Wisenet vs Lorex: Which is a Better Expandable Security Camera System
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Wisenet vs Lorex: Which is a Better Expandable Security Camera System

When shopping for a CCTV system, what should you look for? Is it brand popularity, affordability, clear footage, or the place of origin? And if it’s just any good security camera that will deliver the desired results, who should you choose between Wisenet vs Lorex expandable system?

Well, this is what we’ll be looking at today, whereby we’re going compare the two to see who’s more worthwhile to own. For starters, the pair isn’t exactly the most popular, but there are still some good things to like about them.

Verdict: 6 Things We Like Best on Lorex System

  • Lorex has up to 4K PoE systems
  • Lorex can record in full [email protected]
  • The Lorex cameras record in full color at night
  • Lorex security system has smart AI features
  • Lore security cameras have a full metal casing
  • Lorex cameras support various audio functions

Wisenet vs Lorex: Features & Specs of the Best Security Camera Systems from the Brands

In this review, we’ll be comparing a Wisenet DVR kit with a Lorex PoE unit. Yes, indeed, it’s kind of unfair, but Wisenet doesn’t have high-resolution network recorders at the moment.

FeaturesWisenet 8CH Super-HD DVR Security SystemLorex 8CH UHD NVR Security
Security System SeriesSDH-B84045BFAZN4282T88SK-E
Number of ChannelsUp to 8 CamerasUp to 8 Cameras
NVR Record ResolutionFull 2K @15fpsFull 4K @15fps
Camera Sensor1/2.7″ CMOS Sensor1/2.8″ CMOS Sensor
Field of Vision104°108°
Night VisionBlack & WhiteColored, Black & White
Video CompressionH.64H.265/ H.264
Built-in SpotlightNOYES
Audio functionN/AYES
24/7 Live StreamYESYES
24/7 RecordingYESYES
Preinstalled HDD1TB2TB
Power SupplyPluginPlugin
ConnectivityBNC CableRJ45 PoE Cable
Smart AIMotion detection & Activity ZonePerson/ Face/ vehicle/ motion detection & Activity Zone
Smart IntegrationN/AAlexa & Google Assistant
Camera HousingHard Plastic (IP66)Sturdy Aluminum (IP67)
Operating Temperatures-22°F to 122°F-22⁰F to 140⁰F
WarrantyOne YearOne Year
    Wisenet Camera Price   Lorex Camera Price

Is a Wisenet Security System Good?

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Well, a good answer here’s a maybe since it’ll depend on what you’re looking for. If you need a high-resolution network recorder unit, the brand currently has up to 1080p quality at this moment.

Even so, Wisenet does have a security camera system with a DVR recorder that can record up to 4K video quality. But still, they’re not many options to consider, plus they only have either eight or sixteen channels.

That said, though, the Wisenet expandable security camera system is relatively cheaper. Then, the recorder comes with all the accessories, including a preinstalled hard drive disk and 60ft long cables. Thus, you can install and start using it immediately.

Is a Lorex Security System Good?

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Are you looking for a security camera system that you can view and record crisp videos? In our previous Lorex vs Nest review, we saw the Canadian maker doesn’t just have 4K Ultra-HD cameras but even options with a motorized lens.

Also, the new acquisition by Dahua has seen Lorex improve on technology, in particular the AI smart detection. Similar to the WiFi catalog like the Eufy or Wyze camera, you can now get functions like face/ person/ vehicle detection. Thus, allowing you to keep an eye on only what matters and also reduce the false alerts from things like trees, animals, and insects.

Sadly, however, Lorex security camera systems aren’t exactly cheap to own, especially the PoE kits. And also the company no longer offer the standard warranty at two years as they used to some years back.

Wisenet vs Lorex: Comparing the Various Features & Capabilities between the Security Camera Systems


In pricing, Wisenet is the clear winner here. If it’s our reference 2K DVR system, you can get it at $200 while including four bullet cameras and the rest of the installation accessories. The few 4K security camera kits on the catalog are also not very expensive as you can get one from as low as three hundred.

As for Lorex, the brand is a little more expensive than the selections from Samsung Security (former name of Wisenet). If it’s the 4K NVR system on our table above, you can grab it at around $850 on the regular days. And if you wanted a DVR unit to plug into your existing BNC cabling, an 8-channel system with half the cameras goes for $450.

Working Conditions

If looking for any weatherproof security camera, either of the two brands may be a good option. However, Lorex will be a perfect option if you need a better system that you can mount in the open as the cameras have metallic housing. Then, they also have IP67 dust/ water protection, which means a higher endurance on powerful water jets from any direction.

Furthermore, Lorex does have cold weather security camera systems that you can use in extreme winters of Alaska. And when looking at Avertx and Lorex, we also saw the Canadian company has few cameras that tolerate up to 158°F.

On the other hand, the security cameras that come with the Wisenet DVR system usually have plastic housing. Yes, of course, the material is tough, but you can’t compare the sturdiness with metal housing.

Moreover, the Wisenet cameras all have IP66 dust/ water protection, which is slightly less than the IP67 rating. Then, the operating conditions are limited to -22°F to 122°F, which also is a bit lower than Lorex versions.

Video Quality

When you compare Lorex vs Wisenet video quality side by side, you’ll notice a very huge difference. As you may know, one of the main differences between NVR and DVR is that the former usually have crispier images.

And since Lorex has the network-based recorder and cameras, it does take the points here as well. As said earlier, the brand also can record up to 4K Ultra-HD resolution, which is everything if you’re watching a high-value area. Then, you can also get a camera like the Lorex LNB8963B that has a motorized lens, thereby allowing you to zoom distant objects without distortion.

On its end, Wisenet has only security cameras with a fixed lens for now. And since they are all analog (with DVR), you can expect a drop in clarity when comparing with the Lorex IP cameras.  

Recording Frame Rate (FPS)

Again, Lorex will win in this case as you can record your videos at a faster speed (frame rate) than the Wisenet versions. If it’s our reference example, the provided cameras can record videos in [email protected] or [email protected]. Thus, giving you a smoother or rather more detailed video (recorded) than the Wisenet cameras that capture in full [email protected] or [email protected].

If you need even sharper and smoother videos, Lorex does have a line of 4K 30fps security camera systems., whereas Wisenet doesn’t.

Note: there’s a big difference between the frame rate for live streaming and recording. What we’ve just talked about is the recording frame rate, which refers to the video recorded to the hard drive/s in your recorder.

Then, the live streaming/ display frame rate is the speed at which you can view the “live stream” footage from your system. And in this case, you can notice a maximum frame of 64fps up to 360fps in either Wisenet or Lorex camera.

Audio Functions

Unfortunately, the security cameras with the Wisenet DVR system don’t have a built-in microphone or speaker. So, you’ll have to connect external ones to get the audio capabilities.

As for Lorex, you can get up the 4K security camera system with audio functions, including both recording and two-way talk functions. The team has even integrated a siren feature that you can set off through the mobile app or the panic button on the recorder. Thus, warding off the potential burglars before they break into your home.

AI Smart Detection

Lorex is also a better choice here since it has more intelligent motion detection features to help you watch only what matters. The two best of these features include Face and Human detection to alert/ record when the camera detects a person.

Other than the two, the Lorex security system also does have Vehicle detection if you don’t want to get all alerts the camera detects. Then, you can also get the Lorex Safeguard pass to enable the Missing and Left Behind object detection.

On its end, the Wisenet security camera system currently only supports motion detection, just as with many DVR units. However, you can be able to set the sensitivity level from low through high, as well as the areas you’d like to detect motion.

Free Local Storage

Last but not least, both Wisenet and Lorex security camera systems come with a preinstalled hard drive in the recorder. Thus, making it possible to save the captured recordings without having to pay the monthly cloud subscriptions.

Even so, the maximum hard drive capacity you can have in either brand totally varies with the system.

If it’s our reference Lorex AZN4282T88SK-E, the preinstalled disk has a capacity of 2TB but you can add a maximum of 6TB. A larger unit like the Lorex NC4K8-3216WB that has up to thirty-two channels no doubt will need more storage. So, the company offers it a preinstalled 8TB hard drive and a maximum capacity of 20TB.

As for Wisenet, our DVR unit SDH-B84045BF comes with a 1TB preinstalled hard drive. We enquired about the maximum capacity one can add to the recorder, but the company is yet to get back to us- we’ll update when they do.

However, you could get the Wisenet SDR-94307 4K security DVR, which comes with a 1TB preinstalled hard drive disk. But you can also expand the internal storage with up to 6TB maximum capacity.

In Conclusion:

While they may not be on the top of the list, both Wisenet and Lorex still have some great security camera systems you can choose from. The Wisenet catalog might be even better if you have a relatively low budget and won’t mind using the analog DVR.

In our opinion, though, Lorex is a better option, and not just from the extensive range of security camera systems. But also clearer videos, the ability to record audio, two-way talk, and more smart AI detection features.

Another thing we didn’t get to mention is that Lorex has various cameras, including our reference model AZN4282T88SK-E with a built-in spotlight. Thus, giving more detailed videos even at night, plus also another means to deter the uninvited guests.

Regardless, Lorex has been pretty awful on the customer service since the start of the COVID pandemic. So, we’re hoping they’re going to improve on that now that things are getting back to normal.