ZOSI vs Lorex: Which Will Make a Better Security Camera System?

ZOSI vs Lorex: Which Will Make a Better Security Camera System at Less?

As you know by now, it’s not a must you have a thick wallet to install CCTV in your home or workplace. Yes, of course, you may need to have enough to get one of those top brands out there. But in this ZOSI vs Lorex review, we’ll show you even a hundred bucks is enough for a decent security camera system with DVR.

Well, yeah, ZOSI is not a name known to many of us, but it does have its customer base too, including here in the U.S. It usually targets low-end consumers, whereby it mostly offers expandable DVR systems.

ZOSI vs Lorex: A Quick Peek on the Security camera brands

The following is an overview of the features to expect in a 4K security camera system from both ZOSI and Lorex. (Note: ZOSI doesn’t have a 4K POE system at this time, but Lorex has a couple)

FeaturesZOSI 4K DVR KitLorex 4K Security camera System
Digitization TechnologyAnalog HDAnalog HD
Available ChannelsUp to 4 camerasUp to 8 cameras
Video Quality4K Ultra-HD4K Ultra-HD
Frame RateUp to 30FPS  Up to 30FPS  
Field of View100-degree87-degree
Night VisionBlack & WhiteColored, Black & White (Color Night Vision™)
DeterrenceN/A  YES (panic button)
Audio functionNO (DVR only)NO  (DVR only)
24/7 RecordingYESYES
Power SupplyPlug-inPlug-in
Activity ZonesYESYES
Smart AISmart motion detectionPerson detection Vehicle detection Smart motion detection
Free StorageYES (2TB Hard Drive)YES (1TB Hard Drive)
Smart IntegrationN/AAmazon Alexa Google Assistant
WeatherproofIP67 ratingIP67 rating (-40°F to 140°F)
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A few days ago, we tried to compare Montavue vs Lorex to see who has better surveillance technologies for your property. Before that, we had looked at Lorex vs Swann, Amcrest, Hikvision, GW Security, Arlo, and Reolink. So, it’s a brand we love to talk about, especially when it comes to expandable kits.

Meanwhile, ZOSI we’ve never covered them in-depth before. So, today will be the first time we compare its features with the Lorex.

As was mentioned, the brand usually focuses on DVR kits, something they have been doing since the initial debut 15 years ago. Yes, yes you can also find battery-powered wireless security camera units if that’s what you’re looking. But the brand has only like three options to choose from, with all in 1080p Full HD.

More on that, continue reading the full Lorex vs ZOSI review below. We’ve prepared it with less technical terms to make it as easy to understand as possible.

ZOSI vs Lorex: Comparing the Features and Performance of the Security Camera System

Here are some of the key similarities and differences between the two brands:


ZOSI no doubt takes all the points here. It usually operates at a low price point, whereby you can get a decent expandable DVR or NVR kit for even a hundred bucks. The few standalone wireless security cameras available are affordable as well, with most selling under fifty dollars.

On the other hand, Lorex has some of the best technologies when it comes to surveillance. They also have about all CCTV designs, including fully metallic IK10 vandal-proof cameras that can withstand not only the toughest weather conditions. But also a burglar trying to bring them down with a hammer.

Even so, Lorex is a bit expensive to own, with its proprietary Nocturnal NVR units reaching up to three grand. Of course, you can still get a decent security camera system under $100, but that goes for only the standalone indoor cams.

Video Clarity

Overall, both Zosi and Lorex have up to 4K security camera systems. However, the latter has the best video quality since it uses 8MP IP cameras, which you should know captures sharper pictures than the analog (DVR) counterparts.

Even better, Lorex has a dedicated line of varifocal security cameras, which usually have a motorized lens. Hence, enabling you to zoom the distant objects without sacrificing the image clarity in any way.

Meanwhile, 8 channel ZOSI security cameras have a fixed lens that can only give you a digital zooming feature. Also, the 4K cameras available at the moment are only those that use TVI digitization technology. So, you’ll notice the videos are not as detailed as with a true 4K PoE camera.

Video Compression

Lorex is also the winner here as you have the option to record with your IP security camera at a higher frame rate- 30fps. Thus, giving you videos that are not only smoother in real-time, but also with every moment of the object in motion.

Better yet, some of the 4K 30fps security cameras have the option to tweak the settings and record in 2K quality at 60fps. Thus, allowing you to capture faster-moving objects (like cars) without missing any moments and also give even smoother videos

As for ZOSI, many of the (analog) cameras record at 15-25fps, which is within the standard frame rate for 1080p and 5MP systems. Yes, you can still find a system that can record at 30fps, but they’re not many of them.

Night Vision

When we compare Lorex vs ZOSI security cameras on night vision, we can agree both brands have done the best they can. As a low-end camera, we shouldn’t expect much on ZOSI, but they now have a built-in spotlight on some of the cameras. So, you’ll continue monitoring in full color even after dusk.

Even so, the night vision of a security camera usually compliments the kind of image sensor it uses. So, Lorex will do take the points as its PoE security camera capture crispier digital videos.

Better yet, various Lorex cameras have the proprietary Color Night Vision™ technology and others a built-in spotlight. Hence, bringing you colored night vision for more detailed images and long-range black & white night vision (up to 330ft).

Audio and Two-Way talk

Similarly, ZOSI and Lorex will be splitting the points here. They both have security cameras that support listen-in audio recording. Thus, giving you footage that you can also hear what the potential burglars are planning.

Better yet, both providers have security cameras with two-way audio. So, you can communicate with whoever on the background while even miles away. And to make it better, you can use the two-way speaker of some cameras to set off the built-in siren. Thus, deterring the uninvited guests before they break into your home.

Intelligent Video Surveillance

Last but not, both ZOSI or Lorex have not invested well in intelligent video surveillance technologies. The few smart security camera systems feature only the basic functions like motion detection, customizable motion zones, human detection, and car detection. Beyond that, you might need to look elsewhere.

More on the AI, the two companies have also partnered with Amazon to give their systems smart home compatibility. So, you can add some of the cameras to your Alexa ecosystem for hands-free voice control.

Key Takeaway: 6 Top Security Camera Systems From ZOSI and Lorex

Security Camera ModelTypeResolutionSmart IntegrationStorage 
ZOSI 8EM-2612B4S-10-USNVR Kit5MP Super-HDNone1TB HDDView on Amazon
ZOSI   1NC-1902F32-W-US2Standalone1080p Full HDAlexaMicroSD Card (Up to 128GB)View on Amazon
ZOSI   ‎8TN-261W4-20-USDVR Kit4K Ultra-HDNone2TB HDDView on Amazon
Lorex TN81828B8NVR Kit4K Ultra-HDAlexa, Google Assistant2TB HDDView on Amazon
Lorex W261AQC-EStandalone1080p Full HDAlexa, Google AssistantMicroSD Card (Up to 256GB)View on Amazon
Lorex DK181-48CA-ASDVR Kit4K Ultra-HDAlexa, Google Assistant1TB HDDView on Amazon

Our Pick

Well, both ZOSI and Lorex have unique sides that stand them out from the thousands of security brands out there. The systems also share quite a number of aspects, including the integration of audio functions and smart home compatibility.

Even so, our decision will settle on ZOSI for now as it’s way cheaper, yet delivers almost all the crucial features on Lorex. Of course, we don’t like how they’ve put so much energy on DVR and slacked off on IP cameras. But, hopefully, they’ll catch up soon- that’s for both the wireless WiFi cameras and NVR kits.

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