4k 30fps Security Camera System: Should You Get It?

4k 30fps Security Camera System: Should You Get It?

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Are you looking for a good security camera system for business? Would you like to capture the license plates of the cars passing by your street? If yes, then a 4K 30fps security camera system is what you need to focus on. Not only does it deliver crisp and detailed images but also you can zoom distant objects without drastically diminishing clarity.

As you (possibly) know, the overall quality of a CCTV improves with resolution. The higher the resolution, the more vivid details your cameras will produce. And since 4K is currently the highest we have available in the consumers’ security cameras market, it’s the best choice if you need the sharpest videos.

What’s the Best 4K 30fps Security Camera System in 2024

From the various selections that we checked, Amcrest has the best 4K 30fps security camera system. It’s reliable, convenient, accessible, and the best rated across the retail market.

But then, the camera still lacks in some parts and might not fit your exact requirements. Some other 4K 30fts security cameras you can check out include:

Which is Better, 4K or 8MP Security Camera

If new to the CCTV world, you’ll notice various manufacturers label their security camera systems differently. For instance, Eufy Technologies use descriptive resolution names like 1080p and 2K HD, whereas Reolink camera and several other go with the numbers.

If it’s 2K HD, you’ll notice the device goes with 5MP or 4MP, which is the size of the image sensor. This takes us back to our 5MP vs 4K vs 1080p security camera review, whereby we said 5MP has a native resolution of 5,017,600 pixels. We also mentioned 8MP, which is equivalent to 8,294,400 pixels, is also called 4K Ultra-HD. So, none is greater than the other between the two.

Even so, a few brands now have up to 12MP, which has a native resolution of approximately 12, 000, 000 pixels. The video quality falls between the regular 4K (3840 x 2160) and 5K (5120 2880) resolutions. So, we can say it’s an upgraded 4K Ultra-HD.

Regardless, a 12MP camera has a lot of processing data that will require high bandwidth to stream and large storage space to store. Hence, the reason many top manufacturers are in no hurry to add in their inventory. Tech giant Hikvision was actually the well-known company to have, but recently consumer brands like Reolink and ANNKE security camera have added it to their line of cameras.

Is a 4K 30fps security camera System Worth it?

So, 4K HD is to 8MP-12MP cameras… what then is the deal with 30fps?

Quick question, did you ever have a chance to play with a flipbook when you were young? As you flipped through the pages quickly, you could notice the still images animate and appear to move.

Well, the same concept applies to recording with a security camera, or all cameras in general- that’s DSLR, phones, tablets, action, and trail cameras. The captured object is still, but when viewed in a certain order and speed perceives the brain as a smooth motion.

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Now, the speed at which these images are shown is what we call frame rate, often expressed as “Frames per second” or simply fps. It explains the number of frames (otherwise images) shown in each second.

So, with 30fps, it means the camera captures thirty distinct images in one second. As a general rule, this a pretty high speed and you should get a smoother video than a camera recording in 5fps or 10ps. Also, this kind of frame rate does have space you can switch to lower speeds when playing. So, you’ll still get crispier and detailed images when you playback footage with short pauses (like in slow-motion).

In other words, a 4K Ultra-HD CCTV that records in 30fps will show you every detail of the captured object in motion. If it’s an intruder, you’ll see as he makes every step, unlike with 1fps where the system skips some moments.

4K 30fps vs 60fps Recording Rate

Technically, CCTV cameras that record between 10 and 30 fps are the most common as very little quality is lost in-between. Any frame rate higher than 30fps is used in High-def. cameras to record busy scenes that will need to be slowed during playback. So, we’d expect a 4K 60fps security camera to produce even smoother recordings and rich in detail.

If it’s near a street, 60fps can capture fast-moving vehicles much better, considering it has 30 more frames in that one second. Hence, increasing the chances to see vehicle models, make, and even license plate. Of course, a 30fps video will also have crisp and usable details as well, but it might miss a single crucial point that 60fps will capture.

That said, though, 60fps video has more image data than 30fps. So, the bandwidth and storage consumption of a 4K 30fps security camera will be 50% lower.

The Best 4K 30fps Security Camera System Review

Best Overall: Amcrest IP8M-2696EW 4K 8MP PoE IP Bullet Security Camera

Amcrest NightColor AI IP PoE Bullet Camera w/ 66ft Full...
  • AI FEATURES - Bullet IP PoE AI Camera with Human Detection, Vehicle Detection plus event filtering....
  • SMARTER SECURITY – Receive motion alert notifications and review footage via your smartphone with...

As was mentioned, this is our recommendation if you need a good 4K 30fps security camera system for your home or business. It has a generous budget, compelling performance, and perfect reliability.

The security camera system has a superior 8MP CMOS image sensor, with starlight technology. Hence, delivers crisp and detailed images during the day, as well as in low-lighted environments. The night vision, though, is infrared black & white, with a range of up to 98 feet.

With the built-in PoE technology, the Amcrest camera can work as an add-on to NVR or as a standalone camera using a power-over-Ethernet switch. It does have an integrated MicroSD card slot so that you can use without having to subscribe to a cloud storage plan.

More on that, the security camera has the 30fps feature we’ve been talking about, plus advanced HEVC (H.265) video compression. So, it can record footage rich in clarity at a reduced bandwidth and storage space rate.


  • It’s is straightforward to set up and use
  • Delivers crystal-clear footages
  • Can record videos with audio
  • Include multiple smart AI features
  • Covers a large area with fewer blind spots
  • It has a friendly budget and durable construction


  • It has limited mounting options
  • The remote viewing app has a slightly longer load time

Best Budget: Hikvision HES328TD 8MP 4K Dome PoE Security Camera

4K PoE Security IP Camera-Compatible with Hikvision...
  • [Hikvision OEM Product] Unbranded, Non-logo. Manufacturer by Hikvision factory but comes with OEM...
  • 【Ultra HD 4K Resolution Video】8MP 4K resolution 3840 × 2160 at 15 frames-per-second (FPS). 8MP...

If you need a great budget 4K security camera for residential or commercial, this model does fit the bill. You can use indoor or outdoor without appearing intrusive, all thanks to the sleek, domed design.

The security camera has an 8MP sensor that can record in 1080p HD, 2K super HD, and 4K Ultra-HD. It supports multiple frame rates, including 20fps, 25fps, and 30fps so that you can comfortably match your situation.

At a 102-degree field of view, the security camera system enables you to cover your compound with the least/ no blind spots. It uses Power Over Ethernet to work, thus can connect to a Hikvision NVR or use alone with a PoE switch. but since the camera does have ONVIF support, you could use it with third-party systems and software, including Blue Iris and Synology.


  • It has a reasonable pricing
  • Captures smooth and vivid videos
  • Has a well-made, durable construction
  • Has built-in local storage (MicroSD slot)
  • Includes various video compression technologies
  • It includes advanced intrusion detection and line crossing


  • It doesn’t support audio functions
  • Doesn’t work with other camera brands as smooth

Best Night Vision: Lorex LNB9232S 4K Ultra-HD Fixed Bullet Camera

Whenever there’s a topic about night vision, you can never miss Lorex on the list. The brand is not only amongst the first beneficiaries of the Sony Starvis sensor but also with the widest infrared night vision.

For the instance, the model LNB9232S can see objects up to 275 feet away at night if there’s some lighting on the compound. But if you would want it to record in color instead, the range will be relatively shorter.

Still on the video quality, the security camera has an 8MP image sensor that gives you the highest level of clarity you need. There’s also HDR (high dynamic range) and 3D-DNR (digital noise reduction) technology. Hence, ensuring you can still capture vivid details in unbalanced lighting conditions.

The security camera is yet another with PoE technology so that you can use with NVR (if available) or as a standalone. It also has both the standard H.264 and advanced H.265 compression technology. Thus, you won’t need to compromise your local storage when working with a high 30fps speed.


  • It features a superb night vision
  • Supports ONVIF profile S and T
  • Has a wide 111-degree field of vision
  • Delivers bright and crystal-clear images
  • Straightforward to set up and install
  • It has a sturdy and weatherproof metal housing


  • It’s relatively expensive
  • The audio quality is pretty poor
  • It’s not compatible with sinology, despite ONVIF compliance

Best Clarity: Urban Security Group 8MP Motorized 4K Ultra-HD PoE Security Camera

If you’re looking for a decent camera for the high traffic zones, this model has everything you may need. It starts with a superior 8MP lens to give you high-quality videos at all times of the day, year-round. The lens even has a motorized varifocal design that allows you to vary the focal length to capture the objects at a distance with rich clarity.

When nighttime crawls in, the camera has powerful three-array infrared LEDs that can see up to 200 feet away. It has a minimum illumination of 0.01 lux in color mode, which means you still can capture detailed images if the scene has ambient lighting.

Furthermore, the security camera has a multi-frame structure, with 20fps for 8MP and 30fps to use with 6MP mode. It also has the standard H.264 video code, as well as the advanced HEVC format. So, you can maximize the system’s storage and bandwidth without sacrificing the image quality.

Still, the camera has ONVIF support, plus you can remotely access it via phone app, tablet, webpage, or Windows and Mac software.


  • It feels solid and durable
  • Has a reasonable pricing
  • So easy to set up and use
  • Delivers great day and nighttime images
  • Can work with third-party systems and software
  • You can zoom distant images without lowering clarity


  • It has no audio features
  • Rather large for indoor application

Alternative 1: GW Security 8MP 4K @30fps Motorized Bullet Security Camera

GW Security 8 Megapixel 4K (3840x2160 @30fps Real-time) 3X...
  • 8-Megapixel with 3840x2160 @30fps Super High Resolution H.265 4K Realtime Video
  • Built in 2.8~8mm 3X Optical Motorized Zoom Varifocal Megapixel HD Auto-focus lens which allow you to...

Last but not least is an alternative for monitoring in rich clarity. Similar to the Urban Group’s model, it has a motorized varifocal lens that enables you to capture images at a distance with rich clarity. So, when added with the 8MP image sensor and 30fps recording rate, you won’t struggle to identify license plates.

With the 18 pieces of infrared LEDs around the camera eye, you also won’t need to worry about the darkness. You still will be able to see whatever that tries crawling into your property, albeit in black and white mode.

Furthermore, the security camera has HEVC H.265 video compression that gives longer recording time and minimizes bandwidth consumption. It also supports universal ONVIF compliance so that you can use it with other NVR brands that support the feature.

Speaking of NVR, by the way, the camera is an IP PoE model, which means you could use it with Power Over Ethernet switch or injector. Then, control the various settings via the phone app or computer software.


  • It offers sharp and crisp images
  • Quick and effortless to install
  • Has the variable field of vision
  • Easy to control various functions
  • It has a strong, waterproof design


  • It’s pretty expensive
  • Doesn’t have audio functions

Special Notes:

From our selections, you’ll come to notice there aren’t WiFi or even battery-powered security camera systems. Well, 4K resolution alone packs pretty heavy data that can drain battery and storage fast, plus steal WiFi bandwidth from your other devices.

When you now add a 30fps recording rate in the mix, the consumption of the storage, data, and battery likewise increases. So, you might not enjoy your device as you had hoped.

Final Thoughts: Do You Need a 4K 30fts CCTV

Performance-wise, a 4K 30fp security camera system is something you’ll definitely want to have. Image quality is top notch and also the video runs smoothly without choppiness or otherwise with no lagging.

If it’s a camera like the Urban Security Group that has a varifocal lens, the clarity even gets better. A varifocal lens usually gives a security camera the ability to vary the focal length (or simply zoom) to capture a distant object. And since the lens system is what is moving here, the zoomed videos will appear sharper and clear than digitally zoomed ones.

Meanwhile, a 4K 30fps camera can be expensive to buy and even manage. So, if the area you want to monitor doesn’t have much traffic, a CCTV system with the standard frame rate (15-24fps) should do just fine. Without zooming the video, you might not even tell the difference as choppiness is more noticeable to the eye below 10fps.

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