The Best Long Gun Safe For The Money in 2023

The Best Long Gun Safe For The Money For 2024 (Reviews)

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When you buy any kind of firearm, you have a huge obligation of making sure that you never use it unethically. Also, you have to ensure the weapon doesn’t fall in the wrong hands, which can lead to incidents either in your home or elsewhere. For that, we will be looking at the best long gun safe for the money that you can get and enjoy some peace of mind whether you are.

Usually, a long gun, including rifles and shotguns, has a longer barrel than handguns. This makes them harder to fit in the common home safes, thereby leaving them exposed to children and visitors.

Even so, a longer barrel gun comes with the advantage of higher accuracy, plus their bullets can travel longer distances. Hence, the reasons hunters prefer them while shooting a buck or birds in the air.

Anyways, we can simply conclude that a long gun safe is surely highly rewarding as it can hold any type of gun. Thereby, benefiting more than the standard safe, which mostly fits the common Glock series.

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Some of these benefits include:

  • Prevent Unauthorized Access To Children And Visitors

Well, this is one of the major reasons you need a gun safe in your home. It will help eliminate the chances of your children accessing your firearm and prevent the likelihood of fatalities.

The same goes for your house visitors or friends who might have the urge to try holding your gun when you leave it exposed.

  • Ensure Maximum Safety In Time Of A Robbery

As a home security system, a safe can help keep your gun safe and inaccessible to intruders and burglars. It’s a huge advantage as firearms are not only valuable items but can also be dangerous in the wrong hands.

  • Provider An Easier, Safer Access

That’s right. A safe can help ensure you can locate your gun quickly and easily in the event of a burglary. Thereby minimizing the risk of getting robbed or even worse since you already know where exactly you can find your secret protector.

  • Protect The Content From Damage

All guns, whether it is rifle or pistols, rely on metal components to function correctly. As such, any exposure to moisture or water makes them susceptible to corrosion and rust, thereby compromising their functioning. Furthermore, ammo can explode and perhaps cause injuries when placed in a fire.

With a waterproof and fire-resistant gun vault, however, you can prevent the damage to your precious item and prevent unintended accidents.

  • Increase Longevity

When your rifle is free of damages, it means you will only require minimal or no maintenance. Thereby, extending its lifespan to a point that even your great-grandchildren can still use it during their time.

  • Security Other Precious Items

While using the best long gun safe for the money, you can have the advantage of additional space to keep other important documents. Things like passports and [maybe] precious jewel don’t take up too much space. You can even choose a customizable safe like the Mesa Safe MBF7236E that has adjustable shelves to serve your storage requirements.

  • Avoid Unnecessary Lawsuits

As ridiculous as it may sound, that’s true. If by chance your kids find your gun and cause injuries on themselves or someone else, you can lose your license and get arrested. The same goes if an intruder gets your weapon and commits a crime with it.

If you can lock your gun somewhere safe, however, all this can be avoided completely.

  • Add Value To Your Home

Just like any other equipment, gun safes come in various designs and models. Therefore, on top of the basic safety benefits, it can help add extra beauty to your home. And also it can add the value of your house, which is an advantage when selling.

  • Added Insurance Benefit

Sadly, insurance claims are the most disappointing things you can ever do in your life. The providers will take you from east to west, spending more of your resources so that you can get your compensation.

With a gun safe and its certification, however, it can be faster to recover your losses and [perhaps] even enjoy smart discounts. After all, the equipment is just like any other security system to minimize the risk of damage and theft.

  • Worry-Free

Last but not least, having a good gun safe is a great investment as when you know your valuables are safe, you have nothing to worry about. Thereby, assuring you peace of mind whether you’re around or not.

How To Choose The Best Long Gun Safe For The Money

When in the guns and accessories store, you will probably encounter a wide array of safes to choose from. If you have good knowledge of storage systems, it won’t be hard to choose the right product for you. As a newbie to guns and their storages, however, you might end up choosing the wrong product. Then, later starts cursing for a mistake you brought to yourself.

Through our unique skills and experience in security systems, we have handpicked several storages that you can use with your guns. The selection comprises of different models and designs. So, we do hope you will find a unit that serves your desires.

1. Our Top Pick: V-Line 31242-SA Keyless Long Gun Safe

V-Line 31242-SA Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe (Black,...
  • Front/Top Opening - can be mounted upright or hanging on a wall or door.

We’re sure you’re wondering how this piece is our number one, but let’s break down its features and see.
First, the gun safe has a modest construction with industrial strength 16 gauge steel, which is quite thick to delay prying. It secures your items with a mechanical simplex combination lock that you can set three or five unique numbers to open. And if you happen to forget the combinations code, there are two special keys that you can use to access inside.

The interior is not very spacious but it’s certainly enough to fit two assault AR-15 rifles or about three CZ1012 shotguns. You can even install a makeshift shelf with a piece of wood and put your Glock pistol as well.

With a total weight of about 15 pounds, this storage unit is so easy to move around with. It even comes with a Velcro strap that can hold your firearm intact while doing such trips. It was the best long gun safe in 2020.

Key Features:

  • It has a sturdy steel body to protect your firearm from harsh conditions and also unauthorized access
  • Has enough length to hold long guns of up to 40 inches
  • Uses a mechanical combination lock that is hard to fail
  • You can mount it to the wall, closet, or hide under the bed
  • Purely made in the USA
  • Includes an interior pad to protect your rifles from rusting
  • The lock has two tubular key locks for high-level security.

What we don’t like about it:

Despite its spectacular benefits, this safe isn’t DOJ certified. Hence, you can’t use it in states like California. Also, between the door, there is some space enough to fit a screwdriver stem. So, a motivated burglar can struggle and access the inside.

2. Best Design: Mesa Safe Company MBF7236E Storage Gun Safe

Mesa Safe Gun Safe, 22.9 cu. ft, Electronic, Black (MBF7236E)
  • Padlocks, Lockout/Tagout & Security Equipment
  • Country of manufacture: China

Well, with your taste of distinguished design, this safe is something you will live to relish. It has an attractive construction on both the interior and exterior. But the latter completes it all with the lovely calligraphy and the [golden] brass spoke handle.

Apart from the attractiveness, this is one of the few options if you need the best long gun safe for the money which is fire-resistant. Its steel body is 1 inches thick, which allows it to withstand high temperatures of up to 1750°F for 60minutes minimum.

Each of the interior walls is carpeted to ensure your items stay as you left them without scratches. The space is quite large as it can hold up to 32 rifles and still leave enough room for the adjustable shelves.

Key Features:

  • The gun safe has a 12 gauge steel construction. Hence, 100% durable and pry-proof
  • It can withstand a fire of up to 1750°F for at least 60 minutes
  • Uses an advanced electronic lock with four thick steel live locking bolts and three solid steel deadbolts.
  • It has an attractive design that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your room
  • Has a 22.9 cubic feet capacity, which can hold up to 32 rifles
  • Includes adjustable shelves to hold handguns, ammunition, and other small valuables
  • Has a limited lifetime warranty
  • The storage system has four anchor holes to secure it to the floor

What we don’t like about it:

Fortunately/ unfortunately, this storage safe is very heavy [about 100kg]. of course, that can be an added advantage as no burglar can steal it. But also it can be a problem as it means you will always need extra hands whenever you want to move it. Thereby making it no secret.

3. Better Budget: Best choice Products Digital Electronic Firearms Storage Safe

If the difference you are looking for is the price, this gun safe can work out for you. It’s very spacious, with a built-in rifle rack that can hold up to five long barrel guns and a small interior lockbox for your valuables. The rack is made of foam and the interior floor has padding to prevent your rifles from scratching.

For the exterior, the safe has a tough steel construction to assure longevity and delay unauthorized entry. It has a digital electronic lock that you can set a passcode of 3-8 digits that will be difficult for outsiders to guess. There is also a backup tubular key lock that you can use in case the power batteries get depleted without you knowing.

With a weight of about 45kg, this storage unit is simple to move up to your apartment while relocating. Also, it has a fairly slim design that allows you to keep it hidden even in compact spots, like inside the closet.

Key Features:

  • The safe is genuinely spacious and long-lasting
  • It has an integrated lockbox that you can use to keep your small valuable like passport and luxury watches
  • Features cushioned interior to prevent your items from getting scratches
  • Comes with tubular keys emergency locking or unlocking
  • It’s slim enough to hide from your investigative visitors or burglars
  • The storage is easy to move from one location to another

What we don’t like about it:

In the actual sense, this is more of a gun locker than it’s a security safe. It can stop your kids or intruders with low ambition, for sure. But it does have noticeable spaces that a motivated burglar can take advantage of and gain entry.

4. Best In-wall: V-Line 51653-S IVY Closet Vault II Gun Safe

Overall, this gun storage is just like an upgrade of the V-Line 31242-SA, only that it’s primarily for mounting to the wall. Yes, you can set with a sliding pallet under your bed, but its construction is specifically for in-wall.

It comes with pre-drilled holes, plus the mounting bolts. Hence, very easy to set up with just the basic carpentry skills.

Although it looks just like its sibling, this safe has a quite larger interior as you can use with up to four long guns. Then, fit some shelves to hold the ammunition, plus your precious jewels and maybe passports.

The interior floor has cushioning carpet and also there is a foam barrel guard rack. Thus, you will always get your weapons as you have left them without scratches.

Thanks to the top-grade three-point locking system, this safe offers maximum protection to your firearms. The shell is 14-gauge steel with a powder coated finish. Hence, quite tough to break into.

Key Features:

  • It comes with pre-drilled holes and bolts for easier mounting
  • Has a tough 1.8mm thick steel body. Hence, durable and difficult to break into
  • Spacious enough to hold four long guns, handguns, ammunition, and your Hublot watches.
  • Features a lovely white powder finish that blends with your house interior
  • 100% Made in the USA and CA-DOJ approved
  • The gun storage system Uses the original KABA simplex lock [with a three-point locking system]. thus hard to pick or break.

What we don’t like about it:

Sadly, the storage safe is not fire-resistant. Therefore, it can’t protect your weapons from damage in the event of an inferno.

Alternative 1: Secure It Agile 40 UltraLight Long Gun Safe

SecureIt Gun Storage Agile Ultralight Gun Safe: Model 40 - Holds...
  • ULTRALIGHT GUN SAFE – Don't let a traditional gun safe slow you down. The Agile 40 is strong and...
  • KEY OVERRIDE - A keypad control panel with the addition of a hidden key override as back up, keeps...

As a brand, SecureIt has over a decade in creating military weapon storages. No surprise, this explains why this particular Agile model has an interior similar to that of barracks’ armory. It’s lightweight but super strong to prevent unauthorized entry and offer extended service.

The safe has an industrial strength steel construction, with a black powder finish to deliver a distinguished simple look.

Inside the storage, there is a capacity of around 6.9 cubic feet, which is enough to carry up to five long barrel guns. It does have the proprietary CradleGrid system that allows you to easily adjust the setting without using any tools.

Furthermore, it has a louvered back panel to enable easy reach of a firearm without having to move the rest.

Key Features:

  • It features a solid steel construction to protect your items from damage and enhance permanency
  • Allows effortless reach of items without having to move others
  • Features an electronic keypad lock and a hidden key to override during emergency
  • Has pre-drilled holes on the back and sides to mount to the wall
  • It includes the CradleGrid design that allows easy adjustment to fit any long gun
  • The gun vault weighs about 100 pounds. Hence, simple to move around your house

What we don’t like about it:

The single thing we don’t like about this gun storage is how the maker designed the keypad so close to the base. It means you will always have to bend down every time you want to access the inside.

Alternative 2: HOMCOM Steel Electronic Rifle Gun Safe

HOMCOM 56" Steel Electronic 5 Rifle Gun Security Cabinet...
  • High Quality: Heavy duty rolled steel construction with thick a 1.75inch front door, this box is in...
  • Keypad Access: You can open the gun by entering a 3-8 personal PIN code. Equipped with 2 manual...

If you love the latest tech, this is another incredible piece that you can get for your home firearms. It features tough steel construction, with a keyless digital lock that you can set up to an 8-digit passcode.

The safe comes with two backup keys that you can use if the electronic has no batteries or after forgetting the code.

It has an interior capacity of 5.62 cubic feet and a built-in lockbox with separate keys. Hence, it can fit 5 long guns and other small valuable items like passport and jewelry. Still, the interior has a cushioning on the floor and foam barrel rack to protect your guns from scratches.

There are also pre-drilled holes and four anchor bolts to enable easy fastening to your wall. Thereby preventing highly motivated intruders from running away with it after a break-in.

Key Features:

  • It comprises a modest design with cold-rolled steel and black finish
  • Can fit up to 5 rifles and several other precious items
  • Features a dual locking system., with programmable digital keypad and tubular key lock, for high efficiency.
  • It’s quite slim [11.75 inches]. Hence, you can easily hide in areas like the closet
  • You can anchor to the wall and prevent a burglar from stealing it
  • The storage system has a padded interior to keep your items free of scratches

What we don’t like about it:

Sadly, the gun safe is not CA-DOJ certified or fire-resistant rated. So, it might be tricky for Californians, plus it can’t promise to protect the content from the inferno.

Alternative 3: Stack-On GCB-18C Convertible Steel Security Cabinet

Stack-On GCB-18C Steel 18-Gun Convertible Steel Security Cabinet,...
  • Can convert areas to shelving for storing Ammo, pistols or other items
  • 3-point locking system with key coded cylinder lock

Just as its name says, this is a locker to secure your firms and prevent unauthorized access by visitors or kids. It’s capacity enough to hold eighteen long rifles but with the shelves, you can only store nine or three rifles.

The uppermost shelf is larger than the rest to hold, maybe, two pistols and several boxes of ammunition. If not that, you can as well remove it so that your longer rifles can fit with enough space for their muzzle to breathe.

With the help of the included foam padding, your rifles and magazines will always remain clean without scrapes. There is even a barrel rack to keep your long firearms intact without moving/ falling unnecessarily.

Key Features:

  • The locker can hold up to 18 long guns
  • It has multiple shelves to hold small valuables like ammunition, jewelry, passport, and other important documents
  • Features pre-drilled holes to allow faster mounting to the wall
  • You can adjust the interior setting to suit your storage needs
  • It’s ultra-light [around 75 pounds]. Thus, so simple to carry around
  • The gun locker uses a three-point locking system, which is quite difficult to pick

What we don’t like about it:

Since the provider introduced it as a gun cabinet and not a safe, we won’t comment on the issues around security. Even so, the locker does have one interior issue, whereby the barrel rack is too high for shotguns.

Buying Guide: Essential Tips To Help Choose The Best Long Gun Safe For The Money

As we said earlier, there are so many models and designs of gun safes in the weapon stores. As such, it is very easy to make the wrong decision while making a buy, particularly if you are new to the industry.

Here are some crucial aspects that should help you so make the right decision for storage that is best for you.

  • Why Do You Need A Gun Safe

Do you need your safe to prevent unauthorized access or to keep your investment safe? Or are you doing it because of the laws?

Whichever reason it’s, you will have to highlight it before heading to the store. This will help ensure you get to pick a product that suits your needs and preference. If it’s for property protection, for instance, you will need a lower gauge steel construction that is hard to pry through or drill.

And if you’re doing it for the laws, like those in California, you will have to ensure the safe you get is DOJ approved.

  • The Size Of Your Shotguns And Rifles

This is important when it comes to long guns as you can buy a case, then it fails to fit your weapon. Even so, a firearm is not like a guitar that you carry with you to the shop to ensure you buy the right security box. So, you might need to measure its length in case you are not sure of the make and model.

On top of the height, you might want to consider the capacity depending on the number of guns you have. In case you don’t have any other home safe, a large gun vault might be better to keep even other precious valuables.

  • Accessibility

For this one, its concept relies on your needs. if your concern is a rapid access, you might need to veer away from key locks and [maybe] even biometric locks. Then look for something with a locking system like that of simplex locks or even one that you can open via RFID signals or Bluetooth.

  • Where You Stay

Do you live in a rental or own house? Condo or townhouse?

Although many people forget about this, particularly when shopping online, it’s surely crucial in determining your safe design. For a model, you shouldn’t get a very heavy safe if you stay on the fourth floor of an apartment.

Also, most landlords restrict the remodeling of their properties. So, you shouldn’t get an in-wall safe if you live in a rental house.

  • Warranty

Of course, this one can help too as you can always reach out to the provider in case your safe has faults. Nonetheless, longer warranty duration tends to be better as it shows the product you have is surely a high standard. Thereby, freeing you from future headaches.


What is the best gun safe on the market?

Well, there are so many gun safe on the market, each designed to deliver particular solutions. So, for the question of the best, it definitely depends on what your needs and personal preferences are.

What is the best fireproof gun safe for home use?

Similarly, this is a vague question as there are numerous fire-resistant safes out there in the market. If you want something flexible, however, a piece like the Mesa Safe Company MBF7236E can be a nice pick. Not only does it protect your content from temperatures as high as 1750°F, but also it is spacious and beautifully made.

What is the best gun safe for the money?

That’s a straightforward one. The best gun safe for the money is that model which is surely worth its value. All the products we have reviewed fall on the category, only that they target different types of needs.

How much should I spend on a gun safe?

Mm, how much are you willing to spend? If you have a $3000 worth gun, we don’t see how $1000 is too much for your gun safe. So, in other words, you should be ready to invest in at least a third of what your precious cargo is worth.


A firearm is not like any other home accessory. You can’t just leave it on the table as you do with your iPhone or Rolex watch. Even the laws don’t allow it, and you can certainly spend some time in jail for your arrogance. Hence, the reason for having somewhere secure that no child or outsiders can have access.

If you own a couple of rifles and maybe pistols, however, your focus should not only be on the length of the storage. Your best long gun safe for the money is a model that has a capacity enough for all the firearms you possess. If it doesn’t include the CradleGrid technology like that of Secure It Safes, then it should have at least one or two shelves. Thereby, allowing easy storage of the handguns and ammunition.

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