How Many Ring Cameras Can You Have On One Account?

How Many Ring Cameras Can You Have On One Account?

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As we have said several times, Ring security camera is one of the best if you need to protect your smart home. It’s a local brand owned by Amazon and with headquarters in California. So, it’s much easier to trust when it comes to the quality and protection of your data. But again, how many ring cameras can you have on one account for your home?

That’s right. We know with an Arlo camera you can add up to fifteen devices, then sixteen if you decide to use a 16 channel security camera system. So, what is the maximum limit you can have for your home?

Well, this is the question we’ll be focusing on today in case you’re thinking of installing or adding more Ring cameras on your property. But before we come to that…

Are Ring Cameras Good For Security?

When it comes to Ring cameras, this title isn’t just for the security camera but also video doorbells. If you can remember our review on Eufy and Ring a week ago, we mentioned the Amazon brand begun with doorbells. In fact, the first-generation Ring Video doorbell is one of the bestsellers, with over 80,000 reviews on (only).

In 2015, the security firm introduced its first Stick Up Cam, which was yet another smooth success in the market. After about three years, a second version of the camera came, then later (in 2022) the third generation.

In any case, Ring has about five different classes of wireless security cameras today, each with about four different models to choose. You’ll also find ten different series of the Ring video doorbell, and all are as famous as the cameras.

How Many Ring Cameras Can You Have On One Account

The eight key reasons why all ring cameras and video doorbells are a hit include:

  • Made in USA: While many home devices (including some Ring products) are manufactured in china, Ring is still a U.S. brand. So, there’s that aspect of patriotism, then consumers trust the quality of the products more.
  • Audio Features: all Ring cameras and video doorbells have a built-in mic and audio. So, you’ll get video recording with audio, use two-way talk communication, and ward off the potential intruder with the siren.
  • Alexa Integration: you can link your Ring cameras with Echo Show or any other Alexa device for hands-free control
  • Flexibility: Ring has both wired and battery-powered security cameras. So, you still can manage to monitor locations inaccessible to power. Furthermore, the company has indoor and outdoor weatherproof cameras.
  • Remote Access: Ring cameras require the internet to operate and the mobile app to manage. So, you can stream real-time recordings and playback past videos from anywhere.
  • Professional Monitoring: Although optional, Ring has a 24/7 professional monitoring service, whereby they can request emergency response to your home. And not just for a break-in incident, but also in case of smoke (fire) or medical emergencies.
  • Multiple Users Access: You can share access to your Ring cameras, whereby the secondary user can view cameras, share videos, and disarm alarms.
  • DIY installation and setup: Last month, we did take you through how to install the Ring Floodlight Camera without existing wiring. So, you necessarily don’t need to waste your three hundred hiring an installer.

Do I Need A Professional To Install A Ring Camera?

As we’ve just mentioned a second ago, you don’t need a professional electrician or installer to put up your Ring camera/s. All the systems from the company utilize a wireless connection to transmit data to the viewing device. Some of the cameras are also 100% wire-free in that they’re wireless and battery-powered. So, you won’t need to drill through walls as with a security camera system with DVR or NVR.

Once you have mounted your Ring camera, the next step should be setting it up in the Ring app. The purpose of this step is to activate your camera and configure the various supported features to enhance your monitoring.

More on that, the setup stage is where now the question of the maximum Ring cameras you can have come into play. The specific number can help you assess if the brand is the right choice for your property. That’s in terms of security, operation cost, and ease of use.

How Many Ring Cameras Can You Have On One Account?

Before we can answer this, there are two important words you have to watch: Ring Group and Ring Account.
A Ring Group is a function in the Ring App that allows you to bring together your cameras to react intelligently to events. It also makes it possible to use different modes to control the behavior of the cameras collectively. The three modes include

  • Disarmed: to disable features like motion detection and recording when you’re at home and need the freedom to move around.
  • Home mode: turns off the motion detection and alerts for the indoor cameras but leaves the outdoor camera and doorbell function.
  • Away mode: provides full security by activating all the cameras, both inside and out, to record when not at home.

In case you don’t want to use the various modes, you can also manually turn off or on all the cameras in a group at the same time. Or else set how long they should remain on. Unfortunately, Ring has not provided the number of cameras you can pair in one Group. However, they say you can add a single camera to only one Group at a time.

About Ring User Account

This one now is the account that you created to configure your Ring cameras and doorbells. If you already have a camera and you’re just adding several others, there’s no need to create a new account. You just need to log in to the app with your credentials, go to the “Set Up a Device” option, choose your camera, then follow the onscreen instructions.

But the question remains, what’s the maximum number of cameras can you add to the app? In truth, there’s no limit. The difference now comes if you need to subscribe to the Ring Protect plans or add multiple camera locations to the app.

A. How many cameras can you have under one Ring Protect plan Account

Unlike with Wyze Cam V1 or V2 or V3 that has dual storage options, all Ring cameras only support cloud recording at the moment. It’s not any bad as you can have your recordings secure and inaccessible to intruders for up to 60 days. However, you have to renew your cloud subscription monthly (or yearly) based on whether you have the Ring Protect Plus or the Basic package.

In the Basic package, you only need to pay $3/ month or $30/ year, but supports only one device. The amount will cover all the features included with the free plan, plus “People Only” mode recording, 60-day video history, video saving, snapshot capture, and thumbnail alerts.

On the other hand, the Ring Protect Plus plan covers all the features with the basic package, plus 24/7 professional monitoring and extended warranties for your location devices. The plan will cost you $10/ month or $100/ year, but it includes all devices that you have in one location.

Therefore, the Ring Protect Plus would be the best choice if you’ll be having more than one camera on your account.

B. How Many Ring Camera Locations can You have on one Ring Account

Locations is a function in the Ring app that you use to group your Ring devices by their physical address. Let’s say you have four cameras at home, two at your small office, and three at your parents’ home. You can use your Ring App to group your various cameras into “Home”, “Office”, and “Parents” locations. Thus, allowing you to check all the nine cameras without a hassle or missing any important event.

Ring company allows you to set up to ten camera locations on one account, though it may be less or more depending on the setup you’ve used. However, each Ring Protect plan only covers the devices at one location, which is defined by the address you put during setup.

As such, each camera location will require its separate Ring Protect Subscription plan. If not, you’ll only get a live view and motion-activated alerts without a snapshot capture (thumbnail).

Important Notes

It’s worth noting that the number of cameras you can access at a given time depends on the role of your account. As we mentioned at the beginning, Ring has the option to share your camera with other people. It has three types of users, all with different level of access to the cameras or any other Ring system at a location.

They are:


This is the primary account that set up the Ring system. In the app, you can view the cameras, save and share video recordings, adjust system settings, change account details, delete cameras, or delete recordings. Furthermore, you can add/ remove new users, and grant shared users access to the system. In other words, this is the manager account.

Shared User:

Under this Ring account, the user has access to only what the Owner allows. It’s perfect for relatives, in which case they can view cameras, save (to phone) and share videos, as well as arm and disarm Ring alarm system (if available). Even though he/ she needs to create an own account, a shared user cannot change the settings of your security system and may require permission from the Owner to access particular cameras.

Guest User:

Just as the name, this is the lowest level of Ring System access. The type of user has limited open roles in that she or he cannot access the app or view cameras. He/ she can only open keypad locks and arm or disarm the Ring alarm system while using a unique access code.

To Wind Up:

A Ring camera can make a great security system if you won’t mind the cloud-only storage. While it has been in production for about a decade now, none of their doorbells or cameras have local storage, though they keep promising the feature is coming soon.

In any case, cloud storage could be tricky (not impossible) to get compromised as you’re the only person who has access credentials. Hence, the reason hundreds of thousands still opt for Ring cameras while there’s a sea of cheaper wireless cameras that have both local and cloud storage.

As for the question of how many Ring cameras you can have on one account, you can have as many as you want with the free Protect plan. The same will apply if you decide to go with the Ring Protect Plus subscription for your devices in one location.

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