7 Effective Ways on How to Lock a Door Without a Lock

7 Effective Ways to Lock a Door Without a Lock

how to lock a door without a lock

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If you have happened to come across locksmith hacks, I’m pretty sure you have noticed many locks are not that secure. Every lock, yeah, has a master key that can open it but even a simple paper clip has been shown to complete that task as well. In spite of all, though, there are several effective ways to lock a door without a lock. The methods are applicable to both the doors with or without locks.

Well, this will be our topic of today but before we get to it, is it necessary? We mean, is there any benefit of learning how to lock a door without a lock?

Importance of Knowing How to Lock a Door Without a Lock

First of all, we all know a lock on any door has the primary purpose of keeping you and your valuables secure. But suppose the lock of your apartment’s main door has spoilt, will you sleep sitting on the couch? And if it’s a hotel, do you usually entertain the barging in of the room attendants while you’re around?

These are some of the reasons you need to learn how to lock your door without a lock. As for the security aspect, the numerous locksmith hacks that Youtubers are teaching online have rendered the regular door lock so worthless to use. This is one of the many reasons the cases of break-ins are at a significant level even for a home with a security system.

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Learning the alternative methods of locking your door without necessarily depending on a lock helps strengthen your security measures and privacy. With a mechanism like a door jammer, for example, the piece helps bar your door so strong to give you time to call for help. The same goes for the rest of the ways we’ll include in our discussion.

Ways to Lock a Door Without a Lock

1. Block the Door with a Barricade

Barricading is one of the most effective ways to secure your door when you need additional security. The method, however, is usually effective for a door that opens inwardly. For you to barricade the door, you’ll need to be inside of the room as well since the mechanism works in a way that it will swing into it.

Otherwise, where’s the need to “barricade” the door from the outside where the intruder will easily remove the stuff away and get through the door.

In case you want to secure a door that opens outwardly, it’s still possible though using a different approach like that of the bank. Or are bank safe doors closed from the inside? Nope. They are often closed from the outside using a security bar that goes (almost) beyond both sides of the door. A good example is the Outswing Door Security Bar that we’ll discuss later alongside one of the best standard door security bars.

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While you might think of it as too simple, Nightlock Security Lock Door Barricade is a piece you’ll cherish to have during that fateful night. The door barricade is made of sturdy extruded aluminum. Thus, offers significant resistance in the time of a break-in.

Nightlock Security Lock Door Barricade usually relies on the strength of the floor to withstand any of the tremendous force. It, therefore, has to be secured to the floor for optimal efficacy. To set it to work, you’ll only need to mount the angled rail handle and if it’s to unlock, just remove the rail.

The Nightlock’s piece is functional with both the standard (single) door, as well as double doors. Hence, very convenient to have in your home.

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This is another piece you might underrate by its simple look but, surprisingly, it’s one of the strongest door barricades ever. The door barricade can withstand a violent force of up to 3000lbs, which of course, has even been proven.

OnGard Security Door Brace Barricade is very easy to install and use. You only need to anchor the bracket securely on the floor and then you mount the handle. The device is usable in both the standard (single) door, as well as the double doors.

Considering it’ll need to be drilled on the floor, the OnGard barricade is best for use at home.

2. Use a Door Jammer

A door jammer usually works in a similar way and for the same purpose as the barricade. It helps reinforce your door to keep any uninvited guests out, including burglars and hoteliers. So, it best for doors that open inwardly and while you’re inside the room.

While in the market, you’ll probably come across two types of door jammers. One in the form of a security door bar and the other one as a door lock brace. Therefore, you really need to do thorough research and find out which you need before getting to the market.

Comparing with door barricades, the jammers are a bit convenient as you can carry them with you during your vacation. Also, the majority of the best barricades will need to be secured to the floor, and or door and you can’t go around drilling the hotel rooms.

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Although there’re several brands of door lock brace jammer, we’re only going to review the Buddybar Door Jammer Security Bar. This comes as the mechanism is the only with a strong 5-star following its ability to withstand a force of up to 2,560Lbs. The door jammer comprises of solid steel with a coating of rubberized plastic.

In spite of the tremendous resistance, Buddybar Door Jammer Security Bar only weighs about 8.2lbs. Thus, very efficient and effective since you can carry it with you to reinforce the door of your vacation rental or countryside cabin. The Buddybar has a solid grip from the 2”x 4” rubber-coated steel foot. So, it can work on carpet, wood, concrete, and even tiles without falling off your door.

3. A Door Security Bar Can Help

As for the door security bars, in this case, we are not talking about the jammer we have just discussed. The security bar we’re talking about is some kind of a barricading” mechanism, which stretches across the door’s width to prevent entry.

A door security bar often comprises of high-quality steel bar and it comes in various sizes to accommodate all door types. This includes even the patio doors that are most vulnerable to intruders.

The following are two of the best door security bars that you can go to reinforce your doors at home or even store.

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The door security bar is one of the best devices to use to prevent unwanted access to your patio door. It’s predominantly effective for a home with young children, particularly where you want to prevent unnecessary movements. The security bar is also a great visual deterrent against opportunistic burglars who can clearly see your house’s interior through the door.

Ideal Security SK110 Patio Door Security Bar is very quick and simple to install on your own. While it can still work when at the bottom, it’s highly recommended you mount the security bar in the middle of the patio door. This is to help ensure you can lock and unlock your door without needing to bend down.

As one of the best locking devices for patio doors, the SK110 Door security bar has the adjustment option that allows partial opening. Thereby allowing a cool flow of air, whilst keeping it securely locked to prevent unwanted entry.

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Well, if you wish to prevent entry through an Outswing Door (opens outside the room), a security door brace barricade or jammer won’t help you. What you need is a device like this Outswing Door Security Bar.
Exist Security Single Outswing Door Security Bar is made of heavy-duty steel security bars to prevent any forceful entry. The bar’s provider even offers it with a stick-on caution sign that informs the readers to let the door remain closed.

4. Use a Best Portable Door Lock

A portable door device is another mechanism that can guarantee you and your family peace of mind when in a vacation rental or at home. It helps provide additional personal security without damaging the door, door frame, or even the floor.

Some of the door jammers, of course, can be considered as a portable door lock. But in this case, we’re speaking of a more “lock-like” mechanism like the Addalock Original Portable Door Lock.

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This device is similar to a standard padlock that you can carry with you everywhere you go. The only difference is that it’s designed for use with a door that has either the deadbolts, knob, or lever tumbler lock.

Addalock Original Portable Door Lock is very easy to use and install without the need of any tool. It helps give you additional safety and privacy while in your home, rental apartment, hotel room, or even a school dorm.

To use, you’ll only need to insert Addalock’s claws into the strike plate and then close the door to hold it in position. Once the Addalock is in position, you now secure it with the red “key” and get to enjoy your privacy and safety. The best portable door lock from outside.

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Crafted with unmatched creativity, Travelers TSL Security Door Lock helps keep your room’s door securely locked without causing any damage. It comprises of the toughest aircraft aluminum construction to assure you peace of mind while at your home or vacation rental resting.

Along with the sturdy materials, Travelers TSL Security Door Lock uses modern physics to function. It applies Newton’s law by distributing the subjected force amongst the lock and door frame. The portable lock is very easy to install and use without the use of any tool.

Considering its small size and weight, The TSL lock is very easy to move around with during your business meetings and vacation trips. A genuine portable door lock from outside.

Other Ways to Lock a Door Without a Lock

The four above are the major methods on how to lock a door without a lock. The methods are not just applicable for a door with no lock but even for that one you need to reinforce and make it “kick-proof”. Speaking of the reinforcement, the following are some of the other ways you can still use to make your door more secure.

5. Disassemble the Door Knob/ Handle Set

Considering the numerous brands of portable door jammers and locks in the market, we can say this method is somehow old-fashioned. If you feel it okay with you, though, the method usually involves limiting the retracting of the latch that opens and closes the door. This latch often retracts with the help of the doorknob or handle. So, removing them (knobs/ handles) helps prevent this “retracting”.

With disassembling the handles/ knobs to prevent unwanted access, the method is not very effective to use. First, the method is not perfectly “kick-proof” as with Buddybar Door Jammer Security Bar or OnGard Security Door Brace Barricade. Secondly, it’s a bit time consuming as you’ll need to put back the knobs or handles when you need to use the door.

Therefore, we can only advise you to disassemble your door’s knob/ handles if you lack another option at the time of need.

6. A Door Wedge Can Help Block the Door Too

A door wedge usually works like a barricade, whereby it blocks the door when someone attempts to open it. While a standard door wedge can still work out for you, we’d like to recommend a modern piece such as the ZZRUI Upgraded Door Stopper.

The ZZRUI Door Stopper is placed under the door just like the standard wedge. Its effectiveness, though, is what differentiates the two since this particular model has a built-in alarm that will be triggered when door pressure is applied. The alarm will help scare off the intruder and even notify the other neighbors or your estate’s security team.

ZZRUI Upgraded Door Stopper Security Alarm is very easy to use and convenient to have. The alarm feature operates with a 9v battery, hence, no wiring is needed. The contemporary door wedge is ultimately portable, so, you can carry it with you to your countryside cabin, hotel, or dorm room.

7. Bind the Door Knobs/ Handles Together

This one is only effective for the double doors with handles or knobs. It’s mostly best for those doors you need to limit access by your children, particularly the kitchen cabinets. A good example of this type of locks is the Adoric U shaped Baby Safety Lock.

Adoric U shaped Baby Safety Lock is truly worthwhile as it helps keep your curious babies and pet dogs away from the cabinets. The device is very easy to install and it doesn’t scratch your furniture doors in any way.

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Now You Can Lock your Door without a Lock

In a literal sense, locking a door without a lock might seem like one of the Big Screen’s missions impossibles. Nonetheless, our brief guide has shown you how to lock your door without a lock using convenient and affordable means. The applicability of all the methods on the list vary, so, it’s good to make proper research of which will be best for you.

Is it a portable Buddybar Door Security Bar or will the OnGard Door Brace Barricade be better? Well, that’s for you to decide respective to how often you’re in your residential home.

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