How to Set up Blink Wireless security Camera

How to Set up Blink Wireless security Camera

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Blink is an electronic company that produces home security cameras. The company started in 2009 under the efforts of Don Shulsinger, Peter Besen, and Stephen Gordon. The company also makes video doorbells that are very important to secure your house when you are not around. Today, I will shine a light on how to set up a Blink camera, among other things.

Most security cameras are DIYs, meaning that you can set them up by yourself. The camera systems that do not require wiring are most comfortable to set up and use within minutes. However, it is always advisable to get an expert’s services to ensure that you do not go wrong. Having used your hard-earned money to purchase the systems, you cannot afford to make errors.

Blink camera systems are easy to set up, as you will see later. If you plan to install surveillance systems in your home, you now know the best security systems to buy-the Blink. Despite being easy to set up, Blink cameras are quality devices that will give you the quality images you deserve. Nowadays, the market is full of fake equipment, so you should always go for quality ones.

How do you set up a blink camera?

Blink cameras are among the easiest to assemble DIY home security systems with no monthly fee. You need simple tools such as a screwdriver and a ladder in case you need to fix it on a high point. It comes with a mounting kit that allows you to mount it firmly on a wall and any other flat surface. The kit includes a camera mount and two screws appropriately packed in a box.

Before mounting the surveillance camera, remove the thin protective film on the lens. It will ensure that you get high-quality images since the film may degrade images. You can either choose to mount the camera vertically on the wall or horizontally on the ceiling. Mount the camera on the camera mount and use the screwdriver to screw firmly onto the preferred surface.

The mounting procedure is as follows.

1. Pull the mount from the camera while holding the camera tightly and place the camera somewhere safe to avoid scratches.

2. Apply pressure to the outer ring while holding the mount with all your hands and at the same time supporting the camera mount.

3. Choose an appropriate location without obstacles and secure the mount with the screws.

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4. Next, press the cable to enter into the molded clips (see the base’s mount clips).

5. After that, pull the cable slowly through the retaining ring and press the retaining ring’s sides to have it in place once you have lined up the notch with the cable.

6. Next, insert the camera by pressing the Mini into the mount, where it automatically clicks into position.

7. Finally, plug the USB cable into the Mini and the other end to the power adapter and plug it into the wall socket. The camera is ready to start working. Remember to remove the thin film on the camera lens.

how to set up blink camera
Blink camera setup

How does a Blink camera system operate?

Once you have mounted the Blink camera, it is ready to use. You must ensure that the battery has enough charge to run the device. It is essential to note the device’s battery’s availability as one of the advantages the device has because you do not need consistent electrical power to keep the camera running.

Blink cameras require WiFi to operate. It means that you can access them remotely, far away from home, using your smartphone. You have to download the Blink app from either the Google Play Store or App Store to control the camera settings. On the app, you can enable and disable video recording, microphone, speaker volume, video quality, and WiFi settings, among others.

Blink cameras have night vision capability, whereby you can get clear images at night. Moreover, the cameras have night vision capabilities so that you can still get quality images at night. Blink cameras can also detect motion. The camera also has a two-way communication system so that you can communicate with anyone near it.

Can hackers access Blink cameras?

If you are not keen on the setup process, someone may take control of your cameras. Once you have connected the system with your app, ensure that the firmware is up to date. Outdated firmware may attract authorized access by hackers.

Additionally, ensure that you install applications that are trustworthy on your smartphone. Some applications, especially those with access to your storage space, may unknowingly steal photos and videos from your camera.

Furthermore, ensure you mount the camera well to prevent snatchers from stealing your device. The older mounts were unreliable, but now the company has come up with reliable mounts that make it difficult to remove the cameras.

Can Blink cameras work outdoors?

Initially, Blink was only making indoor cameras. However, later they started making outdoor cameras. The company currently makes some of the best security cameras for outdoor surveillance. The outside security is as crucial as the inside security and thus no leaving chances.

Outdoor surveillance cameras have resistance to adverse weather conditions such as rainfall, temperature, and fog. That means that they can operate well without facing damages.

How to Set up Blink Wireless security Camera
Blink Wireless security Camera

How long are videos by Blink cameras?

The default video length for a Blink camera is five seconds. However, you can adjust that to record 60 seconds clips. Your Blink app becomes handy in the adjustment process. You can also stream videos from the device wherever you are. A continuous live stream goes for around 30 seconds, after which a pop-up appears on your screen to ask you whether to continue viewing. A Blink camera does not stream continuously.

Does the Blink camera system come with storage memory?

The blink camera system comes with a storage space that can accommodate clips of up to 7,200 seconds. When the memory is full, the system overwrites the old videos. You may also add a removable USB storage device to accommodate more videos.

Moreover, Blink has cloud storage services whereby you can subscribe to save videos online. You will get a free trial of the cloud storage once you buy the system. You have to create an account to benefit from the free plan. If you subscribe to the program, you will get a 10% discount on all other purchases of Blink devices via You will also get a warranty extension. With Blink’s secure storage cloud, you can download videos anytime you feel like referring.

Can I integrate Blink with other smart home devices?

The initial Blink camera does not integrate with other smart platforms. However, the company has produced modern devices that integrate with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices such as Amazon Echo, Dot, Show, Tap, and Spot. You do not need to control the device manually.

Unfortunately, the feature applies only to the US, UK, Canada, and Germany. There are plans to avail the aspect to other countries of the world in the future.

Do Blink cameras support cellular internet?

Blink cameras currently only support WiFi internet. Plans are underway to produce cameras that can work with cellular internet. However, this should not hinder you from getting the device since you can even use your smartphone to create a hotspot.

Cellular internet is useful in places where wired internet has not arrived. These are mostly remote areas. However, cellular internet is not as stable as the wired internet. It faces fluctuations of signals.

How long can a Blink battery last?

Among all the battery-operated outdoor security cameras , Blink has a good position in battery durability. The battery can go up to two years of continuous use. After that, you can replace the battery with a similar model.

Will I pay monthly fees for using the Blink cameras?

There are no fees to pay per month to use the Blink camera systems. However, as I had earlier indicated, you can subscribe to the Blink cloud storage services. It will ensure that all your videos have safe storage, and none will disappear.

The basic subscription plan requires you to pay $3 per month for one camera. You can also pay $30 per year. For the Plus plan, you need to pay $10 per month or $100 per year. The Plus plan allows you to connect an unlimited number of cameras to your storage account. Also, with the Plus plan, you will benefit from a warranty extension.

Does the Blink security system come with a warranty?

The blink security system comes with a one-year warranty. The warranty applies whether you have a cloud subscription or not. Both the free and basic subscription plans have a one-year warranty. The Plus subscription plan includes a guarantee of more than a year.

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During the warranty period, you will benefit from free repair and replacement.

Bottom line

The Blink camera is among the most manageable surveillance systems you can set up by yourself. Again, the fact that you can access the system wirelessly over the WiFi makes it reliable. You should always update the firmware to the current one to keep the network secure. If possible, you can subscribe to the cloud storage service to ensure that all your videos remain safe to access anytime. Blink’s warranty is also very essential.

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