The 7 Best Cold Weather Security Camera Systems for Winter

The 6 Best Cold Weather Security Camera Systems for Winter of 2024

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Around this time of the year, you need not just any but the best cold weather security camera for the outdoors. Otherwise, in extreme places like Alaska, you may end up changing your cameras every day as the temperature here drops as low as 0°F to -30°F. So, it’s usually better to choose a model that lists operating conditions of at least -40°F. Why do we say this?

Well, for one, a security camera is still a type of machine. And just like many cars will be hard to start when cold, it can also “die” if the operating temperatures are beyond its standards. Even worse, you’ll notice a battery-powered security camera loses the charge much faster as the chemical reactions inside the batteries also occur more slowly.

In any case, this article has brought together all the key details you need to know about cold weather security cameras. That includes the weatherproof rating, which you should know isn’t exactly related to temperature tolerance, as some people claim.

What’s The Best Outdoor Security Camera for Cold Weather in 2024?

Typically, best is a relative term, which each of us will get to interpret differently. For instance, our overall best outdoor security camera for cold weather is the Hiseeu wireless security camera system for now. But., who knows, you might be looking for the best budget, battery-powered, night vision, or resolution camera.

Anyway, here’s an overview of the Hiseeu and a few other recommendations you might love to have on your property during the winter season.

Best overall: Hiseeu 8-Channel Wireless IP Security System

Key Features: Affordable, Wireless NVR system, 3MP HD, 95-degree viewing angle, 1TB HDD, Two-way talk, working temperatures of between -13 to 122° F

Best of Battery: Blink Outdoor FHD Battery Security Camera

Key Features: 1080p HD, up to 30fps frame rate, AA lithium batteries, 2.4GHz WiFi, two-way audio, and operating temperatures -4 to 113° F

Best of Clarity: Amcrest 4K Ultra-HD Turret Security Camera

Key Features: 8MP image sensor, 105-degree view, PoE connectivity, up to H.265 video coding, 256GB MicroSD card, and -40 to 131°F

Best of Alternative: Arlo Pro 4 3-Pack Wireless Security camera Kit

Key Features: 4MP video quality, 160-degree field of view, rechargeable battery, operating conditions at -4 to 113°F, compatible with Apple HomeKit and Alexa.

Is A Cold Weather Security Camera Really Worth It?

Um, that depends. If the security camera is for indoor use, you necessarily don’t need to bother with tolerance to extreme, cold temperatures. But again, the inside and the outside temperature won’t be far off. So, the indoor cameras, which are not weatherproof, by the way, should also tolerate a bit of cold and hot air.  

Meanwhile, outdoor security cameras are the most in need of tolerance to extreme (hot/ cold) temperatures. In particular, you may need to choose a brand with the highest rating if you’re planning to mount in the open environment under no shelter.

Best Cold Weather Security Camera

That said, here are the five main benefits of installing the best cold weather security camera at your home or business place.

  • Optimal performance: a cold weather security camera can continue to function normally in the lowest temperature with no issues.
  • Maximum security: it makes sure you can keep an eye on your property all year round, including the harshest winters.
  • Maintain battery charge: a dedicated cold weather battery security camera is likely to retain charge slightly longer than a regular model under the same conditions.
  • Enhance durability: if the security camera can survive the coldest weather conditions, it should be able to serve you for a longer period. As a matter of fact, you could demand a replacement if the camera got spoilt despite using it under the recommended conditions.
  • Cost-effectiveness: a great cold weather security camera could also save you a few bucks during the winters. That’s it should continue to work under extreme conditions and so you won’t be needing to buy any replacements.

Comparing The Features, Pros, And Cons Of Various Cold Weather Security Cameras

The following is a summary of some of the best cold weather security cameras if interested in one. It should give you an outline of what to expect in performance, reliability, and convenience.

Cold Weather Security CameraVideo QualityWeatherproof RatingOperating Conditions
Hiseeu 8-Channel Wireless Security System2K Full HDIP66 Rated-25 to 50°C (-13 to 122°F)
 Ring Spotlight Cam Wired Security Camera1080p Full HDIP65 Rated-20.5 to 40°C (-5 to 104°F)
Blink Outdoor FHD Battery Security Camera1080p Full HDIP65 Rated-20 to 45°C (-4 to 113°F)
Amcrest 4K Ultra-HD Turret Security Camera4K Ultra-HDIP67 Rated-40 to 55°C (-40°F to 131°F)
DCT (CG1) Full HD WiFi Security Camera1080p Full HDIP65-10 to 45°C (14 to 113°F)
Arlo Pro 4 3-Pack Wireless Security camera2K Super HDN/A-20 to 45°C (-4 to 113°F)

1. Best overall: Hiseeu 8-Channel Wireless IP Security System

【Wireless Pro,Plug & Play】 Hiseeu 2.5K 5MP WiFi Security...
  • 【Wireless Pro,More than 100ft Range】Our security system adopts wireless pro technology,which...
  • 【Extenable to 16 Channel】This is 16 Channel Dual WiFi 4K Network Video Recorder + 4pcs...

As was mentioned, the Hiseeu model is our overall best cold weather security system, thanks to its perfect balance of pricing and performance. It’s a wireless system, which comprises a 2K NVR and four bullet cameras. But the recorder has up to 8-channel support. So, you can add the remaining four cameras later on, including a wireless PTZ design with optical zoom capabilities.

Regardless, you might find the four given cameras enough if you have the standard American home. Not only do they have a wide-angle lens, but also a superior 3MP image sensor. Thus, can cover a considerable area of your property while also recording sharp and crispier videos than the standard 1080p systems.

Even better, the security camera system supports the HEVC (H.265+) compression format, which maximizes the bandwidth and storage consumption. Then, the cameras are IP66 rated, with operating temperatures ranging -13-122°F. So, you could use them in the open outdoors without having to worry about the extreme cold.


  • It delivers sharp and bright videos
  • Comes with free local storage
  • Has an impressive night vision
  • Doesn’t require the internet to work
  • Has audio recording and two-way talk
  • It’s budget-friendly and durable


  • The instructions are pretty vague
  • It doesn’t work with Alexa or Google home

2. Best of Night: Ring Spotlight Cam Full HD Wired Security Camera

Ring Spotlight Cam Wired - Plugged-in HD security camera with...
  • Connect your Ring camera with Alexa then enable announcements to be alerted when motion is detected....
  • Lets you see, hear and speak to visitors from your phone, tablet and PC.

The Ring Spotlight Cam is a perfect pick if you need a security camera with constant, around-the-clock vivid protection. It monitors your property in the standard 1080p FullHD, which, of course, isn’t the greatest but sufficient for home use. Better yet, the security camera has built-in LED spotlights. So, you’ll continue to monitor your property in great detail even after the darkness covers the area.

As a wireless system, the Ring device is compatible with your 2.4GHz home WiFi. It has a relatively low bandwidth usage of about 1Mbps, but we’d recommend you have at least 2Mbps for the best performance.

Furthermore, the security camera has a built-in microphone and speaker. So, you can not only record videos with audio but also enjoy a crystal conversation with whoever facing the camera. Even better, the security camera has a built-in siren that you can activate remotely from the app.


  • It’s fully Made in the USA
  • Has a decent and durable design
  • Records in color day and night
  • Has multiple deterrence features
  • Features an extra-wide coverage
  • It can withstand up to -5°F temperatures


  • It has no auto siren function
  • Doesn’t have SD card storage
  • Can’t zoom in on a video playback

3. Best of Battery: Blink Outdoor FHD Battery Security Camera

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Well, the Blink Outdoor isn’t just our best battery cold weather camera, but also the overall bestseller (81,000+ reviews on Of course, the 1080p HD video quality isn’t what we’d expect in 2023. But it’s sufficient for home use and even has a frame rate of up to 30fps. So, the captured videos will be much smoother and with more details of the moving objects.

The security camera has a 110-degree field of field, which is enough to cover a wide space without compromising the video quality. It also has an 850 nm Infrared LED Illuminator for a pretty decent black and white night vision.

Furthermore, the camera transmits the footage over a 2.4GHz WiFi network. Then, it has a fully weatherproof construction, with operating temperatures of as low as negative four Fahrenheit. So, you can mount outside and it survives the coldness of most parts of the USA.


  • It’s 100% wire-free
  • Has a reasonable pricing
  • So easy and quick to set up
  • Records HD videos with audio
  • Supports two-way conversation
  • It’s a compact, easy to hide design


  • It has no free storage option
  • Can’t work without the internet
  • Doesn’t have continuous recording

4. Best of Clarity: Amcrest 4K Ultra-HD Turret Security Camera

Amcrest UltraHD 4K (8MP) Outdoor Security IP Turret PoE Camera,...
  • EXPERIENCE ULTRA HD 4K – Stunning ultra-high quality 4K (8-Megapixel / 3840x2160) resolution...
  • SMARTER SECURITY – Receive motion alert notifications and review footage via your smartphone with...

Well, this Amcrest system is the overall best extreme cold weather security camera if you’re in the Midwest. It has a solid metallic construction, with an IP67 weatherproof rating, thereby can survive the harshest water jets and dusty conditions Then, the operating conditions go as low as -40°F to the scorching heat of up to 131°F.

On top of that, the security camera system delivers up to 4K Ultra-HD resolution, which is the sharpest on our list. It also has multiple powerful infrared LEDs that offer a clear night vision of up to 98 feet.

Furthermore, the device supports a dual video compression rate, including H.265 and H.264 technologies. Hence, giving you a chance to cut down the storage and bandwidth usage by more than a half.

Speaking of storage, the Amcrest Turret has a built-in slot that can support up to 256GB MicroSD card. Alternatively, you can hook up the camera to a PoE NVR that has 4K UHD support.


  • It delivers vibrant and detailed pictures
  • Has a wide view to cover more grounds
  • Can record videos that you can also listen
  • Features a well-made, durable construction
  • You need not apply for a cloud storage plan
  • It has ONVIF support for third-party systems.


  • The MicroSD card slot is a bit hard to access
  • It’s a little hassle to work with RTSP streaming
  • The Alexa support is pretty useless (requires cloud plan)

5. Best of Budget: DCT (CG1) Full HD Outdoor WiFi Security Camera

DCT Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor Magnetic: Battery Powered...
  • 【Strong Magnetic Mount & 2.4G WiFi】DCT security cameras wireless outdoor built-in high quality...
  • 【Full Color Night Vision & PIR Motion Detection】The battery powered security cameras have two...

At only seventy bucks, the DCT outdoor camera is a piece you’d love to have. It’s not only wireless but also runs on a rechargeable battery. So, it can come in handy if you wanted to keep an eye on a place inaccessible to wired power.

The CCTV has a 2MP image sensor that records in 1080p Full color during the day. It also has an integrated LED spotlight beside the lens so you can continue recording in full color even after dusk settles.

More on that, the spotlight can be set to activate automatically when it detects motion. Hence, working alongside the siren alarm to disrupt the uninvited guest before breaking into your property.

Furthermore, the security camera has a built-in slot that you can insert up to 128GB SD card if you don’t want to pay for the cloud. Then, it’s fully weatherproof from low-pressure water jet and cold temperatures of as low as 14°F.


  • It’s very affordable
  • Has decent videos and night vision
  • Can work outdoors with no issues
  • Has audio recording and two-way talk
  • It’s very easy to hide with surrounding


  • It doesn’t work with Alexa or Google Home
  • The motion detection is a little slow to react

6. Arlo Pro 4 3-Pack Rechargeable Security camera Kit

Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera - 3 Pack - Wireless Security, 2K...
  • See a bigger picture - The security camera has a wide 160° diagonal viewing angle lens for auto...
  • Capture clearer details - The wireless outdoor security cameras with advanced video quality that...

Just as the name, the Arlo Pro 4 uses a rechargeable battery, then sends the footage over to your viewing device wirelessly. So, it’s a great alternative wire-free cold weather security camera for the areas inaccessible to wired power.

Furthermore, the security camera has a 4MP image sensor, which should deliver vibrant 2K video quality. However, the lens has a 160-degrees super-wide field of view, which should explain why many users complain it’s a little less of a 2k resolution.

Nonetheless, the wireless CCTV  system has an integrated spotlight. So, you can continue recording in full color at night, as well as deter the potential burglars before vandalizing your property. In fact, there’s also a built-in siren that can work out for deterrence when the sensor detects movement or you activate from the app.

Moreover, Arlo designed the Pro series to withstand dust and rain without any issues. The camera even has a tolerance of severe temperatures, ranging from -4 to 113°F. So, it should be suitable for most places.


  • It’s So easy to set up and operate
  • The software does work pretty well
  • Has a cute design for a smart home
  • Support Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit
  • You can share access to live stream with family


  • It’s pretty expensive
  • Doesn’t have MicroSD card support
  • The motion detection isn’t always dependable

Buyers Guide: Factors To Consider When Looking For The Best Cold Weather Security Camera

As was mentioned in the beginning, we all have different requirements and preferences when looking for the best security camera for Canadian winter. But in all the cases, you’ll still need to know your camera in and out if you’re to make the most of it.

The five key features that you’ll want to consider for that include:

  1. Video quality: choose a security camera with the highest resolution possible, but based on the budget you have. It will ensure you get vivid videos that you can read important details like the faces, license plates, and tattoos when even farther away.
  2. Field of View: in our opinion, we’d recommend choosing an average field of view to not compromise the video quality. That means getting a camera with a 110-degree lens or less.
  3. Weather Tolerance: if you want your security camera/s for the outdoors, they should have a great tolerance to harsh weather conditions. You can consider IP67 rated devices if you’ll monitoring a place with no shelter, but IP66 and IP65 can also work.
  4. Operating Conditions: don’t make the mistake to think that an IP67 weatherproof camera can withstand severe cold or hot temperatures. IP rating has nothing to do with temperature tolerance as even indoor cameras will need to withstand particular conditions. So, check the recommended operating conditions.
  5. Storage Options: if you don’t want to pay for cloud storage, you might want to choose an NVR/ DVR system kit or a standalone camera with local storage/  free cloud.

Related Questions:

Do outdoor security cameras work in the winter?

Indeed, outdoor security cameras can work in the winter, but, of course, not all can withstand extreme temperatures. So, after confirming the dust and waterproof rating, you’ll also need to make sure the operating temperatures are fit for your locale. For instance, in Alaska, you’ll need a camera like Lorex or Amcrest that has operating conditions of as low as –negative forty (-40 ) degrees.

Does cold weather affect security cameras?

Oh, yeah. Cold weather can affect security cameras to an extent of killing them if the conditions are beyond their standards. Hence, the reason you’ll need to look for not just the IP rating but also the recommended operating conditions.

Final Thoughts:

Well, as you can see in our reviews and guide, the IP rating has nothing to do with the tolerance of a security camera to extreme temperatures. So, don’t buy a CCTV brand because it’s IP67 rated and expect it to work in extreme temperatures. Have a look at the specs section again and confirm the suggested operating conditions matches your local weather.

That said, our first recommendation cold weather security camera is still the Hiseeu 8-Channel Wireless IP Security System. Not only is it affordable, but also has everything you need to watch your property. That includes vivid 2K HD video quality, audio recording, free local storage, and tolerance to low temperatures of up to -13 Fahrenheit.