The Gun Safe Black Friday Deals 2023 Up To 60% OFF

The Best Black Friday Deals On Gun Safes 2024

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Although some take no notice of it, owning a gun safe is very crucial in providing the utmost security to your family. And as the year is close to an end, the Black Friday deals on gun safes are also just around the corner. So, it’s the time to get that sophisticated design you’ve always dreamed of having.

If it’s the SereneLife, the maker has some amazing offers with free shipping on their industry-leading vaults that have fire protection and military-style locking bars. Usually, this is the best time to get your hands on the most expensive safe that you can’t manage on regular days.

But that doesn’t mean the cheaper models won’t be there. They are also there and in abundance to ensure you can get exactly what you desire.

Here is the most saving gun safe on Amazon for 2024

When is Black Friday 2024?

As you know, Black Friday tends to be the biggest sales season as retailers, online and locally, have their goods at discounted prices. It’s an annual holiday that falls on the day after we celebrate Thanksgiving Day here in the United States.

Thanksgiving holiday is usually on the fourth Thursday of November, which means this time it’ll be on the 25th. So, you’ll get the best Black Friday deals on safes on November 24.

Even so, you don’t have to wait until then to bag a bargain on the product of your interest. Various retails happen to start discounting their merchandise two weeks before Black Friday. The best offers, however, are often on D-Day and only finish two days later on Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday Safes Deals 2024

Despite the name, Black Friday is not a one-day sales spree. It’s a four-day sales season, including all the weekend and Monday. This Monday now is what’s known as Cyber Monday, in which case this year it’ll be on November 27.
True, most of the shelves will be empty at the time, but you may be lucky to find what you needed. Even better, some retailers do offer further reductions and special deals on the day.

The 8 Best Black Friday Deals On Gun Safes In 2024

Technically, the best gun safe for you depends on the specifics you’re after. That’s looks, design, functionality, or the three. The following are some of the Black Friday deals that might interest you if you need to buy or upgrade for a better gun storage unit.

  • SentrySafe Holiday Saves

SentrySafe is a leading provider of safes around the US and also across the globe to more than 54 countries. The brand is part of the Master Lock Company LLC, headquartered in Wisconsin, United States.

With over 80-year experience, SentrySafe offers high-quality security storage solutions for consumer and commercial end-users. The company is one of the best providers of fire-resistant safes and that lasts. Hence, a great option if you want a lifetime peace-of-mind, without worrying about the safety of your valuables.

For weapons safes, SentrySafe has very many options to choose from. This includes both for home use and portable selections for when traveling. Some of the top-sellers are:

1. SentrySafe SFW205CWB Fireproof Waterproof Gun Safe

SentrySafe SFW205CWB Fireproof Safe and Waterproof Safe with Dial...
  • Fireproof safe is UL Classified to endure 1 hour at 1700°F and keep interior temperatures safe for...
  • Waterproof safe is ETL Verified for 24 hours of protection in water up to 8 inches deep offering...

This is one of the top SentrySafe black Friday safes that you can check out if you need a place for your handgun. It has a 2.05 cubic feet volume, which is pretty enough to even fit smaller valuables like cash, passports, USBs, and jewelry.

The safe has a heavy-duty construction, with a pry-resistant hinge bar, and four live-locking bolts. It uses a preset dial combination to unlock, but there’s also a tubular lock for backup in time of emergency.

More to love, this safe can endure a 1700°F fire for up to one hour, plus it can keep out water for up to 24 hours. It can also withstand a 15ft drop and remain closed.

2. Sentry QAP2BEL Compact Biometric Pistol Handgun Safe

No products found.

This safe also has a well-made construction and an intuitive digital keypad that’s so easy to use. It has approximately 0.12 cubic feet capacity, which- yes, is relatively small but enough to hold two Glock 27 or three small-sized pistols.

The unit has a solid steel construction to assure high-level and durable protection. Its door has an exclusive compression gas strut arm that allows automatic opening and quietly.

The interior has extra lighting to increase visibility and enable easy access to your guns in the darkness. Furthermore, the inside floor has soft cushioning to make sure your guns remain as stored- clean and without scratches.

  • Biometric Gun Safe Black Friday Deals

Thanks to the efforts of the engineers and state-of-the-art technology, you no longer need to worry about losing your keys. Various top brands now have reliable gun safes that guarantee high-level security using Biometric technology.

Simply, Biometrics are automated methods that use a unique algorithm to recognize an individual based on his/ her anatomical or behavioral traits. The methods are usually available in various forms, including fingerprints, voice recognition, handwriting, and or iris and retinal scans.

Regardless, most gun safes use Biometric fingerprints but there are several who also add retinal scans. Also, the majority of these types of safes can store multiple unique identities. So, you can save yours and another family adult to allow quick access to the weapon in the time of need.

That said, here are two top biometric gun safe black Friday deals that you may love

3. Moutec Biometric Fingerprint Home Office Handgun Safe

Upgraded Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols, Heavy Duty Fingerprint...
3,895 Reviews
Upgraded Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols, Heavy Duty Fingerprint...
  • ✅【12.3lbs HEAVIEST Safe for this style | TOUGH AND RUGGED Carbon Steel】it's important to keep...
  • ✅【Quick Access Biometric Gun Safe】 Get in quick when it matters most using the latest 508DPI...

Although new to the market, this safe model has a solid five-star rating from hundreds of users due to its convenience and reliability. It features a compact design that can fit one or two handguns.

The safe has a tough and rugged steel build, with built-in hinges and an extra internal safety bracket to prevent prying. It has a black powder coating to prevent corrosion and ensure long-term protection of your precious items.

Despite its size, this safe has three different means to unlock- fingerprint biometric, password, and manual keys. The keypad has a backlight feature to ensure visibility in darkness and you can put into silent mode so that intruders won’t hear you.

4. Viking VS—20BLX Mini Biometric Security Gun Safe

Viking Security Safe VS-20BLX Heavy Duty Mini Biometric Safe...
  • HIGHLY SECURE 8” x 12” x 8” BIOMETRIC FINGERPRINT SAFE - Unlocks Fast by Registered...

This is another spectacular biometric gun safe black Friday deal that you can consider for securing your handguns. It features a pry-resistant design, with a tough steel body to provide durable protection for your valuables.

Similarly, the gun safe has a compact size, but big enough to hold multiple handguns and ammunition. Its interior is all carpet so that your weapons can remain as you left them, without scratches.

The safe has a motorized deadbolt locking mechanism that unlocks with either a biometric fingerprint, PIN code, or secondary key. It has a sound on/ off feature to ensure covert operations.

  • Liberty Safe Black Friday

Liberty Safe is another top safe manufacturer, based in the United States. The brand has been in the industry since 1988, whereby it provides high-grade safes for guns and general use, plus accessories.

Liberty Safe has a strong taste for innovative technology and high durability, which is why they have been a favorite of many. All their safes are of American-made quality, featuring pickled and oiled steel that’s both solid strong, and rust resistant.

Furthermore, select models have industrial-leading fire protection and military-style locking doors. Hence, the reason the security provider is a preference for various police, fire, and military departments.

Overall, Liberty Safe has a wide variety of Gun safes and handgun vaults that you can choose. The brand is pretty expensive, which means Black Friday can be a real huge bargain for you.
Here are two models you can check out:

5. Liberty Safe HDX-250 Smart Vault Biometric Handgun Safe

This is also a compact gun safe and a perfect fit for handguns. It features a heavy-duty design, with a 14-gauge steel door [approximately 0.781-inch thickness]. On top of that, the door has inbuilt anti-pry tabs and a reinforced latch system. Hence, it can not only resist pry attacks, but also other attempts to break in.

As a piece of the latest making, the safe uses an advanced finger swipe technology, which allows fast and accurate opening. It has a memory capacity of up to 15 different fingerprints, which means you can save your identity and that of your partner.

2. Liberty Safe DDX-150 Smart Biometric Handgun Safe

Liberty Safe - Biometric Smart Handgun Vault, Large HDX-250
  • BIOMETRIC FINGER SWIPE TECHNOLOGY - Allows for Quick and Secure Access by Using Our 5th Generation...
  • SPEED COUNTS - Entry Using the Biometric Swipe Can Be Obtained in 1 SECOND When Utilizing the AC...

Just like the others from the brand, this safe consists of a solid steel body to provide a high-level of security and for a long time. The door is also rugged 14-gauge steel and it has a built-in anti-pry and reinforced latch system to resist unauthorized attempts. Still, this safe uses an advanced fingerprint that auto-opens the door at a single swipe.

The safe is not very large, but it’s spacious enough to hold your Python 357 full-size revolver or a Glock 19 handgun. It does have an interior lining on the floor. So, no damage will happen to your valuables.

  • RPNB Gun Safe

RPNB Safe is an alternative safes provider and also based in the United States. The company offers a wide variety of storage solutions, not limited to vaults, portable safes, fireproof safes, and outdoor hard gun cases.

With the motivation to cater to all, RPNB Safe offers affordable yet high-quality products. The brand has also invested in up to the minute security technology, including digital combination locks and biometric scans.

Sadly, RPNB Safe is not exactly the right brand if you need storage for long rifles. Most of their safes are compact models for smaller valuables and handguns.

1. RPNB Gun Safe,California DOJ Certified Quick-Access Pistol Safe

No products found.

The model is one of the many RPNB gun safe black Friday offers that you can bag home this time. It has a simple, yet sleek design, with sturdy steel construction and black powder coating to prevent corrosion.

The storage unit is DOJ certified, meaning you can successfully use it in California for firearms without needing other firearm security devices. It has a 3-point entry, which includes an upgraded smart fingerprint scanner, digital keypad, and secondary manual keys.

The gun safe has a capacity of two full-size handguns and it has an interior foam padding to prevent scraping or clattering when in transit.

  • Barska Gun Safe

Meanwhile, Barska is one of the best options if you need a safe or locker for long-barrel guns. It has a broad line of safes and for various purposes, including keeping firearms, jewelry, and cash. Furthermore, the company has specialty depository and diversion safes.

As a brand, Barska is committed to providing the best safes and at affordable rates to all its customers around the world. The brand provides high-quality products, with well-built construction and the latest technology to ensure maximum convenience.

Even so, Barska is more like a versatile outdoor sporting and optics company as they also offer items like telescopes and tactical gear. Therefore, you can’t compare the superiority of their gun storages with that of a brand like SentrySafe, which only focus on security safes.

Barska AX12622 2–Handgun Keypad Security Drawer Safe

Barska Digital Keypad Wall Mount Safe Key Cabinet, 48 Position,...
  • BARSKA Quick Access Key Cabinet Digital Wall Safe can hold up to 48 keys on numbered hooks and comes...
  • Ideal for home, office, property managers, apartment complexes, car lots, car dealerships, repair...

This is one great Barska gun safe black Friday special that you can check out if you own a revolver and handgun. It features a simple solid making, with durable steel and pry-resistant deadbolts. The door is also solid steel that uses a digital keypad and secondary tubular keys for backup.

If you would prefer, this safe has an optional silent mode that you can activate and deactivate without a hassle. Its interior is also a bit cozy for your guns, courtesy of the include floor foam mat. There are also pre-drilled holes and mounting components in case you need to secure the safe on the floor/ wall.

Key Takeaway:

The above selections comprise some of the best gun-safe deals there is. Note, that the pre-black Friday sales are not yet. These options are meant to prepare you early and alleviate the sense of sale panic that you might have. The various products can also guide you to some of the good deals in the stores and help you make a quick decision.

Final Verdict

In any case, each one of us has unique tastes that differ from the other person. So, only a fraction of the Black Friday deals on gun safes will fascinate you, but not all of them.

If you need a gun safe that you can use at home and also carry with you, a compact model like the Moutec Biometric Safe may be your gem. It’s superlatively strong and secure, plus its small size is easy to move around with.

That said, however, a larger gun-safe model may be a better option if you don’t have any other kind of safe at home. With the SentrySafe SFW123DSB Gun Safe, for instance, you can use for two handguns and still have enough space for other valuable items. The safe even has pockets on the doors, which means you can hold a lot of stuff in there.

That said, don’t forget Black Friday is the BIG SAVE day. So, focus mostly on the most expensive items that are hard to get on regular days. You might be surprised to bag a bargain of hundreds of dollars.

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed the article and you found it helpful. If not yet fully certified, keep checking this page as we’ll be updating with better and better deals as they come.

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