How To Mount Ring Stick Up Camera on the Ceiling, Wall, or Table

How To Mount Ring Stick Up Camera on the Ceiling, Wall, or Table

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How can you make the most of your Ring security camera? Well, the way you put together any CCTV system is usually everything. And if you do know how to mount Ring Stick Up camera right, watching your indoors or indoors become easy.

The Ring Stick Up Cam is the overall bestselling wireless security camera from the local brand, with over 120,000 positive recommendations on Amazon (alone). It’s cheaper than the rest from the catalog, plus has a versatile design that you can mount on various surfaces.

Not long ago, the Ring team also innovated an add-on mount that brings more fun and higher security to your Stick Up camera.  The specialty mount helps convert your standing camera into a  Pan-Tilt (PT) CCTV camera. Thus, making it possible to monitor your spaces with a 360-degree view without compromising the original video clarity.

Which Ring Stick Up Camera Do You Own?

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you should know on how to mount Ring Stick Up Cam cameras for the perfect view of your property. But before we come to that, what type of camera do you have at hand?

Do You Have the Ring Stick Up Cam Battery Security Camera?

Ring created the entire Stick Up Cam collection as its entry-level series, which is more affordable than the line of spotlight and floodlight cameras. The Ring Stick Up Cam Battery is what to consider if you want to keep an eye on areas inaccessible to wired power.

Since it also transmits the footage wirelessly via WiFi, the rechargeable camera offers a 100% wire-free connection. Thus, the whole installation process is fast since you won’t need to do any wiring or extend the power outlet.

How To Mount Ring Stick Up Camera
Ring stick up camera mounting

Even better, you can easily turn your Ring Stick Up Cam into a solar-powered wireless security camera with add-on accessories. And this will make sure your wire-free installation has a constant power supply.

Do You Have the Ring Stick Up Cam Plugin Security Camera?

Just like the name, the Ring Stick Up Cam Plugin camera usually needs to be plugged into the power outlet. Fortunately, this shouldn’t be a problem at all as the camera is also for indoor use only.  

Unfortunately, this also means your mounting plans may be a bit limited as it has to be within the length of the power cable. But the system still transmits the footage wirelessly (via WiFi). So, the setup is still a simple plug-and-play.

Note: even though it’s only for indoors, you can still use the Ring Stick Up Cam Plugin to watch outdoors. The trick is to mount the camera behind the window. And since it utilizes pixel-based motion detection, you’ll still receive intrusion alerts on your phone. Then you can turn off the infrared nighttime vision LEDs to record at night without glare issues.

A Comprehensive Guide on How To Mount Ring Stick Up Camera

Ring designed the Stick Up Battery and Plug-in cameras with a similar mount. So, the way you mount the two on the desk, wall, or ceiling will also be the same.

Before we look at these steps, there are various types of mount you can get for the Stick Up Cam:

  • The Standard Ring Stick Up Cam mount

The standard Ring Stick Up Cam mount is the mounting accessory that comes with your camera bundle. It assumes a basic fixed design, but you can adjust your camera head in a straight, downward, or sideways angle. You will also be able to mount your camera on the desk, shelf, or table and the wall.

If you attempt to install the Ring Stick Up Cam on a ceiling with this mount, it will be upside-down, and so are the video recordings. There’s no option on the Ring app to change the orientation of the upside-down videos.

  • The Flexible Ring Stick Up Camera Mount (Optional)

Ring has a separate flexible mounting bracket that you can use to mount your Stick Up camera on the ceiling. The mount has an articulated arm that makes it possible to adjust the system to different positions. And this includes helping place your camera in an upright position when mounted on the ceiling.

Don’t fret, the flexible mount goes for under $20 and includes everything needed to set it up: screws, wall anchors, screwdriver, and drill bit

  • The Pan-Tilt Ring Stick Up Cam Mount

Ring is one funny brand, if we may say. While competitors like Eufy vs Arlo are chasing after each other, Ring is on a pace of its own. But this seems like a good thing as we’ve seen the company change the scene of wireless CCTV as we know it.

For instance, back in 2021, Ring released a Pan-Tilt Mount for Stick Up Cam that improves the standard 130-degree field of view to 360 degrees. Thus, providing a complete view of the area monitored.

The Pan-Tilt mount is compatible with both the Ring Stick Up Plug-in and Battery cameras. But with the battery-powered camera, you’ll have to remove the battery pack and insert the plug-in adapter. The mount can’t work on rechargeable power, whether battery or solar.

How to Mount Ring Stick Up Camera on Wall & Ceiling

It’s easy and quick to mount Ring Stick Up Cam. Unlike when you install Ring Floodlight Cam without existing wiring, no hardwiring to the junction box is needed.

Tip: You should set up your Stick Up camera on the mobile app before you mount it in your preferred location. It’s also an easy process as you just need to login into the app, tap on “Set up a Device” and select “Security Cameras”. Then follow the onscreen instructions until completion.

Once your security camera is live and kicking, go to the mounting location with everything you need. Make sure you choose a spot that will offer the best view (unless you have the Pan-Tilt mounting bracket).

Procedure 1: Mount Ring Stick Up Camera on a Desk/ Table/ Shelf

Overall, this is the easiest method to mount your Ring camera. You just need to sit it on a flat surface on its base. The bottom of the base is also flat and slightly wide so that the camera sits on the surface without toppling.

If you’d like to position Your Ring camera in a downward position, rotate the base such that the long side faces the front. Then tilt your Stick Up Cam downward until the desired angle.

Tip: You can secure your Ring Stick Up Cam on the shelf or table with a screw for a firm anchor. But instead of ruining your furniture aesthetics, we’d just recommend installing your camera on the wall.

Procedure 2: Mount Ring Stick Up Camera on a Wall

The process to mount Ring Stick Up camera on a wall is also simple. You just need the standard Phillips-head screwdriver (the camera comes with the rest of the mounting accessories). Then:

  1. Unscrew the screw holding the base part to the camera
  2. Remove the base part from the bottom of the camera and re-attach it to the threaded hole on the rear (of the camera). Make sure you place the base part in a way that the “UP” arrow on the bracket points upward. Then tighten the screw to secure it.
  3. Next, grab the mounting bracket and secure it to the wall with the screws that came in the box. Make sure you place the bracket in a way that the “UP” arrow is also facing upward.
  4. Now grab your Ring Stick Up camera and guide the grooves in the base part to the hooks on the bracket. Then slide it (camera) down until secure.
  5. Finally, after the Ring camera is secure on the wall, rotate it to your desired angle (facing straight to the front, downwards, or sideways).

Tip: The mounting bracket part of the Ring Stick Up Cam (that you screw to the wall) usually comes attached to the base. And to remove it from the base, you just need to grasp it and slide down.

Procedure 3: Mount Ring Stick Up Camera on a Ceiling

As was mentioned, you can’t mount your Ring Stick Up camera on the ceiling with the standard bracket and have upright videos. If this is the only possible mounting option for your case, you’ll need the flexible mounting bracket.

Once you have everything needed:

  1. Screw the mount on the rear of your Ring Stick Up camera
  2. Once the mount is on the camera, push the rubber pad (included) on the bottom of the base
  3. Next, swivel the mount so that it’s above the camera (with the rubber pad facing upward)
  4. Now, hold the mounting bracket on the ceiling and secure it with screws (also included). If installing on a concrete ceiling, you’ll want to drill holes with the supplied drill bit. Then insert the anchors and drive your screws.
  5. Now that your mounting bracket is holding strong, snap the cover onto the base and secure it in place with the supplied screw (if desired).
  6. Finally, adjust your camera to the desired viewing position.

A Third-Party Ring Stick Up Cam Camera Mount Still Works!

Well, that’s how to mount Ring Stick Up camera on the desk, table, shelf, or wall using the standard (free) bracket that comes with the system. And if your situation only allows you to mount on the ceiling, get the optional flexible mount to record upright video.

As for the recently-released Ring Pan-Tilt Ring Stick Up Cam Mount, we’re working on a review about it. Hence the reason we didn’t see the need to cover its installation here.

Similar to most brands, the Ring wireless security camera is also compatible with various third-party mounting brackets. A perfect example is TIUIHU J-053 Stable Mount, which is not only cheap. But you can also use it on either wall or ceiling, thanks to its flexible design that even makes a complete 360-degree swivel.

Final Word

However, you have to be diligent when using your Ring Stick Up camera with third-party accessories. One reason for this is for these third-party accessories often have inferior quality and also may not be built for the weight of the camera in question. Thus, may end up sending your hundred-dollar investment shattering on the floor- remember Ring uses polycarbonate housing on its products.

Secondly, if by chance you have an issue with your camera, Ring may ask you to send a picture of the product. But when the support team notice from that picture you’ve used an “authorized” accessory, they may fail to assist with your issue. And once again, this may render your investment useless as you can’t use it when faulty.

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