Arlo Vs Lorex Security Camera Comparison & Reviews

Arlo Vs Lorex Security Camera Comparison & Reviews

A week ago, we did a comparison between Night Owl vs Arlo security camera, whereby we mentioned the latter as the best for a smart home ecosystem. Today, our post is more like a continuation, in which case we’ll review Arlo vs Lorex Technology to see what you really need.

Similar to the Night Owl label, however, Lorex cameras are kind of a different class from Arlo. The company primarily focuses on expandable DVR/ NRV CCTV systems instead of standalone cameras. Natheless, both categories are a perfect choice if you need a solution for your home security. And not just because of the performance, but since there are no contracts that tie you to using them.

That being the case, though, Lorex security cameras can be more reliable and efficient if you have a large property. Not that you can’t work with Arlo cameras in such a scenario. No, you can stream as many as 15 Arlo cameras at the same time if you’re willing to pay for the extra smart plan.

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arlo vs lorex comparison

Arlo Vs Lorex: Comparing the Various Similarities and Differences

FactsArlo TechnologiesLorex Technology
Company Founded20181991
PTZ CamerasNoYes
Video ResolutionUp to 4K Ultra-HDUp to 4K UltraHD
Active DeterrenceYes
[Spotlight and siren]
[Spotlight and Siren]
Night VisionYes
[colored and infrared]
[Colored and infrared]
Audio FunctionsYesYes
Sound DetectionYesYes
[after sound exceeds certain sensitivity]
Video AnalyticsYes, they’re Available
PIR motion detection
Auto-zoom and tracking
People & Object detection
Smart PIR motion detection
Continuous Video RecordingYesYes
Built-in Local StorageYes
[USB & MicroSD Card]
[MicroSD Card & Hard Drive]
Free CloudYes
[Rolling 7 days]
[Rolling 2 days]
Power OptionBattery and Solar pluginBattery and Wired
Smart Home CompatibilityYes
[Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, & Google Assistant]
[Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant]
Ease of UsePerfectGood
Add-Ons & AccessoriesYes
Solar panel charger
Rechargeable batteries
Silicone skins
Magnetic wall mounts
Dual charging station
Video doorbell
Solar panel charger
Power adapters & cables
Camera & NVR cables
wireless range extender antenna
PoE Switch
Hard Drive Disks
Junction boxes
Warranty Policy LimitedOne-Year Warranty
One-Year Warranty

Other Features:

  • Monitoring

While comparing Lorex vs Arlo performance, you’ll come to learn that each system can only be monitored by the owner. Neither of the two offers 24/7 professional monitoring like that we see on Ring products.
However, you can remotely access your cameras on the dedicated company app or software. So, you can always know what’s happening on your property in real-time.

  • Business Security

If you need to secure your business, I would recommend Lorex over Arlo. This is so as the Canadian provider has the DVR and NVR systems that allow you to connect with multiple cameras (up to 32) while sharing the same local storage. Hence, cost-effective and very easy to manage.

  • Installation

Simply, the two security camera systems are simple to set up by yourself. However, Arlo models are easier and fast to get running due to their wireless, “wire-free” design. They are also easy to relocate in case you choose to change position, or else change residence.

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Arlo vs Lorex: The 6 Best Security Cameras from the Manufacturers

Both Arlo and Lorex has various security camera lineups that you can choose. The latter, no doubt has a broader selection since it has been in the industry longer, but Arlo too has made some solid efforts in those few years.
Here are some top options from both manufacturers…

Arlo Pro 2 [VMS4230P] Wire-Free Wireless Security Camera Kit

Arlo VMS4230P-100NAS Pro 2 - Wireless Home Security Camera System...
11,086 Reviews
Arlo VMS4230P-100NAS Pro 2 - Wireless Home Security Camera System...
  • 100 percent wire free: Free of power cords and wiring hassles
  • 1080p HD high quality video with sharper and brighter details

This is one of the most successful Arlo cameras in the market at the moment. It consists of a base unit and two cameras that you can use to monitor your property from multiple angles.

Each of the cameras has a clean, sleek design that makes it possible for you to use either outdoor or indoor without a compromise. They have a rugged, weather-resistant construction. Thus, you can mount in an open environment without worrying about exposure to harsher weather conditions like rain, snow, and severe sun.

When it now comes to the performance, the Arlo Pro 2 isn’t the best there’s but it does serve the general-purpose monitoring. It has a 2mp image sensor that delivers high-quality 1080p Full HD videos, with sharp and brighter details than 720p resolution.

The camera doesn’t record boring videos as most CCTV systems do. It has a built-in mic that captures sounds, plus a tiny speaker. Thus, giving you not only footages with audio of the background but a chance for a seamless 2-way conversation.

More to love, the security camera supports both motion-activated and 24/7 continuous video recording. So, there’s also a chance to know all that had entered and left your compound while you were away.


  • It’s easy to use
  • Quick and effortless to set up
  • Has multiple active deterrence
  • Features up to 7-day Free Cloud recording
  • It’s 100% wire-free. So, you can mount anywhere


  • It’s relatively expensive
  • Has a very wide viewing angle and that affects image quality when you zoom distant objects

Arlo Pro 3 [FB1001-100NAS] Wire-Free Floodlight Security Camera

Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera - Wireless Security, 2K Video & HDR,...
2,987 Reviews
Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera - Wireless Security, 2K Video & HDR,...
  • Security at its brightest - The motion sensor outdoor lights illuminate your property with 2000...
  • Zoom in to see sharp details with your home security system - See and record security camera outdoor...

If you would want to have vivid picture quality at all times, this selection can be a good go. During the day, the camera has a superior 2K sensor that captures the videos in Super HD quality, with very clear details and colors. You can even digitally zoom (up to 12X) distant objects without drastically affecting the quality.

More on that, the camera has integrated high-lumen floodlights that brightly illuminate your property at night. Hence, making sure you get to capture important details like a person’s face and the color of the clothing or car.
Like others from the brand, this camera uses Wi-Fi to transmit the images and has a rechargeable battery for the power. So, you can mount it anywhere since there are no wires to restrict you.

Sadly, however, the Pro 3 camera doesn’t have a built-in microSD card slot that you can use for local recording. It only supports cloud storage, in which case it offers up to 3 months of a free trial. Yes, you can still use the camera without the paid subscription, but most of the key features will be unavailable when the trial period is over.


  • It features a sensitive PIR to capture only what matters
  • Supports audio recording and two-way talk
  • Has a built-in smart siren to ward off intruders
  • So easy to set up and operate
  • Works with Amazon Alexa for Hands-Free control
  • It supports both motion and sound detection.


  • Its remote viewing software has a slight lag
  • Relatively expensive

Arlo [VMS5240-100NAS] Ultra 4K Wireless Security Camera Pack

Arlo VMS5240-100NAS Ultra - 4K UHD Wire-Free Security 2 Camera...
1,931 Reviews
Arlo VMS5240-100NAS Ultra - 4K UHD Wire-Free Security 2 Camera...
  • UHD video quality - Zoom in to see sharp details with Arlo Ultra’s 4K & HDR advanced image quality...
  • 180 Degree diagonal field of view - See more with a wider angle lens that has auto image correction...

This is yet another Arlo camera that allows you to monitor your property in full color all times of the day. It has an integrated spotlight that works in hand with the nighttime sensor to ensure you have high-level security even in the pitch darkness.

The security camera has a superior image tech that delivers sharp and bright 4K Ultra-HD pictures during the daytime. It also has advanced HDR technology that helps level the color concentration in unbalanced light conditions.

That said, though, the camera has a super-wide 180° viewing angle, which, undeniably allows you to monitor more grounds of your property. On the negative side, however, this lens displacement is quite big and impacting the video quality in a big way. Hence, one of the reason some owners have complained of it having reduced image quality than advertised.

Regardless, the security does have smart A.I. functions to improve the user experience and the overall security. There’s also an advanced motion detection program that lets you select the specific areas you need to receive alerts. And in case you notice suspicious activity, there’s an 80-85 decibels siren that you can remotely activate to scare off the intruders.


  • It’s totally free of wires- wireless and rechargeable
  • Can work indoors and outside
  • Has package detection features
  • Effortless and quick to install
  • Supports audio recording and seamless two-way talk
  • It comes with a 12 months free cloud recording


  • It’s very expensive
  • Sluggish motion alerts

Lorex [E581CD] Super HD Network Dome Security Camera

Just as the name, this is a network or else IP CCTV camera that you can add to your NVR for better coverage. It has a 5mp image sensor that brings you enhanced 2K Super HD picture quality, with richer details and color. The overall resolution is more than double of 1080p Full HD. Hence, you can even zoom those objects at a distance without greatly affecting their clarity.

Still, the security camera has an advanced CNV (color night vision) sensor that makes it possible to record in full color at night. For the feature to work, however, you have to provide ambient lighting such as street light, porch spotlight, or any other source 1 lux or above.

Thanks to its PoE technology, this camera is straightforward to setup. It uses a single cable for both the power and transmitting the videos to the recorder. So, you necessarily don’t need to have a socket plug where you’re planning to mount it.

Another thing, the security camera has a domed design. Thus, you can use it outdoors, as well as indoors without being intrusive.


  • It has smart HDR technology for sharper images in unbalanced lighting conditions
  • Offers a long-range infrared night vision (up to 135ft)
  • Features a durable, IP67 weatherproof construction
  • Supports ONVIF compliance
  • It’s budget-friendly


  • It doesn’t have audio features
  • No built-in local storage

Lorex [E891AB] 4K Ultra HD Smart IP Security Camera

Lorex E891AB Indoor/Outdoor 4K Ultra HD Smart Deterrence IP...
50 Reviews
Lorex E891AB Indoor/Outdoor 4K Ultra HD Smart Deterrence IP...
  • 4K (8 0 megapixels) HD video for accurate picture and color representation
  • Ability to review fine details in increased resolution without losing image quality

Truthfully, there’s nothing not love about this security camera. If you already have an NVR that supports 4K resolution, you can add it to the free port or replace the inferior camera.

It has a powerful 8mp image sensor that captures your property in sharper 4K Ultra-HD video, with realistic color representation. This is about 4 times the resolution of the 1080p, which means you can zoom objects at a distance without drastically lowering the clarity.

Even better, the bullet camera has integrated dual spotlights that make it possible to record in full color at night. The lights are customizable, in which case you can set them as “always-on”, motion-activated, or manually activate them.
Furthermore, the camera has a built-in mic and speaker. So, you can welcome your kids home from school using the two-way chat function, as well as record footage with audio.

Speaking of recording, the device has the latest high-efficiency video encoding (HEVC) or H.265 video compression. Thus, very helpful in minimizing bandwidth and storage consumption.


  • It has a sweet, decent design for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Has advanced PIR sensor to reduce unwanted false alerts
  • Features PoE technology that’s easy to install
  • Includes a built-in siren to scare off intruders
  • It has a tough weatherproof construction to enhance durability.


  • It doesn’t have a built-in SD Card slot for standalone use.

Lorex [LNB8963B] UltraHD IP Bullet Security Camera

Lorex LNB8963B Indoor/Outdoor 4K Ultra HD Nocturnal IP PoE...
26 Reviews
Lorex LNB8963B Indoor/Outdoor 4K Ultra HD Nocturnal IP PoE...
  • 4K ULTRA HD RESOLUTION IP CAMERA - Add this versatile 4K zoom lens security camera to your IP...
  • OVER 8 MILLION PIXELS - This 4K resolution security camera contains 4× the amount of pixels as a...

This is yet another add-on camera that you can pick for your NVR to record high-value areas like warehouse or business parking. You can also use it at home if your NVR supports 4K resolution since it’s also 4K rated.

More on that, the camera has an exclusive motorized varifocal lens that provides a 4x optical zoom. Hence, enabling you to customize your focus area for optimal clarity or maximum coverage. That’s not all.

The security camera uses both the HDR (high dynamic range) and 3D- DNR (digital noise reduction) technology. Thus, increasing video sharpness and clarity so that you can capture the most important details, no matter the lighting condition.

Despite the impressive performance, however, this camera is primarily for outdoor use. It has a rugged full metal (aluminum) housing that helps ensure it remains functional even in the harshest weather and for years to come.
Regardless, you can also use it indoors if you wanted. But if it’s at home, it might appear odd while sitting on the sitting room wall due to its box-like bullet style.


  • It’s ONVIF compliant, allowing you to use it with third-party devices and software
  • Offers both colored and long-range infrared night vision
  • Features an easy and quick PoE setup
  • Supports customizable motion detection
  • It uses advanced H.265 compression to maximize bandwidth and storage


  • It’s very expensive
  • Doesn’t have built-in audio features

Key Takeaway:

Usually, IP security cameras can work with the NVR or without. For the latter option, the technique involves using your camera as a standalone by connecting with a PoE switch or injector. Sad to say, though, we haven’t tested with Lorex if it’s possible to operate that way.

The above three cameras also don’t have an integrated local storage means (micro SD card slot). So, you’ll still need to think about upgrading for a cloud package if the standalone idea works.


Is Lorex better than Arlo?

Technically, both Arlo and Lorex are spectacular security camera systems. Each, however, has unique strengths that stand it out from the rest, and also several weak points that need improvements.

That being the case, though, Lorex has better selections to choose from if you need to monitor a large property. The brand has almost endless camera systems ranging from 1080p Full HD to 4K Ultra HD.

Also, Lorex 4K cameras come with the resolution capability built-in, whereas for Arlo you have to upgrade for the smart plan. Hence, the reason many Arlo Ultra camera owners complain of poor video quality.

Does Lorex have a monthly fee?

Nearly all of the Lorex security camera systems are expandable NVR and DVR units. So, they come with a preinstalled hard drive disk that saves your recording locally at no monthly fee. The company also has a cloud storage service that lets you save your recording online so that you can stream and playback video history from anywhere.

In addition to that, Lorex does offer select CCTV systems with up to 10GB of free cloud storage- approximately 2-day video backup.

Does Arlo work without a subscription?

Until now, Arlo only makes WiFi security cameras, which mostly depend on the online cloud for storage. The security provider does offer some models, including Arlo Pro, with a free cloud recording option.

If you would want to make the most from your device, nonetheless, you’ll need to upgrade for a smart plan. Some of these premier features include 24/7 continuous recording and up to 30-day video history.

Lorex vs Arlo: Which is the Best?

If you’re a technogeek and you need a security camera that you can build your smart home ecosystem, Arlo is the best. All the cameras from the marker are WiFi-enabled and they come with Amazon Alexa support. Hence, enabling you to control various functions by voice while using an Alexa-enabled device.

Furthermore, Arlo security cameras are battery-powered, which means no wires in between since they’re also wireless. As such, the systems are no hassle to install and you can do it all by yourself without hiring a professional.

Meanwhile, Lorex security cameras are much cost-effective if you don’t want to be paying monthly fees. The use of DVR or NVR means you’ll be saving your footage locally on a hard drive disk.

Still, a Lorex multi-channel recorder lets you connect it with various cameras. Thus, pretty easy to manage the recordings and operate different functions since you’re using one control hub.

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