Amcrest Vs Swann: Comparing the Best Features and Tech

Amcrest Vs Swann: Comparing the Best Features and Tech

As the head of the family or business, keeping your property safe is the most important thing. It’s the first step to greater peace of mind and a special key to success. So, security cameras are more like an investment and for that, we’re going Amcrest vs Swann solutions to see that’s worth investing in.

Regardless, the two are some of the leading providers in the consumers’ market, following their affordability and security-centric solutions. But since they all operate under different ideas, the user experience and (maybe) the results will also vary.

Amcrest Vs Swann: An Overview of the Security Companies

Facts  Amcrest Store Swann Store
Company Founded 2013 1987
Mission  To deliver “the finest security and surveillance equipment” to everyone To be the “world leader in smart and innovative security solutions”.
Specialty Cameras  PTZ, thermal, & IK10 Vandal-proof Only PTZ at the moment
Video Resolution  Up to 4k UltraHD available Up to 4K UltraHD available
Maximum No. of Channels  Up to 32 Up to 16
Active Deterrence  YES
[Motion-activated Spotlight]
[Flashing Lights and siren]
Night Vision  YES
[Colored and infrared]
[colored and infrared]
Audio Functions YES YES
Sound Detection YES YES
Video Analytics  YES
Smart PIR Motion Detection
Human Body Detection
Motion Auto-Tracking
Facial Recognition
Intrusion Alerts
Abandoned/ Missing Object,
Loitering Detection
True Detect PIR Motion Detection
Human Shape Detection
Facial Recognition
Line Crossing
Continuous Video Recording  YES YES
Built-in MicroSD Card  YES YES
Free Cloud  NO  YES
[Up to 2-day video playback]
Power Option  Battery, Outlet Plugin Outlet Plugin, Battery & Solar
Smart Home Compatibility  YES
[Works with Alexa]
[Works with Alexa & Google Assistant]
Ease of Use  Good Perfect
Add-Ons & Accessories  YES
Drone cameras
External audio microphone
Power Splitter adapters
PoE switch
Surveillance Hard Drive Disk
Video Doorbell
Outdoor solar panel
Decoy cameras
Garage parking sensor
Video doorbell
PIR motion alarm
Warranty  YES
(One Year)
(One Year)

Introducing Swann

With Swann, the company has been at the center of innovative surveillance for more than 30 years now. As we did mention in the Lorex vs Swann review, the Australian company pioneered DIY (Do-It-Yourself) security cameras. That’s not the end of it.

Swann has been very active throughout the years, offering the latest and award-winning products that even have smart video analytics. A good example is the Swann SWIFI-CAMW Wire-Free Security camera released in the mid-2020, featuring free face recognition.

Introducing Amcrest

Meanwhile, Amcrest designers haven’t slept on their talents as it’s evident in their wide range of products. The company not only offer expandable CCTV units, but also standalone security cameras that you can use via WiFi or locally offline.

If you can remember our previous article on Reolink vs Amcrest home security cameras, the latter does have specialty thermal technology. We also said you can get other cool gadgets, including drones, spotting scopes, trail cameras, and even video doorbells. Thus, a spectacular security choice if you would like to build your smart home ecosystem or make the best of your outdoor adventures.

Even so, Amcrest is relatively new on smart home integration, in which case not many products support the feature. As it continues to grow and innovate new systems, however, we believe the team will incorporate the growing trends and smart features.

Which has the best Security Features and Tech

When it comes to performance, Amcrest and Swann deliver almost similar picture quality. Yes, one of them might be richer in details than the other, but they both offer up to 4K Ultra-HD resolution. Almost all Swann cameras have an integrated spotlight that can be manually or motion-activated at night. Thus, enabling you to see in full color during the day and at night.

On its end, Amcrest has only select cameras that have the LEDs to support Night Color Vision. However, the brand continues to add cutting-edge tech to their catalog as it’s evident on their latest intelligent video system analytics (IVS). Some of these smart features include TripWire, Abandoned/ Missing Object, Loitering Detection, and motion Auto-tracking.

What Storage Options are Available

Amcrest offers various kinds of security camera systems, not limited to DVR, NRV, standalone, and wireless / WiFi designs. For the DVR and NVR recorders, they all have the option of local storage to a hard drive disk. Select models also offer optional cloud service that enables you to save your recordings online at a small fee.

Still, Amcrest has various WiFi standalone Cameras with a built-in slot to insert a MicroSD card. So, you can see and manage your recordings however you prefer.

Swann, on the other hand, hasn’t yet fully invested in standalone CCTV technology but has a few wireless options. Nonetheless, it does have some of the best multi-channel security camera systems, all featuring expandable local storage of up to 12TB (terabyte)

Even better, Swann company offers a limited (2-day) free cloud storage. Thus, allowing you to see, store, and playback footage from anywhere, anytime at no cost.

Easy to operate?

As more people become DIY enthusiasts, manufacturing companies continue to make security systems that are easy to set up and operate. Like we said earlier, Swann was the first to introduce the category, but others like Amcrest have followed suit with their plug-and-play devices.

These two providers do offer a remote viewing feature, whereby you can stream your cameras wirelessly via smartphone or PC. This setup program has become crucial to CCTV as it enables the owner to get activity updates while even away.

Sad to say, though, Swann has been having issues with their remote software- SwannView Link, especially on Apple devices. Quite a handful of customers have complained of the app being buggy and not receiving the notifications on time. However, the mobile application seems to work pretty well on Android devices, plus there’s an alternative Swann Security app for home and business security cameras.

The 6 Best Swann and Amcrest Security Camera Systems

Swann and Amcrest have so many security cameras to choose. But each system has a unique design and features that stand it out from the rest. So, you have to pay attention to the details if you’re to make the most from your investment.

A few of the top options from the two manufacturers include:

1. Amcrest ASH21 Smart Indoor WiFi Security Camera

Amcrest 1080P WiFi Camera Indoor, Nanny Cam, Dog Camera, Sound &...
  • 1080P PAN, TILT, ZOOM WIFI CAMERA – Live streaming 1080p @30fps video. Remotely pan, tilt and zoom...
  • BABY MONITOR SOUND ALARM MODE, SHARING & ALEXA - Turn your Amcrest Smart Home camera into an...

This is one of the best indoor security cameras that you can pick to monitor your kids, pets, nanny, or valuable items. It has simple but decent styling, with the option to mount to the wall or sit on a flat surface.

At 1080p resolution, the camera delivers sharp and crisp high dimension pictures. It has a wide viewing angle and a pan/ tilt technology. Hence, ensuring a wide coverage without compromising the image quality.

Furthermore, the security camera has multiple storage options, including MicroSD card, NVR, and cloud. So, you have total control of how you want to have your footages.


  • It supports dual H.265/ H.264 video compression
  • Offers minimal false motion alerts
  • So easy to set up and operate
  • Includes smart auto-tracking and human detection
  • It’s very affordable.


  • The smart tracking feature is very fast
  • It works with the Amcrest app only ( No ONVIF or RSTP)

2. Amcrest (IP2M-841B) Full HD Wireless Indoor Security Camera System

Amcrest ProHD 1080P WiFi 2MP (1920TVL) Indoor Pan/Tilt Security...
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE, REAL-TIME, TRUE HD – Experience magnificent full-HD 1080P video at 30fps with...
  • SMARTER SECURITY – Receive motion alert notifications, review footage and engage in two-way...

The camera system is an alternative solution for monitoring your indoor activities at home or even the office. It has a 2mp Sony Exmor image sensor, wider 90-degree field of view, and remote pan/ tilt feature. Hence, allowing you to keep an eye on a wider scene in rich details and with less blind spots.

Thanks to the integrated WiFi technology, the camera can transmit real-time footage to your phone while anywhere. You can use it as a standalone system or link with Amcrest NVR for continuous local recordings. And if you would prefer, there’s a secure cloud storage service at a small fee.


  • It delivers bright and crystal-clear videos
  • Supports audio recording and two-way talk
  • Can work without the internet
  • Has smart motion auto-tracking function
  • It’s very affordable


  • It has a sluggish Web software
  • It’s tricky to set up for first-timers

3. Amcrest (AMDV40M4-4B-B) SuperHD Home Security Camera System

Amcrest UltraHD 4MP 4CH Home Security Camera System with 4 x...
  • See every detail in full 4-Megapixel UltraHD resolution (2688 x 1440). Configure your 4-Channel home...
  • Includes four hard-wired security cameras that plug directly into your included pentabrid DVR....

If you want to keep an eye on the activities outdoor, this unit comprises a DVR station with up to four open channels. Thus, you can connect multiple cameras that you can set up at different corners of the property. It comes with all the needed four cameras, each featuring a 4mp image sensor.

All the cameras are IP67weatherproof and they have multiple infrared LEDs. Thus, allowing you to mount in the open environment without worrying about harsh weather conditions or the darkness.


  • It delivers sharp and vivid videos
  • Comes with a preinstalled hard drive disk
  • Has motion detection and alerts
  • Can work without internet/ monthly subscription
  • It supports remote viewing via smartphone, PC, or MAC


  • The cameras have no audio features
  • Its night vision is quite grainy in total darkness.

4. Swann (SWDVK-845808WL) 8CH Home Security Camera System

Swann Home DVR Security Camera System with 1TB HDD, 8 Channel 8...
  • 1080P DVR CCTV SECURITY CAMERA SYSTEM WITH ACTIVE DETERRENCE: Provide surveillance to your home or...
  • SECURITY MADE SMARTER: Receive alerts when activity is detected! See, store & playback footage from...

If your property demands more eyes, this Swann option may be perfect for you. It supports up to eight channels, which means you can connect various cameras for every angle of your property.

The system does come with all the cameras, thus you won’t have a reason to go back to the wallet. Each of the cams has a 2mp sensor that gives you colorful full HD images during the day. Then, when darkness craws in, there’s an integrated LED light to bring color night vision.


  • It has a decent design for outdoor/ indoor
  • Delivers infrared and colored night vision
  • Comes with a preinstalled hard drive
  • Has active deterrence to ward off smugglers
  • You can sync with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Chromecast devices


  • Poor remote viewing capabilities
  • Too many false alarms

5. Swann (SWDVK-445804V) 4-Channel Wired Surveillance Camera System

Swann Home DVR Security Camera System with 1TB HDD, 4 Channel 4...
  • 1080P DVR CCTV SECURITY CAMERA SYSTEM: Provide surveillance to your home or business with this 1080p...
  • SECURITY MADE SMARTER: Receive alerts when activity is detected! See, store & playback footage from...

This is an alternative Expandable CCTV kit that you can use to watch your indoor or outdoor property. It consists of a 4-channel 1080p DVR system and four smart cameras, with a sleek styling to not compromise your home aesthetics.

All the cameras are 1080p full HD and have the True Detect motion detection that functions via the sense of heat. Also, they have a wide-angle of view to ensure you can watch your property in less to no blind spot.


  • It’s effortless to install and setup
  • Functional during the day and night
  • Has weatherproof cameras to support outdoor use
  • You can store footages locally or on your Dropbox account


  • It has no audio features
  • The security app is a bit sluggish

6. Swann (SWDVK-855804) UltraHD Indoor/ Outdoor Security Camera Kit

Swann 8-Channel Security System, 4K Security Camera System with...
  • ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION VIDEO: This top of the line 4 camera, 8 channel DVR-5580 wired surveillance...
  • Tired of paying for extra storage? Enjoy free video storage with no ongoing costs: This wired...

With up to eight channels, this camera can make a great option for your larger farm house or urban office. It’s a 4K Ultra HD category, which means you can connect up to 8mp cameras for better and richer video quality.

The security camera is so easy to set up and it does come with a built-in surveillance hard drive for seamless recording. You can also backup your data to the cloud via your Dropbox account to enjoy video playback from anywhere, anytime.

That said, however, the wired CCTV system comes with only four cameras. So, you’ll have to get the rest separate as per your demands.


  • It captures footages rich in details and clarity
  • Requires no monthly subscription or internet
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant devices
  • The cameras can work indoor and outdoor


You may find it tricky to locate the recordings.

Amcrest or Swann for Home Security?

Again, the security of your family and properties is the most important powerful medicine for peace of mind. And luckily, the growing CCTV technology has made everything possible, including a chance to monitor while even away at work or on vacation.

Regardless, there so many manufacturers of security camera systems and each have special capabilities to consider. If it’s between Amcrest vs Swann, for instance, they both are great brands, starting with their innovative surveillance that includes even smart Artificial Intelligence.

The companies also bring you a wide range of products to choose from, not limited to expandable NVR, DVR, and standalone cameras.

If we were to vote for the two, however, our stake would go with Amcrest Technologies. Two reasons for this is because the American provider has a far much better approval on the market than its counterpart. Then, it has a broad selection of standalone cameras that you can use even in areas like farmhouse where there’s no internet connectivity.

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