A Comprehensive Comparison Between GW Security VS Lorex

A Comprehensive Comparison Between GW Security VS Lorex Technology

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In this comprehensive review, we’re going to compare GW security vs Lorex Technology to see which is truly worth getting. Both brands offer average CCTV systems, in which case they’re neither cheap nor expensive. Despite how much we want to support them, Lorex and GW Security are not amongst the most famous providers. Yes, many homeowners and businesses are using their surveillance cameras, but not as much as brands like Reolink or Heimvision.

But, anyhow, we all have different preferences, and what your neighbor likes may not be impressive to you.
So, this article will cover everything that you would want to know regarding GW Security and Lorex.

Before we come to that, however, let’s take a brief look at the manufactures and what you can expect from them.

The 4 Best GW Security and Lorex Security Camera Systems

Table 1:[su_table]

Brand Model Resolution Key Features View on Amazon
GW Security VD32CH24C8837IP 4K Ultra-HD PoE IP technology
Advanced H.265+
8TB pre-installed HDD
Face recognition
Current Price
GW Security VD32CH32C8837IP  4K Ultra HD PoE IP technology
Varifocal zoom lens
Advanced H.265+
15 A.I. smart features
Current Price
Lorex 4KLHVD55-R 4K Ultra HD Sleek design
Colored night vision
Active deterrence
Local storage
Current Price
Lorex 4KAD84B9 4K Ultra HD Person/ Vehicle detect
Colored night vision
Active deterrence
Hands-free control
Current Price


 GW Security vs Lorex: An Overview on the Brands

Table 2: [su_table]

Facts GW Security Lorex
Company Founded 2004 1993
Specialty Cameras PTZ, thermal, and Active deterrence PTZ, Thermal, Active deterrence, and IK10 Vandal-proof,
Image Quality Up to 4k UltraHD available
[12MP available]
Up to 4K UltraHD available
Night Vision YES
[Thermal, Colored, and infrared]
[Colored, Thermal and Infrared]
Audio Functions  YES YES
Sound Detection NO  YES
Video Analytics YES

  • Smart Motion Detection
  • Sabotage Detection
  • Line Crossing Detection
  • Face Recognition
  • Human Body Detection
  • Missing Objects
  • Unattended Objects
  • Parking Detection
YES, they’re Available

  • Smart motion detection
  • Person detection
  • Vehicle detection
Continuous Video Recording YES YES
Built-in MicroSD card YES YES
Free Cloud YES
[In Google Drive/ Dropbox]
[Up to 2-day video playback]
Power Option Outlet Plugin Battery and Outlet Plugin
Smart Home Compatibility NO YES
[Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant]
Ease of Use Good Good
Warranty 2-Year Limited Warranty  2-Years Limited Warranty
Pricing View on Amazon View on Amazon


GW Security, Inc

First of all, GW Security is not that old in the industry. The company started to operate in 2004, whereby they hoped to provide consumers with “high-quality video surveillance solutions and at reasonable prices. They are based in the United States, from where the engineering happens using their in-house team of experts.

At heart, GW Security commits to providing professional security camera systems that are reliable and efficient. They have a wide range of products, all featuring different features and capabilities to help bring the peace of mind you desire.

The company currently focuses on the expandable DVR/ NVR security camera systems. So, it’s not the brand to rely on if you need standalone cameras to use in remote areas or for indoor monitoring [at home].

Lorex Technology, Inc

Lorex also focuses on creating professional-grade security camera systems that you can comfortably use at home or business place. We shouldn’t say the brand is old, but it’s about 11 years older than GW Security.

Although Lorex’s not at its very best, many still appreciate the various line of cameras available. The security provider offers both the expandable NVR/ DVR systems, as well as the stylish models that you can even blend with your indoor setting.

Not long ago, Lorex has also released a 1080p HD video doorbell, with a super-wide field of view and two-way talk feature. Hence, making it possible for you to answer your door without having to be present.

Even so, the maker is still behind on wire-free security camera technology. So, it’s not the option to consider if you need to monitor remote areas or locations without electricity. That said, let’s now jump into our main subject and see who you should trust for the security of your property.

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GW security vs Lorex: Comparing the Various Features and Capabilities

  • What are the Available Designs

As mentioned, GW Security is focused more on the professional security camera systems, i.e. DVR and NVR units. The brand has 4- to 32-channel kits, both wired and wireless models.

Again, GW Security has no standalone cameras or some stylish designs that can perfectly blend indoors without disrupting the aesthetic setting. Lorex, however, has a selection of smart indoor cameras that has a sleek styling. Hence, you can use it in your living room without a compromise.

Also, the Canadian maker has 4- to 32-channel security camera systems that you can consider for monitoring a larger property. Even so, GW Security has more 32-channel systems, making it a better option if you want to secure large business properties.

  • How Is Video Quality

Like we said, both GW Security and Lorex Technology have a wide range of products, featuring various features. If you’re looking for a general-purpose system, they have a selection of 1080p HD and 5MP Super-HD camera systems.
The providers also have numerous options for 4k security camera units. Thus, you can also enjoy Ultra-HD video quality, with rich details and clarity.

That said, though, Lorex is quite advanced on night vision. Select camera series does offer better colored night vision to produce images with richer details in low-lighted conditions. Furthermore, the brand is one of the best for extended night vision, with most cameras having a 130-feet range and some up to 300 feet.

  • Supported Smart Tech

While comparing Hikvision vs Lorex, we saw the former has invested pretty well in advanced tech, including audio and video analytics. However, Lorex is pretty behind as they only have sound detection, smart motion detection, and person/ vehicle detection. Several cameras do have active deterrence, featuring a built-in spotlight and remote-triggered siren to ward off potential intruders.

Meanwhile, let’s say GW Security has truly tried as they have active deterrence and various AI smart functions. Some of them include human detection, line crossing, object missing, parking detection, and sabotage function So, if you want to invest in the future of surveillance, GW Security is quite versed in the field.

  • Mobile App And Remote Access

In general, remove viewing has become a standard feature in all security camera systems. The Internet has transformed from a nonessential to a basic need for most of us, and it’s the main factor for remote viewing.

Lorex and GW Security both have a decent app that you can use to monitor your home or business while away. The app can work on smartphones and tablets, either Android or iOS. In which case it allows you to easily connect to your NVR or WiFi camera for instant real-time activity alerts and live viewing.

If you would like to remotely access via a computer, the two companies also support standard Windows and Mac browsers.

  • Installation And Setup

Usually, how easy is the installation depends on whether you’re dealing with a wired or wireless security camera system. The latter is relatively easier as the cameras don’t need cabling for the video. Wired systems, however, can be challenging and time-consuming as you need to establish a route to use. So, you might even need to do some drilling and later find a way to hide the cables for extra security.

All our two labels have wireless and wired cameras category, which means you can go with either in that case. The remote access setup is common in surveillance cameras, whereby you just need to scan your device via the mobile app.

  • Pricing And Warranty

When it now comes to the pricing, Lorex and GW Security offer their products at reasonable prices. Of course, they’re not the cheapest but it’s a fair value when you consider the quality and performance.

When you compare the two firms, however, Lorex is quite cheaper and at a significant rate. But that is something to understand since we saw GW Security are pretty advanced in AI smart tech, which certainly cost more to develop.

Lorex also has better warranty support, which includes a free standard option of two years. If you wish to, you can as well extend your warranty plan to three or five years at a small fee.

All GW Security products come with a 2-year limited warranty, without the option to extend.

Final Verdict

If you have a large property to monitor, either Lorex or GW Security can work for you. They both have a good balance of quality, price, plus a wide range of products to choose from. Nonetheless, we all have different tastes and requirements when it comes to monitoring our properties. so, the best system for you may not be for another person.

In any case, if you wish to invest in the future of surveillance, GW Security has the perfect solution. The brand has selections that have various Smart AI features, including facial recognition, smart motion detection, and sabotage alerts. Also, its camera systems support both local and cloud storage, in which case you can continue using without monthly subscriptions.

Meanwhile, Lorex is a better option if you need to invest in bother performance e and durability. Most appreciate the brand for the IK10 vandal-proof series, which is not only hard to tamper with but also can endure violent impacts.
Furthermore, Lorex supports its camera systems with up to a 5-year warranty, reflecting the brand’s rich quality and lifetime support.

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