Night Owl VS Swann: Which Should I Choose As My Security Camera?

Night Owl VS Swann: Which Should I Choose As My Security Camera?

While others compete on the price point, the battle between Night owl vs Swann Security Company is mainly on innovation. Both providers seem to be determined on leading on the tech. In which case it’s what we all want so that we can have a secure and promising future.

As we noted while discussing Lorex vs Swann security camera systems, however, Swann makers are pretty ahead when it comes to technology. Not only did the brand introduce the DIY CCTV category, but also offer affordable and breathtaking hardware. A good example is the Swann Enforcer™ and the latest Swann Wire-Free surveillance Camera that has advanced AI functions.

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On the other hand, Night Owl is still a novice in the security technology industry, but they keep on growing stronger and inventive. In 2019, the brand patented a state of the art PIR technology, which combines visual and infrared detection in select systems. Hence, helping reduce false motion alerts by up to 90%.

Similar to Swann, Night Owl has a wide lineup of products, including smart wireless camera systems for homeowners and small businesses. Most of their devices are available at competitive prices, but you can also find some high-tech multi-channel going for over $1000.

Even with their spectacular beauty, though, both Swann and Night Owl security cameras have some areas that need improvement. In this article, we’ll point out all these features so that you can have a definitive decision when choosing between the two.

That’s said, let’s dig in to see which you should choose between Swann vs Night owl security systems for your home or business.

Table 1: Top Choices Night Owl and Swann Security Cameras

Brand Model Key Features Price
Night Owl DVR-C20-41-JF Wired, 1080p FHD, active deterrence, & preinstalled HDD Current Price
Night Owl C20W-41-4L Wired, 1080p HD, Active deterrence, and preinstalled HDD Current Price
Swann Table SWPRO-1080MSB Wired add-on camera, 1080p Full HD, and PIR motion detection Current Price
Swann B07VYVSTCW Wired multi-channel, 1080p Full HD, colored night vision, and active deterrence Current Price

Comparing Night Owl vs Swann Security Camera Systems

From what we’ve seen, both Night Owl and Swann Security Company have top-quality indoor and outdoor cams that you’ll like. The following is a summary outlining the key facts and features of each brand.

Table 2:

Facts Night Owl  Swann
Company Founded 2009  1987
Mission  To provide “easy-to-use, cost-effective, and high-quality systems”  To be the “world leader in smart and innovative security solutions”.
PTZ Cameras No  Yes
[Limited models]
Video Resolution  Up to 4k UltraHD available  Up to 4K UltraHD available
Active Deterrence  Yes
[Motion-activated Spotlight]
[‘Police-Style’ Flashing Lights and siren]
Night Vision  Yes
[Colored and infrared]
[colored and infrared]
Audio Functions  Yes  Yes
Sound Detection No  Yes
Video Analytics  Yes
Smart PIR motion detection
Human body detection
Facial recognition
Yes, they’re Available
True detect PIR motion detection
Human shape detection
Facial recognition
Continuous Video Recording Yes Yes
Built-in MicroSD Card Yes Yes
Free Cloud  No Yes
[Up to 2-day video playback]
Power Option  Outlet Plugin  Outlet Plugin, Battery and Solar
Smart Home  Compatibility Yes
[Works with Google Assistant]
[Works with Alexa & Google Assistant]
Ease of Use  Good Perfect
Add-Ons & Accessories  Yes
Decoy cameras
Power Splitter adapters
BNC connectors and cables
MicroSD cards
Outdoor solar panel
Decoy cameras
Garage parking sensor
Video doorbell
PIR motion alarm
Warranty  12 months
[Excludes spotlight bulbs & LEDs]
 12 Months


  • Designs and Quality

While comparing Night Owl vs Swann in terms of designs, they both offer standalone cameras, as well as multi-channel systems. They have DVR and NVR stations that support from four to sixteen channels.

When it comes to quality, though, Night Owl wins with a solid score of 8 out of 10. The brand’s cameras are highly weather-resistant, with the ability to withstand up to -4°F temperatures. Swann cameras are also amazing, but we think the construction quality could use some improvement.

  • Video Quality

For this one, the two brands have a tie as you can get the standard 1080p up to 4K Ultra HD security cameras. The latter is a perfect choice for monitoring the main entries as it offers stunning video quality, with superior details and clarity. Hence, allowing you to detect threats with precision.

Still, select Swann cameras have built-in spotlights to support enhanced night vision, whereby you can identify details like the color of clothing or cars. On the other hand, various Night Owl cameras do feature the exclusive L2 color Boost technology. Thus, enabling enhanced night vision in low-lighted environments as well.

  • Features and Tech

While Night Owl is coming up pretty well, Swann is probably the clear winner when it comes to tech use. The brand has won various innovation awards, including the World’s first compact, non-mechanical pan-tilt indoor surveillance cam.

Moreover, Swann became the first company to introduce voice control [via Google Assistant] on 4K multi-camera security systems. Several of their devices also have the support of advanced AI technology such as human detection and familiar face recognition.

Luckily, some models of Night Owl cameras have human detection and facial recognition. Hence, keeping you updated when a stranger is on your property while at the same time reducing the number of false motion alerts.

  • Storage Options

With Night Owl and Swann security cameras, you don’t have to worry about the storage means of your footage. The pair offers their DVR and NVR systems with a preinstalled hard drive to store the recordings locally [for free]. Some of their cameras record to a MicroSD card that you can change anytime.

In case you’d like to view and playback the captured videos from anywhere, both Night owl and Swann support cloud storage. The latter has a free basic plan, which you can access up to 2-day old recordings, plus a 30-day free trial of the premium package.

Sadly, Night Owl has neither a free cloud plan nor a monthly trial. However, their renewable subscription fees are quite fair, with the 7-day basic plan going for $4 per month.

  • Installation And Setup

Night Owl and Swann offer wired and wireless security camera systems. As such, the setup might vary across different devices, but it’s quick and effortless. Of course, installing a wireless system will be faster, but even with the hardwired makes it’s not a must you hire an installer.

The two companies do have a support page on their websites where they provide setup guides and video tutorials.

  • Ease of Use

When it comes to the functions, Swann and Night Owl Security cameras are easy to use. As mentioned, the brands have a wide array of products, including plug-and-play security cameras that you don’t need an NVR or DVR.
In case you’d want to monitor your property while away, the two providers do support remote access via PC or smartphone.

With the Swann group, however, they recently had an app update that affected dozens of clients in a big way. The application upgrade caused some major changes that led to a few not-so-good consequences like denying the old users access. All in all, we hope the Swann team will work harder as they always had and address the issue.

  • Customer Service

In case you have problems installing or using your CCTV system, Swann has several ways that you can use to contact them. They have a decent support team, which includes 24/7 phone assistance and a live chat with one of their agents on their website. Of course, you might fail to get in touch with them immediately, but still they’re good and professional.

Similarly, Night owl does provide the old-fashioned phone call support, plus a 24/7 online chat on their website. Their technical support is available in English, French, and Spanish. And depending on the traffic of the day, you may not have to wait very long to speak with a representative.

The 4 Best Night Owl and Swann Security Cameras

1. Night Owl DVR-C20-41-JF Wired Security Camera System

Night Owl DVR-C20-41-JF 1TB Hard Drive and 1080p HD Wired...
  • Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories

This kit is an excellent choice for the general monitoring of your home or small business. It comprises of a 4-channel 1080p HD DVR and four 2MP cameras that you can set up at different positions of your property.

The DVR comes with a 1TB pre-installed hard drive disk, which helps store your video locally at no cost. It supports both VGA and HDMI Output option. Hence, you can connect with either the analog monitor or an HD TV for a clearer display.

The included cameras have a built-in spotlight that powers on when they detect movements in the proximity. Thereby, disrupting the evil plans of the potential burglar while simultaneously allowing you to see much clearer in the darkness.

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  • It captures bright and sharp images
  • Requires no fees for storage
  • Has an excellent night vision
  • Great for deterring crime
  • It allows remote access via PC or smartphone


  • Included cameras have no audio

2. Night Owl C20W-41-4L I Indoor/ Outdoor Security Camera System

Night Owl CCTV Video Home Security Camera System with 4 Wired...
  • America's # 1 Wired Security Camera Brand* for your home or business
  • WIRED SPOTLIGHT CAMERAS: Human motion activates the bright built-in spotlight for added security

Similarly, the surveillance consists of a 4-channel DVR that you can connect with four cameras for different positions. It’s a wired CCTV system, which means you get to enjoy 24/7 seamless recording without interruptions.

The surveillance kit comes with four cameras that have a 2mp sensor to deliver clear and sharp footage. Also, each of the cameras has a built-in spotlight that powers brightly when the motion sensor detects movements. Hence, producing enhanced night vision and also scaring off the opportunistic intruders.


  • It delivers sharp and crisp 1080p HD images
  • Included cameras can work indoor/ outdoor
  • Have a wide viewing angle to cover broader scenes
  • Records footage rich in details at night
  • Comes with a pre-installed hard drive disk
  • Supports remote viewing from anywhere anytime


  • Not the best option if you need professional monitoring
  • Provided cameras have no audio

3. Swann SWPRO-1080MSB Wired Bullet Security Camera

Swann Indoor/Outdoor Home Security Camera, 1080p PIR Bullet Cam,...
  • FULL HIGH DEFINITION FOOTAGE: Combine the PRO-1080MSB camera with a compatible DVR to see faces,...
  • DIY SURVEILLANCE WITH NO ONGOING COSTS: This wired security camera delivers reliable home, office...

This is an add-on security camera that you can use to extend the coverage on your property. It’s compatible with various DVR series such as DVR-4580, DVR-4980, DVR-5580, and more.

The CCTV camera has a 2MP sensor that captures crystal 1080p full HD video, rich in details. It has a 90-degree viewing angle that allows you to monitor a large space with no blind spot. And an impressive night vision of up to 130ft in low-lighted backgrounds.

The camera uses a True Detect motion sensor, which can only sense movements from warm objects like people, animals, and cars.


  • It captures bright and sharp videos
  • Has an awesome night vision
  • Detects movements with lesser false alerts
  • Can work indoor or outdoor
  • It’s durable and budget-friendly


  • Requires a new rewiring to record in color
  • Doesn’t work with Alexa

4. Swann SWDVK-845804WL Smart Security camera System

Swann 8 Channel 4 Camera Security System, Wired Surveillance...
961 Reviews
Swann 8 Channel 4 Camera Security System, Wired Surveillance...
  • SEE MORE IN FULL HD 1080P VIDEO: This state-of-the-art 4 camera, 8 channel DVR-4580 wired...

This kit can give you a fantastic experience if you have a large property and needs a smart way to monitor the ongoing activities. It comprises an 8-channel DVR that comes with a preinstalled 1TB hard drive for free local recording.

The security system comes with four cameras that have a wide-angle field of vision and True Detect PIR motion sensor. Hence, can only detect moving warm objects such as people, animals, and cars.


  • It has a built-in motion-triggered spotlight
  • Captures a broader scene with less/ no blind spots
  • Requires no fees to store footage
  • Detects movements with minimal false alerts
  • Supports remote viewing
  • Allows hands-free control with Alexa/ Google Assistant
  • It offers enhanced color night vision


  • It might take a longer time to do all the hard-wiring process
  • No two-way audio.


Are Night Owl cameras compatible with Swann?

According to their technical support, various Swann recorders and Night Owl cameras are ONVIF compliant. Therefore, you can be able to use the compatible models together and view on third party software like Blue Iris. Only note, not all Night Owl cameras or all Swann recorders offer third party compatibility.

Which security camera is best for the night?

Most of the Night owl and Swann surveillance cameras have a great night vision, including colored recordings in ambient lighting. For Swann, however, the brand has a wide line of cameras with a built-in spotlight or floodlights. The kind of cameras is truly helpful at night as they help ward off potential intruders and prevent crime from happening.

Is Night Owl a good security camera?

If you need a security camera for general monitoring purposes, Night Owl can be good for you. it’s affordable, plus relatively easy to set up and operate. Furthermore, various Night Owl cameras have advanced features like human detection and familiar face recognition. Thus, giving you a better chance to ensure your loved ones are safe.

Final Verdict

In general, both Night Owl and Swann security cameras are great for monitoring. The only difference comes where one is better than the other in some applications and situations.

For example, if you need a camera for nighttime use, Swann has various models with active deterrence features. The brand is also affordable and you even have a chance to enjoy free cloud storage, whereby you can playback footage from anywhere anytime.

Needless to say, Night Owl cameras are also affordable, but their main selling point is durability. Most of their cameras feature an aluminum metal housing that is highly waterproof and resistant to extreme temperatures. Hence, a great choice when you want to monitor outside and you don’t need to change your cameras now and then.

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