Hikvision VS Lorex: Which Is The Best Security Camera in 2023?

Hikvision VS Lorex: Which Is The Best Security Camera in 2023?

While comparing Hikvision vs Lorex Technologies, you will notice both focuses on DIY surveillance cameras that are also budget-conscious. As such, either of the two can be an excellent addition in your home or business, especially with the current economic hardship.

Despite them offering professional-grade CCTV, though, one of them has a wider usage of advanced tech. To see which that one is, let’s look at their features, starting with the available designs.

Comparing Hikvision vs Lorex Capabilities and Features


For this one, Hikvision and Lorex do share to some extent, following their vast selection of security camera systems. They both have Dome, bullet, PTZ, and Turret cameras, as well as expandable NVR and DVR stations.

Nonetheless, Hikvision does have more security lines with state of the art technologies, including Turbo HD, intelligent traffic, and Thermal cameras.

Image Quality

Similarly, comparing Hikvision vs Lorex by their image quality is quite ineffective. Both brands have so many high-resolution cameras, with some even offering the latest 4K UltraHD.

For the nighttime, however, Lorex has better long-range night vision cameras, with quite a number supporting visibility up to 130-300ft.

Storage Options

The two providers support both the local storage and cloud services. As such, you have the advantage of saving the captured images in an SD card or hard drive without requiring any monthly subscription. Plus you can choose cloud recording and ensure your captured footages are still safe even when the burglars steal/ destroy local storages.

However, you have to pay a monthly minimum of € 4.99 per camera for your Hikvision camera recordings to save online,. Although there’s a free 30-day CloudPlay trial, such a subscription is quite expensive considering it’s up to 7-day Playback.

If it’s a must you have cloud recording, we’d recommend Lorex Technologies. The company offers its Basic plan free of charge, with up to 2-day playback. In case that’s not enough for your needs, you can upgrade for the premium plan, with up to 30-day playback, at around € 3.09.

Active Deterrence

This is a vital function as it can help scare away a potential burglar before he breaks into your home or business. Some of the best deterrence features include a built-in siren, LED floodlights, and two-way audio.
Amongst the three, Lorex has been able to integrate all across various security camera models.

Sadly, Hikvision are yet to fully embrace the consumer market. Hence, they have limited systems with active deterrence. Now that their EZVIZ brand is out, though, we hope a lot is to change in the coming years.

Powering Options

Lorex is also the winner in this one as they have a selection of both wired and battery-powered cameras. Each of the two has its benefits, with the former assuring continuous recording without ever needing to change batteries.

The battery-powered cameras, on the other hand, can be convenient if you are a student or renter as there’s no hassle of wires. Thus, it doesn’t necessarily need wall drilling or techie-skills such as crimping.

Hikvision vs Lorex Comparison Table

hikvision vs lorex

Here is a table to help you better understand the likeness and differences between Lorex and Hikvision video surveillance systems.

Facts  Hikvision  Lorex
Company Founded 2001 1993
Specialty Cameras  PTZ, thermal, and IK10 vandal-proof  PTZ, IK10 Vandal-proof, and active deterrence
Image Quality  Up to 4k UltraHD available
[12MP on hold]
 Up to 4K UltraHD available
Minimum illumination  0.001 Lux to 0 Lux  0.001 Lux to 0 Lux
Night Vision  Yes
[Colored and infrared]
[colored, thermal and infrared]
Audio Functions  Yes  Yes
Sound Detection  Yes  Yes
Video Analytics  Yes

  • Smart motion detection
  • Sabotage detection
  • Line crossing detection
  • Face recognition
  • Human body detection
  • Intrusion detection
  • People counting
  • Loitering detection
 Yes, they’re Available

  • Smart motion detection
  • Person detection
  • Vehicle detection
Continuous Video Recording Yes Yes
Built-in MicroSD card  Yes Yes
Free Cloud  No  Yes

[Up to 2-day video playback]
Power Option  Outlet Plugin  Battery and Outlet Plugin
Smart Home Compatibility  Yes
[limited product line]
[Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant]
Ease of Use  Perfect  Fairy
ONVIF Support  Yes Yes
Warranty  One year [replacement] Three years [Repair]  Two years [repair/ replacement]
Pricing View Offer View Offer

As you tell with the smart video option, Hikvision is far more advanced in tech than Lorex. On top of the real-time motion alerts [which is now common], the brand has others like loitering and Sabotage detection. With the latter, the supported camera pushes an alert when someone tries to tamper with the camera, e.g. by redirecting, covering, or blinding.

The 5 Best Lorex and Hikvision Surveillance Cameras

Lorex E581CD Super HD IP Dome Security Camera

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If your interest is on the quality of images, this is one of the better options in the market. It has a superior image sensor that delivers crystal HD images that are rich in detail.

The network CCTV camera has a wide 100° field of view to enable wide coverage, with minimal or no blind spots. This can be very cost-efficient if you have a large compound as you will require fewer cameras.

Designed with IP technology, the dome camera is very quick and effortless to setup. You can use it as an add-on camera with an existing Lorex or ONVIF supported NVR station. Or else use as a standalone camera with a PoE switch/ injector.

Key Features:

  • The security camera delivers crystal 2K super HD image, with vivid details
  • It offers a superior night vision with a range of up to 135ft and colored [in ambient lighting]
  • Uses High Efficiency Video Compression [HEVC H.265], which allow smoother streaming and longer recording
  • Includes True high dynamic range support to provide clearer images in high contrast backgrounds
  • Does support ONVIF compliance to allow use with third-party devices and software
  • As a dome camera, you have the advantage to use indoor with discreet recording
  • Also, the CCTV is IP67 weatherproof to support outdoor use without the worry of harsh conditions like rain and snow


  • The surveillance camera doesn’t have a built-in SD card slot for local recording
  • Offers limited mounting options for the outdoor use
  • It doesn’t offer audio functions

Lorex 4K 8 Channel Surveillance Camera Kit

Lorex 4K 8 Channel 2TB DVR with 8 1080P Security Cameras
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  • 150 FEET NIGHT VISION: Keep your family and possessions safe. These cameras provide clear video...

With a large compound, this is an excellent selection as you can connect with up to eight cameras and place them at different positions. It comprises of an 8-channel 4K UltraHD DVR, 8x bullet cameras, and the mounting components.

For the cameras, each of them has a 2MP sensor and a 90-degree field of vision. Thus, it delivers bright and sharp 1080p pictures while still covering more grounds. Still, the CCTV cams have an outstanding night vision that allows visibility up to 150 feet. And they can do pretty well in harsh weather, including rain and extreme temperatures of up to 140°F.

Even so, this surveillance system uses a BNC connection. Hence, it can take a longer time to set up than the wireless models.

Key Features:

  • The kit promises maximum security on your home or business point
  • It features a DVR station with a preinstalled hard drive for local recording
  • Comes with eight cameras that deliver spectacular 1080 Full HD images
  • Allows optimal visibility of objects at up to 150 feet in the darkness
  • Can connect with your home router to allow remote viewing from any locations
  • The included CCTVs are highly weather-resistant to support outdoor use.


  • The Pack doesn’t support audio functions
  • Doesn’t support hands-free control with Alexa or Google Home.

Lorex LNB8963B Ultra HD Network camera

Lorex LNB8963B Indoor/Outdoor 4K Ultra HD Nocturnal IP PoE...
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If 2K image resolution is not enough for your needs, this piece can be a great alternative option. It features an 8MP sensor that delivers bright and crisp 4K Ultrahd images that you can even zoom without drastically lowering the quality.

In making it more interesting, the creators added a varifocal lens that you can remotely control to change the field of vision. Thereby, enabling you to mount at high positions and still get vivid details.

Unlike the dome models, this bullet camera has a flexible bracket that allows you to reposition at your favorable angle. Furthermore, it has a sturdy aluminum shell to last longer while even used outdoor in the rain, snow, and extreme temperatures.

Key Features:

  • It delivers super-clear 4K images, with vivid detail and clarity
  • Has a varifocal lens that allows you to adjust the viewing angle from 40° to 100°
  • Features colored night vision and infrared range of up to 250 feet
  • Supports HEVC H.265 codec, which reduces bandwidth and storage consumption by more than 50%
  • Uses True HDR to create sharp and clear images in varying lighting conditions
  • Has an adjustable guard to protect the lens from extreme sun rays
  • The camera is IP67 weatherproof to support outdoor use


  • It doesn’t support audio recording or two-way talk
  • Not compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant

Hikvision DS-2CD2142FWD-I Dome IP Camera

Hikvision DS-2CD2142FWD-I 4MP WDR Fixed HD Network IP Dome 2.8mm...
  • 4 megapixel high resolution (2688 × 1520) | Full HD1080p video | 2.8mm
  • Dual video streams | 120dB Wide Dynamic Range l 3D Digital Noise Reduction

The piece is another better selection that can help monitor your large compound with clarity and less equipment. It features a 4MP image sensor, plus it can [manually] pan up to 355° and tilt-up 75°.

The CCTV does support night vision and also it has smart Wide Dynamic Range to record crisp images in high contrast. It even offers face detection, as well as intrusion and tampering alarm. Thereby assuring you a fantastic monitoring experience while using around your property.

Speaking of that, this surveillance cam can work well indoors as well as outdoor. It’s ONVIF compliant. Hence, you can use it with third-party NVRs and software.

Key Features:

  • It has a 4MP and True WDR to deliver crystal images
  • Has a wide 106° viewing angle and it support manual Pan-tilt
  • Features an excellent night vision of up to 100ft
  • Includes dual H.264/ H.264+ video compression
  • Support smart motion, face, tampering, intrusion, and line crossing detection
  • Has a built-in microSD card for local recording
  • The security camera is IK10 vandal-proof and IP67 weatherproof to support outdoor use


  • It doesn’t have a built-in mic or speaker
  • Features limited mounting options for the outdoor use
  • No Alexa or Google Home support

Hikvision DS-2CD2042WD-I IP Bullet Camera

Hikvision 4MP DS-2CD2042WD-I IR PoE Network Security Bullet...
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Hikvision 4MP DS-2CD2042WD-I IR PoE Network Security Bullet...
  • 4 megapixel high resolution, Full HD1080p video
  • Dual video streams,4mm fixed lens,Up to 30m IR range, IP66 weather-proof protection

Similarly, this camera has a 4MP sensor and True WDR. Hence, it delivers crystal images that you can even zoom without drastically lowering the quality. At nighttime, the system offers superb visibility with up to 100ft infrared range.

It supports H.264+ video compression technology, which has the advantage of reduced bandwidth and storage consumption. Also, the security camera can trigger an alert in the event of tampering, motion, intrusion [loitering], line crossing, or face detection.

As a network camera, the overall setup is quick and effortless.

Key Features:

  • It delivers crystal 2k HD footage
  • Features an excellent night vision of up to 100ft
  • Includes True WDR to offer clear footages in all lighting conditions
  • Supports H.264 plus, which lowers bandwidth and storage consumption
  • Comes with an IP67 weatherproof metallic shell to offer longer service
  • Includes various detection capabilities for a better monitoring experience
  • Uses the PoE connection, which is a true plug-and-play.


  • It doesn’t support audio recording or two-way talk
  • No active deterrence
  • Has no SD card slot for local recording.


Is Lorex a good security camera system?

Well, that depends on why you need a security camera in the first place. If you require a device for general surveillance, the brand is one of the better options in the market. The cameras are available in high and lower resolutions, plus they offer an astonishing night vision.

Also, using Lorex doesn’t require a monthly subscription as many systems have local recording and a free cloud recording.

Is Swann made by Hikvision?

No, it’s not. Swann is an independent brand, which began as a family-owned business in Australia. Examples of brands under Hikvision are Ezviz and Hikrobot.

What is the best Lorex system?

This question is quite vague as the provider tends to have a vast selection of equipment. Hence, the perfect one is which will serve your security needs perfectly and satisfactorily.

If the difference you are looking for is for the nighttime, however, the Lorex 4K Nocturnal category has the best features. With a model like Lorex LNB8963B, you will have a chance to enjoy long-range color and infrared night vision [up to 250ft]. Plus there is the advantage of a motorized varifocal zoom lens, which allows you to adjust the field of view between 40°-100°.

Final Recap

While looking for the best security camera for the value, it doesn’t necessarily mean which is cheap. But the model that’s worth its value.

From our Hikvision vs Lorex comparison, we have seen both brands create top-quality systems that are high performing. If it’s image clarity, we have said you can go with either since the duo has even 4k UltraHD models.

For the use of technology, however, Hikvision has bested its counterpart due to its numerous smart detection features. Lorex, on the other hand, takes the lead on the storage and powering option as it has a free cloud recording and battery-powered cameras. Hence, the recommended option if you are a renter or student t, and you don’t want to drill other people’s property.

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