Avertx Vs Lorex: Battle Between Two Security Camera Brand

Avertx Vs Lorex: Battle Between Two Security Camera Brand

Last week, we looked at ZOSI vs Lorex to see which brand has a great yet affordable security camera system. In this article, we’ll be comparing Avertx vs Lorex again, but this time the idea’s to find the best professional-grade security cameras, which you can count on over years.

Needless to say, the two companies are not the most famous, probably because of their high pricing. Also, they have hardly any battery-powered security camera systems, yet the design is what most people want nowadays.

But, anyway, let us jump to our discussion and see how Avertx and Lorex differ from each other. In our opinion, though, Lorex has a much better commercial security solution.

5 Reasons Lorex is the best Professional-grade security camera system

  • Lorex security camera has crisp 4k (up to 8MP) video recordings
  • Lorex provides their security cameras with a longer warranty period
  • Lorex security cameras has Smart Motion Detection
  • Expandable high capacity storage up to 20TB
  • Lorex allows remote-activated siren

Avertx vs Lorex: A Summary on the Security Camera Brands

Here’s a summary of the best 4K PoE security camera system from both Avertx and Lorex. It should give you an overview of what to expect when choosing a system from either brand.

FeaturesAvertx 4K DVR KitLorex 4K Security Camera System
Digitization TechnologyPower Over the EthernetPower over the Ethernet
Available ChannelsUp to 16 camerasUp to 16 cameras
Video Quality4K Ultra-HD4K Ultra-HD
Frame RateUp to 20FPSUp to 30FPS
Coding TechnologyStandard H.264+Up to HEVC (H.265)
Field of View105°108°
Night VisionBlack & WhiteColored, Black & White
DeterrenceWarning LightsSiren & Warning lights (plus NVR Panic button)
Audio functionsYESYES  
24/7 RecordingYESYES
Power SupplyPlug-inPlug-in
Activity ZonesYESYES
Smart AIPerson detection Vehicle detection Smart motion detectionFace Detection Person detection Vehicle detection Package detection Smart motion detection Missing object detection
Free StorageYES (8TB Hard Drive and 2GB cloud )YES (3TB Hard Drive)
Smart IntegrationN/AAmazon Alexa Google Assistant
WeatherproofIP67 rating (-22°F to 140°F)IP67 rating (-22°F to 140°F)
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Avertx Security Camera System

In a nutshell, Avertx is a great CCTV brand if you won’t mind the huge price tag. According to their website, they only deal with professional security solutions. And, perhaps, that’s why they don’t have the standalone Wire-Free cameras at the moment.

Regardless, the extendable POE security camera systems from Avertx are some of the best if you don’t want to keep going back to the store every year. Yes, the company is a bit discreet on where they make their systems. But they stress that their proprietary Avertx Proconect software “ is developed right here in the United States”.

Furthermore, Avertx offers up to 4K security camera system, which even includes autofocus optical zoom. Thus, enabling you to adjust the view on the distant objects without having to climb a ladder or even be physically present.

Lorex Security Camera System

Lorex 4KSDAI168-2 4K Smart Deterrence 16 Channel Surveillance...
2 Reviews
Lorex 4KSDAI168-2 4K Smart Deterrence 16 Channel Surveillance...
  • Record and view video in up to 4K (8MP) Ultra HD Resolution on all cameras
  • Quickly access your live footage with simple voice commands (compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google...

As for Lorex, they also deal with professional-grade security camera systems, but the pricing is a little generous. You’ll also have a wide range of products to choose from, including a battery-operated outdoor security camera. Thus, making it possible to keep an eye on even those areas inaccessible to wired power.

Also, the Lorex wireless security camera system has one of the best signal ranges, counting up to 500 feet. Then, there’s smart home compatibility via Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant devices to give you faster access through hands-free voice control.

As we mentioned when comparing Montavue vs Lorex, though, the company is now part of the Dahua directory after FLIR sold it. However, the headquarters of the brand is still in Canada, where it all started.

Avertx vs Lorex: Comparing the Features and Performance of the Security Camera Systems


Overall, Lorex and Avertx are pretty expensive to own, just like the other companies that advertise to sell professional-grade CCTV. However, the prices of the Canadian brand are slightly lower as you can get a decent 4K from as low as four hundred bucks.

One of the reasons you’ll find Lorex more affordable is because it has a wide range of systems to choose. You can find a 4-channel, 6-channel, 8-channel, 16-channel, as well as 32-channel system. Then, they have both the NVR vs DVR  kits, plus various resolutions and types of cameras.

On its end, Avertx has its extendable security camera systems selling between $1500 – $4,000. The company also has a relatively small product catalog, plus deals with only NVR kits at the moment. So, it also won’t be the best option if you’re planning to upgrade your old analog system with the existing BNC wiring.


In terms of durability, Avertx and Lorex should have shared the points. The security cameras they send usually have a sturdy metallic housing, with weatherproof sealing. So, you can use them indoor or outdoor without having to worry about harsh weather conditions.

Even so, every camera will have a unique build different from the other. For instance, our two examples above have IP67 weatherproof rating, which the teams have tested to withstand temperatures ranging -22°F to 140°F.

However, you’ll find some like the Lorex LZV2925SB PTZ camera, which can withstand even harsher conditions of -40°F to 158°F. Others will even have a much lower tolerance of about -4°F to 122°F. So, it’s about your budget and where you want to mount the systems.

Note, Lorex sends its security cameras with a one-year limited warranty instead of the two years they used to give in the past. On the other hand, the Avertx systems come with a standard two-year warranty, which guarantees you a repair or replacement at no extra charges.

Therefore, it’s clear Avertx trusts the quality of their systems a little bit more than Lorex does. So, the points on durability will go to Avertx.

Video clarity

Well, both Avertx and Lorex now have security cameras that can record up to 4K Ultra-HD. Thus, enabling you to watch your property in exceptionally detailed resolution and on a large monitor. Even better, you can digitally zoom the security cameras without greatly reducing the quality of the images.

Meanwhile, the two companies do have add-on cameras with motorized lenses. Thus, enabling you to adjust the field of view and focus on the distant objects without compromising the picture quality in any way.

Nonetheless, Lorex does have more options for the cameras with optical zooming, both analog and IP technologies. Also, it has 4K 30fps security cameras that bring you real-time captions and extra smooth motion. So, you’ll have clearer evidence of the moving subjects/ objects than an Avertx 4K security cameras that record up to 20fps.

Note, the Lorex 4K system in our table above usually records at 15fps in 4K and 30fps in 5MP. So, you might want to choose something else like the Lorex NC4K3MV-164BB if you want to be recording in real-time 4K @30fps.

Video Compression

While some tend to ignore it, video compression is really important in a CCTV system, especially in 4K models. It can help reduce your storage consumption by over 50%, thereby allowing you to have more and longer recordings.

When we now compare Lorex vs Avertx on Video compression, the former takes the points. Most of its security camera systems now support up to HEVC/ H.265 video compression technology. Thus allowing you to save even more space compared to Avertx security camera recorders that utilize H.264 advanced video coding. Avertx has only one camera (without a recorder) for now that supports HEVC coding.

Note, the Lorex 2K indoor WiFi security cameras also support both H.264 and H.265 video codec. So, you can minimize the (WiFi) bandwidth consumption and enjoy more seamless streaming.

Audio and Two-Way Talk

Both Avertx and Lorex security cameras have a built-in microphone, plus a speaker. That means you get to receive video footage with audio, which is less boring and more credible in terms of evidence. Also, there’s the option to communicate with whoever facing the camera through the two-way talk feature and also play prerecorded deterrent messages.

Even so, Lorex security cameras do have an integrated siren feature that you can remotely activate from your Lorex home app. Also, the Lorex NVR does have an external panic button, which you can press to activate the sirens on all your smart deterrence cameras at once. The button will also activate the spotlights, which are yet another deterrence feature while still enhancing nighttime recording.

Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS)

Well, the points here would have gone to Canada as our reference Lorex security camera system has more smart analytic features. For instance, they can detect a human and vehicle shape, thereby ignoring false motion triggered by trees or animals. They also have a face detection feature, which will only push the notifications when the sensor detects a face pattern (not face recognition).

Furthermore, the Lorex security camera system has the latest Safeguard technology that lets you set up four areas for missing objects and package detection. Thus, you’ll only receive alerts when something happens on specific objects.

Meanwhile, some of the Avertx security cameras also have advanced intelligent AI features. That includes person and vehicle detection, heat mapping, people counting, and others. Thus, helping you to effectively manage your business place by tracking the busiest days of the week.

Mobile App and Client Software

Last but not least, you certainly will want a security camera system that you can access remotely while away. So, good client software and the mobile app are a must for your system-to-be. Either has to be easy to view live video from multiple cameras, as well as playback the recorded events. It should also be easy to listen and talk with your guest, activate warning lights and sirens, as well as configure intelligent video analytics.

As for our two brands, the Lorex Home app has a relatively better rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 on both App Store and Google Play store. However, the app layout isn’t the best, especially if you want to forward or rewind the recorded videos. Also, quite a number of users are unhappy with the fact that only one user can be logged in to view the camera at a time.

On the other hand, the Avertx Connect app ranks at 2.2 out of 5.0 on the app store, which is very low. In most of the negative reviews, the users have complained about the app being laggy and crashing at times, especially after you update to the latest version.

Note, both Lorex and Avertx also do have the desktop software if you want to access and monitor your system on Mac or Windows. They are also compatible with Apple TV, albeit you must make sure the system is compatible.

Our Pick

When you compare Avertx vs Lorex on the basic grounds, they’re both great systems. However, the Lorex security camera system leads in most of the areas. If it’s video quality, it’s a bit smoother and more clearer from the use of a 4K sensor @30fps. The partnership with Dahua has also seen the company introduce more smart analytics that was not there before. Then, their smart deterrence includes a built-in siren that you can activate remotely from the mobile app or the recorder panic button.

Regardless, our main focus in the article has been on a professional-grade security camera system. That’s a perfect system for a commercial security solution. Hence, the reason we mentioned Avertx at the beginning as our brand of choice. The standard two-year warranty is enough proof the company trusts the quality of its system. But, of course, you’ll have to pay a little bit more than you would have on a similar Lorex unit.

Better yet, Avertx has some of the cameras with business smart analytics, including people counting and heat mapping to track your weekly traffic.  

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