The 5 Best Night Owl Wireless 1080p Smart Security System

5 Best Night Owl Wireless 1080P Smart Security System In 2024

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From the incredible growth in the video surveillance technologies, monitoring one’s property has become simpler and accessible than ever. Many brands have joined in on the market race, with every piece trying to win its potential owner using its distinguished features. In this post, we’ll be helping you choose the best night owl wireless 1080p smart security system for your home or commercial use.

For sure, “best” is a broad term when it comes to the application. For this article, however, we’ll use the word to refer to that security camera system with features that serve your needs.

Introducing Night Owl wireless 1080P Smart Security Cameras

In a market that is very competitive and with numerous alternative devices to go with, Night Owl is a name unrecognized by many. The security products company, nonetheless, has proved to be one of the fastest-growing brands with their NVRs, DVRs, and Cameras that are not just in homes. But also in businesses, federal organizations, dealers, and integrators across the globe.

The brand, yeah, is yet to break that final bit for professional monitoring but its security camera systems are high-quality, cost-effective, and user-friendly. With the five products that we’ll review, they all produce super-clear pictures with a 1080P HD resolution. as we highlighted while discussing the difference between 720Pand 1080P, the latter has more image pixels that allow it to produce brighter and sharper images.

So, with a Night Owl wireless 1080p smart security system, you get to enjoy larger, crystal-clear recordings, which includes every essential detail.

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With the current tougher situation in the markets, choosing the perfect device for your home or workplace is not as easy as saying A to Z. The following, however, are some of the best 1080p models from Night Owl Company ho help ease the hassle and get you started with the perfect system. They comprise of a mixture of NVRs and wireless cameras. So, all you’ll need to do at the end of the article is revisiting the summary features and discern the piece that suits your taste/ needs.

5 Best Night Owl Wireless 1080p Smart Security Systems

1. Night Owl CAM-WNVR2P-IN Add-On Indoor Wireless Camera

Night Owl Security Add-On Indoor Wireless 1080P Ac Powered...
128 Reviews
Night Owl Security Add-On Indoor Wireless 1080P Ac Powered...
  • 1080P indoor wireless AC powered Infrared IP camera
  • Two-way audio enabled camera

Just as its name suggests, the Night Owl CAM-WNVR2P-IN is a camera to expand your existing coverage or else replace a broken one. The surveillance camera is very easy to add but only to the Night Owl Wireless Gateway [WG4 Series] or Wireless WNVR201 series. In case you neither have the supported wireless NVR or the Gateway hub, you can still use the camera as a standalone.

To use the camera as a standalone, though, you have to connect with a stable wifi 2.4 GHz with a minimum of 2MBPS upload speed.

With its 1080P HD resolution and 88-degree field of view, Night Owl CAM-WNVR2P-IN wireless captures a large space with crystal images. The camera has a supreme night vision that allows you to view an object 20ft away in total darkness.

To make the night experience even more enjoyable, the camera has proprietary dual sensor technology that minimizes false alerts by detecting movements using heat and motion. This means the sensor won’t trigger push notifications and recording from dancing twigs but from the movements from people, animals, and vehicles.

The Night Owl wireless camera relies on wired power to function and it has the 2-way audio function for optimal efficiency and reliability.

Summary Features:

  • Night Owl CAM-WNVR2P-IN is a brilliant add-one/ replacement/ standalone Wireless Camera with a 1080P HD resolution
  • It has an 88° lens that captures a large scene with bright and sharp images
  • Features a fine two-way audio function to provide recordings with audio and establish a conversation
  • Functions with wired power, hence, you’ll never need to replace or recharge the batteries
  • Has a smart dual sensor technology that can detect motion up to 24 feet.
  • Transmits the video wirelessly via a secure wireless network or Wifi 2.4GHz connection
  • Supports hands-free control by use of Google Assistant-enabled devices
  • The wireless security camera is only for use indoors at temperatures ranging from 32°F to 122°F.

2. Night Owl WNC2-841 1080P HD Security camera System

Night Owl Wireless Home Security Camera System with 4 AC Powered...
  • AC POWERED WIRELESS IP CAMERAS: Move the cameras as your coverage needs change
  • OUTDOOR SECURITY CAMERAS: These wireless IP cameras are for indoor and outdoor use

This is an alternative Night Owl security camera system that you can get if your wish is to enjoy larger, sharper pictures. The system comprises of a 1080P HD NVR and 4 wireless IP cameras that you can use either indoors/ out for maximum security.

In case you have a large compound to monitor, Night Owl WNC2-841 1080P HD Security camera System is expandable up to 8 cameras. The NVR features built-in antennas that links your cameras automatically up to a range of 300ft. Each of the wireless cameras has patented dual sensor technology to help minimize the number of false alerts. This will ensure you get only the real alerts and recordings, and also help save on the space of the pre-installed 1TB HDD.

Still, on the cameras, each of them has a built-in mic and speak to facilitate a smooth 2-way audio function. While using the sound feature, though, you have to be very careful as some states prohibit surveillance and recording of audio footage.

Video Quality

When now it comes to the video transmission, you can either go with the wired option or wireless means. For the wired method, you’ll need to connect the NVR to your TV or monitor using an HDMI or VGA cable. The former, however, is the best if you want to enjoy 1080P HD videos with deeper details.

If you have the internet at home/ workplace, you can connect the NVR system with the router and enjoy wireless video transmission to your smartphone or computer. With this method, you’ll benefit from remote access from anywhere in the world. This includes remotely viewing live streams, playbacks, and receive real-time notifications to your smart device.

Summary Features:

  • Night Owl WNC2-841 Security camera System comes with a 1080P HD NVR and 4 wireless IP cameras
  • It has an excellent 2-way audio function to record sound and establish a conversation
  • Comes with a pre-installed 1TB HDD for local storage
  • Features remote access and send real-time alerts
  • The night owl camera is very simple and quick to set up.

3. Night Owl CL-84P2-4K video security Camera System

Night Owl CCTV Video Home Security Camera System with 4 Wired 4K...
  • America's # 1 Wired Security Camera Brand* for your home or business
  • DUAL SENSOR TECHNOLOGY WITH REAL-TIME MOTION ALERTS: Reduces false alerts to your Smart Device by up...

If not the best, Night Owl CL-84P2-4K is one of the best video security Camera Systems that you can get for your home or business premise. Of course, the system is originally 4K ultra HD but that doesn’t mean it can only produce 8MP images and pictures. It can also capture 1080p [2MP] pictures and that’s the reason we have opted to include it in our discussion.

Night Owl CL-84P2-4K comprises of a superb 4K DVR and 4 wired cameras that you can use indoor/ outdoor without any challenges. The Ultra HD security camera system can connect with up to 8 wired cameras. Hence, make sure you can view your property from several different angles.

To view the recordings from the Nigh Owl smart security system, you can either use the HDMI, VGA cable, or remote wireless connection using the internet. if you’re hoping to enjoy brilliant, Ultra HD images, the HDMI or internet is the best means to transmit videos to the screen. For the internet option, you’ll need to connect the DVR to a router with an Ethernet cable. Then, set up the system with your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Summary Features:

  • Night Owl CL-84P2-4K comprises of a stunning Ultra HD DVR system and 4 4K cameras
  • It has an 80-degree wide field of vision and up to 100ft night vision
  • Produces bright, crystal images and videos with sharp details
  • It features an amazing night vision and L2 color Boost technology for colored images as the light fades away
  • Comes with a pre-installed 2TB Hard Drive for local storage
  • Features a patented dual sensor technology which sends real-time motion alerts
  • Supports 3 recording modes [Motion-Activated, Continuous, and Time Schedule] and it’s IP-66 weather resistant
  • The smart security system is hardwired, thus, it might consume more time to install and setup.

4. Night Owl CAM-WNR2P-OU Indoor/ Outdoor Security Camera

Night Owl Security Add-on Indoor/Outdoor Wireless 1080p AC...
  • 1080p Indoor/Outdoor Wireless AC Powered Infrared IP Camera
  • Two-way Audio Enabled Camera

This is another model of security camera that you use to add to or replace a broken piece from your existing night owl. The wireless camera is compatible with the NVR WNVR201 series but you can as well use it as a standalone with a wifi connection.

At the 88° field of view, Night Owl CAM-WNR2P-OU Security Camera ensures you get broader coverage with bright, vivid 1080p HD videos. It has a highly sensitive infrared sensor that lets you enjoy clearer images in low-lighted or dark backgrounds. To guarantee maximum security, the add-on camera even has a built-in mic and speaker for audio recording and use as a walkie-talkie.

Similar to the other Night Owl cameras we’ve just discussed, CAM-WNR2P-OU smart security system has the prestigious Dual Sensor technology. As such, the device is able to eliminate up to 90% of false alerts and send real-time alerts to your smart device.

The security camera is AC powered, which means you get to enjoy continuous service without the hassle of replacing batteries or charging.

Summary features:

  • Night Owl CAM-WNR2P-OU Add-on Indoor/ Outdoor Security Camera produces super-clear, 1080p images and vides
  • It has a wide lens that makes possible to view a broader scene and reduce blind spots
  • Has a remarkable 2-way audio function for sound recording and establish a smooth conversation as with a virtual intercom
  • Runs with wired power, hence, guarantees you continuous performance as long the power grid remains active
  • Has an incredible infrared night vision with a range of up to 20 feet
  • The wireless security camera can function as an add-on or standalone using a wifi connection.

5. Night Owl WNVR201-44P-B Wireless Smart Security Hub

Night Owl Camera System 4 Channel 1080p Wireless Smart Security...
327 Reviews
Night Owl Camera System 4 Channel 1080p Wireless Smart Security...
  • 1 x 4 Channel 1080p HD NVR with pre-installed 1 TB Hard Drive.
  • 4 x 1080p Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Infrared IP Cameras.

While it’s the last on our top #5 list, Night Owl WNVR201-44P-B smart security camera system is truly clean and convenient. The security camera system comprises of a 4-channel 1080p HD NVR and 4 wireless IP cameras.

Designed to give you a distinguished taste of design, the four cameras have a white circular casing that surrounds the reflective blackface.

The shiny blackface holds the superior 1080p lens that has a 100-degree viewing angle to cover more of your compound and still produce clearer and sharp images. Surrounding the lens are highly performance infrared LEDs that allows the camera to capture objects located up to 100ft away in total darkness.

Dual Sensor Technology

Still, the reflective blackface has an infrared PIR sensor that is so sensitive that no activity within your property will ever go unnoticed. With the integrated dual sensor technology, your device will have lesser false alarms as it requires both motion and heat to be detected simultaneously.

Although it’s a wireless security system, Night Owl WNVR201-44P-B doesn’t necessarily require the internet to function. The NVR has a built antenna that automatically connects with the IP cameras wirelessly. After that, you can now screen the video recording from the NVR system to your TV/monitor using an HDMI or VGA.

In case you don’t have a supported TV/ monitor, you can connect the Night Owl NVR unit with your home router using an Ethernet cable. This will allow you to remotely access your camera’s recording from a computer, smartphone, or tablet from anywhere.

Among other features, the WNVR201-44P-B Wireless Smart Security system has a 2-way audio function and requires hardwired power to run.

Amongst the 5, Which Night Owl 1080p System Should I choose?

Hmm, that depends. To start with, which of the five systems do you feel your heartaches to own. Is it the two add-on security cameras that we have seen you can also use as standalone with a wifi connection? Or, do you prefer a DVR/ NVR security camera unit that you can use as a hub for several cameras.

Anyways, the device you choose hugely should depend on your security needs and not just the design. If you already have a functional Night Owl wireless 1080p smart security system, you can pick CAM-WNVR2P-IN or Night Owl AC Powered Camera to fill the missing gaps. An add-on camera system can also help if you don’t have a DVR unit since you can still use it alone with a wifi connection.

In case you would like to better control your several cameras from one “hub”, the remaining two NVRs and DVR can help you with that. The three feature large local storage and you can connect with the internet to enjoy remote viewing.

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