Lorex Vs Nest: What is The Different Between Them?

Lorex Vs Nest: Which Is The Most High-Resolution Security Camera?

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As you’re shopping around for a security camera, it’s not common to find people comparing Lorex vs Nest together. No, of course, both are great systems, but they focus on different classes of CCTVs.

If it’s Google Nest, the company specifically deals with home automation systems, including smart wireless security cameras and video doorbells. Then, Lorex is relatively versatile and works around a mix of both the smart and traditional security camera systems with DVR.

Anyhow, in this article, we’re going to compare the two brands and see how they compare in terms of video quality, intelligence, et cetera. However, Lorex is our first choice in both pricing and convenience.

Lorex Vs Nest

The 5 Reasons Why Lorex is the Best 1080p HD Security Camera

  • Lorex smart camera is relatively cheaper
  • Lore security camera has clearer pictures
  • The Lorex camera offers free 24/7 continuous recording
  • Lorex security camera is using advanced H.265 coding
  • Lorex has added the security camera with free local storage

Lorex versus Nest: A Quick Peek on the Security camera Brands

Here’s a quick summary of the two best 1080p HD security camera systems from the two companies

FeaturesLorex W261ASC-ENest Indoor Cam
Dimensions4.3 (H) by 2.7 (W) inches3.88 (H) by 2.25 (W) inches
Field of View115-degree135-degree
Video Quality1080p Full HD1080p Full HD
Frame Rate30fps30fps
Night VisionBlack & White (850nm)Black & White
Video CompressionHEVC/ H.265, Standard H.264Standard H.264
Audio functionYESYES
Sound detectionYESYES
Built-in SirenNONO
24/7 Live StreamYESYES
24/7 RecordingYES (Lorex Fusion recorders)YES (Nest Aware Plus)
Free StorageYES (Up to 256GB MicroSD)NO (free trial available)
Power SupplyPlug-inPlugin
Activity ZonesYESYES
Smart AIPerson detection Smart motion detectionFacial recognition Package detection Smart PIR motion detection
Smart IntegrationAmazon Alexa Google AssistantAmazon Alexa Google Assistant
Operating Temperatures14 ⁰F–113 ⁰F32°F to 104°F
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Google Nest

In the table, you’ll notice our two brands here share quite a number of features. But as we said earlier, Nest only deals with a smart security camera, something they’ve been doing since Google joined them.

If you can remember our last talk on Nest Cam Outdoor and Nest Cam IQ Outdoor, this company was only making smart thermostats at first. It wasn’t until Google’s involvement they ventured into video surveillance and released their first indoor camera.

But even though it’s been about seven years, Google is yet to bring Nest to the level we’d want it to be. Yes, indeed, the brand is one of the bestsellers in the market, but they’ve slag behind a little in innovation.

Lorex Security Camera

As for Lorex, well, they deal with about all categories of security cameras. That includes the smart security camera cameras like the indoor modelW261ASC-E above. Even better, the company has introduced its Smart Home Security Center (monitor) not long ago. So, you can now call out the “Lorex” name to manage your connected devices.

In the ZOSI vs Lorex review, though, we did mention the Canadian brand is more into expandable security camera systems. So, you’ll only find a few selections of wireless security cameras on its catalog.

Lorex Vs Nest: Comparing The Key Features And Functions Of The Security Cameras


When you compare Google Nest vs Lorex on cost, the latter is more affordable. The available selections sell as low as sixty to a hundred and fifty bucks, depending on the model and capabilities available.

As for Google Nest, the brand is relatively pricey, with the cheapest model starting at $99.99 to as high as $279.99. Of course, that’s something we should expect in an American brand. But then, Blink and Wyze are also based here in the U.S. yet they have managed to retain the prices of their security cameras under $50 as well.

Anyhow, many companies have limited-time offers at this time, whereby you can grab your desired items at amazing discounts. Some of the best HD security cameras from Lorex and Nest you might want to check out include:

Video Quality

All our examples above feature a 2MP image sensor. Thus, deliver 1080p Full HD videos, which, of course, aren’t the best, but sufficient for home applications. And, therefore, we should have split the point between the two brands.

However, you’ll come to notice the HD video from Lorex is a little clearer compared to a Nest camera in the same condition. This is so as Lorex has a narrower angle lens, in which case it will give a slightly smaller field of view, but the images will appear larger and more detailed.

Also, it’s worth noting that Lorex does have WiFi cameras that can record up to 2K QHD resolution. And for the high-value areas, you can opt up to 4K color vision security camera with a  fixed or motorized lens.

Therefore, Lorex will take the points on video quality since Nest is still at 1080p Full HD as the maximum resolution.

Video Compression

Similarly, Lorex will take the points on video compression as it uses both the standard H.264 encoding and the HEVC/ H.265 technologies. So, you have a chance to enjoy high-quality video streaming and recording even on a constrained network connection or less storage.

On the other hand, Nest cameras usually operate on only the standard H.264 video encoding. The technology will have slightly lower power consumption, but the bandwidth and storage usage will be higher than Lorex devices.

Audio and Two-Way Talk

Well, many IP security cameras in the market today support audio functions- both recording and two-way talk. Lorex and Nest aren’t left out either, in which case they’ll split the point on the feature.

Even so, do remember Lorex is still making traditional cameras, some of which don’t have a built-in mic or speaker. So, you have to attach external audio systems through the recorder.

Intelligent Analytics

All the two security camera systems support various smart video analytics to give you a smoother and more fun monitoring experience. However, Google Nest has more of the AI features, including smart motion alerts, familiar face recognition, plus person/ animal/ vehicle detection. It also has sound detection, in which you’ll get alerts when there’s a dog barking, person talking, or a sound from the smoke/ carbon monoxide alarm.

As for Lorex, our reference indoor security camera does have motion alerts, plus person and vehicle detection. The device can also detect, record, and alert you when it picks sound of your set decibel level. However, the brand doesn’t have familiar face recognition, which could come in handy to avoid receiving false alerts from family members.

Free Storage

Lorex is yet the clear winner here, thanks to the integrated slot for a MicroSD card. You necessarily don’t have to pay the monthly cloud subscription, plus the camera will continue to record even after an internet outage.

Better yet, you can connect your Lorex smart WiFi camera with a Lorex Fusion recorder to get 24/7 continuous recording. Thus, making it possible to see even before the burglar approaches your main entrance.

Similarly, Nest security cameras do support continuous video recording as well. However, the brand doesn’t have the option to record to a local MicroSD card or recorder. So, you’ll have to purchase the Nest Aware Plus at $12/ month.

Alternatively, you can opt for the basic Nest Aware at $6/ month, but it doesn’t provide 24/7 video history. Also, the short video clips has a 30-day history instead of 60 days with the Nest Aware Plus.

Smart Home Integration

Both Nest and Lorex are winners here as you can pair either with your smart home ecosystem. In particular, the brands are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa devices. Thus, enabling you to control your cameras by simple voice commands.

Note, Nest cameras aren’t natively/ directly compatible with Apple HomeKit devices despite the rumors. However, you should be able to replicate the platform while using the Homebridge hub (an open-source software). The same applies to most Lorex cameras, but don’t forget the brand now has its ecosystem hub.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I view my Lorex cameras on my TV?

A simple answer, YES, you can view Lorex cameras on a TV with either a built-in Chromecast or Fire Stick. You could also watch the cameras on an Apple TV while using open-source software like Homebridge hub.

Can I connect Lorex to Google home?

Lorex is one of the security companies that have partnered with Amazon to have Alexa capabilities in their security cameras. You can also connect Lorex to Google Home devices for faster, easier, and more fun control of your systems using your voice.

Does Alexa work with Lorex?

As was just said, Alexa does work with Lorex security cameras, even though not all of them. Thus, allowing hands-free control together with your other smart devices.

How much do Google Nest security cameras cost?

Google Nest is one of the best security cameras you can have on your property. The brand is not only Made in the USA, but also includes multiple latest technologies, including face recognition, person detection, and voice detection. However, Google Nest security cameras cost between $100 to $250, which is a bit high compared to Lorex that has some deals at only $30.

Which security camera will be best for home security?

Individually, both Lorex and Nest are great security cameras. In our opinion, though, the Lorex security camera is the best for home security as you can continuously record to the local storage at no cost. Also, the brand offers a video resolution of up to 4K Ultra-HD, which you can even zoom without losing important details.

In Conclusion:

If you compare Lore vs Nest at intelligence, the Google brand is relatively smarter. The dedicated familiar face and animal detection features could make a significant difference, in particular, if you have set your camera to record only activities.

However, Lorex is the overall best security camera between the two as it’s more affordable, plus includes free local storage. Even better, the company is not just limited to 1080p security cameras as you could also get 2K and 4K UHD resolutions. Then, there’s the ability to add your WiFi camera and even doorbells to a Lorex NVR system. Hence, ensuring you can continue to monitor and record your property 24/7, still at no cost.