The 10 Best Combination Padlock 2023 for Your Safety

The 10 Best Combination Padlock For 2024 (Reviews)

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When you use a lock and key, a major issue you face is to have to remember where you kept the key, so that you can easily open the lock. A much better option is to use the best combination padlock which allows you to secure the lock without having to use any key. The users of combination padlocks vouch for their ease of use without having to compromise on safety or sturdiness.

The added advantage of combination padlocks is that they are quite nifty to look at. When you get your new padlock from the manufacturer, you set the three or four digits (as per the padlock design) number combination, and then you can lock and unlock the padlock using the combinations you have set. I will show you the 2019 best combination padlock list with a good price.

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Combination locks are increasingly becoming popular. They are providing excellent security for your property as you enjoy a peaceful experience. Combination padlocks usually use the sequence of numbers & symbols to offer protection and many people are turning to them as better, and most efficient alternatives for security as compared to conventional locks.

Our Choice For The Best Combination Padlock

If you browse the internet you will find a large number of combination padlocks. But you need to go through the features to see which ones are most suited for your needs. We tried to find out the best combination padlock for you to use. We looked at ease of use, amount of security provided, resistance to cutting as well as picking, and also the flexibility of use in different circumstances.

#1. Xiangge Smart Fingerprint Lock Padlock. Best of the Very Best

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It is Waterproof with both iOS & Android APP smart remote control luggage. This padlock has a Secure & reliable authentication process. Also, it comes with a Capacitive touchable fingerprint sensor which adopts the iPhone level of the fingerprint sensor, for speedy identification and unlocking.

It has the fingerprint map and Smart APP to run a robust application in the Waterloo fingerprint lock and directly find it in the APP store. It’s easy setting up the finger ID module as it identifies your fingerprint by 360 degrees. Also, it comes with the Sharing device to remotely authorize what happens to the lock. Still, it has a Usage scenario which is diverse to protect anything that you like. This is the recent best combination padlocks in 2024. So you can use it without any dought for your home, school, gym, toolbox security.


  • This is a smart fingerprint lock to make locking easy.
  • It is sturdy & portable
  • It has smart fingerprint for flexibility.


  • It is electrical, making it hard to operate when there is no electricity and its battery is low.

#2. Padlock – 4 Digit Combination Lock. The best combination padlock 2024

Padlock 4 Digit Combination Lock - for Gym School Locker, Outdoor...
  • Versatile Security Solution | Our combination padlock, made of durable zinc alloy, offers reliable...
  • Weatherproof Durability for All Seasons| Designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions,...

It is a 4-digit combination lock that’s weatherproof for outdoor use. It offers over 10,000 unique combinations making them difficult to crack the code.
Their numbers are easy to maneuver, read, and set to give you confidence while managing your code, and you will get the color of your choice as well as a thirty days guarantee and manufacturers warranty. It’s a great security tool for everyday use as it is portable. You can even bring it to the gym or in the office.

This is the most popular and best combination padlock nowadays. So this is our 2nd best combination padlock 2024 in this list. You can choose for your gym or office door security.


  •  30 Days Money Back Guarantee. It comes with a warranty, and you will get your money back in case of hitches.
  • Secure Payment & Shipping. The delivery of your lock is guaranteed, and it is timely.
  • Manufacturer Warranty.
  • Genuine Customer Care


  • It is prone to theft the moment your security code leaks to unauthorized persons.

#3. Master Lock 653D Set Your Own Combination Padlock

Master Lock Resettable Combination Locker Lock, Lock for Gym and...
  • Heavy duty combination locker lock securely fastened with a stainless steel body to keep everything...
  • Combination for convenience, easy to set and reset combination lock for to secure locker access

It is one of the best locks for your door. You will Set your combination and customize your experience to make it easy to recall your settings. Also, you don’t require the combination change tool when using this Master Lock 653D.

It is the master lock that protects everything worth and comes with a metallic body that provides a durable and robust experience, plus its shackle is thick and hardened to make it resistant to sawing and cutting.

It also has a lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind. You can select for your school or gym security.


  • It is an indoor padlock and can be used as a school Locker. It provides necessary protection and security to your property.
  • You can set your four-digit combination lock with a no-slip grip.
  • The combo lock is designed with a metal body & hardened steel shackle to restrict sawing and cutting.


  • It is expensive in terms of maintenance.

#4. ORIA Combination Lock, 4 Digit Combination Padlock

ORIA Anti-Rust, Weather Proof Combination Lock, 4-Digit, Black,...
  • 2 Pack : Set includes 2 zinc alloy 4-digit re-settable combination travel locks.
  • Secure Bags & Lockers Perfectly : ORIA combination lock has 4-digit, offers 10000 combinations,...

It is a 4 Digit Combination Padlock Set and comes with Metal & Plated Steel Material to resists sawing and cutting hence unlimited chances of unauthorized access to your valuables.

It is a 2 pack lock with 2 zinc alloy 4-digit re-settable combination for your security and privacy settings. This padlock is secure and has an excellent design featuring lightweight, and Small size designs to fit through the holes of bags zipper and suitcases.

It has extensive Use; this is the lock design for indoor & outdoor use, which is ideal for light-duty.


  • Weather Proof,
  • Portable and lightweight,
  • It is sizable to fit through the suitcase holes.
  • It’s Easy to Use, Setting, or re-setting the combination is simple, as the combo side window allows you to set the combination quickly.


  • In case you forget the pin, it is almost impossible to cut the padlock.

#5. Master Lock 178D Combination Padlock, Set Your Own Combination Padlock

Master Lock Combination Lock, Set Your Own Combination Lock,...
  • Indoor and outdoor padlock is best used as a school locker lock, gym lock, and gate lock, providing...
  • Set your own four-digit combination lock for easy combination recall; Combination change tool...

It is a cut-resistant, heavy-duty security best combination padlock 2024 that comes with a hardened steel shackle to add extra cut resistance. Also, this padlock is weather-resistant, and that makes it best for Outdoor Use, and you can use it to lock the gate, gym, or office locker.

The Master Lock 178D padlock is easy to Set & Reset as the 4-digit dial allows for over 1000 possible numeric combinations. It comes with a strong and solid body to create a reliable experience, plus it has a thick shackle that is long and made of hardened steel, to offer extra resistance to sawing.


  • It’s is an Indoor and outdoor padlock with anti-theft features.
  • It allows you to set your four-digit combination freely
  • It is easy to configure and manage your combination.


  • The padlock can lock you outside your house in case you forget the pattern.

#6. Master Lock 1535DWD Combination Padlock. Set Your Own Combination Padlock

Master Lock Word Combination Lock, Set Your Own Word Lock for Gym...
  • Sturdy locker lock: This Master Lock combination lock is made from a durable, heat-treated steel...
  • Easy to set combination lock: The easy-to-use Set Your Own Word combination design allows you to...

With this padlock, you can set & reset your combination and change it whenever you want. The four-character dial allows for over 1000 possible word combinations.

This is designed with a hardened Steel Shackle for Durable Strength and offers extra cut resistance. It comes with Anti Shim, which enhances Security while resisting abuse and misuse by inserting foreign objects. This padlock comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. This combination padlock is very popular in the world, so you can select for your school, locker lock, or gym security.


  • It is the most secure indoor padlock, providing protection, privacy, and security from theft
  • The lock allows you to Set your four-letter word combination and you can change it at your own time.
  • Its combo lock is constructed with a strong metal body, with hardened steel shackle, and anti-shim.
  • It is customizable as it has a word lock, available in blue, black, light blue, and pink.


  • It’s risky when the set pin is accessed by another person who can choose to change the locking digits.

#7. Master Lock 4688D Combination Padlock, TSA Accept Luggage Lock

Master Lock TSA Set Your Own Combination Luggage Lock, TSA...
  • TSA approved luggage lock enables screeners with the ability to inspect and relock luggage without...
  • Set your own three-digit combination luggage lock; TSA lock is best used as a luggage lock or...

It is the best lock that brings you Confidence while traveling as you can lock your bags excellently and can allow your luggage to be inspected by security agents without damaging it and has a superb TSA Lock.

This padlock has Flexible Cable. The Master Lock features a wide metal body for durability and a thick shackle, which is made of a blend of vinyl flexible braided steel, to bring you the most extensive resistance to abuse when your baggage is handled by the equipment. The lock comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Best combination lock for luggage lock.


  • It is a TSA accepted luggage lock.
  • You can Set your three-digit combination and freely customize your experience.
  • This travel lock is designed with a metal body for durability and resistance to abuse.
  • You can personalize your experience with a range of colors to choose from.


  • It can be difficult to cut when you have forgotten the code.

#8. Puroma 2 Pack Combination Locks 4 Digit Padlock

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It’s a strong and durable padlock designed for your security and privacy. This padlock is made of quality zinc alloy & plated steel, that offers extra resistance to cutting & sawing to keep your property safer.

It’s a padlock 4-digit numbers allowing for 10,000 possible combinations, making it easy to set your code. Also, Puroma 4-Digit Locker Combination padlock is built to keep your property better while setting your mind at rest.


  • It comes with Special Designs to give you a range of choices.
  • It’s a High-security padlock for your door and resistant to theft.
  • This lock resettable.
  • It is a Widely used padlock that perfectly suits your all-purpose locking.


  • It is expensive making it unaffordable for those working under a budget.

#9. Fortlocks Gym Locker Lock. Best Combination Padlock

FortLocks Gym Locker Lock - 4 Digit, Heavy Duty, Hardened...
  • STURDY, DURABLE AND SECURE: All FortLocks locks are weather and waterproof. The heavy-duty digital...
  • EASY RESETTABLE COMBINATION: These large metal keyless locks are changeable with four easy steps...

It is a heavy-duty padlock with extensive benefits featuring respectable and cut-proof combo code for security and privacy. The padlock comes designed with the 4 Digit combination. It is weatherproof, giving it the best position for an outdoor experience.

The lock mainly comes in three colors; Black, Orange or Silver and its made with Zinc Alloy & ABS cover, to offer excellent security for your Ideal home, office, storage lockers, warehouse, drawers, cabinets, door, fences, toolboxes, has, storages…

It features a thick vast metal body that adds extra strength and durability. The lock has a strong shackle, made of hardened steel, to offer additional resistance to cutting & sewing.


  • It is sturdy, durable & secure.
  • This lock is an easily resettable combination,
  • It is perfect for multiple uses.
  • Also, it comes with a 100% lifetime warranty.
  • It’s easy to read numbers.


  • Because it is easy to reset, it becomes a good target for people with ill intentions.

#10. BV 5 Digit Combination of Alloy Padlock

2 Pack Combination Lock Outdoor 5 Digit Combination Padlock Gym...
  • GOOD QUALITY : The combination lock is heavy duty and portable, but more solid and durable, more...
  • LONGER LIFE : The combo lock is very good quality and 100% satisfication, the shackle is strong...

This type of combination padlock creates alternatives for your experience. It gives you peace of mind to your property. It allows up to 5-digit re-settable combination that is easy to set and use, which makes it difficult for thieves to maneuver, as there is a combination of 100,000 possible alternatives, in a short period.

BV combination padlock has a Compact Size that is Space-saving design to make it portable.
Also, it easy to set your combination, and you can set the lock to the current combination as you customize your experience.


  • It’s a 5-dial combination padlock to give you an endless choice of settings.
  • The lock has a sturdy construction for absolute security.
  • It comes with a range of applications.
  • It is easy to set your combination.


  • The padlock is costly in terms of repairing whenever it develops any default.

One of the best locks we could find was the 4 digits desired tools combination Padlock which is a smart yet stout lock which allows you to use your unique combination. Let us look at some of the most attractive features of this combination padlock and also check if there are any disadvantages of this lock.

BV 5 Digit Combination Alloy Padlock

The first reason why we were attracted to this padlock and termed it the best combination padlock is that it has a possible combination of not 3, not 4, but as many as 5 numbers which you can use. What this means is that there are 100000 possible number combinations you can choose from by selecting your unique combinations of digits from 0 to 9 in each of the five positions.

Can you imagine how difficult it will be for a lock picker to crack your combination quickly? The default combination when this padlock is shipped to you is 0-0-0-0-0 and once you receive it, you can easily set your own combination. There is a reset button provided, which you need to push to the position marked ‘Set’. After this, you need to push each of the 5 dials one by one to the desired number.

Once, done, simply push the reset button back to the ‘Off’ position. The numbers are set with a raised pattern, making them very easy to read and see from a distance. In case this lock is being used in an outdoor setting, like a tool shed for instance, and you want to use it with your work gloves on, even then you would be able to turn the 5 wheels easily in order to set your combination.

Physical features

The lock is very sturdily built with heavy-duty alloy materials. The shackle made of hardened steel is of standard size, allowing you to use this best combination padlock in any cabinet, toolbox, locker or for any piece of luggage. The material used for this padlock is vital and very durable, which also makes it difficult for someone to break or cut open. The usage of this lock is very simple. The combination can also be adjusted easily whenever required, by simply using the reset button as described above.

Colors and Dimensions

You can get this lock in a choice of glossy black or metallic blue colors. When you are using this lock in a place where there is a long line of latches and locks (like the gym locker columns, for example), the distinctive design and color of this lock make it easy to spot from a distance, without causing any confusion. It weighs just 7 ounces when shipped to you.

The dimensions of the package that you would get are 5.5 inches x 3.9 inches x 1.5 inches. The inside width of the shackle is 5 inches, making it easy to use in a variety of situations without having to bend or force anything. This lock goes easily into the most oddly shaped latches because of the extra space provided by the wide shackle.

Customer Service

The manufacturers have put in place a helpful customer service set up to help you in case you need any kind of help regarding the setting or resetting of combination or any other issue related to this best combination padlock.


We looked at a number of similar locks and compared product features diligently before we decided on the best combination padlock. There are many choices, but this padlock exhibited certain unique features. Here is a list of some of its advantages:

  • A large number of combinations possible because of the 5 number wheel.
  • Very difficult to pick because of the 100000 possible combinations.
  • The steel and alloy body and shackle makes this lock very difficult to cut through or break open.
  • Very attractive design and color, which makes the lock stand out in a row of other locks.
  • The number of wheels are very easy to operate and clearly visible because of their white number on a black background.
  • It is very easy to set the number combination using the ‘reset’ button. No pins or any other implements needed.
  • The wide shackle allows the lock to be used with a wide variety of latches without the need to bend anything.
  • There is no key and the lock itself is very lightweight, making it easy to slip into your bag and carry with you wherever you go, without the need for carrying heavy chains, padlocks, and keys.


  • We didn’t find any user recommendations about its durability during outdoor use.
  • For some people, remembering a 5 number combination might be slightly difficult.

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