How To Connect Wyze Camera To New WiFi Still Mounted on the Wall

How To Connect Wyze Camera To New WiFi While Still Mounted on the Wall

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In truth, the question of how to Connect the Wyze camera to new WiFi isn’t just with you, but many users. As you may know, Wyze Cam V1 and V2 and V3  are some of the bestselling standalone security cameras. So, we’re talking about thousands of users in the same predicament and looking for an easy solution as you.

Sadly, however, Wyze Lab hasn’t come up with an easy one yet, which, no doubt, is a big flaw for such a recognized company. Of course, you still don’t need to hire someone to change the WiFi of the camera for you. But the process’s also not as easy as when you change the connection of your smartphone or laptop.

In any case, the purpose of this article is to help make sure the process is as stress-free and effective as possible. We’ll also share an easy trick that many hardly think of it, yet can help connect the camera to the new WiFi without all the usual hassle.

Don’t Delete or Factory Reset Your Camera

Indeed, we certainly don’t recommend it and you also shouldn’t do it. Why’s that?

For one, deleting your Wyze camera from the app (hard resetting) is just like when you flash your phone. You’ll not only delete the previous WiFi configurations but other settings of the wireless security camera as well. So, it’ll be like having a new camera, whereby you’ll need to configure the network connection, recording mode, motion detection, and all the other settings.

Of course, a DIY enthusiast might find it fun to play around with the gadget, but many of us don’t have such time. Hence, the need for the quickest possible means to set the new WiFi connection.

Unnecessarily Complication

As was said, Wyze Labs hasn’t come up with a 5-second means to reconnect any of their cameras to a new WiFi. The company calls to reconfigure the camera “manually”, which includes  Setup and scanning the device QR code. In other words, that means you’ll have to climb up the ladder and bring the camera down if you had it installed outside.

Unfortunately, it even gets worse with the Wyze camera doorbell as it means you’ll have to remove it from the backplate. And this is not something for everyone, especially a lady or any other person who doesn’t like playing around with electrical wiring.

Even so, this unnecessary complication isn’t just limited to Wyze cameras. Ring and many other WiFi camera brands are on the same boat. The only cameras we can guarantee don’t involve such a hassle to connect to new WiFi are Blink and Eufy. Unlike the others, these two use a sync module, which is what you’ll configure with the wireless network while still indoors.

But, anyway, you can also connect your  Wyze outdoor camera to a new  WiFi while still inside the house. The method usually involves a simple hack to your network, but, of course, it’s not the only one, as shown below.

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How to Connect Wyze Camera to a New WiFi While Still Mounted

Technically, this method involves treating your Wyze camera/s as if it was your laptop. That’s after relocating or switching your ISP, you give your new router an SSID and password similar to the original one. If you never reset your camera, it should still have a memory of the previous 2.4GHz settings, specifically the connection name and password.

But to change the details of the WiFi, you’ll need to login into your router’s management interface (consult your ISP for username and password). Then:

  1. Click the settings gear and scroll to the WLAN option
  2. Select the 2.4Ghz tab to open its SSID configuration details
  3. Under the “SSID Name”, enter the name of the previous WiFi connection that you used with your Wyze camera
  4. Next, scroll down to the “WPA PresharedKey” menu and type the password from your previous connection as well.
  5. Then, hit the Apply button to save the settings.
  6. Finally, reboot your Wyze camera/s and it will automatically connect to your WiFi
how to Connect the Wyze camera to new WiFi

How to Connect Wyze Camera to a New WiFi through Standard Setup

As for this one, the idea is to treat your Wyze camera as a new device. So, you might need to have that ladder in place as you’ll be doing the standard setup, just like during the initial installation. However, we’ll use the dedicated setup button to override the internet settings without affecting the other camera configurations.

At this point, we’re also assuming you still have the mobile app you’ve been using to access your cameras. If not, perhaps you’re also using a new smartphone/ tablet, the first thing you need to do is download the Wyze app. Then:

Launch and Log In

In the Android or Apple device you’re using, launch the Wyze app and log in using your authentication credentials. If you don’t remember the details, click “Forgot your password”. Then, enter your account email address and tap the Retrieve Password button to create a new one.

Power up your Camera

After logging into your Wyze account, connect the camera to the USB port or electrical outlet to power it up. You’ll know the device is successfully on when the status led at the back starts flashing yellow continuously (happens after about 20-30 seconds).

Initiate the setup Process

Now hold the dedicated setup button (also at the back) for about fifteen seconds or until you hear the automated lady say it’s “ready to connect”. The camera will now be ready to pair with the Wyze servers. So, go back to your phone with the Wyze app.

Add Your Camera to the App

On the app home page, click on the ellipsis (three dots) in the top right corner of your device screen. Then, click on the “Add a product” tab and select the type of Wyze camera you’d like to use based on the name: Wyze Cam or Wyze Cam Pan. A new window will open asking you to press the setup button. But since you already did it in Step (3), click the bold “Next” button.

Choose Your new WiFi Connection

After clicking Next, you’ll get a prompt to choose the 2.4GHz WiFi network you’d like to use with your camera. Choose your preferred SSID, then enter your correct password. Don’t forget routers are usually case sensitive, thereby will treat a lowercase “p” as different from uppercase “P”.

Confirm the Device Identity

If the pairing with your WiFi network is successful, you’ll get a prompt to scan the QR code with your Wyze camera. So, steadily hold your phone display in front of the camera lens until you hear the automated lady say “QR code scanned”. Then, tap on the “I heard the voice command” button to confirm the scanning was successful.

Finish the Setup

Once you confirm the QR scan was successful, the camera with finish pairing with the app. The automated lady will once again confirm with you the “setup completed”. Then, you can give your camera your preferred nickname and it will be ready to stream and record.

Here is the video on how to connect Wyze cam to a new wifi

No Cracked Screens Allowed

Well, those are the two main ways you can use to connect your Wyze camera to new WiFi after relocating or changing internet providers. While it’s something you can do yourself, it’s still inconvenient and a hassle. Of course, our side hack to change your router’s WiFi SSID and password still work, but it will be ineffective if you had changed these details for security reasons.

So, the reconnection through the standard setup is the most convenient. But then, you’ll have to pull your Wyze camera down if you had already mounted it to the wall or soffit outside.

Also, the process to set up your security camera requires scanning the unique QR code. And unlike most brands, Wyze doesn’t put the code on the base of the camera or box. Instead, the QR code will display on your phone, then the security camera lens will be the one to scan.

In short, this implies that the Wyze Cam might be unable to scan or read the QR code if your phone has a cracked screen. Thus, forcing you to complete the setup with a different iOS or Android device.

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