The 10 Best TSA Approved Luggage Locks for Travel 2019

The 10 Best TSA Approved Luggage Locks for 2019

The rise of terrorist’s threats across the world has made authorities in all countries very vigilant in maintaining the highest standards of security. This often requires them to open and check passenger baggage if they suspect anything to be amiss. This has led to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) of USA to lay down guidelines for the manufacture and use of certain locks which can be opened by TSA officials with the help of a master key. These locks are referred to as ‘TSA approved locks’ and they are manufactured according to stringent quality guidelines issued by TSA. So please keep an eye to buy the best TSA approved luggage locks for your safe travel.

On closer inspection, we realized that there are a large number of manufacturers who are making such TSA approved luggage locks but not all of them are of the highest standards of quality. Of the ones that we looked into in detail, the lock manufactured by Forge caught our fancy (and not just because of its unique orange color). Let us look into this product in a little more detail.

The 10 best TSA approved luggage locks at a glance

Photo of locksBrand NameWarranty View on Amazon
Editor's Choicebest tsa approved luggage locksForge
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best tsa approved luggage locksTravel MoreLifetime warranty Check Latest Price
best tsa approved luggage locksForgeN/A Check Latest Price
best tsa approved luggage locksBVN/A Check Latest Price
best tsa approved luggage locksDesired Tools1 Year Check Latest Price
best tsa approved luggage locksTarrissLifetime warranty Check Latest Price
best tsa approved luggage locksSURE LOCK12 Month Check Latest Price
best luggage locksForgeN/A Check Latest Price
NewtionLifetime warranty Check Latest Price
best tsa approved luggage locksMaster LockLimited Lifetime Warranty Check Latest Price

Now I will describe to you that why Forge luggage locks are the best in the list. Please read all the content here for more details.

TSA Approved Cable Luggage locks


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This product comes in a number of packing combinations but it offers only two colors – orange and black. The different combinations in which you can buy these TSA approved locks are in packs of 6 locks, 4 locks, 2 locks, and 1 lock. This product has two main parts – the main body built from a special alloy, and the shackle which is not a solid metal one but braided shackles made from sheathed steel.

The beauty of using a braided shackle is that it affords the flexibility of a rope along with the strength of a metal. You can use the braided shackle to secure the lock in any situation where a normal shackle wouldn’t be able to fit in. This lock can withstand pulls of up to 220 pounds because of the strength of the braided shackle.

TSA Approved Locks with Alloy Body


This is one and half times greater than what most other locks in the market can provide. One more advantage of a braided shackle in place of a full metal shackle is that the metal ones can sometimes get stuck in awkward positions while being thrown around by airlines employees while handling traveler baggage. The flexible braided shackle prevents this from happening.

These TSA approved locks have a 3 digit security code which you can set as many times as you want. The smooth lever mechanism of the 3 wheels (black colored, with bright numbers etched in white) allows you to set each number very easily. Unlike other locks, the numbers do not go back to earlier combinations due to sliding. Also, there are no pin holes to be manipulated with pins or screwdrivers to be turned when you want to reset. You just take the combination back to the factory setting of 0-0-0, and then the level needs to be turned externally.

Easy Set Combination Switch 

This can be done only when the lock is open, so no one can reset the combination, and the combination can’t be reset inadvertently when it is locked. One more advantage of the number wheels of this lock is that the numbers are white and fluorescent, and their black background makes the numbers very easy to read, even in the bright lights of an airport.

One issue that many best TSA approved luggage locks have is that when they are actually inspected by a TSA agent at the airport, the post-inspection is a pain. That is because the TSA agents usually forget to lock your baggage back and it stays that way till you notice it and lock it again. But this Forge product is so designed that unless the agent locks your lock back again properly, his key can’t be removed. This keeps your baggage secure after the agent has done his duty.

Although the concept of TSA approved locks is aligned to travel and travel luggage, yet this product from Forge can be used is several other situations as well. You could easily use it for your gym locker or laptop bag or even on your briefcase, when you are traveling or when you are at your school, office or gymnasium.

Best Forge Travel Locks

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The locks are very reasonably priced and if you can order the bigger packs and take your billing amount beyond $20 then your shipping is free. You also get an unconditional lifetime guaranty on this product which not only saves you the hassle and expense of repairs later but also indicates the confidence Forge has on this product.

Overall, we found more pros on this product than cons. We also spoke to a few customers and actual users to see what they felt after actually going through their trips using this lock. The benefits were all agreed to by the travelers but they did point out a few flaws as well, which shall recount below under ‘disadvantages’ section.

Advantages of Forge Travel Locks

  • Robust alloy body and strong cable braided shackles
  • The shackle is able to withstand very high pressures
  • The shackle is also very flexible
  • Different pack sizes to fit all needs – 1 lock, 2 locks, 4 locks, and 6 locks
  • Two choices of color – bright orange or black
  • The product is TSA approved
  • If TSA agents miss locking the lock once they have finished their inspection, they can’t take out their master key
  • Apart from travel, it can also be used for several other purposes
  • Combination setting is pretty simple
  • Combination numbers are easy to view
  • The manufacturer provides a replacement in case the buyer is not satisfied
  • There is a lifetime guarantee provided on the product with no questions
  • On a minimum order quantity, free shipping is provided.
  • The wheels with the combination numbers are prominent in white fluorescent color, on a black background.
  • No additional tool or implement is needed to reset the combination.


  • The locks are not too resistant to sand or salt water. In case you are going to the beach with a bag, it wouldn’t be a good idea to secure that bag with this lock.
  • Some more colors would have been welcome.

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