Zosi 8CH Security Camera System Reviews in 2022


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Despite the growing fame of the standalone wireless security cameras, DVR and NVR kits are still crucial in surveillance. As with the Zosi 8ch security camera system, you not only have the advantage of super-tight security. But a cost-effective means to look after your family and valuable assets.

Sad to say, Zosi Technology is one of the most underrated brands in the video surveillance industry. While you may be hearing its name today, the company has been offering security solutions since 2006.

It serves all security camera categories, ranging from the wireless selections to wired DVR and NVR kits. The systems from the brand are largely DIY and easy to use. Hence, you won’t need to hire an installer to set up the system for you.

The top pick at a glance

Benefits of Choosing DVR kits over the Standalone Cameras

First of all, both the DVR and standalone cameras are good for enhancing the security of your properties. The only difference is that each has its unique strengths and areas where its functions best.

Here are some key benefits that you’ll enjoy when using a digital video recorder to watch over your business or home:

Worry-free Video transmission: This is the biggest advantage of using a DVR surveillance unit. The system works on its own without using a go-between like wi-fi or wireless sync module. Hence, offers continuous video feeds without breaks.

Maximum Security: The system allows you to connect multiple security cameras for different locations around your property. This guarantees you high-level security, with minimal or no blind spots.

Local Storage: This is the second key benefit of a DVR system, whereby you get to enjoy local monitoring without having to subscribe to the cloud services. The majority of the systems support 4 or 6TB hard drive. Thus, you’ll never miss what has happened in your absence.

Easy Management: using a DVR, you can monitor your compound with up to 16 cameras, all connected to one controller. This gives easy access to functions of all cameras, including viewing past recordings.

Easy to use: although there’s that hassle of cabling, DVR cameras are very easy to use. They don’t need to be programmed or the so-called configuration [unless you want to remotely access the footage].

Also, a wide array of digital video recorders do capture high-quality images, contrary to some of the claimed myths. With the Zosi 8ch security camera system we’ll be discussing next, for instance, the included DVR support up to 1080p HD resolution. So, the captured images are rich in detail during the day and remarkably clear at night.

The Best Zosi 8CH Security Camera System

1. Zosi [8FN-418W4-10-US] 8CH Security Camera System

ZOSI 3K Lite Security Camera System with 1TB Hard Drive,AI...
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Against all, this is one of the best DVR kits in the market. It comprises of an 8-channel 1080p HD DVR station and 4x domed cameras that you can use either indoors and outdoors.

Featuring 1080p HD lens, the cameras deliver bright and sharp recordings that are also remarkably rich in color. At nighttime, each of the domed cameras has 24pcs IR illuminators that allow viewing of objects up to 65ft away. The captured images are black and white but clear enough to bring out the license plate of an approaching car.

When it comes to recording, Zosi 8FN-418W4-10-US Surveillance system comes with a preinstalled 1TB security grade Hard Drive. The device can be set to automatically overwrite the oldest files with the new footage. Thereby, ensuring no current activity happens on your property and you fail to know.

Although some feel it like an old-school way to monitor your property, this security camera system has advanced motion detection and remote access capability. This means you can remain connected with your valuables even when you’re away for vacation or work meetings.


  • Zosi 8FN-418W4-10-US security camera kit comprises an 8-channel DVR and 4x 1080p HD domes cameras
  • It delivers crystal and colorful images during the day and up to 65ft infrared night vision
  • Features a pre-installed ITB HDD for continuous recording
  • Support smart motion recording to save on storage space
  • Can connect with an external mic and speaker to get audio functions
  • Can connect with the internet for remote viewing on your smart device
  • Included cameras are remarkably weatherproof and vandal resistant
  • The security camera system is remarkably affordable and very easy to install.


  • Included cameras have no audio functions
  • Doesn’t support hands-free control

2. Zosi 8KN-211B4-1T Full HD Security Camera System

ZOSI 3K Lite Security Camera System with AI Human Vehicle...
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ZOSI 3K Lite Security Camera System with AI Human Vehicle...
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This is another incredible system that you can use to monitor your home or business. It’s an 8-channel kit as well, comprising of 1080p HD DVR and 4x sturdy bullet cameras. These cameras have a 2MP image sensor that captures sharp and vivid Full HD pictures during the day. For the dark backgrounds, there are powerful IR LEDs and an automatic IR-CUT filter that support up to 65ft night vision.

As a hardwired system, Zosi 8KN-211B4-1T comes with 4 BNC cables to connect the included cams to the recording station. Since it has 8 video inputs, you can extend 4 additional bullet or dome cameras to tighten the security of your large compound.

To record, the system has a preinstalled 1TB Hard Drive that can continuously record for over 10 days before it’s full.
Following the integrated H.265 technology, this system can compress the captured video with low bit-rate. Hence, maximizing storage space to offer even longer continuous recording.

The Zosi 8ch security camera system, by the way, offers 4 different recording options [continuous, scheduled, motion-activated, and Recycle]. Hence, very convenient and comforting to own.


  • It captures 1080p Full HD crystal-clear videos
  • Supports up to 8x 720p/ 1080p HD bullets and dome cameras
  • Comes with a preinstalled 1TB Hard Drive
  • Incorporates H.265 compression technology for smooth video streaming and to save on storage space
  • Has 4 different recording modes
  • Supports both local and remote viewing
  • Sends motion-triggered push notifications to smartphone and email
  • The security cameras are remarkably weather resistant to make possible outdoor use.


  • Relies on a hardwired connection. Hence, might take more time to install
  • Included cameras doesn’t have audio functions
  • Doesn’t work with Alexa or Google Assistant.

3. ZOSI 8CH Home Security Camera System

ZOSI H.265+ Home Security Camera System with AI Human Vehicle...
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  • (2). [ 5MP 3K Lite System Overview ] __ Exclusive 8 Channel 3K 5MP-Lite DVR Recorder paired with 8...

In case you feel your compound requires more than 8 cameras, this particular kit can serve your desires. It has 16 video input ports that you can use with 1080p cameras.

The ZOSI Home surveillance system, though, comes with 8x bullet cameras that have a 1080p resolution. Of course, that’s not as sharp as the above two systems but the captured images are still clear and colored.

Featuring 24 powerful IR LEDs, these cameras allow you to see objects that are situated up to 65ft away. Also, their exterior housing is a heavy-duty aluminum that is IP66 rated to ensure they can perform in the open environment without damage.

ZOSI 8CH Home Security Camera System supports 4 recording options. They include: continuous, scheduled, motion-activated, and Recycle recording.

With motion recording, the function is even more convenient if you can connect your system with the internet. Anytime the built-in sensor detects a movement, you will receive an instant alert to your smartphone, tablet, or PC.


  • ZOSI 8CH surveillance kit comprises an 8-channel H.264 DVR and 8x 1080p bullet cameras
  • It can use 720p or 1080p HD security cameras
  • Can record in total darkness up to 65 feet
  • Features 4 recording modes to choose
  • Has a smart motion detection function plus instant alert push
  • Offers both local and remote access
  • Can connect with an external mic and speaker to enjoy audio functions
  • The video surveillance system is very simple to install on your own.


  • It doesn’t come with a preinstalled Hard Drive
  • Requires a hardwired connection. Hence, time-consuming to install
  • Not compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant.

Why Choosing Zosi Might Be Worth It

As you already know, the video surveillance industry is currently filled with numerous brands and products. That’s the reason even a brand like Zosi is still unknown to many despite its outstanding offerings.

Anyways, alongside producing security camera systems that have the latest and greatest video technology, Zosi truly minds its consumers. It has an excellent customer support service to assist you in case of any problem with your system.

Whether you prefer the online support center, live chat, email, or phone, the company is always readily available to help. At times they might be unable to respond to you on time, yeah. But they always do and within a 24-hour timeline.

Also, Zosi technology offers all its systems with a 24-month warranty and a guaranteed FULL REFUND if unsatisfied with your product. You can read about the Company’s Warranty and Return Policy here. The Zosi security camera system is the best security cameras for business.

Final Verdict

Apart from good health, knowing your properties are ultimately safe is the second thing to happiness. While security cameras are the best for the monitoring role, the market has so many models to choose from. This has made the selection of the right system [somehow] confusing, particularly if you aren’t sure what exactly you want.

Nonetheless, if you can discern why and where you need to have additional eyes, choosing the best surveillance device will be pretty easy. If it’s a large compound, for example, an NVR or DVR kit may be the best option for you.
Of course, the majority of them are often a bit expensive. But there are models like the Zosi 8ch security camera system that can serve your tight budget perfectly and satisfactorily.

The cabling might annoy you at some point, for sure. But once done with the installation, the experience to follow is totally secure and stress-free. This comes as the surveillance DVR unit works on its own without broken video feeds.

Furthermore, the preinstalled hard drive ensures no current activity around your home/ business ever goes unrecorded. And since it’s local recording, no monthly fees you’ll ever need to pay to playback past recordings.

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