The 6 Best And Cheap Gun Safes Under $100 (Reviews) of 2023

The 6 Best And Cheap Gun Safes Under $100 (Reviews) of 2024

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Today, owning a firearm has become amongst the top priorities for any American, owing to the rise in burglaries and break-in crimes. Of all weapons, a hand-gun is the most convenient due to its compact design and also affordability. The firearm is easy to move around with and also you can successfully hide in most tight spaces. When you particularly have the best handgun safe, you won’t even need to worry about your children or visitors. The reviews for the best and cheap gun safes under $100.

Of course, it’s recommended you keep any of your weapons out of reach of such parties. But if for any reason you forgot to lock up your bedroom, a good safe should be able to resist any unauthorized entry. In other words, the security box should have a top-grade lock that is hard to pick, and a rugged steel body that’s tough to drill into.

As with the locking mechanism, the majority of modern safes use either an electronic digital lock or a mechanical dial lock. Although the two can deliver high-level security, most people believe that the latter is more durable and reliable. They fear that the electronic combination system can suddenly run out of battery, thereby preventing even the owner from accessing inside.

Designed with the customer in mind, however, most of this equipment comes with backup keys that you can use during an emergency. So, you won’t need to worry even when the combination lock is faulty or if you’ve forgotten the unlock code.

Other Security Features of a Good Safe Include

Re-lockers: This is an additional mechanism installed inside the door of a safe. It serves as a secondary protective system, whereby it triggers a self-contained bolt within the door when someone tries to drill or pick the lock. Thereby making it impossible to open.

Fire Resistance: obviously, a gun comprises metal components that can melt when exposed to high temperatures. Even if not melting, the ammunition can burst and [maybe] cause injuries when they get too hot. Therefore, a fire-rated safe can surely come in handy in the event of an inferno.

cheap gun safes under $100

Water Protection: Similarly, guns can rust when they come into contact with water or moisture. Hence, compromising their functioning. As you check for the fire resistance, therefore, don’t forget to confirm if the item can keep out water as well.

Anti-pry tabs: also, this one helps enhance the security of your content by adding more strengths to your safe. Thus, providing additional resistance and hold your vault in place during a prying attack.

Hard plates: technically, this is the second line of defense in any safe for guns. It comprises of a hardened thick plate that lies between the locking mechanism and the outside of the door. Hence, helping prevent drilling into the lock and possibly grant access.

Anti-theft alarms: yet spectacular and a great saver, this feature alerts you when some tries tampering with your storage unit. It triggers a built-in siren when someone tries opening with the wrong combination, drilling the door, or any other form of forced entry.

California DOJ Approved: basically, the idea behind this certification is to protect the children by keeping them away from weapons. Sadly, California residents are not supposed to buy or sell firearm safety devices which have no CDOJ certification or UL RSC Listing. This is to help ensure the firearm/s remain securely stored all the time, without the risk of unauthorized access.

Weight: a good gun safe should weigh several hundreds of pounds [like 750 pounds] when empty. This is to help discourage motivated burglars from running away with your storage after they fail to open it up. Ideally, you can even bolt it to the floor or wall for extra security.

How to Choose the Best Gun Safes Under 100 for Your Home

When buying security storage for a firearm, it’s certainly good you buy a piece as worth as what it holds. Not necessarily very expensive, but at least something with significance to what it will be keeping.

Relative to our today’s subject, we have picked six affordable gun safes that can help keep your weapon secure and safe. The discussion will only focus on smaller storages for handguns since our recent best long Gun Safe Review touched on larger makes.

So, we duly hope you can find a perfect solution for your gun storage problem.

Editor’s pick: SnapSafe [75211] Keyed Lock Box Set

SnapSafe Portable Lock Box for Guns and Valuables, 2 Pack -...
  • Security, Everywhere You Want It – Store and protect your handguns, passports, sensitive...
  • Heavy Duty and Sturdy Security Safe Box – SnapSafe Lock Boxes feature heavy duty 16 gauge housing...

Although it has a simple design, this piece is definitely our favorite today. It’s one of the best gun safes under 100 due to its affordability and unbeatable performance.

Just as its name suggests, this is a security “box” kit that you can use to hold your weapons while not using them. It comprises a set of two boxes, with each featuring a capacity of 140 cubic inches. So, either can comfortably hold a Glock pistol and two magazines while the other keeps small items like jewelry, passport, and some cash.

The safety boxes use a similar top-grade lock that you can use any of the four included keys to open. They have a sturdy 16 gauge steel construction that is about 0.0125 inches thicker than 18ga steel. Hence, both durable and resistant to pry attack.

Summary Features:

  • It features two boxes, with an industrial-strength housing and lock
  • Has a compact design to offer maximum portability
  • You can use with guns, as well as jewelry
  • Has Ca-DOJ and TSA airline firearm certification
  • Come s with four keys that you can use to open either box
  • Includes a thick foam to protect your weapons from scratches
  • You can secure the boxes to a stationary object to make sure no one can run away with them.


Despite the love we have for it, this is more of a security kit to prevent unauthorized access. It’s not fireproof or watertight.

Best Value: SentrySafe QAP1E One-Gun Safe

SentrySafe Gun Safe with Digital Keypad Lock, Pistol Safe with...
  • Gun safe provides secure storage for one standard handgun
  • Gun safe features a gas strut to instantly and quietly open safe door for single-handed access to...

SentrySafe is one of the best safe makers and providers of security solutions. If you missed it, the brand was even on Netflix’s 12 Reasons Why Drama due to the innovative, highly efficient designs of their systems.

Crafted with the same incentive, this handgun safe ensures you get the most from it and your gun. It has passed the California DOJ construction standards, starting with the solid steel door that is pry-resistant. And then, the avant-garde digital keypad that allows you to set up your own combination code for optimal convenience.

The gun safe has an interior capacity of about 140 cubic inches, which is fairy enough for a handgun and two magazines. It has an interior cushioning on both the door and tray. So, you won’t need to worry about damaging your gun or ammunition.

With a total weight of around 12 pounds when empty, this piece is so easy to move around it with.

Summary Features:

  • It uses a digital keypad that you can set your own combination
  • Consists of a hardened steel body and a pry-resistant door
  • Comes with two override keys for emergency
  • Has a gas strut hinge that auto-opens the door quickly and quietly
  • Holds your weapons without scratching
  • It lights up in the dark to enable you to see what you’re grabbing
  • The gun vault come s with pre-drilled holes and screws to allow mounting to wall or floor.


The compression gas strut used is fairly weak and doesn’t last. Hence, you might need to help it open up after inputting the unlock code.

Best Design: GunVault [GVB1000] Minivault Biometric Pistol Safe

GunVault GV1000CSTD Mini 1000 Gun Vault, Black
  • Unique no eyes; Keypad for quick access
  • Heavy gauge steel housing with tamper proof spring loaded door

For your distinguished taste of tech and styling, this particular piece can serve your preferences perfectly and satisfactorily. It features a compact design, with the capacity to fit your handguns and other important items, including passports, cash, and jewelry.

The storage unit features rugged 16-gauge steel construction and a high-strength lock system that is pry-resistant. It uses a biometric sensor to unlock but there’s a backup key that you can use to gain access in the event of an emergency.

The system uses a single 9V alkaline battery and it does send a warning when the capacity is getting depleted. Thus, enabling you to replace before it locks you out.

It comes with pre-drilled holes on the bottom, which means you can easily secure to the closet or the bedside. Hence, enhancing the safety of your content while at the same time preventing low esteemed burglars from stealing the whole kit.

Summary Features:

  • It has a sturdy steel body that is durable and pry-resistant
  • Features a state-of-the-art fingerprint recognition lock
  • Keeps your firearm without scratching or damaging
  • Has a compact design that assures easy hiding and portability
  • Trips an audio and LED warning when the battery is low
  • Comes with override keys to open in case the biometric fails
  • The safe is spacious enough for two pistols and their mags.


The safe does make a beeping noise when you unlock it, which can be a disadvantage during an invasion.

Best Budget: First Alert 5200DF Portable Handgun Safe

First Alert Portable Handgun Safe, Small Multicolor, 5200DF
1,151 Reviews
First Alert Portable Handgun Safe, Small Multicolor, 5200DF
  • Quick entry with three to eight digit number keypad
  • Constructed of heavy 18 gauge steel

This another of the cheap gun safes under $100 that you have on your shopping list if on a tight budget. It features a hard 18 gauge powder-coated steel construction, which is highly durable and pry-resistant.

The safe uses an advanced electronic code that you can set -three to eight-digit passcode of your choice. In case you ever forget the code or its batteries get depleted, you can always use the included two keys to override the lock.

The storage is not that large but it can comfortably fit a handgun and its magazine. There is an interior foam lining. So, you will always pick your weapon as you had left it.

It comes with a 1500 pound approved tested steel cable that bounds the case to a stationary object. Thereby making sure no one can steal your gun or run away with its vault.

Summary Features:

  • It is California DOJ approved. Hence, has a robust construction that is durable and resistant to breakage
  • Allows quick entry with its advanced digital lock
  • Comes with an industry-strength cable for maximum security
  • Compliant with TSA for flight
  • Has pre-drilled holes to allow mounting on the floor
  • It’s so easy to carry due to its compact and lightweight design
  • The safe comes with overriding keys for emergency events


The issue we can say about this safe is that the door doesn’t open all the way up after unlocking. It only pops up about half an inch, then the rest you do manually.

Alternative 1: SentrySafe PP1K Portable Gun Safe

SentrySafe Portable Gun Safe with Key Lock, Steel Cable, and...
  • Portable gun safe provides secure storage for one standard handgun while traveling; interior foam...
  • Built with a carrying handle for easily transportation and a tether cable to attach gun safe to a...

This is an alternative piece from Sentry makers, which you can use to hold your pistol at home or in the car. It’s passed the California DOJ certification, which means you won’t need to worry about the locking mechanism or exterior housing.

The safe is so easy to carry around as it has a small size and also there is an improvised handle. Its interior capacity is around 212 cubic inches, which can easily fit a P22 and SR9c pistols, plus their magazines.

The storage comes with a foam interior that helps prevent damage to your handguns while on the move. And also there’s a robust security cable that you can use to secure the item to a heavy stationary object.

Summary Features:

  • It has a solid steel strength that is pry resistance
  • Can easily hold two pistols and magazines
  • Has a compact design, with a solid steel construction
  • Features an excellent keyed lock and two unlocking keys
  • Comes with a sturdy steel cable to secure the security case
  • The interior has a foam lining to help prevent your weapon from scratching while traveling.


Sadly, the item is not resistant to fire. So, it cannot protect your content in the event of an inferno. Also, its security cord setting is fairly boring as it keeps on unlocking every time you open the safe.

Alternative 2: Champs Under Desk Pistol Security Box

Champs Quick Access Handgun Safe Automatic Open, Under Desk...
18 Reviews
Champs Quick Access Handgun Safe Automatic Open, Under Desk...
  • TOUGH STRUCTURE: Champs quick safe made by 16-Gauge metal. It is pry-resistant and provides...
  • SECURE & EASY KEYPAD: 4 buttons keypad for easy setup any 4-6 codes. Bright light allow user to see...

Last but not least, is this uniquely designed piece that brings the experience of spy movies to your home. It’s a great alternative for someone like you with a special taste of new tech and unbeatable styling.

If we can start with the basics, the security box has a digital keypad that allows you to set four to six-digit passcodes. Its body, on the other hand, comprises of robust 16-gauge metal that guarantees extended durability and optimal security of your content.

The mechanism comes with a mounting bracket and screws that you can use to secure it under the desk or table. So, you won’t need to bother drilling the holes again.

Summary Features:

  • It allows quick access using a four to six-digit combination
  • Come s with a spare key to use in the event of an emergency
  • Has an anti-theft alarm system that goes off when someone tampers with it
  • You can mount it easily using the included components
  • The gun case has a sturdy body, which allows extended longevity.


As its maker has called it, this is a “security box”. As such, we won’t dig deep into aspects like fire resistance and prying attack. Even so, the used electronic mechanism is not worth big praise. It, however, has two tubular keys to ensure you can still access your weapon fast when needed.

Essential Tips To Consider While Using A Handgun

When it comes to the time of shopping, every person has his unique taste and preference. For that, the manufacturers design safe storages with varying built, features, and benefits. Just like you can tell from the above selection, you can see none of the products is a replica of the other. They just happen to share some likenesses, which, of course, is not a big deal as what matters is how a tool performs.

With that, here are some ways that can help ensure you can get the most from your tool:

Why Do You Need A Gun Safe?

Many reasons can make one buy a gun safe. You might want it to prevent the kids from accessing your weapon or maybe you want to provide an easy access point in the event of a black-in. You can even get the tool if you want to enjoy insurance discounts and abide by the state laws.

Whichever the reasons are, you have to identify them before you go to the stores as it will outline which is the best item for your problem.

How Many Guns You Have

For this one, it helps determine the capacity of the safe that you should pick. If you have just one, you can get any handgun safe that can fit your firearm without any difficulty. But if you have more than two guns, then a larger safe should do great and even you will the advantage of keeping other valuable items.

What’s The Size of Your Gun/s?

Due to the variety of designs and models, handguns are often available in different sizes. Therefore, you have to know the model or the size of yours before you buy the safe to ensure you don’t pay for disappointments.

What’s Your State of Health?

As for this one, it should help in determining the nature of the locking mechanism that is best for you. If you have Amnesia, for example, you should go for the traditional keyed box that you won’t need to memorize the combination.

Furthermore, skin diseases that can cause histopathological changes of demise and epidermis can affect the color and structure of your fingerprints. Hence, compromising the functionality of biometric sensors.

Finally, remember to check out for a safe that has passed the CDOJ certification test if you live in California. You can consider the aspect if you’re from other states as well as it guarantees you that the product you’re buying is highly pry-resistant. Thus, guaranteeing your pistol optimal safety from burglars and children.

You can even consider the TSA test pass if you are planning to fly with your weapon during your vacation.


How much does the Gun Safe cost?

A firearm safe comes in various designs and harboring different features. Therefore, there’s a variation in prices, with some costing up to four grand due to their ability to withstand any kind of harm. Others, on the other hand, have reasonable pricing, with some costing less than $80 yet still they can serve the purpose.

What is the best Quick Access Pistol Safe?

Usually, the best storage that has quick access shouldn’t be difficult to unlock and open. As such, a model like the GunVault [GVB1000] Biometric handgun safe can be a great pick as you won’t need keying in any code. You only have to pass over your fingerprint over the sensor and it pops open.

What is the best gun safe for the money?

Any safe is good for the money if it can serve your needs perfectly and satisfactorily. For instance, a model like the First Alert 5200DF Portable Handgun Safe can be a better choice for you if your focus is on affordability.

Where should I keep my gun at night?

Well, that might depend as everyone has his preference. But under or on the side of the bed can be an excellent spot due to quick access in the wake of a situation.

Final Verdict

Honestly, choosing a proper handgun safe can be quite tricky even though it’s meant to be an easy task. There are numerous products in the market, will all featuring different designs and amazing features. As a first-time gun owner, your eyes can easily fool you and end up buying the wrong product.

But if you can know exactly what you need, it can become easier to plan and make sure your windfall serves as a blessing. It’s not even a must you spend a fortune as there are numerous cheap gun safes under $100 in the market.

All you’ll have to do is ensure what you pick is both high quality, convenient, and reliable. Hence, the reason you should have a look at the customer rating of a product if you’re buying online.