5 Best Night Owl Security Camera Reviews of 2023

5 Best Night Owl Security Camera Reviews of 2024

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Nothing is more calming than knowing your property, and or family is safe from any danger or risk. It not only gives you peace of mind but also, somehow, help lower your cost of living. With video surveillance systems, for instance, you have a chance to monitor your assets and also enjoy discounted insurance plans from your provider. Speaking of video surveillance, in this post we’re going to look at night owl security camera reviews plus a buying guide. Then, all you’ll need to do is choose your favorable model/s and start enjoying a super-smart home with optimal security.

Before we look at these reviews, though, what or who exactly is Night Owl?

Introducing Night Owl Security Camera System

First of all, night owl is a name given to a person who tends to stay up until late at night. The person can either be involuntarily unable to fall asleep or else habitually active at night. As for the Night Owl Company, their commitment and determination in serving all their consumers anytime needed. Their technical support team is always available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

This kind of commitment started with Night Owl Company from the initial debut in 2009. For sure, we can’t say this devotion hasn’t been rewarding to them. The brand has been amongst the fastest-growing creators of security NVRs, DVRs, and cameras. This has been greatly enhanced by their ability to feature the best value in terms of quality, pricing, and usability.

By simple words, night owl surveillance cameras are ultimately high-quality, easy to use and very affordable/ cost-effective. Whether you want the security systems for home or business, the brand works very hard to make sure their consumers have the security they deserve.

5 Best Night Owl Security Camera in 2024

1. Editor Choice: Night Owl Extreme HD 8 Channel Security Camera System

While there’s a wide variety of Night owl security cameras, the C-841-PIR5MPN has a distinguished design to cherish. First of all, the security camera has a remarkable remote viewing feature that you get to enjoy at no cost. With the feature, you can view, access, and also playback your security recordings from any location in the world.
The night owl 8 channel 1080p wireless smart security system comes with a 1TB hard disk for storing the recorded files. To ensure the convenience of this space, the security camera system has contemporary dual sensor technology which offers real-time motion alerts. Different from most of the security cameras which have regular sensors, this particular one can reduce false alerts by up to 90%.

The Night Owl also has an enhanced night vision that can see up to 100 feet in total darkness. Thus, guarantees your property optimal security 24/7. The security camera system is a secure wired model, so, it doesn’t require the internet to function.

At the time of purchase, Night Owl offers this security system alongside 4 5MP cameras, with each featuring an 85° field of view. If needed, you can even add 4 other cameras to ensure you got eyes on every edge of your compound. The best one in this night owl security camera reviews.

Product Features:

  • Night Owl C-841-PIR5MPN guarantees you 24/7 uninterrupted recording
  • Features excellent remote access at no extra cost
  • Has dual sensor technology which reduces false motion alerts by up to 90%
  • Includes enhanced infrared LEDs with a night vision of up to 100 ft.
  • The security system is expandable up to 5 cameras

2. Night Owl 1080P HD Wired Security Dome Camera

Night Owl Security, 1 Pack Add–On 1080p HD Wired Security Dome...
777 Reviews
Night Owl Security, 1 Pack Add–On 1080p HD Wired Security Dome...
  • Want to expand and add cameras to your Night Owl Security DVR System. Purchase this 1080p HD Wired...
  • This camera needs to be connected to a compatible DVR

This unit comprises of a 1 pack add-on dome camera that you can add to the Night Owl C-841-PIR5MPN or any other expandable system from the brand. The camera is compatible with most HD analog and modern DVRs, so, you don’t need to go back to the market when upgrading your security.

Night Owl 1080P HD wired security camera has a resolution of 1080P HD, thus, very essential in the front yard where there’s high traffic. The security camera has a remarkable facial recognition feature, hence, very essential in identifying any suspicious stranger at your door.

Alongside the facial recognition, the Night Owl add-on dome camera has a superlative audio function, which is functional up to 20 feet. The feature helps in detecting and recording any “sensitive” conversation, even though very carefully since audio surveillance is illegal.

Night Owl 1080P HD Wired Security Dome Camera features a remarkable night vision of up to 100 ft. The feature is accomplished by the auto IR cut filter sensor installed to produce clear and crisp images. Our second best night owl security camera reviews.

Product Features:

  • Comprises of superior 1080P HD resolution
  •  Has an excellent facial recognition and audio function
  • Features advanced night vision with auto IR cut filter sensor for steady and clear images.
  • Functional in temperatures ranging from -14°F to 122°F
  • The system is IP-65 weather resistant, hence, fully functional outdoors

3. Night Owl CAM-WNR2P-OU Add-on Wireless Camera

Night Owl Security Add-on Indoor/Outdoor Wireless 1080p AC...
  • 1080p Indoor/Outdoor Wireless AC Powered Infrared IP Camera
  • Two-way Audio Enabled Camera

The CAM-WNR2P-OU is one of the best Night Owl wireless security cameras that you can get for your home or business. It’s superlatively High Definition with a 1080P resolution that guarantees you the perfect image quality you crave. The image quality is so perfect that you’ll even be able to see every intricate detail with optimal clarity and precision.

Night Owl is an add-on security camera, hence, it’s primarily for heightening the coverage of your home. If you don’t have a Night Owl security system yet, you can still use it on its own. You only need a stable internet connection since you’ll need to connect the camera to the router.

As for the advanced features, the Night Owl Wireless Security Camera has a dual sensor technology that detects real activity and begins recording. The sensor is guaranteed to eliminate up to 90% of false alerts, hence, help save the space of your local storage.

To give you the best experience, the Night Owl Wireless Camera comes with a two-way audio feature. Thus, you can communicate with your delivery man or unknown persons without having to open the door.

Product Features:

  • Features a 1080P HD resolution to present you with high-quality, clear images
  • The camera is compatible with other Night Owl NVRs but it can also work alone
  • Has an excellent 88° field of view
  • Supports wireless access
  • Features real-time dual-sensor alerts and two-way audio to give you the best experience.

4. Night Owl 2 Pack Add-On 1080p Bullet Cameras

Night Owl Security, 2 Pack Add–On 1080p HD Wired Security...
  • Want to expand and add cameras to your Night Owl Security DVR System? Purchase this 2 pack of 1080p...
  • These 1080p HD bullet cameras feature a 100˚ field of view over the standard 42˚ view of most...

The pair is for use with your expandable Night Owl Security DVR system or in case one of your previous cameras fail. It has a video resolution of 1080p HD, hence, very outstanding in identifying any suspicious figure creeping at your home or business area. The 2 pack add-on cameras have a 100° field of view, which allows them to cover a very large space.

Night Owl 2 Pack Add-On 1080p Bullet Cameras have stunning features for the night. To begin with, they have a powerful night vision that can see in complete darkness up to a range of 100 ft. On top of that now, the security cameras have an IR Cut Filter feature which helps ensure you have clear and crisp at night just as in the day.

The Night Owl cameras functions via a wired connection, hence, guarantees you quality viewing and recording with no interruption or delays.

Product Features:

  • Designed as add-on cameras for Night Owl HD Analog Series DVRs
  • Has an excellent 1080p HD resolution and 100-degree field of view
  • Features a sturdy 3-axis mounting bracket that’s difficult to destroy
  • Equipped with a remarkable night vision that produces clear and crisp images up to 100 ft. in total darkness.
  • The bullet cameras are ultimately weatherproof, hence.
  • Night owl 1080p indoor/outdoor wireless security camera

5. Night Owl 2 pack Add-on extreme HD Dual Sensor Wired Security Cameras

Well, if your desire is to protect your property all the time of the day and year, this 2 pack add-on cameras is what you need. Each of the two cameras has remarkable IR LEDs that can see up to a distance of 130 ft. The nighttime feature is then supported by the advance motion sensor which detects movement by use of heat signatures. As such, the security cameras only trigger the motion alerts when they detect humans, animals and or vehicles.

Still, on the motion detection feature, Night Owl Extreme HD Dual Sensor Wired Security Cameras has dual sensor technology installed. The system, therefore, is able to reduce false alarms by up to 90%, which in turn helps conserve the hard drive space.

Night Owl Extreme HD Dual Sensor Wired Security Cameras feature an 80° wide viewing angles, so, the two leaves no blind spots on your compound. As you purchase the cameras pack, though, you have to remember they’re only compatible with supported models, such as c-842-PIR3MP and DVR-THD30B-81 camera system. It was number 5th product in this night owl security camera reviews.

Product Features:

  • Comprises of high-quality HD cameras
  • Features dual sensor technology and contemporary heat-based motion detection
  • Has 80° wide viewing angle which guarantees no blind spots
  • Include a stunning night vision of up to 130ft.
  • The 2 pack add-on cameras are ultimately weatherproof, hence, usable indoors and outdoors.

Buying Guides: Attributes to Consider when Ordering Night Owl Security Cameras

With the night owl surveillance cameras we’ve just reviewed, you definitely must have realized the majority are add-on models. This comes as the renowned manufacturer is more focused on meeting the immediate needs of their esteemed customers.

This, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t get the cameras as the first user. No. Some night owl wireless cameras can work without the need for the NVR/ DVR system if you have an internet router. A good example is the Night Owl CAM-WNR2P-OU Add-on Wireless Camera.

Anyhow, as you go to buy any of the Night Owl’s camera, there’re some very important aspects that you ought to consider for optimal effectiveness. They include:

Video Quality

Every manufacturer of security cameras creates their products in different ways and using different technologies. This results in different video quality in each brand of the security system. With the Night Owl products we’ve just discussed, they all provide HD pictures, though at different resolutions.

For better protection of your property, you ought to consider camera models that provide stable and clear images. In case of a break-in, such cameras will help ensure you can tell what the intruder looks like.

Field of View

In our night owl security camera reviews, we’ve discussed a variety of models with each featuring a specific field of view. While in the market, you have to either go for dome cameras or bullet security cameras. The field of view of the two cameras differs with the latter having a large range of vision while the former (dome cameras) is wider.

Both the wider and larger range of vision helps you see more of your rooms or front yards and also are cost-effective.


In the majority of states, audio surveillance is not legal and that’s why the majority of security cameras come without the feature. Nonetheless, audio function is really important in the event of a break-in since you can record how the intruders look and talk. In the case of two-way audio, you can even scare away the intruder before he even breaks into your property.


While buying Night owl security camera systems, you have to consider getting the model with larger local storage. This will help ensure your high-quality video records always have a place to occupy since they often take a lot of storage space. You can even go with the option of cloud-based storage, whereby you’ll never have to worry about going over your storage limits.

Connectivity (or else Remote Access)

This one is for the smart home security cameras that you get to install if you want to monitor your home even when out of the property. The security systems allow you to configure them with your smartphone, hence, enabling you to monitor your space from anywhere.

Ease of Use and Installation

The majority of the cameras on our discussion are very easy to use since they’re to add on your existing Night Owl security system. In case you want to install a system like Night Owl C-841-PIR5MPN for the first time, you might require technical support. Wired security cameras are a bit complicated to install and that’s why we recommend night owl wireless cameras since you can easily install them by yourself.

FAQ On Night Owl Wireless Cameras

Are Night Owl Cameras Really Worth To Have?

Mm, that depends on what you want the cameras for and how satisfying they are or have been. Nonetheless, Night Owl security cameras are high quality and the maker is always there to support you in case of any challenge with your system.

Which Is Better, Wireless Or Wired Security Cameras?

Also, this one depends on how and what you want the cameras for. Each type of camera has its own strengths and weaknesses, with the wireless models being more reliable for renters since they’re easy to install. The wired security cameras, on the other hand, are better for permanent homeowners since they offer an uninterrupted recording.

My House Was Broken Into. Can I Use Video Footage To Prosecute?

Of course, you can. In fact, failure to turn over the security camera footage can be considered obstructing justice and law enforcement can use it against you.

I Frequently Sees “Camera Offline” On The Monitor. What Can Be The Cause?

Well, if you’re sure your internet connection is stable, the lost signal, then, is due to obstruction or the camera is out of range. Wireless technology is easily interrupted by items like wood, brick, concrete, and metal as they can degrade the transmission.

Also, there’s a problem with competing signals when you keep your wireless transmitters and receivers nears other wireless devices.

Can I Extend The Range Of A Wireless Security Camera System?

Oh, Yeah! You only need a series of repeaters depending on how far your wireless camera is from the router. As you extend the system’s range, though, you have to understand that the video quality is likely to drop by the more repeaters you use.

Monitor your Home/ Business Like a Pro

Now that you have the top-ranked night owl security camera reviews and aspects to consider when choosing one… The only thing left for you is visiting the market and getting any of the models we’ve just discussed. All the security cameras are very easy to install and they have an HD video resolution.

As you get your favorable Night Owl security camera, remember there’s no monthly contract attached. The cameras are also ultimately weatherproof, hence, fine for both indoor and outdoor use.

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