Outdoor Battery Powered Security Camera with Smartphone app 2020

Outdoor Battery Powered Security Camera With Smartphone App 2020

I will describe you the outdoor battery powered security camera with a smartphone app

Do all the members of your family work? Do you fear that your maid/servant is not working properly and stealing items from your home? This is fear that due to increases in criminal activity you are not safe? Do you fear that someone might break into your house when you are away? Do you fear that the babysitter is not taking care of your child properly? Then fear not with help the advanced technology in the 21st century we can secure our house as per our desire using. The best outdoor battery powered security camera with smartphone app reviews will show you everything.outdoor battery powered security camera with smartphone app

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The advanced home security systems like outdoor battery powered security camera with smartphone app, intruder alert, and motion sensor comes to a great aid. these gadgets have a huge number of security features, which allows you to monitor the activities happening at your home. They provide you features like live video streaming, intruder alert, and two-way audio conversation and durability. These gadgets increase the security of your house to another level. Please check the step below battery powered security camera 2020.


The wireless closed-circuit television system that is abbreviated as CCTV works on the principle of electromagnetic wave transfer. They have a fixed bandwidth for them, the range of the bandwidth is 900MHZ, 2.4 GHz, etc, in general, depending upon the function and requirement of the camera. The CCTV captures the audio and video input through its lenses and then transmits it through radio waves to the receiver. On the other end, the review tuned into the frequency of the CCTV will receive the signal and convert it and display it on the output system and save it into the storage device.

They are cost-effective and are far efficient than the wired CCTV because of their ability to be installed at any remote location and also removal of data input and output cables. However, some of the wireless CCTV requires the power source to function. Hence this limits the flexibility of the camera.

Hence nowadays a wireless battery-powered camera is used to monitor the house. These cameras don’t require any input/output cable and power source. Thus increasing the flexibility and use of the CCTV camera to monitor the remote areas. Hence this wireless camera is very useful and efficient in securing our house. Check more outdoor battery powered security camera with smartphone app.

outdoor battery powered security camera with smartphone app

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1.Types of wireless camera

With the advancement of technology over the past few years. It has led to the development of high-end cameras and made them available for the general purpose use to the local citizens at a reasonable price. This huge surge in the market of wireless CCTV has created huge competition, which in turn has resulted in high-end camera with feature like infrared sensing, HD recording, night vision in the retail market at a cheaper price. So if you are looking to upgrade the security of your house, then we advise you to go through the list below and choose a suitable camera for your house. Here is the list:-

2. Cable

Outdoor battery powered security camera with smartphone app:- This type of cameras are also referred to as a semi-wireless camera because they require cable to provide a continuous power source to them. However, they don’t require andy cable to transmit input data from the camera to the output device. Instead, they transmit both audio and video to the receiver connected to the output device through radio waves. These types of cameras are cheap and efficient. However, they don’t’ possess as much flexibility, due to the use of the cable to provide power. Here are some examples CP Plus 2.4Mp Indigo FullHd, CP Plus Cp-VAC, etc.

3. Battery

Outdoor battery powered security camera with smartphone app:- This type of camera has gained a huge appreciation and has created a huge impact on the retail market of CCTV cameras. They lift the security of the place is its office, house, ancillary, storeroom, lift to the new level. It allows the owner to install it at remote locations and control it from any place either by using the system or by smartphones. Here are some examples:-NETGEAR ARLO PRO II, BLINK XT HOME SECURITY CAMERA, D-Link HD WIFI Security CAMERA, etc. The list is very big.

All the above-mentioned types of a camera is currently being employed depending upon the requirement and ability
if the cameras.


4. Key features of the outdoor battery powered security camera with smartphone app

With the development of battery-powered security camera with increased feature have allowed the users to control this camera’s from the control system remotely. However I recent year the development of mobile applications which integrate the mobile phone with the wireless CCTV have gained more popularity and praise. It has captured the interest of the buyers due to its following features:-

Long Battery Life:- These CCTV have high battery capacity. They can work for a period of a month with a single charge. They take a few hours to charge and functions for a whole month. This also come with the extra battery
set to keep them constantly working by just replacing the discharged battery with the charged battery.

Infrared and Motion Sensor:-

Nowadays these cameras are equipped with infrared feature and motion sensors to determine any kind of suspicious movement outside or near the house. If any movement is noticed, they make the users alert by raising the alarm.

Live Streaming:- The most important feature of this camera is that they are now able to connect to wifi at the homes and live broadcast the CCTV footage to the server, from which anyone can view the activities.

Phone Control:- These cameras are coming with software which is installed in them and are synced with the mobiles of the user by installing the required application on the phone. By installing the application the user can control these cameras from this phone, whether he/she is sitting in the office or any bar or club, they can still monitor the house. They get the live stream of the CCTV directly in the house and also alarms the person on mobile for any suspicious move.

Two-way Conversation:-

These new cameras are equipped with microphone and speakers which allows the users at both the ends to communicate with each other.

HD video:- The camera of these CCTV’s are very much clear and of High definitions. They have HDR and 4K camera to provide even the minute details.

Storage:- These cameras provide the live stream of the video on the internet. Hence the video is saved on the cloud with default. However, the user can change it to the SD card.

Range:- These cameras have a high definition view and their range can vary for m50- 250 feet.

Alarming System:- The camera is equipped with a motion sensor which raises an alarm to the user if it sees any suspicious movement. Making the user alert and resolve the matter.

View Angle:- In general, these cameras have wide view range of 1200 making it more efficient.


The advantages of outdoor battery powered security camera with smartphone app

Camera with smartphone application is very evident from the above-mentioned points . these cameras are the new age of security. The yare user-friendly, equipped with the high-end state of the art technology. Making them one of the most advanced security systems of the time being.

Consumer review

As per the data collected from the consumers from both retail and e-commerce websites, it is evident that the consumers love these battery powered security camera with smartphone app.  They are satisfied with their performance and recommend others. To use it, according to them these cameras provide them freedom and ability to monitor that activity in their house and allows them to keep the check on what is happening the house even from office via their smartphone. They say that due to these cameras they can keep eye on their maids/servants or baby caretakers and midbattle caught them if they are doing something wrong. They can also contact them via the camera speaker and talk to them if any problem arises. Follow 11520 customer reviews on Amazon.

In general, the user is very happy with the performance of the battery-powered CCTV’s and has reported having less stress of their house security. They recommend everyone switch his or her CCTV’s to an outdoor battery powered security camera with smartphone app.

Advantages and disadvantages

Every technology has its own merits and demerits. They can be evident in one way and harmful in another way. So before buying and using these type of cameras at your house or at your office or at any place, it is necessary to know the advantages and disadvantages of this type of camera below is the list of advantages and disadvantages:-


Easy to control:– These cameras are user friendly and allow ease of access
to control the camera and keep an eye on your home or office.

Cost-effectiveness:- These cameras are very cheap and save a large amount of money by eliminating the use of cables and knuckle joints.

Remote Installation:- With the removal of power cords and data transfer cords. It increases the ability of the user to install the camera at remote and risky locations.

Water Proof Body:- These cameras are now made with waterproof proof, dirt resistance and air sealed body due to which it is not harmed by water during the rainy season. The water molecules, dirt particle present in the air cannot enter the camera.

Increases life and Durability:- The waterproof and dust resistant body of the camera makes it less prone to faults caused due to the accumulation of dirt and short-circuiting due to water. Thus increasing the life and durability of the camera.

Cost-effective:- The removal of power and data cables from the CCTV cameras have made them more cost-efficient. They have reduced the cost of power cable and different joints used to pass the wires from the camera to
the control system. Making it cheaper.


Even though these cameras have an ample amount of evidence to prove its advantages there are some disadvantages which one should look into before buying and using them. These are:-

Large investment:- these cameras are costly as compared to other cameras. And requires huge one-time investment.

Lifespan:- the lifespan of these cameras are almost 2 years. After which the battery of the camera fails and you need to buy it again.

Video Storage:- Due to the high definition of the video and audio its file size is generally large and it requires very large storage to store the videos. Hence it becomes difficult to store in external media. And it needs to be saved
in clouds space. Which are very costly.

Loss of Data:- one of the major concern of the users of these cameras is the loss of their personal data in case of hacking. And others can see one’s video if they know their id password.

Hence the above-mentioned disadvantages needed to be seen before using these cameras for the security of your house or office etc.


The outdoor battery powered security camera with smartphone app has proved to be very efficient. And has raised the bars of CCTV technology by giving CCTV control to the user via mobile phone and live steam of the video to the application. The varied features of these cameras have proven to be more effective and advantageous over the mere disadvantages mentioned above.

From the reviews of the consumers, it is evident that these cameras have proven to be very effective in their life and has helped them in securing their house, office, or workplace and prevent any kind of problem before happening. The alarm feature alerts the user for any suspicion. And minimizes any damage. Hence these cameras have proven to be very effective and efficient in the field of CCTV technology and security of the place. They are truly the state of the art technology, helping and securing our lives.

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