Wisenet Vs Night Owl: Which is the Better Option to Buy

Wisenet Vs Night Owl: Which is the Better Option to Buy

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If until now you don’t have CCTV tech on your property, there’s so much you’re missing out. Security cameras now are more of a third eye that allows you to see and hear from your home or business all the time. In this article, we’re going to compare Wisenet vs Night Owl technologies to determine that might be better for your property.

Regardless, the two are true leaders in surveillance and security technology. When looking at their product catalogs, you’ll notice they both have been performing relatively well market-wise due to their highest quality and reasonable pricing.

In any case, Wisenet and Night Owl are two different providers, with each featuring unique manufacturing expertise. So, the overall experience and solutions will vary.

Wisenet vs Night Owl: An Overview on the Manufacturers

Wisenet Security Camera

Wisenet is an upcoming security cameras brand under the Hanwha Techwin America. The company’s about 5 years old in the industry, but it’s performing well due to the shared history with Samsung Electronics.

Even better, Hanwha Techwin America is a well-known technology company, with over 40-year experience in manufacturing expertise. At the heart of security, the brand has a wide selection of CCTV cameras, not limited to standalone, baby monitors, and multi-channel stations.

Night Owl Security Camera

Meanwhile, Night Owl is also not very old in the industry, but it’s about five years older than Wisenet cameras. The company has proven to be one of the fastest-growing security providers with their quality and affordable products. That’s not all.

Night Owl engineers usually create their cameras with the customer in mind. So, they are also easy to set up and operate.

As we mentioned when comparing Night Owl vs Swann, the Florida-based company has also patented a state of the art PIR technology. Hence, showing their commitment to bring innovative security solutions to the market.

That said, let’s now jump in and compare Night Owl vs Wisenet product selections and see who has better offerings on the table.

A Summary review on the Various Night Owl and Wisenet Security Camera Systems

Wisenet (SDC-89445BF) 5MP Super HD Bullet Security Camera

Wisenet SDC-89445BF 5MP CCTV Surveillance Weatherproof Bullet...
  • This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process...

This is an add-on CCTV camera that you can get for an existing 5mp DVR recorder. It has a compact bullet design, with a decent styling to make sure you can use it indoors without being intrusive.

The security camera has a standard 1944p resolution, which ensures everything on the display is more like it’s on the ground. And in case it’s the dark hours of the night, there’s a very powerful infrared sensor next to the camera lens. So, you’ll get to have an eye on your property 24/7.

More on that, this camera has a wider 104° field of view, which translates to broader coverage. Thus, you can monitor a large scene without requiring many devices.


  • It has a rugged, weatherproof construction to support outdoor use
  • Delivers bright and sharp footage, with vivid clarity
  • Has a long-range night vision
  • Features customizable motion detection
  • It’s very affordable.


  • It has no audio support
  • Can’t work without a DVR station.

Wisenet (SDC-89445BF) 8-Channel DVR Security Camera System

Wisenet SDH-B84085-1TB 8 Channel Super HD DVR Video Security...
30 Reviews
Wisenet SDH-B84085-1TB 8 Channel Super HD DVR Video Security...
  • Large Storage - The Super HD 8 channel DVR comes with 1TB hard drive, allowing you to store hours of...
  • Weather Resistant Cameras - The 8 5MP Super HD Bullet Cameras (SDC-89445BF) are ideal for both...

This is one of the best-performing selections from the brand and that you can consider if you have a large property. It comes as a complete surveillance kit, with a DVR station, cameras, and installation accessories.

Each of the cameras has a superior 5mp image sensor that offers full 1944p Super HD resolution. Hence, making it possible for you to identify important details such as tattoos and license plates, with ease.

Still, the security cameras have a well-made, IP66 weatherproof design. So, you can mount on the open environment without worrying about rain and other harsh weather conditions.

On the other hand, the recorder is an 8-channel model, with BNC video inputs. It has multiple monitor inputs (VGA and HDMI), plus an Ethernet port in case you would want to use the remote viewing feature.


  • It’s so easy to install and setup
  • Delivers excellent picture quality
  • Sharp and long-range night vision
  • Features a preinstalled hard drive
  • It’s a friendly budget.


Its motion detection is too sensitive (many alerts by even bugs)

Wisenet (SDC-89445BF) Super HD 16 Channel DVR Security Camera System

Wisenet SDH-C85105BF 16 Channel Super HD DVR Video Security...
  • Large Storage - The Super HD 16 channel DVR comes with 2TB hard drive, allowing you to store hours...
  • Weather Resistant Cameras - The 10 5MP Super HD Bullet Cameras (SDC-89445BF) are ideal for both...

In case you would want to have eyes on every corner of your large home/ business, this model supports up to sixteen cameras. However, it comes with only ten pieces of them, all featuring a 5MP sensor and a wider 104° field of view. Hence, ensuring you get to monitor a large space and in rich video resolution.

Thanks to the compact and sleek styling, these security cameras can be used inside the house without disrupting the general setting. They are also IP66 weatherproof, in which case you can use them outdoors without the fear of rain, snow, or heat.

Furthermore, the cameras have a very sensitive motion sensor. Thus, you can connect your DVR with the internet to be getting real-time intrusion alerts on your smartphone.


  • It offers smooth streaming and playback, with clear imaging
  • Assures 24-hour high quality monitoring
  • Comes with a preinstalled local storage
  • Supports cloud service for remote playback
  • It’s so easy to install and configure


  • Its remote viewing feature allows only one person access at a time
  • The cameras are plastic instead of metal.

Night Owl (WNC2-841) Full HD Wireless Security Camera System

Night Owl Wireless Home Security Camera System with 4 AC Powered...
133 Reviews
Night Owl Wireless Home Security Camera System with 4 AC Powered...
  • AC POWERED WIRELESS IP CAMERAS: Move the cameras as your coverage needs change
  • OUTDOOR SECURITY CAMERAS: These wireless IP cameras are for indoor and outdoor use


The security camera system is one of the best options if you don’t want to deal with wires in your installation. It has a built-in wireless access point that allows the cameras and the NVR to communicate wirelessly. So, it might come in handy in rental cases where you don’t want to mess the owner’s structure.

The system comes with four cameras, each featuring a 2mp image sensor that delivers crystal 1080p Full HD images. But if you need more eyes, the NVR can support up to eight cameras. So, you can get the other four and put them in different positions on your property.


  • It has an excellent night vision
  • Quick and effortless to set up
  • Comes with a preinstalled hard drive disk
  • Supports remote access, streaming, and playback
  • It packs a built-in mic and speaker for 2-way conversation.


  • It tends to lose signal quite often (with farther cameras)

Night Owl (C5XFR2L-1610-B) Super HD Indoor/ Outdoor Security Camera System

Night Owl CCTV Video Home Security Camera System with 10 Wired...
  • America's # 1 Wired Security Camera Brand* for your home or business
  • WIRED SPOTLIGHT CAMERAS: Human motion activates the bright built-in spotlight for added security

If there’s no landlord to bother you, this can be a great alternative for monitoring your large property. The DVR is a 16-channel model, which means you can connect with up to 16 cameras for viewing different angles. But the manufacturer usually packs it with only ten CCTV cameras. So, you’ll have to purchase the remainder separately as needed.

Regardless, the included cameras have a 5mp image sensor and a wide-angle lens. Hence, allowing you to watch a large scene of your home or business and in rich clarity. Then when the nighttime comes, the cameras have an awesome night vision that can see objects up to 100 feet away. So, it never sleeps even after you go to bed.


  • It delivers crisp and clear footage
  • Has colored night vision
  • Features facial recognition and human detection
  • It has an integrated spotlight to ward off intruders


  • It has an incompetent app and software (for remote viewing)
  • It may take longer to install (due to wiring).

Night Owl XHD501-44P-B 4 Channel Wired Security Camera System

Night Owl XHD501-44P-B 4 Channel 5MP Extreme HD Video Security...
  • 1 x 4 Channel 5MP DVR with pre-installed 1 TB Hard Drive.
  • 4 x Indoor/Outdoor 5MP Wired Infrared Cameras.

This is yet another multi-channel CCTV system from the brand that you can consider for your property. It, however, supports up to four cameras, which, of course, are pretty enough if you don’t have a large space that needs monitoring.

Each of the included cameras has a simple yet decent design that you can use either indoor or outdoor. They also have a 5mp sensor and a 90° wide-angle lens. Hence, you get to receive crystal-clear footage, with rich details.

Furthermore, the four security cameras have an advanced infrared PIR sensor, which allows smoother performance with lesser false alerts.


  • It’s easy to set up and use
  • Compatible with PTZ cameras
  • Has advanced video compression
  • Comes with a preinstalled local storage
  • It supports multiple recording modes.


  • Inferior night vision (in poorly lighted areas)
  • Incompetent smartphone app.


Is Night Owl a good security camera?

That depends on what exactly you’re looking for. If you need an affordable security camera system for general-purpose monitoring, the brand, no doubt, has a wide range to choose from. But if you need a professional-grade system for your business, Night Owl is yet there. The company has still several areas that need improvement- especially when it comes to remote viewing.

Can you talk through night owl cameras?

As mentioned, Night Owl has various lineups of security cameras to choose from. The majority of them usually have basic monitoring and security features, including high resolution, wide FOV, and software-based motion detection.

However, there are several like the model C5XFR2L-1610-B that has advanced features like human detection, facial recognition, and two-way audio. So, you can speak with the delivery person through the camera.

Is Wisenet owned by Samsung?

No, Wisenet is a Security camera brand by the Hanwha Group. However, the Korean conglomerate company bought it from Samsung Electronics, then dropped the name Samsung Techwin for Hanwha Techwin. Nonetheless, they decided to adopt and continue using the name Wisenet for consumer products.

Does night owl have a monthly fee?

A simple answer, NO. Night Owl usually offers DVR and NVR security camera systems that come with preinstalled hard drive disk for local storage. So, you won’t need to pay any monthly fees. If you would want to remotely playback footage history from anywhere, you’ll need to have an active cloud plan, which starts at $4/ month.

Wisenet vs Night Owl: Which Is Better?

Truthfully, the best perfect security camera for you depends on a variety of factors- your budget, needs, and preference. So, either Wisenet or Night Owl might fit your situation and work pretty well. Especially if you’re not expecting much, the product catalog of the two companies’ mainly simple and with friendly budgets.

When it comes to the remote access feature, however, both Night Owl and Wisenet have a lot to work on. The smartphone app and PC software from both sides are not the best, yet remote viewing is very crucial today. But we hope they’ll work around and update them as necessary to enhance usability.

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