Eufy Vs Ring: Which’s the Best Video Camera Doorbell for Your Home

Eufy Vs Ring: Which’s the Best Video Camera Doorbell for Your Home

It’s no secret that Eufy is becoming a favorite wireless security camera system for many homeowners. However, which would be more reliable to have at the door between Eufy vs Ring doorbell? Or rather, which video camera doorbell can provide an exceptional monitoring experience if one wanted to upgrade from a traditional doorbell?

Well, first of all, the two are remarkable providers if you’re in the market for a home security camera system. Meanwhile, the Ring Video Doorbell 2 and Pro are the top bestselling camera doorbells. So, it’s what many people will consider, especially when shopping from Amazon due to many reviews.

However, in our opinion, the Eufy video doorbell will make better eyes than the Ring doorbell.

The five reasons why Eufy is the best are:

  • Eufy doorbell has a 5MP image sensor that captures clearer and sharper pictures
  • All Eufy devices have built-in local storage for free recording capabilities
  • Eufy video doorbell supports person detection and face detection free of charge
  • The Eufy Doorbell is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices
  • Eufy Doorbell support continuous video recording for up to five days at no cost

Eufy vs Ring: A Summary on the Security Technologies

FactsEufy DoorbellRing Doorbell
Parent CompanyANKERAmazon
PTZ CamerasN/A
(only indoor PT)
Video ResolutionUp to 2K Super HDUp to 1080p HD
(new release 3MP doorbell)
Active DeterrenceYES
[Spotlight and Siren]
[Spotlight and siren]
Night VisionYES
[Colored and infrared]
[colored and infrared]
Audio FunctionsYESYES
Sound DetectionYESNO
Video AnalyticsYES
PIR motion detection
Motion capture zones
Human detection
Face detection
Auto-track and following
Yes, they’re Available
PIR motion detection
Motion capture zones
Person detection
24/7 Video RecordingYES
(indoor cam/ video doorbell)
(only professional monitoring)
Built-in Local StorageYES
[USB, EMMC & MicroSD]
Free CloudNONO
Power OptionBattery, solar & plug-inBattery, Solar, & plugin
Smart Home CompatibilityYES
[Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant & Apple HomeKit]
[Amazon Alexa]
Ease of UsePerfectPerfect
Extra productsSilicone cases
Entry sensors
Smart switch
Baby monitors
Video doorbells
Solar Panel charger
Alarm motion sensor
Smart robotic vacuum
Smart lighting
Video doorbells
Doorbell faceplate
Alarm security kit
Solar security sign
Solar panel charger
Rechargeable batteries
Magnetic wall mounts
Warranty PolicyLimited One-Year WarrantyLimited One-Year Warranty

Ring Security Doorbell

To be honest, Ring is one of the most sought-after security cameras, despite not having many bells and whistles. Surprisingly, however, this company started with making a video camera doorbell. As we mentioned when reviewing Ring and Nest and Arlo, it wasn’t until 2015 when the creators released their first stick-Up Cam.

As of now, Ring has over a dozen series of security cameras and doorbells. Thus, it won’t be hard to find a perfect system that fits your needs. However, neither of the devices have the option to record locally, in which case you must have an active cloud plan.

Eufy Security Doorbell

Although foreign, Eufy Innovations is also holding up pretty well and expanding fast. Although younger than Ring, quite a number of Ring’s users have been switching to the Anker’s brand over higher convenience and reliability.

For instance, all video doorbells have built-in local storage as either EMMC (embedded multi-media card) or MicroSD. So, you can monitor your front yard and also keep evidence of a break-in without having to subscribe to a cloud plan.

Furthermore, select Eufy video doorbell systems can record continuously (24/7). Then others, like Eufy T8200, have a pre-buffer (lookback) feature, as we shall see in the discussion below.

Eufy Vs Ring Doorbell: Comparing Features And Capabilities of the Security Systems

In some cases, we could say a video doorbell beats having a security camera at the door. For instance, you can use it inconspicuously, get timely alerts, and set quick interaction replies (perfect during meetings).

In any case, let’s jump into our Eufy doorbell vs ring review and see how the two compare, starting with the pricing.

Price and availability

When comparing Ring vs Eufy doorbell at price-point, we could say the points are for the former because of the Ring video doorbell wired series. The doorbell sells around eighty when it includes the chime but you can also get it alone at $60.

Furthermore, Ring has five other options that you can get under $200, albeit most of them don’t include a chime.
Meanwhile, the cost of a Eufy doorbell starts at around eighty-five bucks, going up to $270. You can also find various selections under $200, but some of them don’t include a Homebase hub, yet it’s crucial.

As for the availability, you can purchase either Ring or Eufy doorbell from their official website or various major retailers. Please note, the price might vary depending on where you buy.

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What Doorbell Choices are Available?

Similarly, Ring takes the lead as it has up to seven selections that you can consider for your front door. In these options, four of them are wired video doorbells, and the rest are battery-powered in case your mounting location has no wiring.

Other features that distinguish the various Ring doorbells include enhanced bird’s eye view, dual-band WiFi connectivity, interchangeable faceplates, amongst others.

On its end, Eufy has about five doorbell series to choose from, which comprises battery-powered and hardwired options. From these selections, some of them can work with a dedicated Eufy chime while others use either Homebase 1, Homebase 2, or Homebase E. So, it can be a great add-on if you already have any Eufy camera in the house.

How Good is the Video Quality?

Eufy is the clear winner in this one, and one of the reasons some Reolink and Ring users have been switching to it. Not only does it have multiple devices on the Super-HD resolution, but also uses a 5MP image sensor. Hence, packs about 1.8 million more pixels than the 1536p HD from Ring Doorbell.

Moreover, the 2k Eufy doorbells have an integrated HDR or WDR technology to help enhance the quality of recordings in different conditions.

Of course, Ring doorbell Pro 2 also has HDR support, but it’s the only one with the ability and 1536p HD resolution. But again, 1536p HD (about 3MP) video quality is far much less than 2K resolution in pixels and picture details.

However, both Ring and Eufy doorbell records in black and white quality, which, of course, isn’t the best, but still decent.

Local storage vs Cloud plan

If you can remember our Eufy and Arlo discussion the other day, we said the Anker’s brand has all devices with multiple storage options. You can choose to go with the built-in local storage or pay for either of the cloud plans available.

However, we doubt many people bother to subscribe, considering you can access local recordings via the phone app. Furthermore, Eufy doorbells behave like any other security camera with a memory card in that it can record when WiFi is down. This is something not possible with a Ring doorbell when all it has is cloud storage. So, you must have WiFi and an active subscription to have evidence of whoever tried to jack your car.

Nonetheless, the Ring Protect Plans aren’t that expensive, and even the premium subscription includes 24/7 professional monitoring.

Here’s a summary of the plan rates as well as that for the Eufy doorbell.

Ring Protect Cloud Plan

Cost/ Month$3.00$10.00
Cost/ Year$30.00
(Save $6.00)
(Save $20.00)
Video HistoryUp to 60 daysUp to 60 Days
Live StreamingYESYES
Smart AI featuresYESYES
No. of Devices1 doorbell/ cameraAll doorbells/ cameras
Professional MonitoringNOYES
Local StorageNONO

Eufy Cloud Plan

Cost/ Month$2.99$9.99
Cost/ Year$29.99
(Save $5.89)
(Save $19.89)
Video HistoryUp to 30 daysUp to 30 Days
Live StreamingYESYES
Smart AI featuresYESYES
Maximum Devices1 doorbell/ cameraUp to 10 doorbells/ cameras
Professional MonitoringN/AN/A
Local StorageFreeFree

Important Notes:
Just like Ring, Eufy professional monitoring service is also available but to only those interested. It’s accessible as a separate program, starting from $4.99 per month going up to $9.99. However, the basic plan supports only panic mode, whereby you press the emergency button to dispatch local authorities.

Intelligent video surveillance (IVS)

When we compare Eufy doorbell vs Ring doorbell on intelligence level, Eufy takes the points as well. True, the company is yet to have advanced analytics like those of Hikvision and Dahua, but the few available are better than Ring’s. How?
For one, the Eufy doorbell has a human body detection that will eliminate false alerts from animals or vehicles.

econdly, you can set the security device to alert you only when the lens captures a face pattern (not face recognition). Hence, helping you ignore alerts for those people across the street.

If you feel the false alerts are still many, the doorbell also has a motion capture zone feature that you can select up to three regions. Hence, allowing you to get only the alerts that matter most.

If you would prefer to trust Ring products on your property, the company does integrate multiple IVS features as well. This includes both motion activity zone and personal detection. However, you’ll need to have any of the cloud Protect Plans to enjoy the perks and receive the captured snapshots.

Continuous Video Recording (CVR)

Does Eufy doorbell support 24/7 recording? YES, it does. However, the functionality is only available on the Eufy 2K Pro Wired Doorbell limited edition, which the company released in 2020 for Best Buy Co., Inc. The doorbell has 32GB of local storage, which can hold up to five days of continuous recordings in 2K resolution.

As for the rest of the wired doorbells, Eufy has included a 3s pre-buffer feature. So, you can see what had happened three seconds before the doorbell camera sent the notification.

Unfortunately, neither of the Ring devices support continuous video recording or the 3-second playback feature. So, you’ll have to rely on the activity recordings, which, by the way, can only activate through motion detection. Ring doesn’t support audio/ sound detection, something we have in Eufy cameras too.

ring video doorbell

Power options

This will be a win for all the two labels as they both have dual power options. that’s you can get your Ring or Eufy video doorbell with a built-in rechargeable battery or wired connection. The battery option can come in handy when you don’t have existing wiring in the mounting location or if you live in a rental property. However, you can still connect the device with a wired connection to guarantee a nonstop power supply.

Meanwhile, the wired connection allows you to connect your doorbell to an existing doorbell wiring. However, it’s worth noting every doorbell has a unique power consumption. If it’s a Eufy doorbell, it requires a transformer with 16-24 VAC, 30VA, or above. Then, Ring system a transformer with 10-24 VAC, 40VA max or higher depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Smart Home Integration

As smart home systems, both Eufy and Ring video doorbell supports integration with the various cloud-based voice technologies. However, Ring is only compatible with Amazon’s Alexa devices, such as the Echo Show, Echo Dot, or Fire TV stick.

For that, Eufy will be having our last points as well, all thanks to its compatibility with multiple virtual assistant programs. Of course, the doorbells can only connect with Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices, but the cameras are now supporting HomeKit as well. So, we hope the firm will conclude the evaluation and implement Apple’s integration to the doorbells as well.

Recommended Eufy and Ring Video Camera Doorbells

Best Overall: Eufy E82101W3 2K Battery-Powered Video Doorbell

Key Features

  • 2560 x1920p resolution
  • Advanced WDR
  • IP65 weatherproof
  • Dual power option
  • Built-in 16GB local storage
  • Human body, face detection
  • Built-in speaker and microphone

What we like most:
The video camera doorbell has a 2K Super-HD resolution and advanced WDR (wide dynamic range). Hence, providing you with crispier and clear images even in times when the background has uneven lighting conditions.

Best of Value: Ring Alarm and Video Doorbell 8-Piece Kit

Key Features:

  • Smart lock keypad
  • Indoor motion detector
  • 250-foot Range extender
  • Door/ window contact sensor
  • 1080p HD quality doorbell
  • 5.5” Echo Show 5 touchscreen

What we like most:
Although a bit price, the entire bundle includes everything you need to build your own smart home security ecosystem. There’s the video doorbell to monitor the doorsteps, contact sensors to inform when someone opens a door or window, and the digital keypad to arm or disarm your Ring alarm system. Furthermore, the security kit has a motion detector to monitor important areas and an Echo Show monitor to view video doorbell recordings.

Best of Budget: Ring Wired Video Doorbell and Echo Dot Bundle

Key Features:

  • 1080 HD video quality
  • 155° field of vision
  • Nonstop power supply
  • Motion capture zones
  • Amazon Alexa integration
  • Includes Echo Dot (Gen 4)

What we Like Most:
At only eighty bucks, the Ring doorbell includes an echo dot smart speaker that you can use to hear the audio notification. Apart from the video doorbell, you can also pair the Alexa speaker with Zigbee devices and also Ring smart lighting.

Best of Clarity: Eufy T8200 Wired Security Video Doorbell

Key Features:

  • 2K Super-HD video quality
  • HDR and Distortion correction
  • Enhanced AI analysis
  • 4GB built-in local storage
  • Quick interaction responses
  • Human body, face detection
  • Instant facial thumbnail alerts

What we like most:
The security doorbell also records in 2560x1920p resolution but has advanced HDR (high dynamic range) and distortion correction. Hence, delivering vivid and more accurate pictures even in low-light conditions. Also, the video camera doorbell has a 3s pre-buffer function that allows you to see what happened before you received the activity alert.

To Conclude:

A video camera doorbell can be very useful at the main, or otherwise front door. Other than answering the door and monitoring the front yard, you could also use it as a digital peephole to see whoever at the doorstep. Even better, you can use the integrated two-way talk function to welcome your kids from school while at work

As of 2021, however, more than a dozen top security companies are offering video camera doorbells. In the article, we’ve been talking about Eufy vs Ring doorbells while comparing their various features and capabilities.

Meanwhile, Eufy doorbell has emerged as our winner in most of the aspects. What we like most about it is that all systems have built-in local storage that you even view remotely on the mobile app. So, you necessarily don’t need to subscribe to the cloud plans.

However, we hope Anker Innovations will bring us a normal series that records 24/7 so that you can see everything that happens before and after the activity alerts. Besides, the Eufy 2K Pro Wired Doorbell (limited edition) and Solo IndoorCam C22 Security already have the feature. So, we don’t see how that won’t be possible if the company wanted to make it happen.

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