Blink XT2 VS Arlo Pro 2: Which is The Most Smart Security Camera?

Blink XT2 VS Arlo Pro 2: Which is The Most Smart Security Camera?

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In our two recent posts, we did a comparison of the Blink XT vs Blink XT2 and Arlo Pro vs Arlo Pro 2 camera system. All four are great systems to firm the security of your property but each, obviously, has several pros over the other. In this post, we’re going to do a comparison of Blink XT2 vs Arlo Pro 2 and see which model is better or best.

Of course, the two surveillance systems are completely wire-free and wireless. So, don’t be surprised to find that they are sharing some other features. The makers of the two security camera systems are persons truly interested in guaranteeing you true peace of mind. Hence, their reason for incorporating modern technologies that make your surveillance simpler and ultimately effective.

Which is the Best, Blink Home Company or Arlo Technologies, Inc.?

While it’s a matter of yes or no, this question is not that simple to answer. Blink and Arlo are both incredible home automation companies that create digital home systems with ultra-modern technologies like sensors and automation control.

Therefore, since we don’t want you to feel that Getlockers are biased in any way, we’ll let you choose with us the best brand. That, though, will be at the end of the post after we have seen which is superior between the XT2 and Pro 2.

An Overview On The Blink Xt2 And Arlo Pro 2

To begin with, both blink XT2 and arlo pro2 comprise of upgraded camera systems. The Blink XT2 took its inspiration from the Blink XT and the Arlo Pro 2 came after the Arlo Pro camera system. For the purpose of this article, we’ll only discuss the second-generation cameras, starting with their features.


Typically, the design of a security camera is the very first element that you’ll notice. With smart security cameras like these two from Arlo and Blink, their role is to help monitor your home and deter burglars. As such, it’s really important to have a closer look at the design of the security camera since you probably won’t place it in obvious places.

When it comes to comparing the design of blink xt2 vs arlo pro 2, they both offer slightly different styles, shapes, and colors. With the Pro 2, it has a shiny white plastic body that surrounds a reflective black face. The wireless security camera system features 3.1 x 1.9 x 2.8 inches in dimensions and about 5 ounces [140 grams] in weight.

If you’re hoping to use the system in stealthy surveillance, that size is easy to hide. You can even get the Arlo replaceable silicone skins to blend your wireless camera with the color of the wall, ceiling, or nature.

When we come to the Blink XT2, the video surveillance system is square-shaped, with a shiny black plastic body surrounding reflective blackface. The camera features 2.8 x 2.8 x 1.4 inches in dimensions and about 3.15 ounces [89 grams] in weight. This definitely means the XT2 is smaller and lighter than the Arlo Pro 2 camera.

Similarly, there’re Blink replaceable silicone skins that you can use with your XT2 security to ensure maximum invisibility.

Smart Camera Features:

After the design, the next aspect that you need to make sure it’s in place is the features of the security camera. These are the technical specifications and the functions available in the security system. They include:

Field of Vision

Both Blink XT2 and Arlo Pro 2 camera systems have an incredibly wide field of view. The former has 110° view-angle and 3x digital zoom while its counterpart has 130° and 8x digital zoom. So, while the two get to monitor a large space of your compound with less/ no blind spots, the Arlo Pro 2 is clearly the winner here.

Video Quality

For the video quality, the wireless security camera systems produce excellent 1080P HD videos. The pictures are smooth and vivid, hence, you get to see every detail with clarity.

Night Vision

When nighttime falls in, Blink XT2 and Arlo Pro 2 camera systems are still able to record following their incorporated infrared LED lights. The produced images are black and white but still clear.
If you want a system for secretive monitoring, both XT2 and Pro cameras have 850nm infrared LEDs that produce a soft red glow. The soft glow isn’t visible to the naked eye so, no intruder will notice you’re watching him as she tries to sneak.

Two-Way Audio

While not many notice its importance, the 2-way audio is a very essential feature in a security camera system. It helps you to remotely communicate with whoever is at the door/ in your house. In case it’s an intruder, you can even use the feature to scare him away before he breaks into your house.

Both the Blink XT2 and Arlo Pro 2 camera has a superb 2-way audio function, hence, it’s another shared feature.

Remote Access

Arlo and Blink Home company designed their second-generation camera systems with ultra-modern art and technologies. For the Pro 2 system, it comes with a Base Station hub that you’ll connect with your router using an Ethernet cable. The XT2 as well comes with a Sync Module hub but for it, you just plug into an electrical socket.

Once you have connected your XT2 and Pro 2 to the internet, you now run the setup using the Blink or Arlo app. After establishing a successful linkage, you can now remotely view the recordings on desktop and handheld devices from anywhere.


As smart security camera systems, Blink XT2 and Arlo Pro2 feature superlative cloud storage to keep your recordings. In the two systems, the cloud storage space is free to use, only that the XT2 holds footage for 2 hours and the Arlo model for 7 days. Since it’s important to have the recordings for future reference, with the latter you can connect a USB drive for local backup storage.

With the Blink XT2, you can as well save the important recordings before they get deleted.

Blink xt2 vs Arlo pro 2 Comparison Table

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Buying Guide: Essential Tips To Consider Before Getting Blink XT2 And Arlo Pro 2

Well, as we can see from the comparison chart, Blink XT2 and Arlo Pro 2 are not very much different in terms of performance. The Arlo Pro 2, though, has proven to be a bit superior but doesn’t mean it’s best for you. A security camera system is only the best if it has been able to serve your security desires fully and perfectly.

Anyhow, when it comes to choosing between the Blink and Arlo camera, there are several aspects you have to put into consideration. They’re the ones that’ll make sure you have received the security resolutions that you needed. These aspects include:

Discern Your Purpose With Security Camera System

This is the very step you have to make before you even reach the market of security camera systems. Every video surveillance system, including XT2 and Pro 2, has got some roles it plays best. With our two systems, for example, they’re both remarkably good at stealthy surveillance as they’re tiny and you can enhance their invisibility with camouflaged silicone skins.

If you want a security system for professional monitoring, though, The Arlo Pro 2 is what we’d recommend. The camera has a wider field of view, smart security siren, plus both cloud and local storage options.

Video Quality

With surveillance, the capturing of high-quality videos is really essential. In the event of a break-in, you get to see every detail with clarity. Both XT2 and Pro 2 camera system records vivid, colorful 1080P HD videos during the day. The same goes for the nighttime, whereby the systems produce excellent black and white pictures. Hence, you can opt for either of them.


When it comes to the storing of recordings in a security camera system, a local storage option is usually the best. This comes as it’s normally free to use, unlike the cloud space that demands a monthly subscription in the majority of cases.

While Blink and Arlo let you store your recordings in their free cloud storage, the feature comes with limitations. With the latter, the recordings kept are only from the past 168 hours, whereas that of the former is only 2-hour old. At some point, this can be inconveniencing, particularly with Blink, as you might lose some valuable recordings.

In case you’re concerned about the storage space, Arlo Pro 2 might be the best system for you. The surveillance system features a longer period before the deletion of recordings and also it has a local backup storage option.

Installation And Setup

Well, all wireless security cameras are very easy to install since they don’t require cabling. When it comes to Blink XT2 vs Arlo Pro 2, both systems are battery-powered and they transmit their recordings through a Wi-Fi connection. Hence, the longest time you can use to mount and set up each is 10 minutes.


Now, when it comes to pricing, The Arlo Pro 2 camera system is about $100 higher than the Blink XT2. As we have seen in our discussion, nonetheless, the wireless security camera might be worth it if your focus is on professional performance. In case your aim is on affordability, though, the Blink XT2 should be your device.


Getting back to our previous question on which is the best amongst Blink XT2 vs Arlo Pro 2, which do you feel qualifies as the best?

Well, for us we’ll give credit to the Arlo Pro 2 even if it is a bit more expensive. First, Pro 2 camera has a wide view angle and a smart siren, meaning it will cover a large scene of your compound and deter burglars. Also, the Arlo security device has both the battery and plug-in power options to make sure you can even enjoy more advanced features. That, though, doesn’t mean you divert your desires if you’re more attached to Blink security systems. Do remember, getting XT2 can help save about $100 and also it still holds more ratings than its counterpart.

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