sensor detects movements. It supports remote access via a free Xmeye mobile app and CMS software. So, you can stream live footage from anywhere, anytime when using any internet-enabled device.

Sad to say, though, this surveillance kit may take more time to install and get it running. It operates via hardwiring with BNC cables, in which case you may need drilling the wall or digging the ground to hide the wires.


  • It supports 5 different kinds of CCTV cameras
  • Features a pre-installed hard drive disk
  • Can see in the dark at night
  • Can work with or without internet
  • Has an IR Cut filter to auto-switch daytime and night
  • Promises continuous transmission without external interference
  • It’s affordable and also durable.


  • Not ideal for professional use
  • Doesn’t work with cameras from other brands.

Buying Guide: 6 Essential Tips to Help You Choose the Best 16 Channel Security Camera System

While there are others, these are some of the top choices that you can use to find the best 16 channel security camera system for your needs. We hand-picked the systems based on their distinguished features and the high positive rating from recent buyers.

From the various option available, however, it can be confusing if you haven’t sorted through what matters to you. You possibly will be needing only a single security camera kit, in which case you have to make a wise buying decision. Otherwise, you might end up with a tool you never wanted, then follows the worst nightmare you never expected.
Anyhow, here are some crucial tips that can help ensure you choose the perfect multi-channel CCTV system.

Property Size:

The size of the area you want to monitor answers all the questions on the type of security camera system best for you. It even lets you know if you really need a 16-channel kit or a 4-channel is all enough for you.
As we mentioned earlier, you should invest in a large multi-channel surveillance kit if it’s what your needs demand. That’s, if you have a large property or else you have plans of having some expansion in the future.


Intelligent security firms create their devices with their customers in mind. This is why you will find the top providers in the industry are very keen on specifics that will allow the cameras to blend in. Hence, making sure you can mount to the walls of your building without disrupting the original look.

If you want to monitor inside the store or offices, for instance, domed cameras have the finest attributes for that. They don’t draw much attention, plus most have a wide base that can easily mount on the ceiling.

Still, on design, you need to pay close attention to the construction. The last thing you would want is to install a camera outside, then the next day you find it has let in water.

Image Quality:

This is one of the major considerations when buying any security camera. The clearer the footage, the better chance it’s to capture important details like license plates, human faces, and even tattoos.

Luckily, all the cameras we have in the market today are all high-definition, featuring streaming quality from 720p to 4K Ultra-HD. Since it’s now more accessible, the 1080p Full HD is a better option if you need a system for the general-purpose surveillance. But, with a significant budget at hand, you can get from 5MP image quality and above.


The majority of the security cameras today are DIY style, which equates to effortless setup and ease of use. Many in this subcategory are standalone models that function via a home wifi network and they necessarily don’t require recorders.

Being pretty new, however, the 16-channel security cameras are mainly under the wired category. Some use the PoE technology and otters go with the old-school BNC connectors.

If you wish to mount on an area that has fewer or no wall outlets outside, PoE IP cameras can have better results. The one Ethernet cable they use for transmitting data is the same that keeps them powered. Hence, the reason the cameras are much easier to set up.

Advanced Features

Beyond live streaming, alerts, night vision, and the other basic features, there’s a whole lot of other enhanced functions available. Most of them are available in the latest creations, in which case the makers focus on improving the user experience and tighter security.

A few of these advanced features we are talking about are person detection, facial recognition, and missing objects detection. Unfortunately, however, none of the systems we have reviewed has such A.I [artificial intelligence] capabilities. But with a model the Lorex [DK162-88DAE], you can have active deterrence and even smart home compatibility with Alexa devices.


Various security cameras feature different types of video storage. Some, specifically standalone models, can have only the cloud storage and others can support only local recording or both.
With our subject, the NVR and DVR recorders come with a preinstalled hard drive disk to store the footage locally. How fast the system utilizes that space capacity often depends on the video quality and the video compression tech used.

If the camera is 4K ultra-HD make and uses an H.264 video codec, 4TB HDD might even fail to hold 10-day recordings. But if the same camera resolution has the advanced H.265 compression, you can save over 50% storage space. In which case you may not need to buy another hard drive.


What is the best 16 channel security camera system?

Sure, the question is quite vague as it all depends on various factors. For a model, a professional-grade system like the GW [VD16CH16C8537IP] may not be a perfect choice if you have a slim budget. Your demands call for an affordable system like the SMONET [USSM-A16108101T], which can get comfortably without hurting your finances.

But if you need the CCTV system for a business place, the GW [VD16CH16C8537IP] can be a better choice. If you’re not in a rush, you can even continue saving money until you have enough amount the required.

What is a 16 channel DVR?

Simply, a 16 channel DVR means that you can connect the single system with 16 cameras and record simultaneously. The CCTV unit is an ideal option when you have a large home, farm, or business, and you wish to keep an eye from every angle.

What do channels mean on security cameras?

The channels of a CCTV system refer to the maximum number of cameras that a particular NVR or DVR station can support. It doesn’t matter if the device is wireless or wired as the recorder acts as a receiver and has a set limit. With a 16-channel security system, for example, it means you can efficiently connect with up to sixteen cameras.

If the system is hardwired, there are the exact number of input ports that you can connect the cables of the cameras. Then, if you have a wireless multi-channel kit, the particular recorder has a built-in Access Point [AP] that matches the maximum wireless cameras supported.

What’s the difference between surveillance cameras and security cameras?

Generally, the word security camera is used interchangeably with a surveillance camera. To the tech-savvy, however, the former has the role to convey signals from one particular place to a definite display at a distance. Meanwhile, a surveillance camera [or “automatic number plate recognition system”] involves the use of an IP network, whereby it works from a remote area to the assigned security location.

In our case, though, we use the two words to refer to CCTV cameras. After all, you will want to see your footage, as well as capture the plate of the suspicious vehicle parked across your street.

Which is better NVR or DVR?

NVR is an acronym of Network Video Recorder, whereas DVR stands for Digital video recorder. Either of the two is great to own as you can have a better chance to monitor your loved ones and enhance their security. Even so, NVR recorders do offer better video quality as they receive a pure digital signal from the IP cameras. Furthermore, the type is relatively easier to install due to the use of a single Ethernet cable to provide power and transmit data.

Final Verdict:

“Prevention is better than cure”, are words we here now and then. Despite their rich significance, many people take less notice of them. But when the worst happens, dread and regret become a chorus for their day.

As we have mentioned severally, good security is a key necessity for every owner hoping to see his home or business prosper. And nothing is more beautiful than when you can see your valuables anytime you wishes.

In our article, we have briefly discussed on 16 channel security camera systems, which can be very helpful when you have a large property. With the many cameras, you can mount them at different positions of the area, making sure there are no weak links for the burglars to use.

Luckily, higher resolution cameras like 5MP Super-HD and even 4K Ultra-HD security cameras are currently more accessible than before. Therefore, it’ll be of greater benefit to focus on the subcategory so that you can enjoy footage that has vivid details and clarity. As a bonus, you will stay for several decades before you can think to switch them.