Montavue vs Lorex: Comparing Features and Capabilities

Montavue vs Lorex: Comparing Features and Capabilities of those Security Camera

Which is better between Montavue vs Lorex security cameras? As a longtime CCTV expert, we would say both could be a great place to start for home or even business security solutions. Not only do they have a range of systems to choose but also use the latest technologies to bring you a fun and successful monitoring experience.

Needless to say, Montavue Company is new to many, which isn’t surprising at all considering it just started recently. So, Lorex is our first recommendation as it has been active quite longer, amongst other benefits.

The Top 6 Reasons Why Lorex is the Best Security Camera

  • Lorex security camera has more selections to choose
  • Lorex cameras are a bit cheaper compared to Montavue
  • Lorex has multiple battery-operated security cameras
  • Lorex cloud offer a free two-day cloud recording
  • Lorex has a video doorbell to watch over your doorsteps
  • Lorex has wire-free cameras with a solar panel charger
Montavue vs Lorex

The 6 Best Lorex and Montavue Security Camera Systems

Security Camera Brand Category Resolution Local Storage
Lorex W261ASC-E WiFi/ Wireless 1080p HD MicroSD Card Read more
Lorex DK181-48CA-AS BNC/ DVR 4K Ultra-HD 1TB Hard Drive Read more
Lorex LNZ44P12B PoE/ NVR 2K Super HD MicroSD card/ NVR Read more
Lorex W261AQC-E WiFi/ Wireless1080p HD MicroSD Card Read more
Montavue MTIP80824B PoE/ NVR 4K Ultra-HD 2TB Hard Drive Read more
Montavue MTIP80823B3EPoE/ NVR 4K Ultra-HD 2TB Hard Drive Read more

Montavue vs Lorex: Comparing the Features and Capabilities of the Security Cameras

Facts Montavue Security Camera Lorex Security Camera
Founded 2016 1993
Video Resolution Up to 4K Ultra-HD Up to 4K Ultra-HD
Active Deterrence YES
[Spotlight and Siren]
[Spotlight and siren]
Night Vision YES
[Colored and infrared]
[colored and infrared]
Audio Functions YES YES
Sound Detection NOT YET YES
Motion Capture ZonesYES YES
Video Analytics YES
Face detection
Intrusion detection
Missing object
Abandoned object
PTZ auto-tracking
Smart Motion Detection
Tripwire (or line crossing)
Scene change detection
Face detection
Person detection
Vehicle detection
Missing package
Abandoned package
PIR motion detection
PTZ motion tracking
Continuous Video Recording YES YES
Built-in Local Storage YES
[NVR & MicroSD Card]
[DVR/ NVR & MicroSD Card]
Free Cloud NO YES
[Up to 2-day video playback]
Power Option Plug-in Battery, Solar & plugin
Smart Home Compatibility NO YES
[Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant]
Ease of Use Good Good
Accessories Yes
PoE Switch
Wi-Fi Doorbell Chime
Surveillance hard drive
Video doorbell (limited)
Mounting brackets
Junction box for cable
Video doorbell
Camera cables
PoE switches
Solar panel charger
Camera battery pack
Junction boxes for cable
Surveillance hard drives
Wireless range extender antenna
Warranty Policy2-Year Warranty
One-Year Warranty

Lorex Security Camera

It’s not one or two times that we have talked about Lorex. The company is a leading provider of security camera systems with DVR and one of the best brands with powerful night vision. So it can be an excellent idea for business monitoring or if you have a large property that needs more eyes.

Sadly, however, Lorex isn’t much into standalone wireless technology as brands like Eufy or Arlo. But, it still packs a few wireless innovations to balance the collection and provide a solution for places where cables can be difficult to run.

Another thing, Lorex cameras do support various intelligent video surveillance features but not a lot of people know. It has Smart motion detection which doesn’t exactly refer to PIR, rather the ability to distinguish between people and vehicles.

Montavue Security Camera

On its end, Montavue also primarily focuses on expandable CCTV technology, ranging from four to thirty-two channels. However, the brand is more like Reolink security camera, whereby they only offer NVR units. So, it might not be the best option if you need to upgrade from an analog to a digital DVR system.

But again, PoE security camera systems provide slightly clearer images and also are much quicker to install. Hence, enabling you to pick equipment with the best technology since you no longer need to pay an installer.

Speaking of the best technology, by the way, Montavue security cameras have 2K super HD as the lowest resolution at the moment. If you need to watch your property in crispier details, there’s also 4K Ultra-HD technology and even varifocal cameras.

Montavue vs Lorex: The 8 Similarities and Differences between the Security Cameras

In this section, we’re going to break down the most important features of a security camera and compare them against Lorex vs Montavue. Before then, though, it’s worth noting that the two brands are part of the Dahua OEM directory. Hence, the reason they look pretty similar in appearance.


Lorex takes the points for this one from its varying price ranges. Yes, the brand isn’t the cheapest there’s but has more affordable options than its counterpart. If you need a simple but reliable system for home use, you can go with 1080p DVR at three hundred bucks or less. The company even has a few WiFi indoor and outdoor cameras that sell as low as $40. A good example is the Lorex W261ASC-E Full HD security camera.

Meanwhile, Montavue is yet to invest fully in wireless technology and also doesn’t have resolutions lower than 2K HD(4MP). Hence, the reason they’re a bit high on the price-point.

But again, nowadays, you necessarily don’t need to have enough cash upfront to finance your wishes. You can use buy now pay later platforms like Quadpay to shop on Amazon but then split your total purchase amount into small charges.

System Selection

The credit here also goes to Lorex as you have a wide range of products to choose from for your situation. If you have a low budget at hand, you can check whether the available standalone Wireless security cameras fit your requirements. The brand also does have 1080p systems, as well as relatively cheaper DVR units.

On top of that, Lorex does stock specialty cameras for unique situations. A good example is thermal cameras for non-contact temperature measurement and PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) to watch outdoors.

Even so, Montavue also has thermal and PTZ outdoor security cameras, which surprisingly are a replica of the Lorex. Also, the company has recently introduced a 5MP panoramic fisheye camera that enables you to monitor indoors at 360-degree coverage.

But then, it has no wireless wire-free cameras we can recommend. Thus, not the best option if you want to monitor places inaccessible to cabled power.

Quality of Image

We’ll split the points here as the two surveillance companies have up to 4K (8MP) resolution. Of course, you still have to remember a larger sensor packs slightly big photosites and the Sony Starlight CMOS sensor is more sensitive to light. So, you have to pay attention to the two details if you need much better imaging from either brand.

Moreover, Montavue and Lorex do stock varifocal surveillance cameras that feature a motorized zoom. So, you could also consider the option if you have a larger compound and would want to see everything in vivid quality.

Still, the two labels support up to a 30fps frame rate that can help ensure smoother recording of moving objects- like cars. The nighttime pictures are also impressive and you have the option to choose between colored and infrared (black and white) modes.

Audio Functions

At the time of writing, Lorex was the winner in this category as it supports all audio functions, albeit across different devices. For instance, all DVR and NVR do support sound recording as long the cameras have a built-in microphone. You’ll also find select devices with a built-in mic and a speaker as well. Hence, enabling you to communicate with whoever facing the camera from anywhere through the Lorex Home app.

Furthermore, Lorex some cameras with audio analytics, whereby they send alerts after detecting particular sounds. This can be a big plus if you’re using the camera to look after your baby or when the motion sensor is damaged. Some of the sounds such cameras listen to include crying baby, breaking glass, dog barks, and gunshot.

Unfortunately, Montavue doesn’t support sound detection yet but you can get expandable security camera systems with audio.

Active Deterrence

This is another similarity between Lorex vs Montavue, whereby you can trick and ward off a potential burglar before committing a crime. Of course, not all CCTV systems support the feature, but you’ll find a variety to choose from depending on your needs.

The two deterrence features available are integrated spotlights and a siren that you can activate through the app. But again, the camera must have a built-in speaker for the siren feature to work. So, you could also use the two-way talk function to scare away the intruder.

Intelligence Video Surveillance

The two makers support various smart AI surveillance that lets your device capture only the moments that matter. Hence, minimizing false alerts while at the same time maximizing your local storage if you have set it to record by events.

Some of the IVS features with Montavue include:

  1. Tripwire: you can draw a line across any area you would want to be alerted when someone crosses
  2. Scene Change: it’s more like a sabotage feature, whereby you’ll receive alerts if someone changes the scene the camera was viewing
  3. Face detection: Alerts you when only human faces cross the CCTV eye. Hence, ignoring movements from animals, cars, and trees.
  4. Intrusion detection: it allows you to draw unique shapes using lines so that you can get alerts anytime someone enters the zone.
  5. Missing object: it will notify you when a package or any other valuable object is removed from the marked zone.
  6. Abandoned object: sends alert when an object is left unattended at the monitored area for a specified time.
  7. PTZ auto-tracking: allows the camera to focus on the objects that have entered within the frame (field of view), then follow them unit exit.

Meanwhile, some of the best algorithms in Lorex cameras are:

  1. Face detection: alert when the camera detects human faces
  2. Person detection: sends notification based on the movement from a person
  3. Missing object: the feature is available under Lorex Safeguard and alerts you when someone removes your package.
  4. Abandoned object: also under Lorex Safeguard, the feature sends a notification when something is left on a marked zone for a specified time.
  5. Advanced motion detection: sends alerts when a person or vehicle is detected- ignoring alerts from animals or random inanimate objects.
  6. Smart motion detection: provides separate alerts for moving vehicles and people instead of both.
  7. PTZ motion tracking: it allows the camera to automatically swivel and follow up the direction of the object in focus.

Please note, the face detection with Lorex and Montavue cameras can only alert that the sensor has detected a person’s face. So, don’t confuse with facial recognition software.

Smart Home Integration

The win here goes to the Lorex camera again. It supports integration with both Amazon Alexa devices and Google Assistant. So, you could enjoy fun and easy control via simple voice commands. Nonetheless, the brand is yet to complete integration with Apple Homekit. Thus, no Siri support if you were looking forward to using it.

Meanwhile, Montavue has no support of either smart home automation services. So, not ideal if you were interested in the feature.

Supported storage options

Both Lorex and Montavue mostly focus on expandable security camera systems. As such, you can save your recordings on the hard drive of the NVR or DVR free of charge. The best part with Lorex, however, is that you can also use cloud storage service for select camera models.

If you have only one device, you might not even need to subscribe to the paid premium plan. The free Lorex Cloud Basic plan includes up to 10GB of space that you can keep up to 2-day video backup. So, the brand is also the clear winner here as Montavue features no free cloud at the moment.

Final Thoughts

Overall, both Montavue and Lorex are great security camera brands as they have many of the basic features needed. If it’s the equipment, the two have four to 32-channel devices, as well as various resolutions to consider.

Even so, Montavue is still a young brand and has a couple of key improvements needed. Of course, you could still try it if you won’t need things like home automation, cloud, and or standalone cameras. But in our option, Lorex could be a better option for either business or home monitoring.

If you would like to upgrade your analog DVR system, the brand (Lorex) does have several hybrid systems. So, you can work with both BNC cameras and a few IP cameras from one DVR box.

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