Blink Vs Eufy: Which Is the Best Indoor Security Camera System

Blink Vs Eufy: Which Is the Best Indoor Security Camera System

As you may know, there are so many types of home security cameras that you can use to keep an eye on your loved ones. In our topic today, we’re going to look at Blink vs Eufy cameras and see which will make a better line of defense. However, we’re going to focus on only the indoor systems. So, you might find the article helpful if you’d like to know what happens inside your house or even office while away.

Needless to say, both Blink and Eufy are excellent CCTV companies, especially if you need a battery-powered wireless security camera. But then, every company has its unique way to make its products stand out from the others.

Verdict: The 6 Reasons Why Eufy is the Best Indoor Security Camera

Blink Vs Eufy
  • The Eufy indoor camera supports continuous video recording
  • The Eufy camera can pan (360°) and tilt (96°), plus motion tracking
  • The Eufy indoor camera can record crispier 2K Super-HD cameras
  • The Eufy camera has a built-in siren and also sound detection function
  • The Eufy camera can record in a memory card and access data through the app
  • The Eufy cameras can pair with HomeKit, Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT devices

Blink vs Eufy: A Summary on the Best Indoor Security Cameras from the Brand

We’re going to use the Blink Mini and Eufy Solo IndoorCam P24 for reference in our post. They’re both the latest products and also their pricing isn’t so much apart.

FeatureBlink Mini  Eufy Solo Indoor Cam
Release Date20202020
Video Quality1080p Full HD2K Super-HD
Frame Rate30fps at daytime15fps at daytime
Built-in SirenNOYES
Night VisionYES
[850nm IR LEDs]
[850nm IR LEDs]
Audio FunctionsYESYES
Sound DetectionNOYES
Video AnalyticsAvailable
Smart motion detection
Motion capture zone
Pet detection
Person detection
Motion Capture zone
Auto motion tracking
Smart motion detection
Continuous Video RecordingNOYES
[in MicroSD Card]
Local StorageYES
[USB flash drive]
[MicroSD Card]
Free CloudYES
Power OptionPlug-inPlug-in
Smart Home CompatibilityYES
[Alexa, HomeKit, and others)
Consumer ReviewsRead 131,000+ Reviews Read 6,000+ Reviews
View on AmazonBlink Mini Camera PriceEufy Solo IndoorCam Price

Blink Indoor Security camera

A few years ago, Blink was one the most sought-after outdoor security camera system. Not only was it budget-friendly, but also captured detailed images and gave free cloud storage. You could even mount the Blink camera without screws or drilling anywhere, which would come in handy if you live in a rental.

As for today, Blink has two options you can consider for indoor monitoring based on your budget. The Blink Mini on our table above is the cheapest. In our previous discussion on Blink vs Wyze, we saw the Mini had roughly 114K reviews on Amazon (only), but today it has over 131K reviews. So, we can also say the camera’s the overall bestseller.

Eufy Indoor Security Camera

Eufy security camera is also a favorite of many people, especially if you need to monitor areas incapable of wiring. The EufyCam 2C is the bestselling security camera of the brand at the moment, but you can also get video doorbells.

As for indoor monitoring, Eufy has four different camera models you can choose for your home. It also has a dedicated line of baby monitors that you can even use anywhere, including the rural areas, as they don’t require WiFi or a mobile app.

Blink Vs Eufy: Comparing the Features and Capabilities of the Brands

Here’s a detailed review of the Similarities and differences between Blink vs Eufy indoor security cameras.

How’s the Pricing

In truth, both Blink and Eufy indoor cameras are very affordable. However, the Amazon Company, Blink, wins in this case as it’s a local brand, and currently offering Blink Mini from as low as $21.99 (limited-time offer).

Meanwhile, the Eufy indoor cameras pricing ranges from $30 to $51.99 per single-camera kit. Nonetheless, the provider tends to offer limited-time deals from time to time, like now the Eufy Solo IndoorCam is up to 15% off. So, you could time your shopping date when there are these deals to grab a decent camera that you desire.


When we now compare Eufy vs Blink based on the design, the former takes the points as it has more selections to choose from. It has four different indoor security cameras, including Eufy Solo indoorCam models C22, C24, P22, and P24.

The Eufy Solo IndoorCam P24, in our case, has a PT (Pan Tilt) design, which is more like a PTZ outdoor security camera, but without the optical zoom. So, can monitor a whole room, wall to wall, while using only one device.

As was mentioned earlier, Blink has two different indoor security cameras that you can consider for your house. Our reference model, Blink Mini is more like the lesser version of the original Blink indoor camera. It has a fixed camera lens, but still, it’s able to cover a large space with its 110-degree field of view.

How Good is the Video quality

Eufy is also the winner in this case as you can get your indoor security camera with up to 2K Super-HD recording capabilities. That means your video feed and recordings will be more than two times sharper than the standard 1080p HD resolution. Thus, it will not only be easier to identify important details, but also you can digitally zoom without drastically affecting the video quality.

Sadly, however, the Eufy indoor camera’s only the sharpest when not in motion since it has a low frame rate- 15fps. True, the maker claims that you can record at 24fps when you integrate the Apple HomeKit system. But that is kind of inconvenient considering not everyone has one.

As for the Blink camera, you can record up to 1080p HD video quality. While this resolution is still great, the video recordings won’t be as rich as with a 2K system. However, the system can naturally record at a frame rate of up to 30fps. So, you’ll get smoother videos even for the objects in motion.

Note, neither Blink nor Eufy indoor camera support colored night vision. You’ll only get infrared (black and white) night vision.

Can the Camera Record Audio

In this case, Blink and Eufy split the points as they both support audio functions. All their indoor security cameras have a built-in microphone and also a speaker. Thus, enabling you to record videos with audio, as well as use the two-way talk feature to communicate with your relatives or pets.

Even though we wanted to split the points between these two brands, the Eufy camera does have an inbuilt siren. You can set the siren to automatically go off after detecting motion or manually from the Eufy app. Hence, helping scare away the intruders before stealing your stuff.

Does it have Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS)

Well, this is a clear win for Eufy as it has more advance AI features compared to its counterpart. If it’s the Eufy Solo IndoorCam, there’s human detection, pet detection, and customizable activity zones. The device can also automatically track and follow objects in motion till they exit the field of view. Then, the inbuilt mic can detect select voices, like a crying baby, and send alerts to your mobile device.

On its end, Blink hasn’t been able to fully invest in IVS technology. Of course, we still have some hope now that Amazon owns the automation company, but we can’t promise when that will be.

Anyway, the Blink Mini indoor security camera system supports advanced motion detection to minimize false alerts. It also has the activity zones feature that allows you to set the areas you’d like to monitor or avoid.

Does the camera offer Free Cloud storage?

As we mentioned earlier, all Blink cameras used to have free cloud storage for all users some years back. Today, the free cloud service is still available, but now it’s limited to only the old owners of the Blink XT camera series. Therefore, you should be able to add your Blink Mini indoor camera and continue to get the short video recording clips if you’re one of them.

If you’re a new Blink customer, the company has a renewable cloud storage plan for as low as $3/ mo. You can also upgrade for paid cloud plans if you feel the free 7200 seconds (for old customers) aren’t enough for your needs.

When we come back to Eufy cameras, the brand doesn’t offer free cloud recording. However, the security cameras have a built-in slot that you can insert up to 128GB MicroSD card for local recording. And the best part, you can access the videos saved on the SD card through the Eufy app, including when away from home.

Furthermore, the Eufy camera can record continuously (24/7) in the memory card, something the Blink camera can’t deliver. Even so, the continuous recordings won’t be as sharp as the activity clips (motion or sound) as the device happen to automatically adjust to 1080p video format.

Note, the Blink camera doesn’t have a MicroSD card slot. However, you can pair your camera with the latest Blink Module2 hub and save your recordings to a local USB flash stick.

Will the Camera Work with HomeKit?

Indeed, both Eufy and Blink fit the bill if you’re looking for an indoor camera that you can integrate with your home smart system. However, the Blink is currently under Amazon, which is why it’s only compatible with Alexa devices. You could also sync with IFTTT smart devices, but not Google Home or Apple HomeKit.

On its end, Eufy cameras are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Smartthings, and other IFTTT smart devices. You could even pair with Apple HomeKit devices and use Siri for easier, hands-free control.
However, the HomeKit does limit some functionalities, including the AI features like human detection and motion tracking.

In Conclusion

Both Blink and Eufy can make a good indoor security camera, considering we all have varying requirements and preferences. However, our credit goes to the Eufy security camera even though the brand isn’t American. It has more product selections and varying video resolutions to choose from for monitoring your home. Then, you can record continuously to a memory card and access the data through the app while away.

Sadly, however, the Eufy app only allows you to view one camera at a time, which is a bummer if you have multiple cameras. But we trust the maker will look into it and provide a possible solution just like they did with the HomeKit integration.

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