Comparison Between Arlo Pro VS Arlo Pro 2 in 2021

Comparison Between: Arlo Pro VS Arlo Pro 2 in 2021

When it comes to security technologies, Arlo has been one of the best-ranked systems on the market. This is not just for their high performance but for their simple installation that requires no prior technical skills. If we can look at Arlo Pro vs Arlo Pro 2, for instance, the two systems can’t take more than 5 minutes to mount and setup. They are completely wire-free. No cabling for power or video transmission is needed.

While the two Arlo products are remarkably convenient and reliable, choosing one can be tricky. Their performance, yeah, differs in a way but many are the features the two cameras share. As a matter of fact, the pair has identical external dimensions. So, unless you recognize the one additional aspect differentiating them, you won’t be able to tell them apart with naked eyes.

Comparing Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 Security Camera System

Just with the naming, you can easily tell that the Arlo Pro 2 is the second generation of the Arlo Pro. The existence of the Pro 1 model, though, was facilitated by the original Arlo Security Camera which debuted in the fourth quarter of 2014. At the time [2014], Arlo Technologies, Inc. was still in its early stage, hence, the original camera was not as efficient as the two heirs.

The following are various features to help you understand Arlo pro vs Arlo pro 2 better and discern which is better or best.

1. Design

Like we’ve just stated, Arlo Pro and Pro 2 security cameras have an almost identical design that you can’t detect very easily. When purchasing, the two come in a white outer casing with 3.1 x 1.9 x 2.8 inches in dimensions and 136g weight. The small size and weight make possible for you to hide the surveillance camera without detection.
Around the end with the camera, Arlo Pro has a black edge while the Arlo Pro 2 features a white one. This is the simplest way that you can tell the two security cameras apart without having to dig into their performance.

3. Smart Features:

Resolution: When we come to this one now, both the Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 produce smooth high dimension pictures. The latter, though, provides more vivid and clearer images since it has a 1080HD resolution while its counterpart features 720HD. The pair, nonetheless, share a similar H.264 video format to guarantee high-quality transmission at lower bandwidth.
Arlo security cameras have 130° field of view, meaning they have a wide coverage for tighter security measures.

Audio: Both Arlo Pro and Pro 2 security cameras have an excellent 2-way audio function that allows you to use them as a walkie-talkie. Through the built-in mic and speaker, you can communicate with your kids or delivery person from wherever you’re using your smartphone.
The audio is also essential as it provides you with recordings that you can see and hear what the accomplices are discussing.

3-second Look back: For this feature, you’ll only get to enjoy it from Arlo Pro 2 and not with the first Arlo Pro. The function lets you view the motion or sound-activated recordings plus what has happened 3 seconds before the event. For the feature to work, however, your camera has to be connected to an AC power supply and not when running on batteries.

Night Vision:

Well, the ability for a security camera to see in the darkness is now a common feature but that’s not the reason Arlo included it. With the Arlo Pro, yeah, the reason was to help monitor what’s happening in the darkness. The Pro 2 camera, however, was to ensure you can see in the darkness as well but with more clarity using the integrated night vision.

A security camera with integrated night vision promises you enhanced detection and recognition capabilities in darkness, fog, smog, and rain. That’s why Arlo Pro 2 produces brighter videos at night than the Arlo Pro.

Sound and Advanced Motion Detection:

This is another essential feature where you can differentiate the Arlo Pro vs Arlo Pro 2 well. With the former, its built-in PIR motion sensor ensures not a single movement will ever go unnoticed.

Arlo Pro 2 has a PIR motion sensor as well but with it, you can customize the detection zone to specific zones. If you set your motion detection zone to the gate, you’ll only receive alerts and recordings when there are movements at the gate.

NB: To use the customizable motion detection function, the Arlo Pro 2 has to be plugged into an AC power supply. This, of course, will undermine the significance of the camera if your focus is on a wire-free system.

Continuous Video Recording: Arlo Company offers the Pro 1 and Pro 2 with free cloud storage that you can keep recordings of up to 7 days. In both, the recordings are motion and sound-triggered but in case you want 24/7 monitoring, the Arlo Pro 2 has the CVR function.
For the continuous Video recording [CVR] feature to work satisfactorily, nonetheless, the camera has to be on AC power supply. Also, you’ll have to subscribe to a monthly cloud storage plan.

A Comparison Table between Arlo Pro vs Arlo Pro 2

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From the comparison table, you can clearly see the Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 security cameras have so many identical features. This, however, doesn’t mean that you pick any of them and install them at your home or workplace. You have to consider a few aspects so as to ensure you get what suits your security needs and preference.

A Simple Buying Guide To Choosing The Right Arlo Camera System

Even when they’re only two, choosing your final Arlo Pro cameral model can be a daunting experience. You might feel your heart attached to the newer Arlo Pro 2 but your consciousness remains attracted to the first Pro model. Nonetheless, if you know the basics required when buying a security camera system, making up your mind with being pretty easy and fast.

Some of these basics include:

Home/ Business ownership: Technically, the core purpose of a security camera is to secure your valuable items from theft, vandalism, and the risk of the two. When it comes to video surveillance systems, however, there are those for homeowners only and the other for homeowners and renters.

With Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2, they are both fit for homeowners and renters since they are totally wire-free. Hence, they don’t necessarily require complicated wiring.

Compatibility: Do I really need this security camera system? Is the security camera compatible with my home needs? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself when in the market of Arlo products. Otherwise, you will spend a wholesome $100 extra on the Arlo Pro 2 camera system only to realize later the other model was all enough.

As a matter of fact, if you’re looking for a nice stealthy security camera, Arlo Pro is all enough considering it doesn’t deplete its batteries fast.

Picture Quality:

A security camera with a high video resolution is very important in capturing moments/ events as they are. Therefore, if your interest is on a security camera system that produces more vivid and clearer pictures, Arlo Pro 2 would be your best choice.

Price Tag: Finally, pricing is everything. It’s the aspect that defines a particular security camera or the packages attached to it. Looking at Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2, for instance, the former is more than $100 cheaper than its counterpart. Also, the security system [Arlo Pro] doesn’t have advanced features like CVR, which will require you to subscribe to a monthly cloud storage plan.

So, if you’re looking for a security camera system for your home or without necessitating the advanced features, you can get the Arlo Pro model. If your current needs, though, are on a Camera with quality videos and 24/7 recording, the Arlo Pro 2 should be your piece.

So, Which Arlo Camera is the Best Now?

Overall, both Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 security camera systems are great products to have. Their efficiency, though, depends on your current needs and also your preference may apply.

If you’re looking for a system that is on budget and good for monitoring your kids, the Arlo Pro camera will be a good choice. It comes at an affordable price and the videos it creates are fine and in 720HD. However, if you feel there’s chicanery going on at your store, the Arlo Pro 2 camera will be the best option for you. You can continuously record with it 1080P HD videos and set the motion detection feature at specific zones. So, if it’s your storage room, you’ll always know every time there’s someone around.

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