GW Security Camera Reviews: The Best 4K Ultra-HD For Home/Business

GW Security Camera Reviews: The Best 4K Ultra-HD For Home/Business

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GW Security is one of the many CCTV brands in the market today. But unlike the others, this company has primarily focused on expandable DVR/ NVR systems. And in these GW security camera reviews, we’re going to have a peek at some of the best creations on the brand’s catalog.

The good thing with GW is that they provide professional-grade Security Camera systems with DVR of up 64 channels. Hence, the reason they’re less active on the consumer markets- a standard home won’t need so many cameras, anyways.

But again, when comparing GW Security and Lorex, we saw the California-based maker also does have a line of 4-channel kits. So, it’s a nice place to browse through for either business or home security.

What’s the Best GW Security Camera System in 2022

At this point, GW Security has many options to consider for your or a client’s property. It’s a matter of what you’re looking to accomplish, whereby you get to choose a system with the right features and capabilities.

If it’s a high-traffic or crucial area, GW has up to 4K 30fps security camera systems that are not just high resolution by name. But records smooth and real-time videos that you can easily identify all the key details of a moving target.

That said, though, our overall best GW security camera system, GW5508NPG, comes with six cameras recording in full 4K@15fps. So, you’ll have to add the remaining ports with a camera like GW8571RMMIC, which can handle the videos in 2160p@30fps.

Support up to 8 cameras, HEVC video compression, facial recognition, human/ vehicle detection, colored night vision, multiple deterrence features, plus two-way talk

Features a 32-channel NVR, 4K@30fps recording, 16 ports PoE Switch, built-in microphone, face recognition, metal housing, & -40°F to 140°F working conditions

Important Notes:

After many years, GW Security has finally started to make standalone wireless security cameras. The selections are not many of them, but we’re hoping they’ll expand soon, considering the category has taken over the marketplace.

Another thing, GW Security operates as an American brand, thereby it’s not cheap to own. However, it has well-made systems, including true vandal-proof and cold weather security cameras that can handle even the toughest Alaska conditions.

Moreover, all the devices from the brand come with a two-year standard warranty, whereby you can get a replacement in case any fails within the span.

Features, Pros, & Cons of the Best GW Security Security Cameras

As we’ve severally said in the past, it’s always good to shop around comparing the features and capability of different systems before buying.

Well, the rule applies even if you’re a one-brand person. And in this section, we’re going to look at the five best GW Security camera reviews where you could start your search. That’s if you’re looking for an expandable security camera system to mount around your home or business place.

GW Security Camera SystemNumber of ChannelsHard Drive CapacityBest Feature
GW (GW5508NPG) 4K PoE Security Camera SystemUp to 8 camerasUp to 24TBMixed Bullet & Dome Security Cameras
GW (GW5532NS) UHD Security Camera SystemUp to 32 camerasUp to 24TBMany (up to 32) security cameras
GW (GW4108E) Ultra-HD Security Camera KitUp to 8 camerasUp to 10TBCheaper than the rest
GW (GW5508NPG) 4K Surveillance Camera SystemUp to 8 CamerasUp to 24TBAudio Recording & Two-Way Talk
GW Security (GW7816N) 4K Security Camera KitUp to 16 camerasUp to 24TBMotorized & Digital Zoom

Our Favorite Pick: GW (GW5508NPG) 4K PoE Security Camera System

GW 8 Channel 4K NVR 8MP 4K AI Smart Home Security Camera System,...
  • Ultra HD 4K / 8MP 8 Channel NVR with (4) Bullet 2-Way Audio and (4) Dome 1-Way Audio H.265 HD 2160P...
  • Face Recognition / Human / Vehicle Smart AI Detection - Our AI Camera's built-in intelligent facial...

Again, the model GW5508NPG is our overall best GW security camera unit on the list. It’s considerably budget-friendly yet still has everything you need to maximize your security.

If we start with the obvious, the system comprises an 8-channel recorder, but it comes with six cameras. So, you’ll have to add the rest based on how large is your property or if you wanted to upgrade for better clarity.

As we mentioned earlier, the bullet and dome cameras that come with this kit only record in 4K resolution at a 15fps frame rate. However, you can set the devices to record in 2K (6MP) Super HD@30fps, which is still up to three times sharper than the standard 1080p HD.

Speaking of recording, GW sends the recorder with a preinstalled 2TB hard drive. It also supports the HEVC (H.265) compression technology, thereby allowing you to save double the footage you’d have on the standard H.264 codec.


  • It has a sturdy & durable design
  • Can record in full color at night
  • Delivers crisp and detailed pictures
  • Support audio recording and two-way talk
  • Features both face detection and recognition
  • It has a siren & spotlight to deter potential intruders


  • It takes time to install (wiring)
  • The instructions are a bit complicated

Best of Business: GW (GW5532NS) UHD Smart Security Camera System

GW Security 32 Channel 12MP NVR 4K Smart AI Security Camera...
  • Ultra High Definition 4K (3840x2160) FOUR TIMES the resolution of 1080P! 32 Channel 6K 12MP NVR...
  • Face Recognition / Human / Vehicle Smart AI Detection - Our AI Camera's built-in intelligent facial...

Indeed, this GW security system is a perfect piece if you’re looking for a good unit for your store, warehouse, and other large properties. As a 32-channel kit, you can hook it up with up to thirty-two turret cameras, and it comes with all of them.

Each of the provided security cameras has an 8MP CMOS image sensor that can record videos in full 4K quality@15fps. And for smoother videos, you can opt for the 2K super HD recording mode that captures at a 30fps frame rate.

Furthermore, the turret security cameras have a built-in microphone, plus multiple intelligent video surveillance (IVS) features. That includes face detection that alerts you when the sensor detects a human face and facial recognition to inform of the familiar/ unfamiliar trespassers.

Another thing, GW security sends this CCTV kit with two 16-port PoE switches. So, you can extend the power supply and data transmission of the cameras from the standard 100-meter up to 250 meters.


  • It comes with all accessories
  • Captures crystal-clear images
  • Can record footage with audio
  • Support three different recording modes
  • You can enjoy quick hands-free access with Alexa
  • The security cameras are sturdy and IP66 weatherproof


  • It’s very expensive
  • Doesn’t support two-way talk
  • It’s a hassle to install (requires wiring)

Best of Budget: GW (GW4108E) Ultra-HD Spotlight Security Camera Kit

GW Security 8 Channel 4K NVR H.265 8MP Fulltime Color Night...
  • 8.0 Megapixel Full HD Realtime Recording 8 Channel Onvif 4K NVR with (4) 8MP Weatherproof POE H.265...
  • Smart AI Human Detection - Our AI Camera's built-in intelligent Human detection software...

The model GW4108E is a nice pick if you’re are looking for a good but reasonably-priced GW security camera system. Of course, it’s still more expensive than most consumer brands out there, but it’s cheaper than the other GW 4K Ultra-HD systems.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s less reliable or effective. The included recorder supports up to the full 4K@30fps. Then, it comes with a preinstalled 2TB hard drive, which you can upgrade up to 10TB capacity later.

As for the security cameras, you’ll receive the unit with four of them and leave you to fill up the rest later. But each of the provided cameras already has the latest 8MP Sony Starvis sensor, which can continue recording in rich details in low-lighted conditions. And in the case of total darkness, there are two 3000K white LEDs to illuminate the area so you can continue monitoring in full color.

Even better, this GW security camera does have advanced human motion detection features. So, you can now receive and record only the relevant events.


  • It has a wide 115° view angle
  • Can record footage with audio
  • Continue to capture in color at night
  • Includes H.265 codec to save on storage
  • Has up to five different recording modes
  • It has rugged metal & weatherproof cameras


  • It doesn’t have two-way talk
  • Provided cables are relatively short
  • You Can’t pair with Amazon Alexa

Best of Value: GW (GW5508NPG) 4K Colored Surveillance Camera System

GW Security 2-Way Audio Floodlight 5.0 Megapixel PoE Security...
  • Ultra HD 4K / 8MP 8 Channel NVR with (8) H.265+ HD 1920P 5MP POE Outdoor/Indoor Two Way Audio PIR IP...
  • Floodlight and Siren Alarm will be triggered once motion detected, scare intruders away before they...

If you won’t mind parting with eight hundred bucks, this GW GW5508NPG here is worth every penny. First of all, it comes as a complete unit with the 8-channel 4K recorder, plus all the cameras and accessories.

However, the issued cameras are in 5MP, which we believe the company was trying to keep the price as low as possible. But then, the pictures are still usable, considering they’re 2.5 times clearer than the regular 1080p HD.

Even better, each camera has two integrated spotlights that you can activate manually or by motion. Thus, bringing you full color even at night while at the same time helping deter the intruder on site.

Speaking of deterrence, GW Security has added the security cameras with a tiny speaker. So, you can also use the two-way talk or siren feature to ward off the uninvited guest.


  • It comes with all accessories
  • Delivers bright & clear images
  • Records videos with can hear audio
  • Features IP66 rated, full metal cameras
  • Has the advanced PIR motion detection
  • It supports up to HEVC H.265 compression


  • It’s a hassle to install by yourself
  • Provided cameras lack human & face detection
  • Also, the cameras recording frame rate is relatively low

Best of Clarity: GW (GW7816N) 16CH Varifocal 4K Security Camera Kit

GW Security 16 Channel NVR 4K 8MP PoE 2.8-12mm Varifocal Zoom...
  • Ultra High Definition 4K (3840x2160) FOUR TIMES the resolution of 1080P! 16 Channel H.265 4K NVR...
  • Built in 2.8~12mm Manual Zoom Varifocal Lens which allow you to adjust the angle of View, 20pcs...

Although the last one on my list, the model GW7816N is no doubt the best GW security camera system on clarity. Of course, the recorder’s still a 4K Ultra-HD version, but the included cameras have the hugest difference.

Apparently, the 8MP security cameras here have a varifocal lens that you can widen or straighten the field of view. Thus, giving you options to monitor the distant areas that matter in your security with rich clarity.

Moreover, the security cameras have up to fifteen AI smart functions, including, but not limited to human detection, object missing, unattended objects, and people gathering detection. So, it not only eliminates the false alerts, but also you can use it to improve your store productivity.

Furthermore, GW Security has preinstalled the recorder of the CCTV system with a 4TB hard drive. Then, it has the latest H.265+ video compression technology, thereby reducing the storage consumption of your system by more than 50%.


  • You can adjust the camera lens
  • Delivers sharp and clear images
  • Records videos you can listen
  • Supports dual-storage options
  • Eliminates over 90% of false alerts
  • It extends the transmission range by 100%


  • The cameras don’t have two-way talk
  • Included CAT5e cables are relatively short
  • You can only vary the optical zoom manually

Final Thoughts

In general, GW Security does have decent security camera systems that you can comfortably use at home or business. It also has a wide product catalog, featuring various capabilities to enhance your security and even business productivity.

Regardless, of the security camera reviews above, the GW (GW5508NPG) PoE Security Camera System is our favorite choice and first recommendation. Different from the others, it comes with two different types of cameras. Thus, giving you a combined experience since the 4K cameras have varying image sensors, audio functions, AI smart features.

But again, we all have different reasons we’d want to install security cameras on our properties. So, you can check out the other alternatives that may fit best in your situation.