Annke vs Sannce: Which has the Best Security Camera for Home?

Annke vs Sannce: Which has the Best Security Camera for Home?

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When you decide to have security cameras on your property, the idea is to choose a brand that you can trust. For that, we’re going to look at ANNKE vs SANNCE security cameras to determine which is worth investing. The last thing you want is to spend half of your day running the installation, but then the system fails to deliver your expectations.

As we have always done it here at Getlockers, our goal is to help you find the best security camera system that you Annke vs Sanncecan depend on. So, this post will cover everything you want to know, including both the good and not so good.

That said, though, SANNCE and ANNKE security cameras share the same owner, ANNI Digital Technology Co. Ltd. So, you’ll notice many similarities since the product quality inspection is one.

Nonetheless, each brand has its own unique strengths, which means the experience with your system will also differ.

Annke Vs Sannce: An Overview of the Security Companies


Facts ANNKE Security Cameras Store SANNCE Security Cameras Store
Company Founded 2013 N/A
Specialty Cameras PTZ & IK10Vandl-Proof PTZ
[Limited Edition]
Video Resolution Up to 4k UltraHD available Up to 5MP Super-HD at the moment
Maximum No. of Channels Up to 32 Up to 16
Active Deterrence YES
[Flashing lights and siren]
Night Vision YES
[Colored and infrared]
[colored and infrared]
Audio Functions YES YES
Sound Detection YES NO
Video Analytics YES
Smart PIR Motion Detection
Human Body Detection
Motion Auto-Tracking
Facial Recognition
Intrusion Alerts
Line crossing
Missing/ Abandoned parcel
True Detect PIR Motion Detection
Human Shape Detection
Facial Recognition
Continuous Video Recording YES YES
Built-in MicroSD Card YES YES
Free Cloud NO NO
Power Option Outlet Plugin Outlet Plugin, Battery, & Solar
Smart Home Compatibility YES
[Alexa, Google Assistant]
Ease of Use Perfect  Perfect
Accessories YES
Video and Power camera cables
Surveillance Hard Drive Disk
Surveillance signs
Outdoor solar panel
Video and Power camera cables
Warranty Two Years
[Standard Warranty]
One Year
[Standard Warranty]


ANNKE Security cameras

Although not as old as brands like Swann, ANNKE has managed to penetrate a wider market segment across the globe. The company has the trust of millions of customers, all thanks to its innovativeness and reliability.

Needless to say, ANNKE Innovation Ltd was an idea from the legendary actor, Jet Li, “who once worked with top security companies”. As such, the team already had exquisite knowledge of what to do so that they can deliver the best security solutions.

At the time of this writing, ANNKE has added several state-of-the-art surveillance techs to their new releases. Just the other day, Nov. 2020, the security firm unveiled two products- NC400 and NCA500, that have the exclusive ACE true full-color night vision.

A few days before that, the company has also introduced the brand-new ANKE CZ500 Ultra, which combines cutting-edge smart tech with the PTZ design.

SANNCE Security Camera

SANNCE is one of the leading providers of affordable security solutions to homeowners and businesses. The official debut of the company is unclear but its owner, ANNI Digital Technology, began operating in 2008. So, it’s still young in the surveillance industry, albeit with enough experience of what’s needed.

If you’re looking for variety, SANNCE has limited options to consider. Most of its stock is expandable PoE and analog security systems that are for broader coverage. However, it does have several selections of wireless category, including a rechargeable WiFi camera that you can use in areas inaccessible to power.

If you pay close attention to the details, you’ll notice most of the SANNCE DVR and cameras are identical to particular ANNKE models. However, the brand is slightly lesser in terms of tech but pretty enough if you’re looking for a CCTV for general-purpose monitoring.

ANNKE vs SANNCE: Comparing the Main Features and Capabilities

Which has the best Video Quality?

ANNKE is the clear winner here and the best option if you need to keep an eye on a highly sensitive area. It has various selections that deliver 4K Ultra HD, whereas SANNCE has up to 5mp SuperHD at the moment.

Also, the recent releases from ANNKE deliver super-clear and color-rich night footages than that of its counterpart. In fact, the tech used on the two ANNE NightChroma cameras is way beyond most of the “so-called” full color night vision CCTV.

Smart A.I. Features?

As sisters in surveillance, Both ANNKE and SANNCE have integrated various smart A.I. to minimize false alerts and enhance your monitoring experience. The former, however, has more of these advanced algorithms, including human detection, facial recognition, line crossing, intrusion, and package detection. Hence, making it possible to keep a watchful eye on what matters most.

Meanwhile, SANNCE has also made efforts to add Human Shape detection and face recognition to select cameras. Furthermore, it has installed various cameras with the smart PIR motion sensor so that you can get alerts that only matters.

What are the Storage Options?

All the two ANNI Technology trademarks mostly provide Expandable DVR and NVR recorders that you can use with multiple cameras. So, you can record your footage in the local hard drive or optional cloud [at a fee].

Also, both providers have a limited line of standalone cameras that comes with an inbuilt MicroSD slot. Thus, you can insert a card so that you can still have recordings even after the internet is down or if there’s none.

Even so, ANNKE may be a better option if you have a large property to watch. This is so as you can get up to a 32-channel DVR or NVR, which is both cost-effective and with tighter security.

In any case, eight streaming channels are sufficient for most homes and small businesses, considering the cameras also have a wide-angle lens.

Here are two examples that you can check out in case you want one.

ANNKE [AU-DN81RA1/V5-T4BG-P] Wired Super-HD Security Camera Kit

ANNKE 8CH H.265+ 3K Lite Surveillance Security Camera System with...
  • 【AI Motion Detection 2.0】Driving AI to the next level, human&vehicle detection, line crossing,...
  • 【H.265+ for Smoother & Longer Recording】Upgraded to H.265+, the recording time is lengthened,...

This is one of the bestsellers from the brand and our first recommendation if you need a general-purpose security system. It comprises a 5mp Lite DVR that you connect with up to eight cameras that you can set at different corners of your property.

However, the security camera comes with only four cameras, each featuring a 2MP image sensor for crystal 1080p Full HD pictures. If needed, you can add the remaining ports on the recorder with higher resolution cameras to monitor important areas. This includes 3MP, 4MP, and 5MP video quality.


  • It delivers sharp and vivid footages
  • Has a wide viewing angle
  • Features advanced H.265+ (HEVC) video compression
  • Comes with a preinstalled surveillance hard drive
  • It’s very affordable.


  • It lacks built-in audio features (cameras)
  • The cameras don’t allow side to side adjustment

ANNKE [AU-DN81RA1-V5-54BG-P] 8CH DVR Security Camera System

ANNKE Security Camera System, 3K Lite 5-in-1 H.265+ 8CH eDVR with...
  • 【Sustainable eDVR Contribute to the Earth】First-seen eDVR consumes 45% less energy than a...
  • 【Next-Gen eSSD Tech Surpasses Traditional HDDs】The eSSD's longer-than-ever service life of over...

This is an alternative DVR recorder that you can use to monitor a larger home or business. It supports up to 5MP security cameras so that you can watch all the ongoing activities in richer detail and color tone. With a high-resolution camera, you can even digitally zoom the camera without drastically reducing the image quality.

Even so, the manufacturer offers this system with 2MP cameras, which, of course, are enough for most people. All the cameras have a rugged, IP66 weatherproof construction, plus an automatic IR-cut filter. So, you can still see what’s happening during the harshest weather and in total darkness.


  • It has the advanced H.265+ video compression
  • Features customizable motion detection
  • Has 24/7 continuous video recording
  • Doesn’t require any monthly subscription to use
  • It supports remote access via smartphone


  • It takes time to install
  • No colored night vision or audio features

SANNCE 8-Channel Outdoor PoE Security Camera Kit

SANNCE 4K POE CCTV Home Security Camera System 8CH POE NVR...
  • 【Expandable 4K POE CCTV System】 Includes 4 x HD 5.0 MP IP66 professional CCTV cameras capable of...
  • 【Plug and Play CCTV Camera System】 Only needs a single ethernet cable connecting directly each...

If you need to enjoy crisp and sharp footage right from the box, this SANNCE kit can suit your interests. It consists of a 5MP NVR that can connect with up to eight cameras so that you can have eyes from every angle.

The IP CCTV system comes with four bullet cameras, each featuring a 5MP image sensor for sharper images. All the cameras are weatherproof, plus they have a whitish finishing to ensure a perfect blend with your fascia board or walls.

Moreover, the device supports the remote viewing program. So, you can see who or what has triggered the activity alerts from anywhere, anytime.


  • It delivers smooth and super-clear footages
  • Has an excellent night vision
  • Can record video with audio
  • Includes a preinstalled hard drive
  • Features updated H.264+ video compression
  • It’s quick and effortless to setup


  • It’s not ONVIF compliant

SANNCE [SG_B07HJWCLWM_US] 1080p HD Surveillance Camera System

SANNCE PoE NVR 4K 8 Channel, 8MP CCTV Security Camera System...
  • 8MP Full HD - Supporting up to 8CH 8MP cameras in total, you can hook up 8CH PoE cameras plus 2CH IP...
  • Support HDMI&VGA Output -To connect with external monitors or HD TVs, HDMI is supported to transmit...

Last but not least is yet another IP surveillance camera system that you can consider for your home or business. Both the cameras and the recorder has a sleek design that ensures you can set up indoor or outdoor without a compromise.

The system delivers 1080p Full HD images and videos, all with fine details and color if it’s during the day. Then when darkness comes in, the cameras will switch to black and white, covering up to 100ft.

More on that, the equipment does support customized motion detection and instant real-time alerts. So, no activity will ever go unnoticed, albeit with more false alerts since there’s no facial recognition or human detection.


  • It features a durable metallic housing
  • Hassle-free to install and setup
  • Doesn’t require the internet to work
  • Includes a hard drive for local recording
  • It’s so affordable.


  • Not ideal for discreet surveillance (emits red glow at night)
  • It doesn’t support PoE switch or ONVIF protocol.

ANNKE vs SANNCE: Which is the Best Investment?

As we said at the beginning, trust is everything when picking your to-be security system. For the question of ANNKE vs SANNCE security cameras, therefore, the best you can invest in is that fits your needs and liking.

If you want to watch an important area, either at home or business, for instance, ANNKE innovations is a much better pick. Not only does the company have a wide range of products to choose from, but also supports higher resolution (up to 4K Ultra HD). It also has many latest intelligent video system analytics, all customized to your situation. Hence, enabling you to detect suspicious behaviors with ease.

Another tech with ANNKE and worth mentioning is the high efficiency video coding (HEVC), mostly listed as H.265/ H.265+ video compression. Thus, maximizing the bandwidth and storage consumption of your system for more efficiency.

Regardless, SANNCE is also great for security and select devices even have this advanced HEVC video compression. The only issue with the brand is that it has up to 5MP technology at the moment, plus it’s yet to fully embrace the smart home integration trend. So, you can only use the systems old-fashioned way without interacting with Alexa, Chromecast, or Google Assistant.

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