How to Hide Wyze Camera in Plain Sight Indoors/ Outdoors

How to Hide Wyze Camera in Plain Sight Indoors/ Outdoors

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Wyze is one of the brands to consider when looking for a decent WiFi wireless security camera to monitor your home/ office. But are the CCTV cameras from the company any good for covert surveillance? And also, is there any way how to hide Wyze camera I already have?

First, Wyze Company did not have dedicated hidden cameras at the time of writing. To monitor an area discreetly with the brand, you’ll have to be able to hide the camera. “Discreetly” in this part is when you want to monitor an area without being intrusive or alerting intruders.

Verdict: 6 Top Best Ideas How to Hide Wyze Camera

  • Hide the Wyze camera in Stuffed Animals
  • Hide the Wyze camera inside the Clock Safe
  • Hide the Wyze camera inside a birdhouse
  • Hide the Wyze camera inside a Flowerpot
  • Hide the Wyze camera with Camouflaged skins
  • Hide the Wyze camera inside a Pencil/ Pens Case

Crucial Tips on How to Hide Wyze Camera

In this article, we’ll go through at least a dozen ways you can hide the Wyze camera in plain sight indoors/ outdoors. How you hide the camera, though, depends on three things:

Why Do You Want To Hide The Wyze Camera?

Do you want to hide your Wyze camera to avoid being intrusive- not to cause disruption/ annoyance? Or are you hiding the security camera not to attract the attention of potential burglars?

If you want to hide your Wyze camera to avoid being intrusive, you’ll need a sleek cover that doesn’t raise suspicion. A perfect example is when hiding the CCTV camera in a sensitive place like a sitting room.

But when hiding your security camera to avoid detection by potential burglars, you can go with any type of cover. You only have to make sure the cover hides your device completely while remaining usable.

How to Hide Wyze Camera
Hide Wyze Camera

Where Do You Want To Hide The Wyze Camera?

Where you want to use your Wyze camera will also determine how you hide it. If you want to hide the security camera in plain sight outside, you’ll want a cover that blends perfectly with the outdoor setting.

When you want to hide your Wyze camera indoors, the cover should also blend well with the setting inside your house. But here you must be extra careful with the cover as you need something that doesn’t raise suspicion quickly. Remember, people stay indoors more nowadays.

What Type Of Wyze Camera Do You Have To Hide?

The type of Wyze camera you have also determines the way you can hide it. Some covers will work best for outdoor security cameras, while others will go for indoor systems.

Different types of Wyze cameras also come in different dimensions. And this also will determine the choices you use to hide your CCTV system.

The Different Ideas on How To Hide Wyze Camera

There are over a dozen ways you can hide your Wyze camera in plain sight. The best options you use include:

Part 1: How to Hide Wyze Camera Indoors

Below are five creative ways you can hide a Wyze camera in the sitting room, baby nursery, and other indoor settings. The options comprise neat and lovely ideas you can use indoors with comfort without raising suspicion/ causing disruption.

· Hide Wyze Camera In Toys & Stuffed Animals

The first way how to hide the Wyze camera indoors is to use stuffed animals. A stuffed animal commonly used to hide indoor security cameras is the teddy bear doll. And to make it work, put the camera in the doll, with the lens looking through one of the eyes (punctured eye). 

There are also unique toys on places like Etsy you can use with your Wyze camera without raising suspicion.

Some people even improvise regular kid toys to hide their Wyze camera in plain sight indoors. But most of these options involve taking apart the camera- something not many will be willing to do.

· Hide Wyze Camera Inside The Clock Safe

The second way you can hide your Wyze camera indoors will be to take advantage of the hidden clock safe. A “hidden clock safe” is basically a type of safe inside a clock.

The hidden clock safe is often available in digital and analog clock designs. Then the space of the safe inside the clock is large enough to accommodate even the regular Wyze camera.

A perfect example we can use here is the Wasserstein Alarm Clock Wyze Cam V3 Camera Case. And just as the name, the maker designed this clock primarily for hiding the Wyze cameras.

· Hide Wyze Camera Inside A Pencil/ Pens Case

The Pencil CASE for Wyze Cam is another piece you can use to hide your Wyze camera indoors without raising suspicion. And as the name, the creator designed the pencil case primarily for the Wyze camera. It even has an opening at the back to pass the power cable.

· Hide Wyze Camera In A Bookcase

You’ve seen in movies where stars and villains use bookcases to hide passages to secret rooms, right? This can also be an excellent idea to hide your Wyze camera in plain sight. All you need to do is use your books to cover the camera, without blocking the lens.

For the best results, you can even place the Wyze camera inside one of those dedicated Book Safes– a dictionary version is spacious enough. Then return the camera concealment book on the bookshelf to your other collection.

· Hide Wyze Camera In A Picture Frame Case

Yet another way you can hide the Wyze camera indoors will be to use the picture frame case. The type of concealment also has space enough to fit the regular Wyze camera. Then the back is fully removable for easy installation.

We’ve mostly seen the Conceal-a-Cam picture frame on Etsy product listings. But you may find the product in other online stores as well.

Part 2: How to Hide Wyze Camera Outdoors

In this section, we’ve put together various choices you can hide the Wyze camera in plain sight outdoors. We’ll start with the most common one:

· Hide Wyze Camera Inside A Bird House

The use of a birdhouse is the most common way how to hide the Wyze camera in plain sight outdoors. This is because a birdhouse is a structure that should be outdoors, thereby raising no suspicion when you hide a CCTV camera inside.

Ready-made Birdhouse Wyze Cam concealer is pretty common on the market right now. But when with time, you could build your own piece, provided the interior space will fit the camera.

· Hide Wyze Camera Inside A Flower Pot

The flower pot conceal-a-cam case is the second excellent idea to hide the Wyze camera outdoors. You’ll currently find the security camera disguise case in many online stores, including Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, et cetera.

The security camera concealment plant case has pre-cut sections. One of the pre-cut parts is where the lens looks through, and the other is to connect the power cable. Then the top has a removable artificial plant that can be roses or grass to blend with the outdoor setting of your house.

· Hide Wyze Camera With Camouflaged Skins

There are various silicon skins in the market you can use to disguise and hide your Wyze security camera. The skins come in varying designs, including camouflage and other unique colors. Thus, blending with the vegetation or building colors well enough to hide the camera.

· Hide Wyze Camera Inside A Fence Post/ Pole

The fourth way you can hide a Wyze camera outdoors will be to use a fence post. And what you do here is insert the camera inside a hollow post, then set it up while overlooking your intended target.

The hollow post you hide your Wyze camera can be an improvised fancy store-bought lamp post with enough internal space. Or else make your own with a PVC pipe that has a hole cut for the security camera lens.

· Hide Wyze Camera Inside A Fake Rock

One of those Fake garden rocks with hollow spaces can also hide your Wyze camera outdoors well. Of course, it’s pretty hard to find specific options to hide a CCTV camera. But a creative mind should be able to improvise the hide-a-spare-key rock and use it to hide a camera.

· Hide Wyze Camera With The Leaves

If mounting your Wyze security camera on a tree, you can also efficiently hide it with the leaves. You can also mount the CCTV camera on a pole, then hide it with the leaves of a bush/ shrub.

Tip: When hiding the Wyze camera on the tree or with the shrub, make sure the leaves aren’t covering the lens.

· Hide Wyze Camera Inside A Tree Stump

Last but not least, you can hide your Wyze camera outdoors inside a hollow tree stump. The tree stump can be either one of the hollow wooden decorations on marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, and Etsy. Or else make a DIY hollow tree stump by removing the internal part of a tree log/ trunk.

Final Thoughts

That’s how you can hide a Wyze camera to watch your home without raising suspicion or making your guests uncomfortable. The method you use depends on where you plan to place the security camera. Hence, the reason we grouped the ideas between indoor and outdoor settings.

Nevertheless, some options like the use of a flower/ plant case or disguise skins can work for either indoor or outdoor settings. You just have to ensure the case or skin you use will hide your Wyze camera completely whilst keeping the scene as natural as possible.

Whichever cover you use to hide your Wyze camera, do keep in mind it will need the power to work. So, only a few options will work out for you.

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