A Eufy Security Camera Review on the Video Quality and How to Setup

A Eufy Security Camera Review on the Video Quality and How to Setup

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We all know you need an internet connection to make the most of a WiFi camera. It’s also impossible to access the footage recorded into the MicroSD through the app, right? Wroong. In this Eufy security camera review, we’ll show you can monitor your home or office from anywhere without paying cloud fees.

Of course, Eufy isn’t the only brand that has a security camera with memory card capability. But unlike the others, it does allow the user to access the data in the built-in local storage through their mobile app.

Better yet, Eufy has been relatively consistent in making high-resolution battery-powered wireless security cameras, as well. So, you won’t just get crispier recordings, but also have better eyes on driveways and other areas inaccessible to wired power.

Nonetheless, this post isn’t all about the strengths of a Eufy CCTV. We’ll also touch on those hidden issues the manufacturer forgets, or rather fail to mention, just like we did with the Swann Security cameras review.

But before we come to all that…

Are Eufy Security Cameras Made in the USA?

First, we can agree Eufy is one of the fastest-growing security camera brands here in the United States. It’s amongst the bestselling names in major consumer outlets, including the likes of Amazon, BestBuy, and Walmart.

Funny to say, though, Eufy isn’t exactly an American Brand. Of course, their official website, us.eufylife.com, has possibly tricked many people into believing it’s, but it’s not. The company is a brand of Anker Innovations Technology, a leading china-based manufacturer of consumer electronics.

However, Anker is also a big label here in the U.S., especially when it comes to charging technology. The Anker PowerCore 20 Power Bank is a perfect example, whereby it has a 5-star rating from over 45,000 shoppers on Amazon.

But, anyway, Eufy is Anker’s brand for smart devices for smart homes, where we have our security cameras.

Types of Eufy Security Camera Systems

Eufy is more like a home automation company, which is why we’ve mentioned it dealing with smart devices. It makes only wireless cameras, but both wired and battery-powered.

So, you might want to look elsewhere if you’re interested in a CCTV system with a DVR or NVR, for that matter. The same applies if you’re looking for a dedicated PTZ outdoor security camera to keep the initial cost as low as possible.

Regardless, Eufy does have a limited line of PT (pan-tilt) security cameras, including the newly-released Floodlight Cam 2 Pro. The PT category even extends to the line of non-wifi baby monitors, which, to be fair, is quite rare nowadays.

Eufy Security Camera Review

In addition to security cameras, Eufy has also invested in video camera doorbells, a field it’s surviving quite well to say. Of course, Ring Video Doorbell 2 and Pro are still the top bestsellers in the market, but it might not be for long. Why do we say this?

Well, all Eufy video doorbells have built-in local storage that you can assess through the mobile app. So, you won’t need to improvise with your phone like when you’re trying to save ring doorbell video without subscription.

Long story short, here’s an overview of Eufy’s most sought-after video doorbell, as well as some of the cameras you can check out for your property.

Eufy Security SystemVideo QualityType of storageEnvironment
Eufy    T8200 Super-HD Video Doorbell2560 x 1920 (2K Super-HD)4GB eMMCOutdoor
EufyCam 2C Outdoor Security Camera Kit1080p16GB EMMCOutdoor/ indoor
Eufy Solo IndoorCam C24 Security Camera2304 x 1296 (2K Full HD)128GB SD Card (not Included)Indoor
Eufy TB8420 Full-HD Floodlight Security Camera1080p Full HD4GB EMMCOutdoor/ Indoor
EufyCam E Battery-Powered Security Camera1080p Full HD128GB SD Card (16GB included)Outdoor/ Indoor
EufyCam 2 Pro Wireless WiFi Security Camera2K Full HD16GB EMMCOutdoor/ Indoor
EufyCam 2C Pro Spotlight Battery Security Camera2304 × 1296 (2K Full HD)16GB EMMCOutdoor/ Indoor
Eufy Floodlight Cam 2 Pro Pan-Tilt Security Camera2304 x 1296 (2K Full HD)8GB EMMCOutdoor

EufyCam 2C Outdoor Security Camera Kit

Key Features: 2MP image sensor, 135-degree field of view, colored night vision, human and face detection, and 16GB EMMC video storage.

Eufy Solo IndoorCam C24 Security Camera

Key Features: 3MP Image sensor, sound detection (crying), two-way audio, motion capture zones, and up to 128GB MicroSD card

Eufy TB8420 Full-HD Floodlight Security Camera

Key Features: 1080p Full HD, 140-degree field of view, audio functions, smart siren, 4GB EMMC storage, 2500-lumen motion-activated floodlights, and IP65 weatherproof

EufyCam E Battery-Powered Security Camera Kit

Key Features: 1080p Full HD, 140-degree field of vision, anti-theft siren, up to 128GB MicroSD card, and compatible with Amazon Alexa

EufyCam 2 Pro Wireless WiFi Security Camera Bundle

Key Features: 2K video quality, 135-degree FOV, human detection, 100% wire-free, audio functions, up to three motion activity zones, and IP67 weatherproof

EufyCam 2C Pro Spotlight Battery Security Camera

Key Features: 2K HD resolution, 135-degree field of view, rechargeable battery, human and face detection, IP67 weatherproof, and built-in spotlight

Eufy Floodlight Cam 2 Pro Pan-Tilt Security Camera

eufy Security Floodlight Cam S330, 360-Degree Pan & Tilt...
eufy Security Floodlight Cam S330, 360-Degree Pan & Tilt...
2K Full HD: Catch all the details in full 2K HD when live-streaming and recording footage.
Amazon Prime

Key Features: 2K Full-HD, 360° pan/ 130° tilt, colored night vision, human detection, motion auto-tracking, built-in siren, and adjustable 3000-lumen floodlight

How Long Do Eufy Security Cameras Last?

Eufy has various security cameras to consider for your home or office. So, the question of durability depends on what you have and how you use it. If it’s the outdoor cameras, the company has all of them weatherproof, but at different standards.

Some of the cameras have an IP65 rating, with operating temperatures of -20°C to 50°C (or -4°F to 122°F). That means the devices can withstand low-pressure water jets from any direction, but they couldn’t have survived long in the 130-degree heat in Southern California last year.

Even so, Eufy has other cameras rated IP67 weatherproof, in which case they can even survive short immersion in water. In other words, this means you can use these cameras in an open environment without having to worry about a heavy downpour for several years.

Sadly, however, Eufy cameras feature a plastic casing- a tough one, of course, but none with Vandal-proof protection. So, they’re not immune to a burglar with a hammer like a true IK10 Vandal-proof system from Hikvision or Lorex.

Regardless, all Eufy cameras come with a 12-month warranty. Thus, you can reach out to the maker if you encounter any manufacturer defect during the period.

Eufy Security Camera Video Quality

In video quality, Eufy has really tried, even better than some top brands here in the U.S. Half of its security camera systems, including even the battery-operated models can record beyond 1080p HD. Thus, enabling you to capture footages in crispier quality, whereby you can even zoom the distant objects without excessive pixelation.

As we mentioned as we tested Eufy and Wyze, though, the Anker brand tends to omit crucial specs when they talk about their devices. A good example in his case is the image sensor their camera is using.

If you know about CCTV well, 2K is a relative term, which some people will interpret as 5MP and others 3MP. Eufy falls in both as most of their 2K cameras have a standard resolution of 2304 x 1296 (approximately 3MP) and others 2560 by 1920 (5MP).

Another thing, many Eufy cameras record at a frame rate of 15fps, which is relatively less if you’re hoping to mount at a busy place. Indeed, newer cameras, the likes of Eufy Floodlight Cam 2 Pro, can record at 24fps, which is pretty impressive. So, you might want to consider that if you want to monitor a busy street without missing crucial moments.

Still, Eufy has really tried in terms of night vision as you can now continue to record in color after dusk. You just need to grab one of the floodlight or spotlight cameras on their catalog.

Eufy Security Camera With Audio Recording

In truth, Eufy is one of the best options if you need a security camera with two-way audio and that can record sound. All the cameras we know about from the brand have these features, including even the video doorbells. Hence, enabling you to get videos that you can hear what the culprits are saying, plus answer your door from about anywhere, anytime.

Even better, the built-in two-way audio feature can be a great deterrence to scare away potential burglars. Then, the likes of the EufyCam 2 Pro in our examples above have a built-in siren that can be activated manually or by motion.

How To Set Up Eufy Security Camera With Homebase

As was mentioned, Eufy only deals with standalone wireless security cameras. So, you don’t need to hire a professional installer if you have a screwdriver and pliers.

But again, the way you install a Eufy security camera with a Homebase isn’t the same for the one without. The EufyCam 2 pro is a perfect example with a Homebase and to set it up, you’ll need to:

  1. First, configure the Homebase 2 with your home internet. To do that, plug the device into the electrical outlet. Then, grab the provided Ethernet cable and connect one end to the WAN port at the rear of the Homebase and the other end to the router’s LAN port. You’ll notice the status LED at the front turn blue.
  2. Next, Download and install the Eufy Security app to your iOS or Android device
  3. After that, register for a Eufy security account and log in
  4. Then, follow the onscreen instructions to add the camera and adjust the other settings (took us about three minutes). The camera has to be close to the camera during all this time

Once done with the initial setup, find a perfect mounting spot for your camera. You can use the Eufy security app to test the place with the best signal strength to ensure seamless streaming. And once you have it, mount your camera at a height of 7-10 feet to ensure you maximize the detection range while still avoiding someone snatching it.

How To Set Up Eufy Floodlight Camera (without Homebase)

The Eufy Floodlight camera and the indoor cams can work on their own without the Homebase. However, for the Floodlight camera, you’ll first need to set it up and confirm it can live stream while indoors. Then, hardwire outside to ensure the integrated lightings (2000-3000 lumens) work as needed.

As for the setup:

  1. Plug the Eufy Floodlight camera into a power socket. You’ll notice the LED indicator below the camera lens blink red
  2. Download and install the Eufy security app into your iOS or Android device
  3. Login in or sign up for the Eufy security account
  4. Once you’re in, follow the on-screen instructions to add your camera and connect to the WiFi.
  5. After you have successfully configured the camera with the app, unplug from the power socket. Then, unscrew the three wire nuts connecting the power cord to the camera
  6. Next, locate a good place to mount your camera. The location should have a junction box and the wiring done.
  7. If the place doesn’t have an existing infrastructure, put one up and complete the installation as we showed you how to install Ring Floodlight Cam without existing wiring.

How To Playback Eufy Security Camera

Well, standalone wireless security cameras are easier to operate compared to their counterparts with a DVR or NVR. The live stream is pretty universal, whereby you just open the mobile app and click the play button.

But when it comes to viewing the recording history, each system has its unique app structure and steps to follow. All Eufy security camera systems should be easy, regardless you have an indoorcam, floodlight, or doorbell.

To do that:

  1. Open the Eufy security app installed on your phone
  2. Click the Events button on the navigation bar
  3. In the window that opens, you’ll see all the events of the current day and previous days. Tap the day you’re interested in and you’ll see everything that the camera has recorded.
  4. Select from the list the activity you want to see.

Note, you can record your Eufy camera’s current footage to your phone’s storage. You just need to open the app, go to live streaming mode and click the camera icon on the navigation bar.

How To Reset A Eufy Security Camera

Your Eufy security camera can encounter software issues, like dropping the signal or being unable to record. If that happens, the support team may ask you to perform a hard reset as a way to resolve the issue. But, luckily, all the Eufy cameras have the reset button outside. So, you won’t need to open the device up as with a DVR, which has the rest button on the motherboard.

Anyway, to reset your Eufy indoor/outdoor security camera, you just need to press and hold the SYNC button for about ten seconds. Once you hear two short beeps, it means your camera is completely reset back to the default factory settings. So, the mobile app won’t also remember it and you’ll have to reconnect back.

Note, if the camera was one of those without a Homebase, the reset could clear other data as well. So, you may want to back up the important videos before you do the rest.

If you have the Eufycam 2C Pro and other systems that use a Homebase, you can reset all devices. The SYNC button will reset the camera as we’ve just shown, but the Homebase doesn’t have one like that. Instead, it (Homebase) has a CYCLE button and that’s what you’ll press and hold ‘till you hear “Homebase is resetting”.

Does Eufy Work with Alexa?

As was mentioned earlier, Eufy is Anker’s department for smart devices. A few months ago, the company was even able to integrate the Apple HomeKit, a feature many Apple users have complained about for a while. Of course, it’s not all devices support it even now, but those with it will enable you to enjoy hands-free control with Siri devices.

In case your device doesn’t work on Siri, you can also opt for the Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant devices. And if you also don’t have either of those, you’ll now have to do without as Eufy cameras are yet to work with Samsung SmartThings or IFTTT devices.

Key Takeaway: Common issues with Eufy Security Cameras

They include:

  • Local storage: The company promised the EMMC card storage can be expanded via a USB, but the feature is still unavailable as of October 2021.
  • Playback: some users find it difficult to fast forward the recordings to view the most recent recordings.
  • Apple Homekit: the HomeKit integration is still beta and doesn’t work with most of the native functions of the camera
  • Motion Detection: a bunch of users has not been able to make the motion zone setting work. The human-only feature in the old camera’s also not always consistent.
  • Privacy concerns: while the cameras record video locally, they’ll first travel to the Eufy servers. Hence, the reason you must log in to access the recordings.
  • Battery: The battery life of the supported cameras is great at first, but some models deteriorate after some time.


Do Eufy cameras need Wi-Fi?

Both Eufy indoor and outdoor cameras transmit recordings to your phone through WiFi. The internet is also a must so you can complete the initial setup. However, the Eufy cameras do have built-in local storage, which allows the cameras to continue recording even when the internet is down.

Do Eufy cameras record 24/7?

In general, most Eufy cameras will record and save event (motion-activated) clips. However, select models like the Eufy Indoor Cam can record 24/7 continuously as well when you install a memory card.

How Was The Mobile App?

The Eufy Cameras rely on the mobile app for everything, including setting up, live streaming, playback, and adjusting the settings. Once we downloaded it to the phone, we signed up and added the camera in about three minutes. It was also easy to access the video histories by clicking the events button on the navigation button.

Does the Eufy camera require a hub?

Technically, that’s a yes and no question. Some Eufy cameras require a hub(Homebase) to set up and operate, but others don’t. The Eufycam 2C Pro is a good example that uses a hub and the Eufy Floodlight can work without one.

How long do Eufy cameras last?

How long the Eufy camera will last depends on the type of camera and where you’re mounting it. If it’s the indoor cameras, they could serve you for years when using them inside the house, but less than a minute when mounted outside on a rainy day. However, the likes of EufyCam 2C Pro, with an IP67 rating, can work in the toughest conditions, including when submerged in water. So, it can serve you well for years when mounted indoors/ outdoors.

Is Eufy camera secure?

All Eufy cameras operate on military-grade 256-bit encryption, in which case only you can access your data. However, you must first log into the Eufy account, including even for the indoor cameras with a Micro SD card.

To Conclude:

Eufy security camera is the perfect piece of tech if you need to monitor a small property like a home or your small office. It’s very flexible as you can choose indoor or outdoor devices, as well as battery-powered or wired power. Best of all, every camera and video doorbell has built-in local storage in the form of a MicroSD or EMMC card. So, you won’t need to purchase cloud plans, yet you can stream and playback video history from anywhere.

As we were concluding our Eufy security camera review, we mentioned issues like inconsistent human detection and the inability to fast-forward event clips. However, we trust the company will address them, just like they did with the HomeKit feature and continuous recording in the select models.

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